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  1. Man, gold star to whoever casted the young actors for Jesse and Judy in the flashbacks. They might have not sounded exactly like how Danny McBride or Edi Patterson sound here, but they just nailed everything else down perfectly that it was easy to see how both characters end up becoming who they are now as adults. Walton Goggins really does excel at playing the charismatic, but manipulating bastard, huh? The way Baby Billy played up the "poor me" antics with Aimee-Leigh was just so sleazy (although part of me think he is actually being sincere, which is even worse.) And how he was able to make himself look like the "cool uncle" with Jesse and Judy, and made sure Eli was always the bad guy in their eyes. And it certainly sounds like he might be looking to the settle the score in the present. This could get ugly! John Goodman and Jennifer Nettles (Aimee-Leigh) were excellent here. And I'm now going to totally have "Misbehavin'" stuck in my head!
  2. Well, I guess they kind of kept the tradition of having a major "character" die in the penultimate episode, by having Old Town basically get blown up to hell and back. At least they were able to get most of the citizens out first, but the gang clearly didn't enjoy having to do that, to say the least! So, I was kind of confused, bur it seems like the reason they staged a mission to kidnap Khylen is because they suspect once The Lady takes over Jaq, she will then use Khylen as her final form? Either way, Khylen is now in their clutches, but now a very pissed off Lady just got the cube Jaq is in! Loved the Pree/Turin duo and the scene with Gared/Fancy. These supporting characters/cast really are almost just as awesome as the main folks. Fancy apparently being knowledgable about fishing and getting annoyed over how John misused the references was hilarious. Turin actually saying Team Awesome Force whenever he referred to Dutch/John/D'avin really delighted me. Gared called Khylen a sexy bastard! Rob Stewart's still got it! Fun seeing Dutch and Aneela reunited and watching Hannah John-Kamen play off of... well, Hannah John-Kamen! Can't tell if that D'avin/DSK scene was trying to officially set up her redemption for good, or preparing for her to meet a tragic end. Either way, I don't blame John for not going along with it, after what she did to Pawter. One more week!
  3. Toby Huss! Between this and his recent appearance on GLOW, I'm glad to see him showing up in the comedies I watch. He already did an appearance on Brooklyn Nine-Nine years ago, so he just needs to pop in on The Good Place, and I'll be set! Can't say I'm really religious in any way, but if this episode was any indication, Satanists seem to have way more fun! I do like the overall story with Keefe and him being torn between his past and present/future, and I definitely think he's my favorite character now. I have to think Amanda knows that Jesse is lying to her, but wants to maintain her status, in order not to go back to being poor. Still, I think that montage of her being an expert with guns is going to come into play somehow. Gideon's plan is to rob the church's vault: possibly on Easter of all days! Next week's episode could be very interesting, judging from the previews.
  4. Definitely loved all of the brotherly bonding moments with the Jaqobis. Aaron Ashmore and Luke Macfarlane really have nailed down that sibling-like chemistry. D'avin trying to be John's wingman and bombing at it was hilarious, although to be fair, it's tough when your main choices are the former warden who imprisoned him and the somewhat unstable prisoner. Realistically, I suspect John's true love would be if they somehow got Lucy into a human form (the opening segment was perfection!), but if they do want to pair John off at the last minute, The Warden is probably the better choice, since Calvert is still just a bit too kooky for John to have a serious relationship with. So, Zeph basically used to live in a religious cult? Glad she got out of there and was able to get the info they need. I do question the idea that the sister would be that much of a challenge for Dutch, but I can buy that Dutch might have been holding back a bit. Fancy's got some surprising hidden talents! I hope all of this is leading to his eventual demise. Speaking of which, looks like Turin did get captured after-all, but he isn't dead yet, so I can hold out hope. Cool seeing a version of Pip again, even if he was a dick. So, Khylen is actually now working with The Lady, because he is hoping to form a similar bond like he use to have with Dutch? That's not good! I continue to hope that Khylen is working some other kind of angle. Only two episodes left. And considering how most of this show's penultimate episodes end up playing out, I'm prepared for some heartbreak!
  5. So, the killer was Piety this entire time, because she was worried that the "prophecy" she was so hell-bent on was actually about Philo instead of Jonah, and was taking out all of those closest to him to try and find him. But wait! The true mastermind was actually Sophie this entire time, because her father had all of this dirt, but she was the one to use it by forging a letter to make it look like it was from Philo's mom, and basically set it all into motion. What a twist! Not surprised both the Chancellor and Piety were finished off since I had a feeling they were one season and done character, but I'll miss Indira Varma and Jared Harris here. But I'm sure they'll be popping up in plenty of other stuff, since both tend to have no issues finding roles, thankfully. I thought the stuff with Imogen/Agreus was going to end with them killing Ezra and covering it up, but it looks like they're on the run instead. I wonder if they're using them to expand this world some more next season, by showing them at different locations and countries. I see they found a way to get at least one twist involving incest, by having Jonah and Sophie being secret siblings this entire time. Really is a popular thing now, huh? I hope we get more of Tourmaline next season. All in all, not a perfect first season, but it was solid enough to make me want to check out any future seasons. If nothing else, both Orlando Bloom and Cara Delevingne exceeded my expectations: possibly since the show seemed to play to both of their strengths.
  6. I figured the episode was going to end with Philo being brought to the Chancellor. I'm sure I'll find out why when I start the next episode, but I'm guessing he's going to end up being Philo's father this entire time. Sophie and Jonah continue plotting and planning, and it is either going to work out spectacularly for them or backfire miserably. I don't see any middle ground here. Imogen and Agreus finally admit their feelings and get a big romantic sex scene. That totally means something bad will happen in the finale that will mess all of that up, right?! While I'm sure there will be some cliffhangers in the finale, I do hope we find out who the killer is at least.
  7. I guess it shouldn't have been that surprising that Portia would end up not being enlightened or ahead of her time as she initially came off, and would betray Philo at the end. So, now he's off to jail, but since Vignette is now there too (I'm guess that was the actual library she had protected back in episode 3), I'm guessing this is all leading to the two teaming up and somehow breaking out. Looks like Sophie is putting on an act and isn't actually a flat-out bigot, but playing the role to earn the support of her father's supporters. Also, Jonah is totally enthralled with her, so his parents better watch their asses! Speaking of which, Piety making Haruspex stay in order to avoid her death she foresaw is totally going to end up not working, right? Ah, nothing can make two people bond than putting snobbish assholes in their place! Imogen and Agreus have that in common at least! Glad that everything is starting to connect now. Hope we get some different interactions with the main cast in the last two episodes.
  8. So, it seems like these murders are connected to Philo somehow, since the victims were a monk that he knew in the orphanage, the mortician who apparently was the one that clipped Philo's wings, and now the first victim is actually his mother? That's how I interpreted all of it. And seems like the creature is actually being controlled by someone? I guess it could be anyone and I wonder who is next on the list. Philo's father? Or maybe Philo's father is actually the one behind all of it. Have to say I did fall for the twist with Sophie. It seems like she's doubling down on her late father's bigoted views? I wonder if she really believes all of it or is she saying it to gain political ground and even go after the Chancellor himself. And, of course, Jonah is all into that which is not good for the Breaksphere clan since they've made him double his studies. Oh, and the whole mom stage your own kidnapping thing. Just a little bit of an issue! Not sure if that was the most awkward tea party of all time, but it certainly was at least a contender! This will either end up making Imogen and Ezra bitter enemies or actually make them stronger. A light episode for Vignette, but I'm sure Cara Delevingne enjoyed the break. Plus, we do get the obvious reveal that Tourmaline is totally still into her!
  9. Walton Freaking Goggins! As "Uncle" Baby Billy, Aimee-Leigh's older brother, who is now working for the Gemstones as a pastor at a church inside an actual mall (which, of course, use to be a Sears.) Complete with white hair and a naive, much younger wife. Oh, this should be fun! His sermons were already reminding me of the arc in Justified, when Goggins' Boyd Crowder "found Jesus" and became a "preacher man." Glad to see more of Eli this go around and what he is capable of. Also like that Dermont Mulrony's character seems to be sticking around as an antagonist of some kind. I do hope that Jesse's mistreatment towards his lackeys ends up coming back to haunt him. I am curious to see why Gideon seems to put up with that creepy guy's shit. I did love that he said the Gemstones would actually like the Fast & the Furious franchise since family is such a big deal in it. That is true, family does get name-dropped all the time in that series!
  10. Oh, Piety! Your plan was executed damn new flawlessly, but apparently you didn't consider that it would have been wise not to bring your high heels with you when you silently torment your son that you kidnapped, because now it is looking like Jonah is putting the pieces together. I can only imagine what will happen if Chancellor find outs (other than his heartbreak that he sacrificed his beloved bear for no reason!) With their rival out of the way, I"m guessing we're going to be seeing more of this Sophie character played by Caroline Ford. Granted, I don't see her shedding too many tears over her dad since he apparently really sucked, but I suspect she'll have a part to play. The scene with Philo and the Haruspex was... something. Imogen and Agreus are preparing to work together. Have a feeling she's going to have to deal with her angry brother over this soon. Vignette and Philo have now moved into the "hiding a dead body together" stage, already. Yep, they'll be back together in no time!
  11. Yay, Lucy is back! And already teasing John about how Nucy is their "child." Oh, you two! Ya'll are just the sweetest human/sentient spaceship computer relationship ever!! Liked the idea of a place where the military is so unneeded that they've basically been turn into an amusement attraction for tourists and everything. I also like that D'avin was so pissed about it, because it would make sense that a former military man like him would not be very pleased with the idea. Glad they brought Calvert and that there seems to be more to her than meets the eye. Glad that Fancy escaped and even got a nice bro hug with D'avin, since I always got a kick out of their banter and competitive relationship. I'm happy that Pree and Gared aired everything out and are hopefully moving forward now. Really hope these two make it.e While I'm happy that Turin gave Zeph the pep talk she needed, I'm worried that it is going to end up with him getting kidnapped instead. I know I should be prepared that some of these folks won't be making it out alive, but I'm not ready, dammit! Dammit, Lady, let poor Khylen mourn in peace! They were having way too much fun with all of the double entendres and what not with Dutch and John when they were breaking out of the restraints.
  12. Ah, the expected flashback episode, that shows how Philo and Vignette met and fell in love. It's a classic one, of course. Boy meets girl after he accidentally sneaks into her mysterious library and gets a knife placed to his throat. Boy and girl then bond over your normal stuff like sci-fi romance novels and teaming up to fight werewolves. Boy and girl then understand one another, start falling for one another, and then have magical sex (complete with glowing fae wings!) But then girl's best friend; who is actually her ex; comes back, plants seeds in boy's head that he will get her killed if they keep going, so he fakes his death, causing her much heartbreak, and now they're not exactly on the best of terms now. I hate when that happens! Also, it looks like Philo is actually half fae and those mysterious scars were from when they removed his wings when he was a baby. I'm sure all of that and his parents are going to end up factoring in soon. And it seems like Philo's friend in prison from the last episode is actually a werwolf. Fun! The rest of the main cast (baring Karla Crome as Tourmaline/Vignette's ex/BFF) got to have an easy one for this episode!
  13. So, Piety/Indira Varma's character is the one behind her son's kidnapping, in order to make it look like it was the Chancellor's rival political rival instead. She even went as far as to bring in a witch to fake a reading, complete with forcing him to sacrifice his pet bear! Damn, that's ice cold! Vignette is already out of that hellhole of a house, and looks like she's going to work for some kind of fringe fae group. I guess Tamzin Merchant's character is going to try and use the rich puck for her own personal gain at first, but I could see her actually developing feelings for him and rethinking her bigoted stances. I suspect the brother is a lost cause though. Paying off her bounty and ceasing her servitude is certainly a good way to make amends to your ex after you faked your death. Well played, Philo!
  14. It was an alright pilot, I guess. Kind of slow at times and a few silly moments, but enough to keep me watching. Granted, I'm a sucker for fantasy/sci-fi, so you really have to drop the ball for me to tap out early. Can't say either Orlando Bloom or Cara Delevingne have ever impressed me too much as actors, but they were passable here. I'll always have fondness for Bloom due to Legolas and Will Turner, but he admittedly can't step too far outside his wheelhouse. As for Delevingne, she does have charisma, even if she has limited range and can't dive into anything too deep (her attempts at crying here kind of toed the line into cringe territory.) Hope we get more of the Chancellor and his wife soon, because Jared Harris (really need to make time for Chernobyl) and Indira Varma are the best. I feel bad, but every time I ever see Tamzin Merchant, I remember that she was the original Daenerys in the unaired Game of Thrones pilot, and how much it must sting for her to miss out on what would have likely been a big stepping stone for her. Granted, I wouldn't want to live in a world where no one heard of Emilia Clarke though! This being Amazon/streaming service and TV-MA, I knew there was going to be at least some fae sex! I have a bad feeling that Vignette's friend is a dead woman walking. Hopefully the Vignette/Philo thing won't be too obnoxious, since that is likely the series biggest selling point. Of course, something is likely going to go down with them and the other woman Philo has an on/off relationship with.
  15. Ah, so they've already revealed who the blackmailer is and it looks like is Gideon, the son that Jesse has more or less disowned. I actually didn't figure it out until around the fight scene, and did I remember them saying he was trying to be a stuntman. Curious to see why he wants to bring Jesse down, although I'm sure he has plenty of good reasons for it. Cool seeing Skyler Gisondo (Santa Clara Diet, Booksmart) again. Like seeing more of Jesse's lackeys, even if they certainly aren't the brightest bulbs here. Kind of surprised Eli/John Goodman is kind of taking a backseat for now, but I imagine he'll play a bigger part later on. Jesse and Judy fighting over how much money they give back to the church and how much they keep for themselves, only for it to end with them just cutting out the church and splitting it between them, is certainly par for the course with them! As it poor Kelvin not even being part of the discussion. Can't wait for next week. Vice Principals reunion!
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