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  1. I love that Shaun is such a known entity in the hospital now that as soon as he popped in unannounced for the birthing bit, the doctor wasn't even shocked and was like "Oh, great! Someone page Glassman and letting know that Shaun is here, being his normal, Shaun self!" You just know that everyone at the hospital; from the surgeons all the way to the janitors; have some kind of "Shaun story." Show rolling hard with more social issues, I see. The A-plot dives into how women's health issues can get misdiagnosed or even simply dismissed due to bias or just assuming the patient is being ove
  2. After last week's backdoor pilot, everything is back to normal! Which means... the Pierce family (and friends) continue to not be able to catch a break. I guess I understand the logic of Tobias trying to ruin Jefferson's image by making it look like he embezzled funds from the school, but it's kind of thrown together in a way that I find it hard to believe that most everyone in Freeland seems to be falling for it. Some, yes, but I feel like we would be seeing more doubters and support for Jefferson in the public/television. But right now, we're only hearing from the ones who are buying
  3. Damn, that Shang-Chi trailers looks pretty awesome. Sure, some of it might be me just happy to finally see some Marvel films again, but even looking past that, it really looks unique, fun, and beautiful. September normally would be an odd month to release it, but with the way this year has been movie wise, I can see it working for it. Also helps that; while I'm not familiar with Simu Liu too much; I've stumbled upon some of his Twitter stuff during all of this, and seems like a pretty cool guy, so I'd like to see this work for him. I'm also been hearing a lot of good stuff about that K
  4. Thy certainly aren't afraid to move things along quickly, because usually the type of reveal about Amalia and Maladie's history would happen later on in other shows. But it sounds like they knew each other from long ago and apparently; at least in Maladie's eyes; Amalia betrayed her somehow? Amalia certainly seem to feel guilty about whatever it was, but I suspect there will be more to this. An admittedly obvious comparison, but thanks to Maladie's maniac persona, they really are giving off a Batman/Joker vibe. We also find out that this Detective Mundi and Mary/Singing Lady have a pas
  5. Agent Tavaroff is likely going to be some kind of antagonist going forward, but the fact that he is apparently the first Crow to be like "Hey, that's the vigilante's blood right there! Maybe I should take a swab of that!", kind of makes me respect him or at least his methods. Frankly, with respect to Jacob and even Sophie, maybe he should be the one running things, because the Crows might at least be more efficient... Ryan and Sophie teaming up for a "Fast & the Furious" style mission was fun, and I also liked how they roped in Luke (including him having to pretend that he didn't "k
  6. Ah, the olden but golden "Hero has to leave his love interest in a perilous situation to save the day in his suit, so said love interest thinks he was a coward and abandoned her" story. A tale as old as time! At this point, Mark really does just need to come clean with Amber if he ever wants to their relationship to work out. Of course, I wouldn't be surprised if they're still going to eventually try something with him and Eve. Speaking of which, looks like Eve has left home, built herself a nice tree house, and is now using her powers to save the world by taking on natural elements li
  7. I was out of the loop over a big cameo happening, so I definitely wasn't prepared for freaking Julia Louis-Dreyfus being brought into the MCU! Not familiar with the Valentina Allegra de Fontaine character, but I'm guessing she's another kind of shady character, who has power that reaches quite far. Episode certainly pulled no punches by having the Sam/Bucky vs. John battle even before the title card. Whatever issues I might have with him, John certainly is a fighter, so I can see why it ended up being a brutal one (although, realistically, I have to think Bucky pulls his punches at so
  8. Tonight in "being an actor can lead to some weird moments:" Director: "Okay, it's time to film the scene where Walker identifies Emily's body. So, Jared? You just need to look at your real life wife lying on this corner's table, wearing make-up that makes her look like she's dead, and try to picture how you'd feel in this scene. Should be a breeze!" Coby Bell (off to the side): "Well, this won't be awkward at all!" Genevieve: "And, remember, if you don't do a good job here, I might start wondering if that's how you'd be if this happened in real life!" Jared: "What did
  9. As much as I enjoy the supernatural elements of the show, I liked that this was another episode that was light on those elements (besides the whole George/Odette thing.) To me, it kind of shows that they have confidence enough in their characters (and cast) that they don't have to rely on those aspects all of the time, and I think that's a good thing. Loved the stuff with Ace and Grant. Shannon Kook worked well opposite of Alex Saxon (and Kennedy McMann), and I enjoyed the dynamic between the brothers quite a bit. While I understand why he has to leave again, I hope he at least pops ba
  10. Not surprised that it looks like; for the initial episodes at least; there is going to be a "case of the week" aspect, where Nicky ends up helping some kind of downtrodden victim of some kind. And I suspect most of these cases will end with Nicky at least having to kick one person in the face! It is a common, but fun enough of an idea, but I do hope they tighten up the writing on that aspect of the show, because this episode was all over the place. Maybe some of it could be chalked to Nicky kind of flying by the seat of her pants here, but she really made some questionable decisions like th
  11. And I thought my family game nights could get wild! So, it's looks like the big baddies this time are some kind of shady ranch family that feels like they someone in the writers room watched Yellowstone and figured they could make that work on network television. Always good seeing "Hey, it's that Guy!" folks like Ryan Dorsey and Kyle Schmid (whose character's name is actually John Wayne, because of course he is.) And Michelle Forbes, although I with Star Trek: Picard now a thing, I wished she'd reprise Ro on that show. Oh, and also Britt Robertson, who has been in a ton of stuff, but
  12. I will admit I was looking forward to this show's return more than I thought I would. It is just so weird and crazy, but I kind of love it. And my mind certainly wasn't change once I saw that the first shot was Ronald in that ridiculous wig, glasses, and beanie: looking like a rage-filled cross between Harry Potter and Jughead from Riverdale. Never change, show! Or Ronald. Interesting that this episode was mainly a "case of the week", with the resolution already being solved pretty quickly. But it was a good way to see the dynamics between Jenny and Cassie, and I'm love how they have
  13. Dwayne having to do damage control because he was caught eating healthy food from a cheesesteak truck in Philly. Yeah, that checks out. Hopefully he has learn from this slight and avoids anymore food related mishaps on the campaign trail! Don't eat pizza with a fork, Rock! Figured Dwayne's lie about being rich was going to eventually come back to bite him, and I'm glad they did have consequences because of it. While I don't know if he and Karen would have ever worked out, he didn't even give her a chance to know the truth at the beginning and at this point, it was really too late to h
  14. So, Kara (and Zor-El) find a surprising ally in the form of this Princess Myxlgsptinz: another fifth dimensional being with magical powers. Hopefully this will be a way for them to leave the Phantom Zone and get back into the action (especially since the squad is clearly at their wits end without her.) I hope that she ends up being an ally, but I would not be surprised if she ends up betraying them somehow, because that's normally how it goes. The actress is being billed as a regular, so I guess she'll have a part to play. Whelp, Team Supergirl clearly hasn't seen better days. All of
  15. Is Chillblaine really a thing from the comics? If so, I'm with Barry in that I'm so glad that Cisco wasn't around to hear that. Hell, they probably did this when he was off screen simply to have an excuse for him not to be responsible for that name... Not surprised that they were doing everything they could to make Kramer come off like an unreasonable hardass for only having Killer Frost on her mind, but I continue to think that she's really not wrong for wanting KF to be punished for her crimes. My eyes almost rolled out of my head when someone said "But she doesn't do that anymore!"
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