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  1. Heh, Colin finally met his match by having Sean out-bore him of all things. Guess I can't be too surprised that Sean somehow fell for some kind of multi-level marketing scheme involving pillows and tried to get the boys to bail him out. And it all leads to Lazlo going back to his lawyer days and failing spectacularly due to the different times and just being Laszlo in general ("May I approach the bitch?") Nadja and Nador fighting over the throne and Guillermo's meddling was entertaining as expected. Fun way to bring back the Derek character too and it sounds like he might be sticking
  2. I swear, a lot of actual sitcoms and comedy films out there can only wish to make me laugh as hard as I did when Archie stopped Chad by actually throwing a trashcan lid at him like a frisbee and it straight-up smacking him face first. I honestly am at the point where I can totally believe it wasn't initially scripted, but then K.J. Apa was jokingly all "Why doesn't Archie just Captain America his way out of this?" to someone and they were like "Brilliant idea, kid!" And then he just shrugs and goes with because what else is there to do at this point. So, in the end, not only were the Hi
  3. So, after a string of more downer episodes, they make sure to follow things up with "Thor throws the universe's best party on Midguard" episode. Smart! While I still enjoyed the previous ones, it really was just fun watching this episode cut lose and bring on plenty of silliness and laughs. Thought Chris Hemsworth did a great job here. Granted, I always enjoyed him as Thor; even in the weaker films; but I definitely think he excels at comedy especially, and I'm glad he was able to bring that same energy with his voice work as well. Really enjoyed Natalie Portman as Jane too. Jotu
  4. I'm really not sure what to say at this point. When it comes to social issues, the show has always taken the most heavy-handed, anvil dropping, cliched, and overdramatic path possible, and this was no exception here. But it's just like, well, I've already accepted it at this point, so it's like I almost don't have any energy to criticize the show for it. It is what it is, I guess. For better or worse, this is Supergirl to its core. Honestly though, I think they did a decent job at establishing how the Superfriends would be so invested in trying to find Nxy that they would lose sight o
  5. Nine times out of ten Brainwave will always be the worst parent on here, but it was also nice to remember how much Yolanda's parents suck... Not surprised that their battle with Eclipso has thrown the JSA for a loop, but poor Yolanda has really been done a number on. I'm guessing Eclipso was the one behind her seeing Brainwave and Henry Jr. again, but all of that guilt is really there. And while there is plenty of reasons to point out why Yolanda was right to take out Brainwave like she did (and not just because, again, he was the worst!), it makes sense that a teenager like her; especi
  6. Interesting: looks like Devery Jacobs will be joining the writing room next season as well (along with a few others.) Judging from Sterlin Harjo's comments in the article, it sounds like she really took an active role when it came to Elora's character development and writing, so I'm glad that he and whoever else was involved in this decision recognized that and are getting her an official writing role for next season. Curious to see how this all goes!
  7. I was wondering if they were going to be bring back Da'Vine Joy Randolph's detective back, so it was nice seeing her again and getting a bit of her home life and mindset. Interesting that it looks like she ends up being an ally because the force either a) bungled the investigation or b) someone in the force is either the killer or in on it. Also liked meeting Mabel's mom and seeing her reaction to everything. From an outsider perspective, I can see why she is worried over Mabel continuing to look into Tim's death and how her apparently only friends now are two random guys that might be
  8. It was definitely great seeing the leads and Steven Harjo at the Emmy ceremony! Liked how the finale brought back most of the supporting cast in some form, like Big, the Spirit Guide, Rita, Willie Jack's parents, the rappers, the rival gang, and Uncle Brownie (certainly saw a lot more of Brownie/Gary Farmer than I ever thought I would!) Hope they are all featured again next season (along with Wes Studi's Bucky!) Interesting finale. I'm guessing next season will find a way to bring back Elora, but I imagine there will be some kind of fallout between her and Bear over leaving him beh
  9. Netflix right now: "Ha ha! Those shiny new streaming services still can't take out the OG!"
  10. Trust me, Angela: the applause is for you. Oh, shit! The Queen's Gambit! Called that wrong!
  11. So, they're save Mare of Eastown's... sorry, Best Limited Series for last?
  12. Man, for anyone who didn't watch Lovecraft Country, they would be so confused by that clip. Oh, shit! The Boys out of... ha ha, no, it's The Crown, of course.
  13. It was a noble fight Hacks, but I guess Ted Lasso couldn't be stopped!
  14. Lost so many great ones this year/season, but I think I'm still particularly raw over the recent one-two punch of Michael K. Williams and Norm Macdonald
  15. I guess either Lin couldn't make it to the ceremony or Leslie made sure he "couldn't" make it. Damn you, Burr!
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