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  1. Carson is still in Boston a.k.a. "Scott Wolf really wants to use all of his vacation days and we ain't going to stop him!" Veteran Canadian Actress Teryl Rothery has arrived as Ryan's mom, and Nancy's new working theory is that Lucy's death is connected to her seeing Ryan's mom making out with the Hudson's family enemy, at one of their secret, creepy, rich people parties that are always popular on shows like this (right down to how surprisingly easy it is to get into said secret, creepy rich people party!) Also both Nancy and Ryan see Lucy's ghost at the same time, therefore neither of them are crazy (unless...) and Nancy is extra sure that Lucy's death is also connected to Tiffany's death as well. George and Nick made for a good team. I hope we get various different interactions between the made squad throughout the season, although I wasn't a fan of Nancy being separated from everyone else. Happy for Bess finally starting a relationship with Lisbeth, but if television has taught me anything, it is go going to end badly for her somehow. Speaking of ending badly, Owen is so going to end up being bad news. The question is will be before or after a damn love triangle forms? Aww, I'm liking Ace as the team's hype man. That job ain't easy!
  2. Well, that's a wrap for Sam Witwer as Mr. Chipping, I guess. Surprised he didn't end up being bad like I thought he would, but he was kind of squandered here more or less. I'm hoping he has something else lined-up, since he's always great to watch. And now he's being replaced by Dupont, the "original" writer of the Baxter Boys, who is clearly going to carry quite a grudge towards Jughead over it being suggested it was actually Jughead's grandfather who wrote the first book instead. Fun! I swear, I can never figure out why Veronica doesn't just cut ties with her nutty family for good, unless it's really all about the money. Hermione lasts barely a few hours being "independent" from Hiram, before falling back into bed with him. Meanwhile, it seems clear that Hermosa/Veronica's half-sister has basically been told the same sweet nothings from dad that Veronica has heard all of her life, only she has embraced Hiram's lifestyle instead of rebelled. Seriously, just run away from this crazy family, Veronica! Speaking of crazy, nice to see Cheryl certainly hasn't regain her insanity any time soon. And it looks like Toni is just getting even deeper with her in this wild and twisty journey through Crazytown! Of course, Charles and Chick are actually working together, and are probably going to try and pull one over on Betty, Alice, and F.P. Good luck, guys! Dodger figures out Archie's "secret identity" pretty easily and causes more trouble, only for his beaten body to be found outside the gym, right after Archie pleaded with Hiram to help "take care of him." Hmm...
  3. Pretty solid start. It was kind of what I figured it would be: a Wild West show set in the universe of Star Wars. The Mandalorian really fits alongside almost every Clint Eastwood-style lone gunman character ever made, but I ain't complaining. I'm sure we'll get more development in the future and I'm curious to see more about the culture. Despite being behind a mask the entire time, I thought Pedro Pascal was able to bring a lot with his voice work (especially at the end, when the more wiseass side to him came out!) Certainly got a stacked cast here with Carl Weathers, Nick Nolte, and especially Werner Herzog, whose was probably my favorite so far. I did think Taika Waititi was kind of wasted as IG-11 since probably anyone could have voiced him and nothing would have really changed, but I guess it doesn't matter now (then again, he is a droid, so maybe a quick trip to the repair shop will fix everyone!) Also excited that Totally wasn't expecting it to be a Baby Yoda! Okay, not actually Baby Yoda, but a baby of the same species! Production values were top notch, of course. Looking forward to seeing where this goes. I wasn't aware that they were releasing the episodes separately, so I'm a little bummed that I have to wait for the next one, but since Disney+ also apparently has the old X-Men animated series and all 38 seasons of The Simpsons, I think I can I'll be fine!
  4. Lady Trieu is an interesting new addition to the story. Hong Chau was a perfect fit in the role: just like almost everyone else here. Definitely curious about what she is really up to. Definitely think her "daughter" is actually some kind of clone and her dream was actually her reliving whatever happen to Trieu (or someone before her) back in Vietnam. Of course, Tillman/Looking Glass has a bunker! Reeves is not only with Lady Trieu, but can walk now? Hmm... Veidt's stuff continues to get more insane by the minute! Apparently he gets his clones as babies from a lake (and even tosses some back in for whatever reason), and grows them in some kind of human sized microwave, which sounds pretty painful due to the screams. Yeah, all of this is nuts! Jeremy Irons is probably having a ball with all of this. As I suspected, Angela and Blake are great together. If HBO ever decides to do a fourth season of True Detective, I vote Regina King and Jean Smart be cast as the detectives and getting to continue with their putdowns and face-offs!
  5. Damn, so not only does Melendez still blame himself for what happened last week, but he is questioning Lim's decision making as well, for letting him do it? I know he's hurting, but that is pretty low and; unintentionally, I hope; making it sound like he lacks faith in her professionalism. I think we've seen plenty of evidence that Lim would have no issues going against him if she thought he wasn't up to task, and her call was made purely because she (and the viewers) know he is a pretty damn good surgeon, and had the talents to pull it off, but sometimes these things happen, sadly. I hope he gets over his grief and doesn't ruin things with her. He really should find some kind of therapy or at least find someone to talk to. Both of the cases were pretty good, I thought. The actress playing the "bubble girl" (sorry!) was great, and I liked her interactions with Shaun and how they both helped one another out. The case with Charlie was sadder, but I'm glad he and his parents finally had a honest talk and are prepared to move forward. The strip-club bouncer certainly earned his paycheck here! I'm sure there would have been all sorts of legal trouble if they ever let an underage teen in there: even if he was going blind! But, hey, Charlie did get to see at least one pair of breasts before he lost his eye-sight for good! Oh, Claire! This really isn't going well for you. More Glassman/Debbie drama. I felt like I was suppose to be more on her side, but I was kind of with him because it never felt like she even spoke to him about these possible changes and methods. It is certainly fine to suggest upgrades and new methods if they are needed, but just doing them without asking is not the way to go. And while addressing time management is a good thing, maybe find a way that doesn't require you to be disrespectful to the Chief of Surgery. Lim gets a gold star for handling it as well as she did. Shaun acting out an emoji to Leah was hilarious. Freddie Highmore is a national treasure!
  6. Odell really has just turned Freeland into his own personal strategy game, and putting everyone against one another, right down to sicking Khalil on "Blackbird", even though he suspected she was actually Anissa (which he was right about, but now thinks he is wrong thanks to Grace's little act.) Again, Odell is the worst and I have to imagine his downfall will be epic, once everyone realizes the shit he has been pulling. So, it looks like Brandon/Jennifer's potential love interest is also a meta who can absorb or simmer down other metas powers? I'm pretty sure the temperature in my actual room got colder every time Lynn glared at Tobias. She might not have the powers that the rest of her family has, but I would not want to ever get on her bad side! Wish we got more of Gambi and Grace together: they seem like a pretty fun duo. Oh, Tavon! I'm not surprised Jefferson feels guilt over what happened, since he was the one that wanted to risk bringing him back. Loved seeing 2-Bits again, and I'm liking this potential resistance alliance with him, Henderson, Reverend Holt, and Anissa.
  7. It was obvious Jack was coming back in the flashbacks due to the previously segment randomly showing him again, but I'm not going to complain about seeing Rahul Kohli on screen again, now that iZombie is gone. I do hope he starts getting bigger gigs going forward. Maybe a bit fillerish, but I will say the flashbacks at least do a decent job explaining why Lena has taken Kara's betrayal so hard, and seems to be going off the deep end. Because there are so similarities to what transpired between her and Andrea, and for someone as closed off like Lena, finding out that two of your friends; probably the only ones you've ever fully trusted; had either lied or kept something massive from you, would probably do a number on someone like Lena. Obviously, it still doesn't excuse this path she is going down on, but I guess it makes sense. Anyway, so Angela is working for Leviathan after-all, but mainly against her will, because she was suckered into it (and her powers), due to protecting those that she loves and so forth. Still not making me really care about the character, but I'll at least give her the edge over William: mainly since Julie Gonzalo is a better actor than Staz Nair. The majority of the main cast sure got to take it easy this episode, huh? Hell, Nicole Maines and Azie Tesfai got the week off, apparently! I'm guessing some of those Lex scenes were extra ones from last season, but it was still great seeing Jon Cryer in the role again, and I really do hope we get a return. I did chuckle at the image of a young Lex mocking Lena for liking Titanic. Mainly because I feel like Lex secretly hates the movie because he considered Billy Zane's character the true hero and was pissed he didn't get a happy ending. I don't think this season has been bad personally, but I do think it lacks some energy and, out of D.C. shows, seems to be the one that is just in a holding pattern until the crossover gets here (while Flash and Arrow seem to be working towards that actual moment.)
  8. They sure were all about the references tonight, with them name-dropping "Mayor" Cobblepot and Jack Napier/Joker! Now, any of these big names actually showing up here would be a different story, of course. I do think they would probably have loved to have had a version of Harley Quinn here, but I don't see what happening since the Margot Robbie version actually seems to be a success for the film universe. Episode was fine overall, but I did think it reverted back to some of its earlier issues, like weird decision-making and dumb moments. The lawyer in the opening act really seemed to have plenty of other options then just run in a straight line away from the electric puddle. And Kate just standing around, almost waiting for the truck to smack her. Granted, Kate kind of seemed off her game in general, because the Executioner of all people pretty much had the upper hand until Jacob popped him. Shake it off, Kate! Lucius Fox got murdered? Well, shit! And since the apparent killer was during the massive cover-up, I wonder if the actual killer is going to be someone else. Oh, Luke! Mary and Sophie are actually a pretty interesting pair. Granted, I would probably say that with any pair involving Mary (an actual face-off between her and Alice would delight me so much!) Alice/Mouse were as nuts as I figured they would be. I'm guessing the point will come when Alice has to pick between him and Kate, and she'll "surprise" everyone by protecting Kate. Of course, since it's Alice, she'll probably still do so in a violent, murderous way...
  9. Definitely a solid recover from last week, since it looks like the pieces finally being put into place and the season is getting ready to go into a new direction. Out of the four, Simone figuring out that The Good Place isn't what it seems to be fits with her character, and it also does a solid job at showing why she isn't a "win" for the team after-all, since all of her behavior was an act to try and figure out the conspiracy. And then while Brent is clearly the worst, her willing to abandon him to likely die is certainly not a good look for her either. In the end, she seems to be someone who thinks she is always in the right and doesn't believe she needs to improve in any way. While I still mainly find Brent to be a one-note jerk, I'll give the actor credit at the end, at he did seem to convey Brent finally (fingers crossed) realizing that maybe he isn't as awesome as he thinks he is, and he is fallible. Now, I'm not sure if he'll be enough or even if he'll ever actually become a "good person", but there at least seems to be a slim possibility he can change. John's still kind of an enigma though. I wonder if they're saving him to factor in more later. Loved Michael and Eleanor's evil laughs, Michael's magic tricks, Tahani's big rant about proper party etiquettes, and Jason having not one, but TWO good analogies!
  10. Oh, hey, Curtis is back. Yay? Sorry, I just really don't care for this character anymore. And to think I actually kind of liked him when he first appeared... Other than that, a pretty good episode. Inserting the future Team Arrow into the present has definitely shaken things up in a good way, and have allowed things to become very interesting. Not surprised that Mia was more resistant at first compared to William, since from her perspective, Oliver abandoned her and Felicity before she ever got a chance to know him, but I'm still glad she finally came around, because her being a jerk to him would have gotten tiring at this point. Granted, I'm just tired of everyone piling on Oliver at this point. It's like he's at fault for every bad thing that happens in the D.C. Universe (when it is obvious that the true culprit is Barry and his time-traveling! Kidding!) Whatever annoyances and issues I have with Rene, I did feel for him when he found out what happened to Zoey (not to mention finding how that he'll be corrupted once he become mayor.) Wouldn't wish that on anyone. It was even nice seeing Dinah being supportive. Hey, the show managed to make me not be annoyed with those two. Yay! Diggle's interactions with Conner were well-done. Glad they're letting David Ramsey gets some big moments going out, because he's always been excellent (well, outside of a few times in the latter seasons where it felt like he was phoning it in, but I really didn't blame him, honestly.) Of all the stuff that has happened on this show, William growing up to consider Felicity his mom really doesn't seem that odd to me. I'm sure he still remembers and considers Samantha his mom too, but Felicity was apart of his life during his teens and helped raised him, so I can see why he would think that way. I just don't find that weird at all. Certainly no stranger then everyone apparently being cool with the Black Siren now, despite her past actions. As I always find myself saying whenever he pops up: Fuck you, Monitor!
  11. It's hard for me to explain why I feel this way, but Barry generally thinking that The Empire Strikes Back is his favorite film, but it actually being Jurassic Park deep down within himself, seems to be in character for him! To be fair, both are likely going to be; it not already; classics, so it's not like I'll hold it against him. Now, if he picked any of those franchises sequels, I might be wondering about his mindset.... Glad to see Cisco be front and center again and Carlos Valdes shined as always. But I am bummed that apparently Cynthia/Gypsy is gone for good. I guess I can see why they can't use her all that much anymore since Jessica Camacho seems to be popping in a lot of stuff lately (apparently she's playing Pirate Jenny on Watchmen right now!), but it definitely slipped into the overplayed "fridge the (female) love interest to drive the (male) hero" plot that sadly still seems to be a thing. But I'm glad they had Cisco acknowledge that even though they ended up not working out, she was clearly an important part in how he grew as a person, and that is why he seems to be in a good spot with Kamilla. I'm also glad (and relieved) that Kamilla never went into jealous territory, and knew that Cynthia had been an important part in Cisco's life, and it would be foolish to think he wouldn't care about her death. Wish we got more Breacher, but Danny Trejo is always a delight. Fun seeing Joe and Nash interesting, and getting to see Jesse L. Martin and Tom Cavanagh go toe-to-toe again. Ralph is back to being awesome, at least! My prediction about Ramsey/Sendhil Ramamurthy being bounced off the screen for a bit ended up being wrong. Too bad his one scene was stuck with Caitlin. Where Grant Gustin and Candice Patton needed for crossover filming at this time? Seemed weird to have Barry and Iris gone for so long, even though both of them deserve a vacation finally. So, Nash claims that he has a way to save Barry. Hmm...
  12. As silly was it sounded on paper (and, granted, it was still pretty silly), George getting possessed was actually pretty entertaining. Leah Lewis did a good job with all of it, and I thought they used the rest of the gang really well and delivered some fun reactions. Plus, it brought back George's mom and I'm all for more boozy Liza Lapira! So, now Ryan has a connection to both Tiffany (of course) and Lucy. Certainly not a good look for him, but that just makes me think he won't be involved. I also suspect there will be more to Karen's story than she initially let on. This real estate guy is so going to be bad news. And not just because he's likely going to form a dumb love triangle with Nancy and Nick. Bess finally took the step and set up a date with that women from the second episode. We'll see where this goes! Finally figured out where I saw the actress playing Tiffany's sister from: she was on that goofy show, Crisis, years ago, starring a pre-Trish Walker Rachael Taylor, a pre-Orville Halston Sage, Gillian Anderson, and Dermot "Seriously, I'm not Dylan McDermott, You Assholes!" Mulroney. Carson was off in Boston a.k.a. Scott Wolf doing the CW's whole "What, you think the veteran actor is going to appear in every episode? Ha!" bit.
  13. So, of course, Veronica ends up having a half-sister, who is totally on Team Hiram and helps get him exonerated! This show sure does love the secret sibling/cousin/relative thing! And now Hiram is out and about and gearing for a mayoral run! Hey, on this show, I think his chances are pretty good! Got to love Archie basically being all "Come after me, and you will have to deal with my mommy lawyer and BFF's dad sheriff!" during his grand speech. Yep, he's just leaning right into how he's lucky he knows all of the important people in the town. He should have just gone all in and said "And if you really get on my bad side, I might even be willing to align myself with my girlfriend's mobster father again!" Normally I would have found all of that annoyingly arrogant, but since its Archie, I was just "Aww, you silly kid!" instead. Are the Baxter Boys series suppose to be a knock-off of the Hardy Boys? Either way, I'm sure all of this is going to lead to whatever is going on with Jughead's "murder." Betty now knows she has the "serial killer" genes in her, so she worries that she will go off the reservation. At this point, I'm hoping they just go full-blown Dexter her and have Hal show up inside her head as the "Dark Passenger"/James Remar character. But, hey, Charles has it too! I see even this show decided there needed to be at least one break from the Cheryl/Toni/Jason's corpse crazy train. Reggie might not have had any lines, but Charles Melton's "WTF?!" reaction at the end slayed me.
  14. Oof, that was a brutal last few minutes! At least Shaun completed his first surgery without harming the patient in any real way, but he really torpedoed all that goodwill with how he handled the nurse. All he had to do was tell her the way he wanted her to hold the instrument and it would have been fine. But since its Shaun, he didn't communicate it properly, got her frustrated, and then he basically humiliated her by tossing her out. And then he couldn't even do the apology right by never saying sorry, but just trying to explain his method and why it was "right." Again, had he started out apologizing and then explained why he felt that way, it might have gone better. All in all, he clearly has the skills to make it as a surgeon, but he's really going to have to work on his communication and the way he interacts with others, because this is going to really impact the way he performs as an official doctor. That said, since it was the same nurse that put doubts into Shaun's head about his relationship with Carly, I did wonder if maybe that was in the back of his mind, and could explain why he was being a jerk to her. I wonder if there will end up being more to this or not. Continue to like how Lim handles Shaun and seems to know when to give him the benefit of the doubt, but when to actually drawl a line with him. A little unsure about Andrews, but I do think his actions aren't out of spite, but he is simply allowing Shaun to make his own decisions, and have him learn to deal with the consequences whenever he messes up. I had a suspicious feeling Melendez's case was going to end badly for him. Being a doctor is tough! Oh, Claire! You are so spiraling, now! Freaking Reznick of all people is becoming the voice of reason, dammit! Actually liked how they resolved the Shaun/Carly drama. Yeah, Debbie working with Glassman is going to totally end up being a horrible idea...
  15. Whoa! I knew Jean Smart was going to show up here, but I wasn't aware she was going to be Laurie, the former Silk Spectre, who isn't just retired from vigilanteism, but actually works for the department of the FBI who take them down. Crazy! Smart was fantastic naturally and I can't wait to get more! There better be more Angela/Laurie scenes, because Regina King and Smart going toe-to-toe was some top-notch acting to say the least! They also confirm what many had already suspected, in that Jeremy Irons is playing Adrian Veidt a.k.a. Ozymandias, who everyone thinks is in hiding, but he actually seems to be a prisoner? And he's being watched by someone known as the Game Warden? Hmm... Enjoyed Lee Tergesen's cameo as Mister Shadow! Definitely think something is up with James Wolk's senator. They are making him way too noble, which is always a bad sign on television. Great episode.
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