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  1. Batwoman has finally returned and kicked off the return of the D.C. CW shows in the time of COVID! Oh, and a few other things have changed, to put it mildly. Not actually seeing Kate's body definitely has a feeling of them hedging their bets in case they somehow bring her back in some form down the line, but considering Ruby Rose's exit and all the drama surrounding it, I can only ever see that happening if they do an actual recast. The fact that they couldn't even get her to do one final voiceover for the letter is pretty damn telling. I don't think she wants anything to do with this show, anymore. But, hey, we've got a new Batwoman in the form of... Ryan Wilder? Name sounds more like an 80s action hero than a potential Batwoman. And, of course, she also has a dead parent as well, because apparently no one in Gotham is allowed to have both parents still around. Still, her introduction was solid all things considering, and they've seemed to have done a decent job with connecting the character to everyone else. Javicia Leslie was good as well, and seems more natural than Ruby Rose was at first (I still maintain that Ruby got better the more the show went on.) But I think the biggest test (for me, at least) is to see what kind of rapport she has with the rest of the cast (especially Camrus Johnson and Nicole Kang.) Surprised they already wrapped up the Tommy Elliot as Bruce Wayne deal. I wonder if it would have been longer had all of the shutdowns not happened. Warren Christie had fun at least. Alice is still the psychopath I can't help but to love. Especially when Tommy asked why she didn't just shoot Kate and her response was basically "For fuck sakes, Tommy, I don't want to just shoot her like some Average Joe Villain!" I wanted to do a big, elaborate plan where she dies in our dad's arms, and his soul is crushed when he realizes what he has done! Don't you have any vision, dude?!" And, of course, she apparently is still keeping poor Mouse's dead body around and talks to it, along with some light cuddling. I would say she and Cheryl from Riverdale would get along, but at least Cheryl wasn't the one who actually killed her own brother. Everyone's reactions to Kate likely being dead were well done, but no surprise that Mary's was the hardest for me. Poor Mary! Looks like Julie Pennyworth is sticking around for a little bit longer, but I have to imagine that she and Sophie are destined to cross paths with this mysterious Safiyah at some point. Curious to see how this season goes!
  2. Heh, loved the animated-style opening they did this go around. It is reminding me of the last season of Agents of SHIELD, and how they would always change up their title card to fit with whatever era they were in. Curious to see how this show will handle that, assuming the "show" Wanda and Vision are in, will end up changing over time. So, swallowing chewing gum can cause Vision's gears to get stuck, which leads to him acting drunk. Good to know! Paul Bettany was having a lot of fun with that. Curious to see what the deal is with Geraldine, since Teyonah Parris is also suppose to be playing Monica Rambeau in Captain Marvel II as well. Way to make "for the children" sound completely creepy there, Dottie. And townsfolk who are clearly not all there. A Strucker commercial this time. Hmm... Definitely seems like Wanda has some form of control over what is going on here, even if she isn't fully aware yet. Elizabeth Olsen is really killing it here. Can't wait to see where this show goes next!
  3. I'm sure everything will make more sense the more it goes on, but for now, this episode certainly seemed to perfectly nail down all of the aspects of the 50/60s comedies: especially ones involving magic like I Dream of Jeannie and, of course, Bewitched. The silly plots and dated jokes, the acting being on the broader side of things, the music (and opening theme song!), and just the general look of it was spot-on. I'm not sure how long this gimmick will work, but for now, I enjoyed it. Not surprise that both Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany were great here. Both of them seem to be having a ball being more goofy and silly. I'm sure the fun will eventually end once the truth is reveal (and is this even the actual Vision or some kind of computer simulation. Or maybe magically created by Wanda?), but it was still enjoyable. Fred Melamed (and his iconic voice) and Debra Jo Rupp were about as perfect as they could be here. And Kathryn Hahn was a delight as the classic "nosy neighbor." Definitely think something is going to come out of the mystery over what the "company" Vision "works" for actually does. Heh, the Stark Toaster commercial. Off to watch the next one now!
  4. While I don't dislike the Naomi/Marco/Filip storyline as much as some (a lot of it is due to Dominque Tipper always delivering no matter what), it getting the main focus here did make me admit to myself that it is currently the one I care least about, so it was hard to get into this episode this go around. I think a lot of my issues; besides Marco being an atypical baddie; is that I feel like Filip's story is going to go either one of two ways, and neither one is that interesting. He's either going to fully embrace his father's teachings and get to a point of no return or he's going to suddenly have a change of heart at the perfect time, and help save the day. Neither one of these ideas are really gripping to me, so I hope something else is in store. At least it looks like Naomi is finally out of Marco's grasp, even if it took her having to actually jump into freaking space to do so! The good news is that she is now on a ship that is heading to Holden! The bad news is that it is a ship that is a trap to kill him... I'm guessing Cyn is done for. It's too bad the Belter that stood up to Marco is gone, but it might have been a case of too little, too late. Fun seeing Holden with his "new", temporary crew. While Alex is still probably the best pilot in the galaxy, Bull definitely showed himself to be no slouch either. And I continue to like how resourceful and helpful Monica is. They could have easily just made her a nuisance for Holden and whatnot, but she is bringing her A-game as well. Glad Alex/Bobbie are getting closer to Holden and his lot, and how quickly they sprung into action, once Holden ask them to help save Naomi. No matter the danger, this group will always look out for one another. They are truly a family. No Amos, Clarissa, or Drummer this time, sadly. At least we got Chrisjen via a video recording!
  5. I guess it will remain a mystery about what birthday gift Shaun ended up giving Lea. Hopefully he eventually figured out that there are gifts that are midway between stuffed singing frogs and sex toys! So, as I suspected once I saw the episode title, this was basically like last season's "Claire" episode, where the episode put a non-Shaun character in the lead role, and basically makes her the main character this go around. I'm finding it to be a pretty decent idea that allows the character to fleshed out more and let the actor shine. Plus, I imagine it is also an opportunity for lighten Freddie Highmore's workload, which I'm sure he appreciates every now and then. I guess it isn't too surprising that Lim is going through a rough patch at the moment. Even looking past the COVID pressure she was under (and all the patients she lost), I wonder if she has truly dealt with the grief she likely still has over Melendez, and that can be factor as well. Of course, I still remember way back in season two, when she almost died by a whole other virus. In short, Lim has been through some shit! I just hope she overcomes it/gets help before it's too late. Christina Chang was great as always here. Looks like Jordan has finally been given a potential obstacle, by being religious to the point that she isn't comfortable performing certain procedures that are against her religion, like abortion. Not even going to delve into that debate right now, but I do think Lim had a point that there are some cases where abortion is needed to save a patient's life, and it could be quite problematic if Jordan is unable to perform it. I guess we will see how this all plays out. Why, of course a dead rat at their place has led to Reznick and Park acting like goofy children, and upping their antics. They really do bring out each other's immature sides, huh? The stuff with Ben/solider suffering from PTSD was good. The actor did a great job with it. No Glassman: I wonder if this was filmed when Richard Schiff was still recovering from COVID? If Lea doesn't want those sex toys, I at the very least hope Shaun knows to just get rid of them and not try to offer them elsewhere, like other birthday presents or potential Secret Santa gifts...
  6. It was admittedly cheap fan-servicey on a lot of levels, but still laughed that Zareh threatening Grudge was what gave Booker the extra oomph to finally boot him out of the compartment to his doom. Wherever it is on here or on The Mandalorian, moustache-twirling villains are going to learn that you never threaten space dads' kids! Decent, if predictable finale more or less. I'm actually glad that they didn't have any major good guy deaths here, and everyone is still around and kicking. Osyraa certainly went out like a chump, but since she was such an underwhelming main baddie, I'm indifferent to it. I wonder what Auriello's fate will be? Is Starfleet going to put him to work? Maybe he can chill with Dr. David Cronenberg! Vance has a family? Hope we get more of him next season. Oded Fehr was a welcome addition to the cast. I guess Booker has a new purpose: back-up Spore driver! Who know, he might even get promotion if Stamets continues to hold a grudge (sorry!) against Michael. I'm guessing/hoping Saru will be back next season in some form, even if it is not in the captain's chair. Unless three seasons of prosthetics was enough for Doug Jones... Not a fan of the new uniforms. At long last, Michael is officially the captain now. I guess we'll see how her time on the chair turns out! It is starting to feel like Discovery Captain's are becoming Trek's version of the Defense of the Dark Arts Professors from Harry Potter. I wonder how long the wait for the next season will be: especially with two other Treks in the pipeline (Picard and New Worlds/Pike spin-off), and a possible Georgiou spin-off perhaps?
  7. Finally got the chance to see this and had plenty of time to hear about the controversy and mixed reactions. And.... yep, I think pretty much all of it is deserved, sadly. So, let us just dive right into the big stuff: the whole "Steven Trevor is actually inside another dude's body this entire time" trope. Which both he and Diana know about instantly. And... she still has sex with him. Without the other guy's consent. Yikes! I wish I could say that surprised me, but it really doesn't, because I'm guessing Patty Jenkins and the rest of the writer's mindsets were a) people won't care because of Diana/Steven's chemistry and b) hey, most straight guys would be over the moon if they found out their bodies were used to have sex with someone who looks like Gal Gadot, so high-fives all around! I also think them spending the time to mention him only having pictures of himself was their way of explaining that he was single/a loner, so it wasn't like any actual cheating was going on here. Sorry, but the whole thing was still so icky. And so easily avoidable. Why not just have him appear out of thin air? Unless Jenkins excuse about her making fun of the trope was accurate (which, frankly, I'm calling bullshit on), but if so, it really wasn't conveyed well at all. Either way, it was just another case of sexual assault/rape being dismissed in a fantasy/superhero setting, which is a popular thing in this genre (my "personal favorite" goes to Once Upon a Time, and all of the times they pulled the "evil, but sexy witch pretend to be someone else and trick a guy into sleeping with them." So wacky!) But even then, this film was just a mess. Overlong and boring in ways no superhero films should be (dammit, the Wonder Woman franchise is suppose to be different from the Snyder films, not more like them!) One-note villains and even weaker side characters. Action that was fine, but not anywhere close to other superhero films, let alone its predecessor (nothing even in the same galaxy as "Diana in No Man's Land" scene.) Han Zimmer just phoning in the soundtrack this time. And surprisingly lite on the humor. Really thought they would get some mileage out of the whole "Steven in the 80s" thing, but most of it landed with a thud, and lack the charm of the similar style of humor in the first film, where it was Diana that was the fish out of water. All in all, so much disappointment here and it is simply too long to list. As for the acting, I honestly was disappointed with this aspect as well. I know Gal Gadot can be hit or miss as an actress (mainly due to limit range, I suspect), but I thought she was perfection as Diana in the first film (and even Justice League and Bats vs. Sups.) But I honestly found her performance a bit off here. She was still at her best opposite of Chris Pine (and even then, I felt like he still had to carry the scenes), but didn't play off the rest very well. Not sure what went wrong here, but I do hope she improves on some of her weaker elements, because her natural likability and charisma can only do so much. Then again, everyone else wasn't blowing me a way either. Kristen Wiig had her moments, but I still wasn't as impressed as I hoped I would be. Granted, the film really did the Barbara character a disservice and she felt like a waste here. They might have been better off just introducing her briefly here and saving her/Cheetah for another film. Meanwhile, I went in thinking Pedro Pascal could do no wrong, but I surprisingly didn't enjoy his performance. It was just hammy and not in a good way. Kind of funny that he can be so more compelling and charismatic on The Mandalorian, where his face is hidden, but couldn't do much here. I did think his final scene with Max's son was his best work, but even then, didn't carry the weight like he has done in the past. That just leaves Chris Pine as the only one I felt like came through this unscathed, and likely solidifies why I think he's the best out of the "Hollywood Chrises" (although I do bounce around between him and Hemsworth: especially when Hemsworth is allowed to be funny.) It's probably telling that I wish we had more flashback scenes. Mainly because I'm all for more Antiope and Hippolyta, even if Robin Wright and Connie Nielsen are hampered by having to do accents similar to Gadot. Credit where credit is due: I did think Jenkins once again did a great job at not shying away from how beautiful and straight-up sexy Diana/Gal Gadot is, but did so in a way that didn't feel gratuitous or over-sexualized. Definitely refreshing compared to how some of the male D.C. directors handle things (including how Diana/Gal herself was treated on Justice League with all of the ass shots.) So, yeah, this was a disappointment, although hilariously, it still might be in the top half of the D.C. films for me. But if the first film was my favorite, I still would put Shazam! and maybe even Aquaman over this, which I never would have predicted in a million years. I'm still glad that a third filming is happening and am willing to give Patty Jenkins another chance, but I'll definitely be more cautious going forward, because she apparently isn't immune to dropping the ball at times. But if WB can keep giving Snyder chances...
  8. Damn, Bobbie took a page out of the "Captain America holding a helicopter down" playbook! Sure, some of it was the special armor helping her out, but that was still pretty badass. Liked how she and Alex were able to thwart their attackers for good (?), and I'm curious where they will go from here. Hopefully reunite with some of the other team members soon. Drummer's meeting with Marco went the way I figured it would, and I don't blame her for throwing in with the Free Navy for now. Since I don't trust a word that comes out of Marco's mouth, I think there is a good chance he was lying about being willing to "let them go in peace", and would have probably killed them; or at least Drummer; had they refused his offer. Hopefully Drummer will play nice for now, but will take the opportunity to mess him up, once an opportunity arises (that won't put her and her family into too much danger!) Then again, it was also nice seeing the likes of Cyn and Filip himself starting to question and even challenge Marco, and not backdown. I worry that this means that Cyn is probably a dead Belter walking, but it was refreshing seeing Marco's intimidation fail to keep his underlings at bay this one time. The stuff on Earth was a bit slow, but some nice character moments for both Amos and Clarissa, and both Wes Chatham and Nadine Nicole delivered on all fronts. Not much of Holden here, but I'm already preparing to be amused over him being stuck with Bull, Monica, and their likely bickering for the time being. I know Monica can be a bit much, but I kind of love her (a lot of it is admittedly due to Anna Hopkins.) At least Chrisjen's daughter and grandchildren are alive, but I have a bad feeling about Arjun. Shohreh Aghdashloo was fantastic as always. I actually kind of like the new Security General who is clearly out of his element, but actually seems to know this, and is willing to listen and be advised by those who have more experience than he does. But I wouldn't be surprised if he officially hands to reins to Chrisjen (or someone else) by the end of all of this.
  9. And so it ends. In some ways, it actually almost felt like another season finale since a lot of loose threads were left (I'm guessing for the possible spin-off), but there was also some solid finality here, and almost all of it made sense. Obviously knew that Ivar was destined to die and I can't say that he didn't deserve it. Still, Alex Hogh Anderson is always a compelling presence, and he certainly brought it all home for the big death scene. Curious to see what he does next, because the guy's got talent. Meanwhile, Hvitserk lives, but ends up throwing in with Team Christian and renouncing his fate, because of course he does. That's just classic Hvisterk right there! But the man is a survivor! Speaking of which, never would have predicted that Ingrid of all people would end up claiming Kattegat's throne for good, when it is all said and done. I guess it makes sense in a lot of ways. She was always underestimate, but she never stopped scheming and looking out for herself. Curious to see how Kattegat will fare under her rule. It seems to be doing well so far. Ubbe really had no other choice but to kill the murderous Viking, in order to maintain peace in the new land. But I'm glad he ended up just slicing the guy's throat instead of Blood Eagling him, because I honestly wonder if that would have been too much for some of the Native Americans (especially since they wouldn't know that some would consider that a honor, since they would go to Valhalla, if they didn't show pain.) Glad for more Floki (and Gustaf getting top billing), but a bit bummed we didn't get more cameos from anyone else. Honestly kind of surprised Rollo and France never factored back in. All in all, while I do think the latter half of the show didn't match the first half (in other words, Ragnar seasons>post-Ragnar seasons), it was overall an enjoyable watch, and I enjoyed all six seasons in their own way. Curious to see if the spin-off does happen. Might be interesting to continue exploring this universe.
  10. Was spoiled that Floki would be showing back up, but the reveal was still pretty great. Glad to see that at least one of the original characters (and cast members) is still around! Also figured that the female slave was going to actually align herself with Ingrid at the end, but that was a fitting enough end for Erik, I guess. In the end, he pretty much went out like a chump and without fan fare, which is in character since he never really factored into anything, like he thought he would. Won't exactly shed any tears for Harald finally biting it, but Peter Franzen was definitely one of the standouts here out of the cast. And bringing back Halfdan was a nice touch. Ubbe and Tovi were definitely the right type of Vikings to meet up with the Native Americans, because they actually believe in trying to make peace and coexist. But I'm worried about that one random Vikings who was really interested in that gold. No surprise that Ivar pretty much played Alfred like a fiddle this go around. But now it's time to see if God really is "on Alfred's side", and if they can make a comeback. Off to watch the final episode!
  11. Curious about the filming of all the America scenes. They did a good job at making all of them look different from the normal scenery on this show, but I would be surprised if they actually went to the U.S. to film any it. Or perhaps it was shot in Canada, since this show is technically a co-production with Canada, I believe. Erik figures out Ingrid was who blinded him, and is plotting his retaliation. But banking on a slave doing it for him in order to be "freed" strikes me as a desperate attempt, and one that can easily go south in so many ways. Alfred shows that he can give a good rousing to the troops. Now, if there only wasn't the whole pesky ordeal about his body giving out on him at the worst possible times... The Seer certainly seems to be hinting that Ivar might not like his eventual fate since Ivar might try to avoid it if he ever found out, but if anyone could rewrite his fate, it would be Ivar
  12. Good seeing Alfred again and curious to see when he and Ivar cross paths again. Elsewith/his wife was right on the money about how a lot of this is on him, because he (and his family) have taken the Vikings at the word time and time again, and the Vikings have no issues breaking said word, whenever it suits them. At the same time, Alfred is right that it is useless to posture and act like they are strong when they are not, and abandoning the sacred land for now is likely the right call. So, I'm guessing Ingrid's witch powers somehow blinded Erik? Glad that Ubbe, Torvi, and crew finally found land. It was nice finally hearing someone scream "SHIELD WALL!" It's been too long! Nice to remember that Hvitserk can be quite a warrior on the battlefield.
  13. Oh, you silly Vikings! Y'all are all spit and glares when the treacherous brothers waltz in like they own the place, but all it takes is for one of them to humiliate himself for laughs and then give a grand speech about how lazy y'all have gotten and the only cure it to invade England, and y'all are all shouting his name and cheering him on like you use to! Credit where credit is due: Ivar knows how to work this particular room with ease. Meanwhile, Hvitserk.... has sex with a goddess? Okay, then. Harald might bitch and complain about how hard it is being king, but he certainly didn't seem happy over how the Kattegat citizens where chanting Ivar's name instead of his. I wonder how much longer Ubbe, Torvi, and the gang are going to be stuck on the worst cruise of all time.
  14. I knew Kjetill hoarding the whale was going to backfire on everyone, but I still wasn't expecting it to be that big of a clusterfuck. Everyone got their licks in and Othere definitely showed that he has some secret moves as well, but I don't think anything is going to top Torvi hacking fools down with a hatchet, while carrying her baby in the other hand. Awesome! But, hey: everyone else leaves, so Kjetill is King of Greenland! Sure, it only cost him his son, most of his men, and I'm assuming all of their boats, but he's the king now! Totally worth it! At least Oleg finally gets his, even if it required him comparing himself to Jesus, and then giving another long-winded speech before Igor thankfully put everyone out of their misery. But I guess Oleg's prophet abilities weren't totally out of whack, because he did predict Igor shooting someone off of the balcony. He just had the wrong brother! I also like that there was no battle at all, because I'm guessing the guardsmen were paid off. Well, that and I imagine everyone realized that Dir was easily a better choice, because he isn't crazy. Looks like Ivar and Hvitserk are going back to Kattegat! And Ivar's sperm is apparently very strong, because he manages to knock Katia up the first time he finally has sex! I get possibly marrying Harald sucks, but I'm still bummed that Gunnhild apparently took her own life instead. Especially since it was apparently to "be with Bjorn again", which, Gunnhild? Do you remember how lame of a husband he was?
  15. Should have known that Ryn was going to be bumped off in order to "raise the stakes" and show once again that Osyraa is ruthless and evil. Too bad: I was really enjoying him and I would have like to have seen him continue on: maybe even join the crew somehow (hey, if Booker can do it!) The previously segment easily gave it away that Zareh was going to come back. I wonder how he did survive since it was suppose to be such a "death sentence" to be sent out in the cold like that. So, Tilly's plan; the one that caused her to freak out at Booker for a bit; was to.... simply grab a bunch of weapons and storm the bridge? I mean, that's not the worst plan ever, but not really the best either. I'm sure they'll end up getting to Saru, Culber, and Adira in time (or they will figure something out on their own), but I guess Michael knocking Stamets out and sending him away is going to cause conflict between them, no matter the outcome. Can't remember: is this the first time they established that the replicator uses, err, shit to operate? Effective way to disgust Osyraa, at least. I hope Vance sticks around after this. Starting to like him and not just because he's Oded Fehr! Michael losing her shoes was definitely a homage to Die Hard. I liked that they took the time to establish that Grudge was secure. They know who to prioritize here! Pretty sure the Emerald Chain scientist was played by Kenneth Mitchell, which is cool since he was in previous episodes as various Klingons, I believe. Finale next week. Curious to see how this plays out and if there will be another massive shake-up for the next season.
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