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  1. thuganomics85

    S07.E09: On the Scent

    I laughed for a good minute when Gregson seemed to actually be wondering if Bell was claiming that the dog was the suspect. Considering everything he's witness these past few years, I guess a dog performing premeditated murder isn't that outlandish... Glad that they already dropped the whole "Sherlock lying to Joan" bit, and she now knows that Odin has McNally in his pocket, and the NSA are compromised. Wish she was a little more upset about it, but I guess at this point, it is smarter for them to move on and find some way to thwart him. To his credit, Sherlock really did seem apologetic for it and sincere about being on the same page going forward. Love that Sherlock/Joan's mailman knows all about Clyde, due to how much they talk about him. He is the best turtle ever!
  2. thuganomics85

    S05.E11: Killer Queen

    The victim's business partner mentioning that they both wear the same dress size was done in a way that I knew it was going to be a huge part with the case, but I wasn't sure if he was the killer at first, or if he was actually going to end up being the intended target. Either way, not the best case since a lot of the jokes and character felt dated. Liv did look good in a lot of the outfits though. So, Martin's grand plan is to sneak out a bunch of zombie women into a Nevada brothel, have them sleep with a bunch of guys since they're some kind of convention going on, and then have them infect others with the zombie virus and have it spread all around the States (maybe even the world?) Not the most convoluted plan ever, but I'm not sure why they don't just start scratching anyone they can get a hold of, unless everyone is on guard about that. But it looked like Martin was almost getting ready to walk it back, only for Enzo to kill him in front of Liv. I guess I feel bad for Liv and, again, Rose McIver and Bill Wise certainly did what they could to sell the relationship, but they just introduced him so late in the game that I struggle to be that emotional over it. Blaine totally killed Darcy, right? Poor Don E. At this point, I suspect Blaine's eventual downfall won't be from any of the "heroes", but from everyone he has backstabbed, pissed off, and betrayed in his little game to be a criminal overlord. He has burnt so many bridges. It was fun seeing Ravi and Major get to team-up again. Those two are always fun together. I do hope the final two episodes finish strong.
  3. thuganomics85

    S06.E10: Matryoshka

    It might have made sense from a character perspective for Russel to loose his cool and try an execute everyone, but it kind of takes away from any real suspense, because it's not like this show is going to kill off so many regulars in one fell swoop and turn it into "The Adventures of Clarke, Bellamy, Echo, and Octavia." If they kept it at one or maybe even two, it would have still worked. At least it ended with Murphy being the one to talk their way out of it. Ryker better haul ass, because Echo is so going to give him an ass-kicking once she wakes up. Loved the brief Murphy/Raven exchange. Glad Clarke is back, even though I enjoyed how Eliza Taylor played Josephine. Knowing the real life relationship between her and Bob Morley did make the final scene kind of fun: Writer: "Congrats on the nuptials, guys! And guess what? You get to lock lips in this episode!" Eliza: "Cool!" Bob: "Really?" Writer: "Well, Bob, ....you'll be actually giving her mouth to mouth since she's dying. Also, Bob, you will be required to pound on your wife's chest. Hard." Bob: "Oh, come on!"
  4. thuganomics85

    Better Call Saul In The Media

    Glad the voters didn't forget about this show, but I'm still bummed that Rhea Seehorn keeps getting a denied a spot. Then again, almost half of the Supporting Actress category was stacked with Game of Thrones actresses, so maybe she'll get a shot next time once that category opens up a bit more. But I'm glad for the show, Bob Odenkirk, Jonathan Banks, and Giancarlo Esposito! Also, I believe Michael McKean got a Guest Actor nomination too!
  5. thuganomics85

    Game Of Thrones In The Media

    Guess it is safe to say that the Emmy voters still loved the show despite all of the controversies. Really wouldn't be surprised if it goes out with another Best Drama trophy. Probably a long shot, but I'm pulling for Emilia Clarke since I thought this was her best work by far, and it would be nice to see her recognized, considering the Dany character took the worst of the criticism. Glad Alfie Allen got a nomination, and I would love to see Nikolaj Coster-Waldau finally nab a trophy, but I suspect if anyone from GOT is taking it, it will be Peter Dinklage again. Supporting Actress might be too stacked this go-around. I still think Lena Headey should have won already, but I'm not seeing it happening here since Cersei barely did anything this season. Unless voters just really loved how she starred out of a balcony!
  6. thuganomics85


    Holy crap! While I was hoping for some more Emmy love, I wasn't expecting the entire main cast to get nominated! Awesome! I do worry that Henry Winkler, Stephen Root, and Anthony Carrigan could end up splitting the votes, but I'm glad each of them got recognition. And whatever issues I have with the Sally character, Sally Goldberg is great and I certainly think that her big speech in episode 7 alone earned her a spot. And, of course, Bill Hader definitely deserved another nom. Along with best comedy, it also looks like Hader and Alec Berg will be competing against each other (and others) in the directing category, and both of them were also nominated for writing again. Congrats for everyone involved! I hope they at least pick up a trophy or two.
  7. thuganomics85

    S06.E09: Collision Course (Part II)

    Yeah, Izel has clearly somehow hitched a ride in Davis' body. It better not done permanent damage, or you are so on the list, Izel! So, Sarge basically ended up being his worst enemy in the end, as he pretty much all of his allies way due to the flippant way he treated their lives in order for the greater good or whatever (even though he never seemed to be the one to sacrifice himself. Hmm..) Oh, and got his ass kicked by Mack, which was great as well. Sucks to be you, Sarge! And then there was that final tag... Heh, glad to see that Fitz still finds his grandson to be an annoying pain in the ass! Doesn't matter what multiverse he's from, that (and loving Simmons) will never change! As entertainingly insane as she is, I'm glad Daisy was like "Yeah, sorry bud, but your girlfriend is a psycho murder. She's getting locked up!" about Snowflake, because that would have been dumb as hell to not have her contained. At least Deke apparently got her a nice television, so he's winning at the whole boyfriend thing, even its for a mass murder (not to mention he clearly still harbors feelings for Daisy the most.) Hey, Yo-Yo and Mack are back on the menu! Can't wait to see what ends up screwing up this nice reunion! Fare thee well, Jaco. At least you came through at the end. Episodes end with Melinda putting a few caps into Sarge, but, yeah, she clearly is being controlled by Izel.
  8. thuganomics85

    S06.E09: What You Take With You

    Indra's back! That more than makes up for Diyoza going off to wherever she is now in the anomaly. I will always love Indra and her "I am so over this bullshit!" attitude, and her abilities to kick ass and just get shit done. Looking forward to seeing more of her reacting to the shitstorm they've woken her up into. Actually was surprised they finished off Kane for good (maybe?), since they went through the whole process of him being put into another body. But it is believable that Kane would hate it and just rather end things. While Greyson Holt did a good job in his scenes, I'm glad they had Henry Ian Cusick play him again at the very end, and gave him a great send-off. That said, I really don't know how they can possibly redeem Abby at this point, because she's just become such an unlikable and obnoxious bore. So, now it's time for Octavia to have her self-discovery and journey into the past! Fun seeing Pike again since Michael Beach is awesome, and while I figured it would end with her fighting the "Bloodraina" in her head, that was still a fun little bit. And now she seems to be owning up to her murdering past and is going to attempt redemption. We'll see, I guess. Clarke is now back in control for now, and heading for Gabriel.
  9. thuganomics85

    S07.E08: Miss Understood

    Oh, shit, Cassie's back? They certainly seem to be bringing back some random familiar faces this season! She did make things interesting and I did enjoy the interactions between her and Sherlock, but I was kind of with Joan about the whole Moriarty comparisons, because even after the heartfelt-liking ending, I still think that could be the path she'll head down towards. Every time I think a case can't surprise me, I then find out that apparently illegal baby formula is not only a thing, but has even created criminal enterprises and investigations that could go alongside the biggest drug wars. Hell, maybe The Wire would have gone from being an A+ to an A++ show if it was all about baby formula! Or how much more awesome would Breaking Bad have been if Walter White was making illegal baby formula instead of meth?!! While I get that they can't blow through all of the main arcs too quickly, it is jarring how they've shoved Odin and Gregson's into the background these past few episodes.
  10. thuganomics85

    S05.E10: Night and the Zombie City

    Ah, private eye detectives on television (or pop culture in general.) They're either a) these monologuing, crusty, noir-like oldsters that talk like they're from an era long gone or b) Jessica Jones. Glad that Candy got a happy ending and one-upped Blaine. Granted, after everything he did to her, he really deserved an even worst punishment, but I suspect his downfall is going to come at the hands of one of the regulars. I liked that they didn't try any kind of "Liv doubts Ravi about her father's true identity" moments, because it really wouldn't have fit her character or the trust Liv and Ravi have with each other. So, that silly zombie show apparently prevented Seattle getting wiped off the map. Go figure. Of course, it's possible that wouldn't even matter. Don E. is so destined to have his heartbroken, right? I can safely say that this is the most relatable Peyton's been in a while. Margaritas and drunken karaoke after getting the pink slip? Sign me up!
  11. thuganomics85

    B99 In the Media: News, Interviews, Awards, And MORE!

    Well, this makes me sad: Stewart, the main corgi that played Cheddar has passed away. Sniff! I hope the good boy knows that he help make Cheddar one of the best animal characters out of all of television. Certainly no common bitch!
  12. thuganomics85

    S03.E08: Chapter Eight: The Battle of Starcourt

    Jonathan performing emergency surgery on Eleven's leg to get the part of the Mind Flayer out and then freaking Eleven doing it herself really set the tone about how real and gruesome shit was going to be getting for this one! Hopper's death (or is it "death"?) definitely took me a little bit by surprise. I figured if anyone was going to bite it, it was going to be Murray since Brett Gelman is a guest actor, and usually whenever a guest goes on a dangerous mission with regulars, it doesn't end well for them. Then again, Joyce asking Hopper out on an official date really should have made me see it coming. But, again, I'm curious to see if he's actually dead. I guess it's possible he either somehow wound up in the Upside Down world or is the Russian prison somehow. I guess it depends on if David Harbour wants to stick around or not. Either way, his final voiceover was perfectly heartbreaking. Poor Eleven. Billy's death wasn't as surprising, but at least he went out on his own terms and buying the gang more time. His character still wasn't that well developed and I wish we got more of his and Max's relationship, but it was still an emotional enough of an exit thanks to Dacre Montgomery (and Sadie Sink's) performance. Suzie does exist! And she and Dustin not only have cutsey nicknames for one another, but even have their own special song! Everyone's reaction to that was hilarious! Looks like Scoops Ahoy is no more, but now Steve and Robin are getting into the business of movie rental stores! That should be fun! I wonder which behind the scenes/props guy managed to find a standee of Phoebe Cates in Fast Times at Ridgemont High?! I guess I really can't blame Joyce over going through with the move, and I can buy that maybe she and Hopper worked something out so that she'd get custody of Eleven in case something ever happen to him (I'm sure Paul Reiser's character could work some covert military magic to help out.) Still, this certainly changes things for everyone as now Nancy and Jonathan are apart, as are Mike and Eleven, and poor Will has to leave all of his friends behind! Curious to see how they'll all reunite next season. All in all, I thought this was better than last season (which I still enjoyed), and while it has its shares of quibbles, misfires, and mistakes, I still find it to be extremely enjoyable, with a pitch-perfect cast, setting, and feel to it. Hopefully the Duffer Bros will be able to finish out what they have planned.
  13. thuganomics85

    S03.E07: Chapter Seven: The Bite

    I can safely say that I did not see Robin being a lesbian coming at all. Really thought that Steve/Robin was happening, but that certainly got torpedoed! Nice one, show. Maya Hawke did an excellent job during the reveal, and has really proven herself to be a great addition in general. I did like that it took Steve a good few moments to really process it, but eventually came around, and even joked around with her about that crush. I do hope the fellow eventually finds love though. I also loved that Dustin basically had to be the grown-up throughout all of the Scoops Ahoy stuff, with Robin and Steve being drugged and loopy, while Erica was her normal snarky self. They grow up so fast! Totally knew that "the bite" was going to have some lasting implications. At least Eleven was able to get her badass "toss a vehicle" moment in before passing out! Mike's overlong attempt to basically say that he loves Eleven without actually saying the "love" part, was classic teenage boy antics! Joyce and Hopper really have become almost like a sitcom couple, which doesn't quite fit in with the rest of the show. Loved the reunion! Can't wait to see how this all ends!
  14. thuganomics85

    S03.E06: Chapter Six: E Pluribus Unum

    Should have known that Steve winning the fight in the last episode would mean that he would get kidnapped (along with Robin), get the shit beat out of him, drugged, and almost have his fingernails yanked. Such is Steve's lot in life! At least it led to some good "bond while being tied to a chair" moments between him and Robin, including her admitting that she had a crush on him back in the day. Yeah, they're totally happening (assuming both of them come out in one piece.) Loved Dustin proving that Erica is just as nerdy as the rest of them, and she really had no response to it. And of course they would end up going back to save Steve and Robin, because Dustin would never abandon his main bro! I saw both sides of the Mike vs. Max debate, when it came to Eleven. I do think Mike can unwittingly be over-protective and even possessive when it comes to Eleven, but I do think his concerns about her pushing herself too far are legit. And while Max is right that Eleven does know her limits best, Eleven is someone who would be willing to cross them to protect those she loves. In the end, I think it ending with her being watched by the rest of the gang was the right solution. And I did like that Mike did call Max out about the spying thing, even if Lucas was the only one that seemed to care about it. Definitely felt like Hopper should have been way more concerned once they find out the Russians were opening up the gate again. At least it led to Joyce unleashing hell on the covert military guy! The sequences in Billy's mind were intense. And that final scene! These last two episodes are going to be insane!
  15. thuganomics85

    S03.E05: Chapter Five: The Flayed

    Glad that we are getting more merging with the storylines, as now Nancy and Jonathan have teamed up with the Eleven/Mike/Lucas/Max/Will gang. Hopefully in the next few episodes, Hopper/Joyce and Scoops Ahoy (hee!) will join up, and the entire game will be together for the endgame! Loved the beginning fight/escape, where Joyce accidentally overthrew the gun to the bad guy instead of Hopper, and then Hopper dramatically tosses the car keys to her, which are not only dropped, but it takes her a while to find the right key. It never goes the way it is suppose to! Hopper is clearly being overtly-jealous when it comes to Joyce, although I do think the smart ones are her type. Glad to see Murray/Brett Gelman's character again. Yay, Steve is 1-2 now, when it comes to fighting! Dustin was so proud of him. I have to imagine they'll have to tell Robin and Erica the truth at some point, now they have discovered the Russians are trying to open up the gate. The question is will they believe them? At this point, I figure they would be open about anything. I was hoping Jake Busey's character would pay for his dickery, but being an another victim of the Mind Flayer was not what I had in mind! He really reminded me of his father when he was in possessed mode. The final sequence was well done and intense, although Jonathan really should be down for the count after getting tossed around and taking a stool to the back. This isn't pro-wrestling, dammit! You can't just walk that off!