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  1. It was admittedly hard for me to enjoy this episode with Emori knocking on death's door, and me in fear that she was going to die at any second. At least she's still clinging on for now, but I'm about 50-50 on wherever she is going to make it through all of this or not. Part of me is still thinking/hoping that all of this is happening now so that she'll pull through come finale time, but another part of me is thinking they'll kill her so that Murphy (and Raven) will be in rage mode, and play their part in the final battle. Speaking of which, not sure what to make of Emori saying she loves Raven as well. Did she mean that in a romantic way? Because she sincerely seems to love Murphy as well. Does she love them both and we're going for some kind of poly relationship here with those three? Kind of confused about that. Glad that Levitt ended up turning on the Bardo gang at the end, but I agree that it would have been more impactful had Bellamy been in his place the entire time, instead of getting killed off. But, hey, maybe one of Octavia's love interest will get a happy ending! Since they didn't kill her now, I'm guessing they might find some way to get Madi out of her vegetable state. If not, I don't see Clarke surviving the finale, because after all of her loss and angst, I don't see her having the will to live for very long. Glad Indra is in a "Lets just kill Bill as quickly as possible!" frame of mind. I just wish she had that same mindset for freaking Sheidheda... No update on Echo or Niylah, so I'm thinking they're going to pop in unexpectedly to help save the day when things look dire. So, Bill now has the answer he needs and is preparing for war. Meanwhile, Sheidheda was released by Clarke and Octavia to be a "distraction", and his whereabouts are currently unknown. My best guess is that he'll find some way back to Sanctum, and be a final obstacle for Murphy and Raven (and hopefully Emori!), while Clarke, Octavia and the rest of the gang (assuming they find a way to get them to Bardo) will be dealing with Bill and his ilk. But I could totally be wrong here, so we'll see how it all plays out next week!
  2. Just saw that. It sounds like it was decision by all the main players (the network, the studio, the producers, and even Melissa Benoist herself.) I wonder if they were always leaning towards this being the last one or if all of the COVID-19 stuff helped speed things up. I also wonder if the upcoming Superman/Lois show played any part in it. Curious to see how they end all of this. And if any of the other D.C. shows follow suite.
  3. To be fair, maybe Tic is just still a little wary after his time with Ji-Ah, and just needs to realize that not all sexual encounters lead to tentacles shooting out of a woman's orifices. Hopefully he'll be more passionate and tender with Leti, once he realize that he doesn't have to worry about her turning out to be a fox spirit that's trying to steal his soul! I imagine every sexual encounter involves him secretly planning an escape route and preparing for a fight to the death, thanks to his past experience!
  4. I remember first seeing Jonathan Majors in a supporting role in Hostiles, a Western starring Christian Bale, Rosamund Pike, and Wes Studi. A pretty brutal and dark film at times, but I thought it was great, and Majors did a good job amongst a pretty stacked cast (which also included Ben Foster, Jesse Plemons, and a "before he was famous" Timothee Chalamet.) Since she just had her big episode, Jamie Chung is someone who has had an interesting career. She has been in shows like Gotham, Once Upon a Time, and The Gifted, and films like The Hangover III, Sucker Punch, and voiced Go Go in Big Hero 6 (and, err, was in Dragonball Evolution, but I think most want to pretend that film doesn't exist!) But what I find fun is that she got her start on the reality show, The Real World, of all things. She was in the San Diego season in 2004. As I mentioned in the episode thread, I have to think she has had one of; if not the; most successful career out of The Real World alumnus! Abbey Lee (Christina) played a different kind of crazy as one of Immortan Joe's wives in Mad Max: Fury Road. Meanwhile, her other half, Jordan Patrick Smith (William) is also currently Ubbe on Vikings, and is completely different there!
  5. So, we finally dive into the story of the Mysterious Korean Woman! She is Ji-Ah, a nurse with quite a complicated history with Atticus. Oh, and she's a Kumiho: a tentacled fox demon, who goes after men who have wronged someone, by taking the form of a beautiful woman, having sex with them, and then using the tentacles to take their souls. Yep, that's just a normal, everyday occurrence on Lovecraft Country! I can see this episode being somewhat polarizing due to the separate location and most of the cast not being here, but I thought it was really well-done, and succeeded with making me interested in Ji-Ah and even caring about her relationship with Tic. Jamie Chung continues to easily be the most successful person to come out of The Real World. I've always liked her, but this is probably her best performance yet, and will hopefully open up even more opportunities. This episode was definitely the most sex/nudity heavy one so far. Of course, Jonathan Majors already showed he had no issues with it, but I was a little surprise how much Jamie Chung was willing to show as well. HBO brings out the wild side out of everyone! I did get a little bit taken out of Ji-Ah's first on screen kill, because the actor playing the victim was totally the same guy that played Ando on Heroes! The show continues to not lets its protagonists off easily, and showed that Tic truly did some awful things during his time at war, including straight up executing unarmed nurses. War really does bring out the worst in humanity. Great looking episode, which is no surprise, since Helen Shaver knows how to direct (she's helmed a lot of stuff, including Vikings, Orphan Black, and Westworld.) I have to imagine they wouldn't spend this much time on Ji-Ah and have her stick around in Korea, so I'm curious to see if they are going to find some way to get her over to the States with everyone else.
  6. Succession guy taking the time to tell both Donald Trump and Boris Johnson to go fuck themselves. Go big or go home, I guess! Well, that was something. Congrats to the winners, but it is off to bed for me!
  7. Kimmel having La La Land/Moonlight flashbacks! Succession wins and hopefully Sterling K Brown still has a job!
  8. Guess we have to wait a little longer for Succession to collect its trophy. Unless all of the voters have been secretly trolling everyone and give Best Drama to The Mandalorian! (Don't get me wrong, I really love that show, but it would be insane if it somehow wins against every other show in the category.)
  9. Billy Crudup? I'm sure he did great, but I'm guessing some splitting for the Succession guys helped caused this. Although, now both men to play Doctor Manhattan have won an Emmy tonight!
  10. Great speech. But I no at least one person who isn't happy. J. Jonah Jameson: "Zendaya?! She's involved with Spider-Man! Who is a menace! This is unacceptable!" Succession wins writing, of course. Better Call Saul is never going to win anything, is it?
  11. So, apparently the Grey universe has become more intense than an episode of Game of Thrones! Succession wins Actor, but it's actually Jeremy Strong instead of Brian Cox!
  12. A lot of greats have left us this year, sadly. And I still can't believe that Chadwick Boseman is no longer with us.
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