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  1. Favorite part was seeing all of the early episodes and remembering all of the characters/actors I totally forgot about. It was just me all "Oh, yeah, Kevin Alejandro was Brother Blood!" or "Oh, right, Dylan Bruce was on here for a few episodes." And a brief glimpse of Walt! Still wish we had more of him since Colin Salmon deserves to be in everything. The interviews were fun, even if some I can't say I fully agree with. Like Katherine McNamara seems like a cool person, but we would certainly have to agree to disagree over her singling out Diaz as one of the best villains. Speaking of which, I know Stephen Amell's story about Kirk Acevedo's chair saying "The Dragon" on it was meant to be a fun antidote, but it just made me think Kirk might be one of those obnoxious method actors, which could explain why he came off like such a D-bag on social media (and, again, I actually generally like him as an actor, but I really didn't care for him here.) On the other hand, Echo Kellum shot up some points for naming Chase, and it was cool of Katie Cassidy to mention Cayden, since there was so much potential there that was wasted, but even then, Michael Emerson sure managed to leave a mark. At least the Salmon Ladder got some love! And the shallow guy in me was glad they include the scene of Sara/Caity Lotz using it! It felt like David Ramsey and Katherine were the most emotional ones here, but it definitely seems like everyone enjoyed working on the show, which is good.
  2. Glad I got to watch it live, at least! I did have to take a few minutes to process everything, because while I thought it ended strong with the funeral/eulogy and Oliver/Felicity finally being at peace, admittedly a lot of this episode felt rushed, incoherent, and almost fillerish. Because, yeah, I really didn't need another storyline about Young William being kidnapped again: especially since it was by some guy that was only just introduced here. Had it been a former villain like Slade, Damien, or Chase, that might have had at least been fun (as long as it wasn't Diaz!), but this was just a boring ploy to have Mia play Arrow for a bit. Yawn! So, apparently Oliver's sacrifice and newly created universe also brought back Moira, Tommy (!), and Quentin from the dead. Oh, and Emiko too, and she's no longer evil. That's cool, at least. I'm not sure what was the worst use of their returning guest actor: Quentin once again having to be all "Oh, don't cry, Laurel! You're still a hero, dammit!" again or poor Rory/Ragman having to declare with a straight face that Rene is the most like Oliver. Damn, Ragman! What did Oliver ever do to you?! That was a bigger burn than the ones everyone in Havenrock got! Glad Roy and Thea seemed to work things out and going to tie the knot. So, am I understanding Diggle's final scene, correctly? Is he actually going to end up becoming a Lantern?!! While it might have been about the fan service, I did love seeing all the familiar faces back, and the show keeping a lot of their names out of the credits. Good old Tommy! My beloved Nyssa being there and getting a nice bit with Sara (yeah, I know that Sara/Ava on Legends is probably endgame, but dammit, my heart will always be Sara/Nyssa! Besides, who wouldn't want Talia as your sister in-law?!) Barry and Kara there, and getting a nice moment between Barry and Felicity. Anatoly! And Diggle being the one to give the eulogy was the best choice. And then the actual final scene happened. I have no idea if that is the actual afterlife or another dimension, but I'm glad Oliver and Felicity are together and got their happy ending. If anyone deserved it, it would be those two. Fare thee well, Arrow! It was an up and down ride for sure, with lots of highs (Season Two, Original Team Arrow, good villains like Slade and Chase, great side characters like Sara, Anatoly, and Nyssa, and so forth), but also some lows (Season Three, fringing Sara, telling, but not showing with Laurel's "redemption", the Noobs, boring villains like Ra's and especially Diaz, and that time Diggle was taken over by an alien, apparently.) Still, if it wasn't for Arrow, we wouldn't have had the other shows, and no matter how many times they might look down on it or whichever one ends up being my actual favorite (probably will be Legends of Tomorrow), that certainly counts for something. Plus, I got to see actors I was already familiar with get to deliver some killer performances like David Ramsey, Katrina Law, Susanna Thompson, and Manu Bennett for example, along with being introduced to some new faces, who I've become huge fans of like Stephen Amell, Colin Donnell, Caity Lotz, and especially Emily Bett Rickhards. So, in the end, I think the good did outweigh the bad. So, while I do think it probably was about time to end it, I will miss this silly, but fun show that, if nothing else, I was always invested in, even when it slipped up. And in this day and age, that counts for something in my eyes.
  3. Odell being from Gotham really explains a lot of things. I wonder if they'll be any kind of reference to him on Batwoman somewhere down the line. Lady Eve is officially back! It turns out it wasn't because of Crisis, but she was part of the same resurrection club that brought back Lala. Speaking of which, he's back too and it looks like he is getting ready to go to war with her over the brothel she has apparently created. Freeland is not going to be safe with these two at each others' throats! Speaking of more returns, Grace has apparently come back into Freeland now as well. Jennifer finally finds out about Khalil, and is understandably just a bit miffed with Anissa for hiding it from her. But it seems like this TC guy can communicate with him, somehow? Hmm... Lynn springs Tobias from the ASA, only to get captured by the Markovians, I guess.
  4. Funny moments aside (which were definitely aplenty and made me laugh quite a bit), I did like that they didn't make Shaun some kind of instant perfect lover, and the initial sex wasn't as great for Carly as him. It is always silly when shows or films make a virgin an automatically sex god his first time, so it was refreshing seeing Shaun have to learn that there is more to it than just his pleasure (not to mention his normal issues with social interactions.) Glad that the third (I think?!) go-around worked out better for both of them. Still, I got a kick out of all of his antics like dawning a kilt since Carly likes Outlander, and everyone else trying to give him advice on the subject. I did think it was fitting that Lim was the one that seemed to get through to him, although I'm not quite sure why I feel that way at the moment. I guess I can see why Reznick is the way she is: being the outcast in a family filled with artistic folks, who look down upon a "hard-working" person like her. Doesn't take back all of the dickish moments she has had in the past, but I understand her better, and Fiona Gubelmann did a good job with all of it. Annette O'Toole is always a delight, even though I feel kind of bad since she has had a varied and distinctive career, and yet I still automatically think of Martha Kent whenever I see her. Don't watch Downton Abbey, but I did recognize Allen Leech as Paul Prenter from Bohemian Rhapsody, which might be why I still was side-eying the character even when he finally was more supportive, heh. Nice seeing Glassman scrub back in for a bit and he apparently still has it! Park and Shaun's case was an interesting one in that the victim ended up actually being okay, but, well, it seems like life as he knows it might be over still. Liked the brief jogging moment with Melendez and Claire. Hope they keep it that way. Really enjoyable and fun episode. Which means that the next one is totally going to be big-ass tearjerker, right?!
  5. Winn!! Glad that Jeremy Jordan's return wasn't just an Evil Winn from a different universe, but actual Winn came back as well. It was great seeing him again and how he not only jumped right back into rhythm with Kara and Alex, but also having some standout scenes with Brainy and especially Nia. He really did seem to bring the best out of almost everyone. Winn might have had one of the biggest turnaround character-wise for me, since I still vaguely remember finding him obnoxious in the first season with his annoying crush on Kara, but he really elevated the proceedings here. I swear, Kara, I love you and the optimism you bring at times, but this feels like the tenth time you've been shocked over how mean people can be online. She really needs to accept that a good portion of the internet is a cesspool filled with toxic assholes, and keep your expectations so low that simple decency can actually seem like a miracle! At least Brainy is realizing that he might have fucked up with throwing in with Lex. Not sure how he'll be able to dig himself out of it and if he will be able to ever work things out with Nia again. New base is cool, although I loved J'onn sudden "mission" was blatantly Dave Harewood all "Man, I don't have time for all of this acting crap! I have an episode to direct!" about it. Lena is rekindling her relationship with Andrea, all under a guise to find out more Leviathan stuff for Lex. Oh, Lena! Quit being petty and idiotic, please! William is not only working with Kara now to bring down Lex, but is already being invited to game night. Oh, and doing awkward "Totally attracted to you!" stuff with Kara. Yeah, I'm actually missing Mon-El, of all people. At least Chris Wood was charismatic and charming.
  6. Yep, as soon as Young Mouse brought Young Beth that kitty, I was like "Whelp, that poor thing is done for!" Thanks for reminding me that August is an evil bastard, show! Because, you know, the whole kidnapping a young girl thing didn't really sell me on that! Not to mention the leftover residuals from John Emmet Tracy's time on iZombie... So, it looks like Beth really is an effect from the whole Crisis thing, and came from a universe where Kate saved her and they are still close. Aww! Fun seeing Rachel Skarsten get to play a different type of character, and get to act opposite the likes of Camrus Johnson and Nicole Kang more than normal (and not in a "I just poisoned you and your mother! Mwwaaah!" way!) Like others, I'm also confused over Mary's reaction to Beth and what does she exactly think is happening, since she doesn't know about Crisis. At least Drunk Mary figured out about the whole multi-universe thing! Again, Mary needs to find out about Kate and get more involved with everyone else, stat! Mary needs to be in the next crossover for sure! Despite Sophie's best efforts, Alice still manages to trick her and get away. But now Jacob is all "Sweet, she's a fugitive, now! You can't just kill her!" about it, and Sophie's seems a little conflicted about that bloodlust. I guess I can understand the two week break since even Batwoman would have a tough time taking on the Superbowl and Oscars! Why am I not surprised that the GCPD would suddenly not want Batwoman's help, after she comes out? I swear, outside of Gordon, Montoya, and Bullock on his good days, the GCPD might be the worst fictional police force in the (multiple) universe!
  7. Lisa Kudrow as a milkshake drinking Hypatia, whose brain has turned into mush due to boredom in The Good Place is the type of casting I can get behind! Not surprised that one of the issues of The Good Place is that there can be too much of a good thing, and its residences have grown bored of the place. Eleanor's reference to never-ending vacations is on point, because I do think vacations would lose their meeting if there was never that eventual end date. So, I'm glad the show is addressing this, even though I'm not sure about a resolution, where they can eventually just cease to exist, once they are finally done. I think they should have first tried and find ways to bring tasks or challenges into the Good Place, so that the residences can use their brains and whatnot to solve them. Or maybe even find ways to create jobs that they would love. Heck, Shawn already brought up his concerns over the demons having nothing to do in previous episodes. Cast them as some form of adversaries for the Good Place folks. I just feel the jump to "ceasing to exist" is coming to ahead way too quick. Don't worry, Eleanor! I know exactly what you are talking about with that toilet pan and the time Stone Cold Steve Austin smacked Vince McMahon with it. Oh, 90s WWE/WWF! William Jackson Harper was perfect during his scenes with Chidi fanboying over Hypatia. Glad Michael has found a place as the new boss of The Good Place, even if he got tossed into it unexpectedly. Curious to see how the finale will play out next week. A lot can change in an hour, but I remember that Parks & Recreation's finale didn't really hold any surprises, and was just letting its stories and characters settle into their final roles. I guess we'll see, soon!
  8. Okay, I'll fully admit that I'm going in with a lot of biases here, since Star Trek: The Next Generation is one of my favorite shows despite a rough first two seasons (and then the final season going off the rails a bit with scenarios like the time Dr. Crusher had a fling with a ghost through a candle. What drugs where they on?!), and Captain Jean-Luc Picard is not only my favorite character out of all of Trek, but one of my favorite television characters of all time. So, in short, there really isn't a way I'm not going to love this! But trying to keep an unbiased view of things, I still thought this was generally well done and I'm glad to see the story continuing. A bit of a slow burn and there was definitely a lot of exposition dumps and technobabble (classic Trek!), but I'm intrigued by a lot of it. Not surprised that Picard would eventually have a fallout with Starfleet, because there was always a sense that their opposing views in certain aspects could end up coming to ahead, and there would finally be a point when Picard would have enough. Curious to see where the rest of the Enterprise crew ended up (well, baring the Deep Space Nine folks!), and if some might actually be opposed to how Picard handled things. While I know they'll be going back to space soon, I did like seeing more glimpses of Future Earth, like Starfleet's headquarters in San Fransisco and Boston being known as Greater Boston now. France still looks beautiful for sure! Heh, Picard has a dog named "Number One." I bet he would be able to sit more naturally on a chair then Riker did (I kid! I believe I heard Jonathan Frakes either had issues with the uniforms or back problems, and that's why he would straddle those chairs, instead of sitting down like normal.) No surprise that Patrick Stewart fit right back into the role and was his normal awesome self. Great seeing Brent Spiner again as Data, even though I was able to tell that he was older despite the make-up. As for the new faces, Isa Briones was impressive as Dahj, and I'm glad she'll continue as this other character/sister. Alison Pill is always good, even if her character on The Newsroom was a bit much. Harry Treadaway's Romulan guy is so going to be bad news! Fun seeing Merrin Dungey as the interviewer. Really enjoyed the characters played by Orla Brady and Jamie McShane, and I really hope nothing happens to them, because they seem like the type of characters that could end up being harmed (or worse) to really raise the stakes and make it personal for Picard. The Romulans are building a Borg cube?!! Looking forward to seeing who else shows up here. Can't wait to see where this goes!
  9. So, as I mentioned in the next episode thread, I totally had no idea there was a new episode last week, so I'm just getting to this now. Thankfully, this was almost a standalone concerning the main arcs and development on the show, so it wasn't as bad as it could have been, I guess. It was cool seeing an actual case involving a real serial killer that wasn't supernatural, but Nancy definitely seems to be rusty or simply too distracted over Carson's imprisonment, because she made a lot of dumb decisions, and it really was the rest of the "Drew Crew" (especially Ace) that were the ones that made the big discoveries and moves. Still, it was fun seeing the majority of the main cast work together (with Bess as the lone holdout, dealing with her family storyline.) I wonder if we'll see more of Ace's dad and the destroy behind that. Ace made it sound like there was some major tension and history there, but he didn't seem that bad so far. Granted, anyone will probably look good compared to the likes of the Hudson parents!
  10. With Lagertha gone and Floki either dead or absent, Alexander Ludwig gets top billing for what I believe is the first time. Congrats! I figured they weren't going to off Hvitserk since they just had a big death a few weeks ago, but Bjorn is probably going to regret sparing him in the end. I don't know what will happen, but I have a feeling he'll somehow survive the cold. Gunnhild finds out out Bjorn and Ingrid and... suggests he marries Ingrid as well? Not sure what her game plan is, here. Then again, Bjorn tends to get bored with his lovers once he ties the knot or gets serious, so maybe this is just going to end with Ingrid discovering how it feels to get tossed aside! Ubbe and Torvi make it to Iceland finally, but Kjetill clearly has his eye on them. Hope Erik starts factoring in more. Harald is getting ready to find out that being King of Norway ain't going to be easy! Looks like Ivar's attempt to pit Oleg and Igor against each other is starting to take shape. He's still playing a dangerous game, but I've learn that if anyone can pull this off, it would be him. Cool that Katheryn Winnick got direct this episode. I must be getting soft, because I got a wee bit misty eyed over the Ragnar/Lagertha/Young Bjorn flashback.
  11. So.... funny story! I spent this entire episode feeling like I missed a few things, so I hop on here and discover that apparently the show actually returned last week and I'm behind an episode, apparently. I figured it was coming back the same time as Riverdale, but I guess that is what I get for assuming. I'll try and catch that one tomorrow, I guess. Glad that they are letting Bess use her normal accent now, since Maddison Jaizani is ten times hotter with her British voice (and that's saying something.) She and Lisbeth are nice together, but it sounds like she is going to end up having to decide if this relationship is more important or being a Marvin is, since it sounds like it is expected of her not to be with a "commoner" long-term. Ah, rich socialites! Nancy gets Mr. Hudson on a bribery attempt to cover up what really happened on the ship years ago, but still not on the hook for the murders. And it sounds like Mrs. Hudson is even scarier, since she's apparently set up Carson for a date with a shank in prison. I guess we'll see how powerful Scott Wolf's special "and" billing is! Nick and George are awesome together. Don't blow this, show! Hopefully Ace won't be on vacation for too long.
  12. I don't know why, but out of all of the pure insane things that have happened (and are still happening) on this show, Veronica producing and selling her own rum continues to be the one that just flabbergasts me, due to how everyone in Riverdale is acting like this is normal. Because, which high schooler; who isn't even the legal age to drink; hasn't had a legit alcohol business as their after school job?! That said, I am so down to watch Veronica and Cheryl team up to sell this rum/maple syrup concoction. No one is going to be safe from their scheming, smirks, and snark! Of course, Stonewall has an evil football team that come straight out of every teen drama ever made, and naturally led by Bret. Was surprised that the show actually let them still win over Riverdale, but since the score was only 7-6, I'm not sure anyone came out ahead (especially the fans. That had to have been a boring-ass game to watch.) Unsurprisingly, Frank/Fred's brother has a rocky past, and while Archie is doing what he does best and trying to help him out, you just know this is going to backfire somehow. Poor kid. Jughead might be part of a secret cult now, but at least it's a secret cult that can help get him to Yale! Betty is now planning on challenging Bret in a debate tournament. Still think bringing him down is going to play a part in whatever the hell is going on in the flash-forwards. Reggie and Toni did their normal secondary character stuff and I'm pretty sure Kevin didn't even have any lines. Smooth week for Casey Cott!
  13. Oh, yeah! D.C.'s Crazy Train is back, baby! So, while Sara, Ray, and Mick were off on crossover duty (I will never not tire of the meta references), the Legends became famous, but lost their funding due to the Time Bureau being dissolved. So, in order to convince the government they are worthy of funding, Ava invites a documentary crew in to film them on missions. Yep, that's totally something the Legends would do! Looks like the main arc this time is that the Astra character from last season's finale is sending bad people from Hell back to Earth, but since part of their soul is still in Hell, the Legends simply can't kill them, and have to find ways around that. Like them defeating Rasputin tonight by having Sara toss a shrunken Ray into his mouth, and then Ray blows him up from the inside by turning large again. Yep, that happened! Totally a reference to the Avengers memes about Ant-Man defeating Thanos that way. Michael Eklund was fun as good old Rasputin. Behrad is still around, but now Nate knows the existence of Zari (although, he doesn't know her name, yet), so that should change things up. Wouldn't mind if they keep Behard around, since the actor is likable enough and works well with everyone, but I'm definitely more about getting Zari back stat since Tala Ashe is the best. On the other hand, I guess Moana is leaving, since Ramona Young was only billed as a special guest star, and she's apparently taking over as Rebecca Silver now. Definitely felt like a case of TPTB knowing a sizable portion of the fans didn't care for her, so they're shaking things up again. Glad that Sara isn't just over what happened to Oliver. Caity Lotz was great here. I wish they did a better job with Ava making amends for her initial reactions, because their reconciliation felt unearned. At least Gary is living in the dream! Even if his dream is apparently Constantine's nightmare. Nora's off on Fairy Godmother duty? And I wonder what will come out of Charlie bailing for now? Welcome back, Legends of Tomorrow! And, of course, Praise Beebo!
  14. Ah, the penultimate episode of "Arrow", but really, it was just a backdoor pilot for the likely Mia, Laurel, and Dinah spin-off. Yay? Granted, if it does happen, I won't even pretend that I won't watch at least a few episodes, since these D.C. shows are apparently my catnip, but I wasn't all that impressed here. Had a few moments that were decent and I'm curious to see who the main baddie will be (my guess? There is a reason they had Mia mention that Helena/Huntress "disappeared"), but I mainly found this to be dull. Of course, part of the problem was that this episode decided to move Laurel away from being a snarkbot; something Katie Cassidy has fun with; and just made her an asshole for the majority of it. I honestly can't figure out why this franchise struggles so hard with this character's so-called "redemption." I just can't figure out why I'm suppose to like her. If they were going for a more shades of grey/anti-hero thing, that would have been fine, but I feel like they really want me to buy her as a hero now, but she's just a jerk, who only ever shows remorse after someone calls her out on her shit. Not exactly a redeeming quality for me. On the flip side, I'm with everyone that thought Dinah... was actually kind of good, here? She just seemed more fun and entertaining this go-around, and Juliana Harkavy seems to be more comfortable acting out those traits compared to the rigid, "hard as nails" police captain. Who knew?! Curious to see how Mia is going to handle being the Green Arrow now. It certainly ain't easy! I kind of liked the idea of J.J. becoming good thanks to post-Crisis, but they already did away with that, I see. At least Zoe is alive again. Hope we get more of her. And William. He is easily the best character out of the new blood. We'll see how this goes, I guess. My initial reaction isn't filled with optimism, but, hey, I'm getting ready to watch Legends of Tomorrow next, and that show managed to make Stalker Ray Palmer and Leonard Snart's sidekick two of my favorite characters in the Arrowverse, so anything is possible!
  15. Interesting that out of the shows so far, this seems less effected by the Crisis, with the main difference mainly being Jefferson and Jen having to keep what they know from everyone else (baring Gambi.) Well, there was the one bit that hints that possibly Lady Eve is back, which would be freaking awesome! Hey, ASA guys? You might have actually been able to take out Anissa, if you just rushed her at once, and zapped her from behind. You know, instead of dramatically emerging out of the shadows right in front of her, like you did. Odell needs to to get them inline and tell them to quit showboating! TC and Gambi was a fun pairing. Hope nothing happens to him... Lynn needs to join Hvisterk from Vikings to a rehab center, stat! Henderson was cracking me up tonight.
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