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  1. I'm sure the day might come when the "heist episodes" get played out for me, but until then, I'm going to continue enjoying the pure insanity that happens every time they do one, and how everyone just becomes over-competitive jerks about it. But, hey, what happens during the heist, stays during the heist! Not surprised that Rosa would win since she kept being put at a "disadvantage" each time, but I like the twist that she actually planned it so that she actually did steal the gems each time, so now she gets to boast about having the most wins out of everyone. And then her big grin when everyone started arguing about it at the very end. Congrats, Rosa! I do wonder if Boyle is actually ever going to win a heist, or are they just going to keep a gag of having one regular never win it. Love that both Holt and Boyle have their own versions of the "92 Dream Team", instead of the one everyone associates that title with! Petty, Competitive Holt continues to be a delight. And not wrong: Cheddar is always welcomed! Especially when he gets a slo-mo running scene! On a more serious note though, I do hope Jake continues seeing a therapist if it is really helping him with his issues (and considering his history, that makes total sense.) I did think that was probably more mean-spirited then they attended by having Amy set that all up and listening in, but then I remember that last heist, both Amy and Jake bought each other gifts to basically electronically shock one another, so, again, the heist just brings out the worst out of everyone! On the other hand, I did love how Amy's attempting to coerce Jake into working with Holt by having him watch Lincoln and see the "enemies working together" scenario, but he found the film boring, so she found a much better solution: X-Men: Days of Future Past! Oh, Bill! I'm sure things will get better. Right?....
  2. Definitely will give the show credit for not dragging stuff out anymore, with Ryan already finding out about Lucy being pregnant and Nancy being his daughter. Not surprised both of them are in a rough spot at the moment, and I'm curious to see where this relationship goes. But Ryan really did not start things off well by going "Well, if the water demon took out Owen, that would save me some competition!" Maybe keep your self-centered, somewhat psychotic thoughts to yourself, buddy. I understand why Nancy is upset, but I do feel bad for Carson and I did cringe a bit when Nancy starting referring to Katherine by her name instead of mom. She might not be related to her biologically, but it seems like Katherine raised her well, so I think this is going to be one of those things Nancy is going to regret once she calms down. Oh, Bess! She really is starting to realize what she has gotten herself into with the Marvins. Hope she gets through it unscathed and nothing bad happens with her relationship with Lisbeth. But until then, I'm all for seeing more of Maddison Jaizani getting dressed up! Loved seeing Victoria/Liza Lapira again. Her interactions with George and Nick were cracking me up. Still loving those two, even though they might need to start locking the office door if owner meetings are going to end with random make-out sessions! Ace continues to be the best friend anyone could have! So, it looks like going forward, the two big stories (other than the Nancy/Ryan drama) are going to be a) dealing with this pissed off water demon, who may or may not have been a person at one point, so that's why their spell didn't work and b) Owen's death and if it is related to said water demon or maybe something else is going on. Should be fun!
  3. Whelp, we now know how much it took for Jimmy to finally just aside any shred of being a legit lawyer and throwing in with the cartel: $100,000. Hope it was worth it, buddy! Knew it was going to be an interesting episode since Vince Gilligan himself was directing it (not to mention Gordon Smith writing since he tends to write some big episodes, if I remember correctly), and it certain didn't disappoint! Besides the beginning and the Lalo/Kim scene, it was just one rough, hell of a nature walk for Jimmy and Mike! This is why as beautiful as the desert is, I would be scared as hell to live there, because it could take a mere car issue (and not one that was in the middle of a drug war!) to get you stranded for hours. Yikes! It was great seeing Bob Odenkirk and Jonathan Banks together again for a lot of scenes, and both of them really sold how tough it was. Certainly helped by the make-up department, which really made them look like they were put through the wringer. Not sure what to make of Lalo dismissing Nacho being the driver, by saying he didn't quite trust him to handle $7 million dollars. Was it just him arrogantly not thinking much about him or does he suspect something shady is going down? Mike pretty much nailed it when he said Jimmy has drug Kim into the game now with their marriage, but even then, I was stunned that she decided to actually confront Lalo and show her face to him. This really isn't going to end well for her, is it? I have a feeling the Salamanca Cousins will be paying a visit to that vault again to figure out who has been squealing... Loved all of the call backs and props, like the Davis and Main bottle (now filled with piss!), the coffee cup, and the foil poncho, bringing back memories of Chuck!
  4. I usually don't post here, but I just have to say that I honestly think John has more hate and disgust for Jared Kushner than Trump. Don't get me wrong: he clearly has the lowest opinion of Trump possible (and I certainly won't argue with him), but there was some real intensity and anger with the way he was addressing what Kushner was saying. Certainly won't blame him on that, but I found it interesting. Other than that, I was admittedly someone who wasn't familiar with OAN, and I'm now partially glad to be warned about them, but also partially upset to know about it. Can't believe I'm saying this, but they actually do make FOX News seem tamer when it comes to kissing Trump's ass and allowing insane shit to be said on their programs. The sad thing is that I wonder if the day will come if we ever get a "news" organization that will end up making OAN look less horrific...
  5. So, it turns out that all of those other robots are actually just copies of Dolores, and not other characters from the past. Actually makes sense from a character perspective. Dolores would only trust herself to get the job done. Classic Dolores! Confused over how one of them was Musashi and he's apparently the head of the Yakuza now (was his model in Samuraiworld based off the real person?), but I'm all for more Hiroyuki Sanada! Not surprised William has pretty much cracked after killing Grace last season. Although, don't worry, buddy! She's actually not dead, but has gone to star in a hit CBS show with Luke Cage and Harold Finch/Ben Linus instead! But his return was basically to be manipulated by Hale Dolores, get thrown in a psych ward, and now she's running the show. Not sure how he's going to fit into all of this, but Ed Harris was great as always. Impressive fight between Dolores and Ashley, although it was obvious going to go to the former. I do wonder if all of the drinking and snacking earlier was to explain why Luke Hemsworth admittedly is looking a bit hefty compared to past seasons. I suspect there will be more reasons why Dolores brought back Bernard, besides having a connection with him (that and the show wisely knowing that losing Jeffery Wright would be a big mistake, dammit!) Caleb's got good instincts, I'll give him that. I do wonder what his reaction will be if/when he really finds out that is going on. Looks like Maeve is going to do Serac's bidding for now and is already making good progress. Well, getting impaled with a sword by Musashi Dolores is just a wee bit of a setback, but I'm sure she'll walk it off!
  6. Honestly, I had wonder the age difference myself, but admittedly for me, any nitpicking went out the window after I discovered Len Cariou is only six years older than Tom Selleck, and yet he's suppose to be his father on Blue Bloods. I don't think anything could top that (although, the industry is always full of surprises!)
  7. Yeah, the Holt/Terry scenes definitely made me think that someone was reminded how much they loved Whiplash when J.K. Simmons guested last week, so they were determine for Holt to get his Fletcher on! Definitely a bit of a throwaway C-plot, but it was fun. Plus, I loved after all of it, Terry simply got the spot since no one else actually auditioned to play flute! Loved that the squad had already figured out Amy was pregnant and the show even riffing a bit on the whole "hiding the pregnancy" stuff they had to do with Melissa Fumero this season. At least Jake found some way to still have Boyle faint! Glad that they had Jake address the issues he has with his father, and how that effects him going forward. Great seeing Bradley Whitford as Roger again and Martin Mull was perfectly cast as the "Admiral" as well. It seems that the Peralta men really do have a history of being awful fathers, but I think Roger is right that Jake will no doubt break it. Jake has already shown himself to be a better man with the way he has grown as a person and opened himself up to new ideas and people, so I know he'll be committed 100% to his son and Amy, and that will hopefully start a new trend where the "curse" is broken. But I"m glad he and Roger are at least on better terms. Kind of.. Hitchcock and Scully actually being decent detectives and even men for once, by protecting their witness' identity, due to being an undocumented immigrant. Nice! Well, except for Hitchcock naturally almost ruining it by being crass at the end. Classic Hitchcock! Amy and Rosa were fun as always in their brief scenes together.
  8. If David Shore really was worried about #MeToo being an issue for Melendez/Claire, all he had to do was have the show acknowledge it. Have Claire admit her feelings, but Melendez basically say that it is a no go due to not being on equal footing. That would have been fine and if they still wanted some drama, they could always have Claire point out that he and Lim still dated despite her being his boss. In short, there are several things they could have gone with Melendez/Claire, if they didn't want to go full-blown romantic (and this is coming from someone who wasn't wild about them being an actual couple.) But I guess we'll never really know why Shore and company were under the belief that they ran out of story to tell for Melendez. Either way, if they really felt a death was needed, there was so many other options. I feel like Glassman would have had a more impact for Shaun and everyone else. Hell, as much as I love Will Yun Lee, Park the show could probably get by fine without him (although I certainly would have missed him! And his reaction shots!) But I really worry that Melendez dying is going to leave a void that the show won't be able to recapture. Either way, between this and 2020 certainly seems to be the year of questionable character exits on television shows I watch.
  9. Oh, Shore... I mean, I certainly agree with him that Antonia Thomas is damn good, but there are other ways to have her "flex her acting chops", other than having her play a character who always seems to end up suffering. She can still be great while doing something lighter, more fun, or even comedic. Claire doesn't always have to get the shit end of the stick to allow Thomas to shine. But I suspect that it is a common mindset for a lot of television producers...
  10. Man, I can think of a whole lot of television weddings that would be improved if Huell was just there, rolling his eyes and shaking his head at the proceedings! Loved everything about how unromantic and emotionless Jimmy/Kim's wedding was. And forget the honeymoon: they didn't even bother with having lunch after! At least they did have a wedding night, once Jimmy finished telling her that he's now basically a Cartel lawyer now! Because, yeah, not surprised that Jimmy is now Lalo's attorney, and is already helping him out, thanks to an assist from Mike. It was interesting at least seeing what looked like a brief moment of doubt/guilt when he saw the victim's family, but the point of no return has clearly passed. It's only a matter of time before the final nail is in Jimmy McGill's coffin and then it's Saul Goodman all the time. Kim continues to likely doom herself by going all in with Jimmy, but I'll give her credit for the way she confronted/played Kevin, because that probably was the most effective way to handle him. Seeing Mike on better terms with Kaylee and Stacey was nice... well, until we remember that's because he has accepted who he is now, and that's a solider of a Cartel boss, who is currently in the middle of a war. Speaking of which, sometimes I almost wish we just followed Gus dealing with the Los Pollos Hermanos stuff, because you know he is giving all of that stuff just was much energy as he does the drug stuff! Too bad he had to burn it down in order to save face, but it will be back and better than ever! I do hope Lyle and the rest of the team gets some compensation! More familiar faces! Including Lydia again! So, Howard figures out that Jimmy was behind all of those pranks, which leads to Jimmy finally letting it all out: the reason he hated Howard making that offer was because he thinks he's "bigger" than Howard and his firm, and considered it an insult of all things. Yeah, I really hope that Howard is through with him now. Now that Kim as hitched her wagon to Jimmy, Howard is the character I want to come out of this ahead somehow (oh, and Nacho, but I know the deck is really, really stacked against him.) Excellent episode.
  11. Okay, yeah, well, all of that happened! Totally surprised that Melendez actually does die and that it was creative decision, because, at best, it really felt more like Nicholas Gonzalez had wanted out and they had to scramble to give him an exit. But judging from all of the interviews and social media, that's totally not the case? I just can't wrap my head around that. While he wasn't my favorite character on the show, I thought he had one of the best arcs; starting out as an obstacle for Shaun, but end up being a tough, but fair and helpful mentor; and considering all of the plots that seemed to be set up going forward, his exit is just baffling. I certainly hope Gonzalez gets another gig soon, although sadly all of this stuff with the virus is probably going to put a pause on most everything in the television/entertainment industry. Either way, I'll miss him here. That said, I do hope that this leads to Lim and Claire spending more time together, because I think there is a lot of potential to explore that relationship. Certainly helps that Antonia Thomas and Christina Chang are both excellent actresses. Not surprised that Park's story ended tragically, but it was well-acted at least. But now he wants to be closer to his family? That whole thing definitely gave off a vibe of him not actually leaving for good, so I'm curious to see how they're going to make this work. But I certainly don't want Will Yun Lee to go anywhere (unless he finally is given an opportunity to lead his own show!) Also not surprised that Reznick manages to not get in trouble for breaking rules, and even re-earns the respect of Andrews. But it sounds like she did damage her hands by helping the patient? But let's get to the big one: against all odds, Shaun manages to save Vera/his patient and sure enough, his near death experience ends up making Lea realize that, hey, she totally does "love" Shaun, so now it's kissing time! Yep, lets just forget about all of the creepy, obsessive behavior from Shaun or that lovely time he almost smashed her car and belittled her! He was right all along! Good grief! Again, I wouldn't have minded the storyline if it ended with the show acknowledging that Shaun was in the wrong and needed to accept that Lea didn't owe him anything. Instead, it feels like he is being rewarded for his bad behavior, and actually manages to make me think less of him. If this type of writing continues to be in store for him, it will be interesting seeing how Freddie Highmore manages to keep rising above it like he somehow is able to, in my view. Yeah, I'm going to guess Carly also is just gone or, at best, will be regulated to recurring going forward. They really just threw their hands and gave up on the character after she and Shaun were done. Maybe she find solace with all the other departed characters like Jared, Allegra, and Jessica (remember her?! Wouldn't blame y'all if you didn't!) Not going to pretend that I won't be back, because I do enjoy these characters and, honestly, I even enjoyed the majority of this season. But I really think they made the wrong call by going all in on Shaun/Lea as a romantic couple. I wasn't wild about Shaun/Carly, but I felt like that relationship was a good way for Shaun to learn about being in a romantic relationship and learning to grow from it. But honestly, it feels like they just regressed him instead, and I feel like Shaun/Lea is going to be ridiculous going forward forever how long it lasts. I just hope this decision isn't the beginning of a tailspin.
  12. I see they're going to drag out the "Who is actually in Charlotte's body?" mystery for as long as possible. I initially wondered if it was Clementine, but it does seem like someone that Dolores is closer to, and while those two had a connection, I guess, it wasn't that personal. I can't see it being Teddy after what went down with the potential child molester, so I'm currently in the Abernathy camp. Of course, with this show, I'm ready for another shoe to drop. Either way, "Charlotte" clearly is struggling with the whole undercover thing, and it certainly isn't going to help her that the real Charlotte was actually a mole for Serac this entire time, so she now has that on her plate as well. I do think Tessa Thompson is more comfortable playing this type of character and conflict, compared to the overtly-smug and "large and in charge" Charlotte from the past seasons. I have no idea if it was on purpose or not, but I got a kick out of Michael Ealy playing her husband (or ex?), since he played a robot/android on Almost Human years go: a show that had its issues, but I enjoyed it and wish it had more of an opportunity to grow (if nothing else, Ealy and Karl Urban had great chemistry.) The Marvel fan in me also got kick out of Charlotte's brief exchange with Pom Klementieff's character. Valkyrie and Mantis together again! Not sure if the show wants me to think this, but I find it interesting that Dolores wants to take down humans for how they controlled her and the rest, but she has no problems basically controlling other robots to further her goals. Now, she hasn't crossed any lines like humans have done for ages, but it might be a slippery slope. Aaron Paul certainly has nailed down being the supporting character who provides a lot of great "This shit is crazy!" reaction shots, whenever the lead character does something insane. Even then, Dolores probably is still not as unhinged was Walter White... I see that
  13. Sure, show. You're totally going to kill off Jean-Luc Picard on a show that is called... Star Trek: Picard! That said, I won't lie that I still got a little emotional over his "death", and I did think the reactions from everyone was well-done. Seven and Rios drinking whatever passes for alcohol was a nice touch, but Elnor breaking down and being comforted by Raffi was the highlight (err, sounds odd saying that for something so sad.) But I figured that Dr. Soong's memory transfer thing was going to come into play, so I'm not surprised that Picard basically got his mind transferred to a new/old body, without the disease. But they should have given some kind of upgrade! Maybe not a full-fledge superpower, but maybe slightly improved skill?! As satisfying as it was watching Seven boot Narissa, I also worry that Narissa's personal transport will come into play, and she'll end up surviving and returning with a vengeance. Granted, after Hugh, I'm pretty much in bloodlust mode, and I really wouldn't have been happy unless Seven shot her in the chest, snapped her neck, and then shot her one more time in the head for good measure, before she tossed her. Maybe next time! I did feel like they rushed a whole lot of things though. Did Narek go back with the Romulans or is he in Starfleet's custody? Whatever happen to Agnes turning herself in? I also wish we actually got Rios/Raffi/Seven/Elnor's reaction once they heard that Soji and Agnes saved Picard. I kind of feel like this episode either should have been longer or it should have been a three-parter instead. Riker's return was fun, but I was hoping for a Geordi or Worf cameo. Maybe next season! Data's officially dead now, but at least Dr. Soong is still around, so Brent Spiner can still get work! Overall, the season was a bit hit or miss, but I've kind of accepted at this point that all Star Trek series are going to have a rough first season (I think the best was Deep Space Nine, but even that had a few clunkers), and it's all about them hopefully figuring things out going forward. I will say that I now actually like all of the new crew members now, so that's good, and I certainly hope Seven being on the ship at the end means we'll be getting more of her going forward. That said, as long as I can see more of Patrick Stewart playing one of my favorite characters of all time, I'm going to be with this show until the bitter end! Make it so and engage!
  14. Well, since J.K. Simmons, excuse me, Academy Award winner J.K. Simmons is one of my favorite actors ever, this episode alone is a win in my book! He was perfect as Dillman! I liked that he was ultra-serious, but in a way that is different from Holt (although I loved Holt fanboying him until the end), and did show enough smarts to show why he was considered a great detective and still has some of those abilities, but he is just no longer the man that he was, due to hard times and his own selfishness/ego. I'm glad that they avoided making him a bumbling fool or a fraud. Another great performance from Mr. Simmons! And I equally loved that Kyra Sedgwick directed this, since she and Simmons worked together on The Closer. But even then, I thought she did a great job here. Wuntch might be gone, but I would not be against Sedgwick coming back in this role! Glad to see the Jake/Boyle pair take front and center again, and I'm also happy that this episode reminded everyone that despite the goofy attitude and, well, Boyle-like behavior, Boyle really is a great detective in his own right. Of course, he would consider turning down the task force job, but I'm glad Jake talked him out of it and supported him, despite his disappointment over not getting it himself. Jake really has come along way since the beginning. Thanks to that Rose/Dillman "interrogation" scene, I think I just want a webseries of Stephanie Beatriz recapping every soap opera ever made! Terry and Amy kind of took backseats for this one, but still had moments that made me laugh. So, now the question is who is this Leslie Hunt-Minkoff, that his now Holt's favorite since Dillman disappointed him? I vote her to be one of Andre Braugher's former Homicide co-stars, Melissa Leo! Of course, the bigger question for Jake is where he ranks on Holt's list?!
  15. Holy shit! Man, I'm still trying to comprehend those last thirty or so minutes. It is just amazing how I can somehow both be impressed over how Jimmy pulled everything off and admire that ability, but hate how he went against Kim's request and basically used her to gain a victory that was really more about him. The irony is that I really do think he deluded himself into thinking that he was helping her, and really thought it was just "part of the game" and that she would be happy about how it all came out. But while he might have felt like with was selfless, it just comes off self-serving instead and like he really doesn't respect Kim. And, again, I honestly don't think he meant to come off like that, but that's how it all came out. All in all, it was masterful, but also masterfully scummy of him. And yet... Kim just can't pull away, can she? Just when it looked like she was possibly ready to end it for good, she instead pulls a potential marriage card? She really just can't quit him, can she? It is so frustrating to watch, but I suspect this was always how it was going to be with her. I just hope she gets a wake-up call before it is too late. Still, I won't lie: I loved the hell out of that video and I want them to release the entire thing online, dammit! And if that wasn't enough, Jimmy is continuing to troll and embarrass Howard: either for the simple amusement of it or he really is still holding an actual grudge. Really can't tell at this point. It was fun seeing Clifford again! Figured Mike was working some angle to set Lalo up, but it was equally masterful watching how Mike can work his magic during these situations, and how he can flip personas depending on who he is dealing with. No wonder Gus wanted him on his team! Loved the Mike/Nacho scene as well. I swear, if the Emmy voters snub Rhea Seehorn again...
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