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  1. Damn, this episode certainly took the most advantage of the show's TV-14 rating with all of the bloodletting and blood-spurting! I got a kick out of it since I'm sure it was suppose to be a homage of how bloody films could be in the 80s (here's to you, Robocop, The Terminator, Rambo franchise, and every slasher film from that era!), but I'm surprised they got away with as much as they did. Fun times were definitely had here, but I guess it isn't too surprising that it took a little bit to get there, with Mack still not over what happened to his parents, and basically isolating himself from the world for about a year. I guess that would do a number on anyone. But I'm glad he got through it, thanks to Deke's help. Yes, even though Deke naturally spent his time finding fame by stealing future songs for his band (he really would be right at home with the Legends over on The CW!), and willing calling himself "The D", he came through big time tonight. In general, they've done a good job with making his character stronger these last two seasons. Enjoyed how Henry Simmons and Jeff Ward played off one another here. Looks like Coulson survived by his memories somehow being downloaded onto a chip that put him inside of a television, Max Headroom-style. Yep, that checks out! I wonder how they're going to find him a new body this time! Sybil creating an army out of 80s robots was hilarious and everything I wanted. Including the Dalek reference! Deke not understanding that "coke" meant cocaine was unexpected and a fantastic bit of humor. Oh, Deke! I wonder if we'll see any more of Deke's band members/S.H.I.E.L.D. agents in future episodes/timelines. Outside of Melinda and Yo-Yo showing up at the end, everyone else got it easy here. I read somewhere that since we didn't see Daisy, this is the first episode that Chloe Bennett didn't make an appearance in. It was a good streak though!
  2. You know, show, it's hard for me to take this all seriously, when you have your characters referring to the time sphere or whatever it is as a "space ball" all the time. Do you want me to spend the entire episode quoting the movie, Spaceballs? Because that's how you make me spend the entire episode quoting the movie, Spaceballs! Man, I that was a great movie. Really need to watch that again... So, this was the episode that didn't just flashback back to how "the world ended" and showed the origins of the Grounders and Second Dawn, but also served as a backdoor pilot for a possible prequel. I'm guessing; if it gets picked up; this Callie character will be the main focus. Plus, we'll likely follow her brother and his quest for vengeance/taking the chip back from her. Oh, and there is that other dude that's probably being set-up as a love interest. And I guess we would follow Bill and the Second Dawn too? Can't say any of this is really peaking my interest. It's kind of bad that the new character I found the most likable was Callie's friend. Who is already dead. I generally like John Pyper-Ferguson, but his performance as Bill is reminding me of when he played the final main baddie on Burn Notice, and how underwhelming it was. He's good; even great; when playing a villainous henchman or snarky antihero (Tex on The Last Ship), but he just lacks the presence to be a major threat. I guess it was too late since they already casted him years ago, but I still kind of wish Anders was the main threat, because Neal McDonough is someone who can nail down being the big bad. Still hoping that maybe Anders will end up becoming a major threat down the line. Cool seeing Becca again. I wish Erica Cerra got bigger roles. Interesting that Raven seemed more distraught over Bellamy's death than Clarke. Then again, Clarke has probably conditioned herself at this point to not let the death of those she cares about her effect her emotions in public. Of course, everyone is going to feel foolish when Bellamy ends up not being dead. Because he's totally not dead! Echo, Octavia, and Diyoza are certainly acting like they are now part of The Shepherd gang. We'll see, I guess. I wonder where Hope is?
  3. Not familiar with the actress, but it looks like she has a solid resume, so hopefully she will hit the ground running and be comfortable with heading the ensemble. I'm hoping they did some chemistry tests and stuff with the supporting cast, and will play off of them well. But sadly, my next thought was "Yeah, I hope she either avoids the internet/social media or knows what she is getting into, because this casting choice will no doubt make certain vocal sections of the internet act like bigoted assholes."
  4. Damn, Pat wrecked his Buick in order to cover for Courtney. And he even made himself look to be the "bad guy" in front of Barbara, by claiming he let Courtney drive it for the first time. Dude is killing it as both a sidekick and a stepfather. Hopefully the day will come when Courtney will fully appreciate him. Or, at the very least, listen to him once and a while. Enjoyed the reversal over Cindy not knowing that Courtney was Stargirl, and was simply toying with her the entire time. Because it really would have been ridiculous for her to not figure it out, considering everything she saw and heard. I don't blame Courtney for still taking her on again after the threat to her friends and family, but she is clearly out of her league when it comes to taking on Cindy. Lucky for her though, Dr. Ito seems to really be getting annoyed with how his daughter acts out and seems to be a bit more harsh with his methods of punishment. And, considering that it was one of the only things to shut Cindy up, apparently "taking off his hood" means that everyone is in for a bad time! Henry Jr.'s power not only has now advanced to the levitation level, but he a) finds out his dad is Brainwave, b) discovers Cindy was playing him this entire time, and c) Courtney is Stargirl. Curious to see where this all goes, because it kinds of feels like he is being setup as a potential ally instead of a villain. But I have to imagine he needs to really make some kind of amends towards Yolanda for any chance of redemption to happen. Enjoyed the scenes with the rest of the JSA: especially Beth standing up to Rick, and him actually listening. And then her successfully getting some info about Cindy (although, bailing out of the tunnel once she heard Solemon Grundy was totally an understandable move!) And, of course, Pat interacting with her and the other two was hilarious. I really hope we get more scenes of "Luke Wilson playing put-upon dad to a bunch of teenage superheroes" going forward! Looks like Jordan used the business trip with Barbara to also take out some bigwig, who is part of the company that killed his wife. Icicle is all about the multi-tasking! Hopefully Courtney won't keep hiding things from Barbara for too long, because years (and years) of television viewing has certainly taught me that hiding things from your loved ones or family tends to just make things worse, instead of coming out into the open sooner. The scene with Courtney and Mike was nice. The Mike character in general has been improving a lot these past episodes.
  5. Hamilton newbie here. Obviously, I heard all about the play and how successful it was, but I never saw it until now. I also managed to mainly avoid hearing any of the songs before now. Definitely lived up to the hype and I've already got the soundtrack downloaded now! The cast as obviously great. A nice mixture of performers I'm familiar with like Lin-Manuel Miranda (of course), Leslie Odom Jr., Renee Elise Goldsberry, Anthony Ramos, and Daveed Diggs, and ones I wasn't too familiar with like Christopher Jackson, Okieriete Onaodowan, and Phillipa Soo. Everyone was spot-on in their roles, but I think my favorites were Diggs (especially as Jefferson), Odom Jr. (I can see why he won the Tony), Goldsberry (same), and Soo. Oh, and Jonathan Groff certainly made the most of his stage time. Every bit with King George was golden. But, really, everyone was given their time in the spotlight, and more than brought it home. I'll be curious to see other takes on these roles if I ever can get to see a live performance, but I'm glad they were able to get all of these talent folks for this one! No surprise, the songs were all fantastic. Not sure which one is my favorite, but as of now, "Satisfied" is the one that is stuck in my head, so that's probably a major contender for the spot. I had no idea how much was going to be going on with the stage production and so forth. It really is impressive how much they can do these days and how seamless it was. The director for this filming really did a good job capturing all of that, alongside the performances. I now want to actually read up on the real Hamilton, Burr, and so forth. Actually, Eliza seems like she really had an interesting life too. Obviously, I know a lot of aspects were exaggerated here, but I'm curious to know more about this time period and the players involved. Only disappointment I have is knowing that real political meetings didn't involve rap battles! Lin-Manuel Miranda really might be one of the most creative minds in the industry right now. Glad I got to see this. I knew my Disney+ subscription was worth more than just watching the Star Wars shows and eventual Marvel shows!
  6. After coming off more villainous in the previews, I'm definitely surprised that it seems more and more likely that Sister Alice is actually sincere with her beliefs and wanting to help Emily. Now, granted it certainly seems like there is something big going on with her, between whatever medicine they're putting her on and her sudden revelation that she is going to "resurrect" Charlie. But right now, I'm more suspicious about "Mother" and her ilk, and think Sister Alice could actually end up being an ally of some sort, when it is all said and done. Yikes, I know it's the 1930s and all, so obviously there are going to be a lot of dated views and language here, but hearing Perry drop the N-word was a bit of a shock. I know he was mainly doing it do get a rise out of Drake, but that was not pleasant. Of course, they made sure that exchange ended with Drake dropping him like nothing. But it looks like Drake is now going to secretly pass information to him, so I'm curious to see how this plays out. I hope nothing happens to him or his wife. E.B. definitely seemed off of his game here, but judging from that blood in the sink, it seems like some kind of health issues are going on. Still loving Della. Pete continues to be hilarious. Shea Whigham really excels at playing characters who are kind of scumbags, but I kind of love them anyway. I kind of wanted to hear the end of Virgil/the coroner's story. Maynard Barnes might be right behind Jimmy McGill/Saul Goodman as someone who is such a sleazy, scummy lawyer, but I kind of admire how he can put on a show and play the game. Stephen Root is having a ball with this role. The church's "performances" might rival the ones from The Righteous Gemstones, when it comes to over-the-top theatrics. Love it!
  7. Well, that certainly got dark at the end! Poor Mack. All the talk about how the Chromicons taking faces and learning to "adapt" more as humans made me wonder if the twist about his parents was coming, but it still hurt to watch him realize that, and then have to kill the beings that not only murdered his parents, but wore their faces. No wonder he needed a minute! Henry Simmons did great work here. Meanwhile, it looks like Coulson's time as a LMD is already at an end, as he apparently blew himself up to take out the Chromicons' ship and hunters. But, as he pretty much said, dying isn't exactly new for him, so I'm sure another variation of Coulson will be back here in no time! Nathaniel Malick wasn't actually working for Hydra, but kidnapped Daisy (and Sousa), because he wanted to use her blood and marrow to give him powers instead. But it certainly looks like it backfired on him big time. Daisy looks the worst for wear now, but at least it has apparently led to Sousa staying with the team. Is old Daniel Sousa starting to develop feeling for Quake?! So, Simmons had a chip implanted in her so that she wouldn't know where Fitz was and accidentally give away his location. But it was starting to mess up and make her not remember how to do her other jobs. Not sure if they fixed it or ended up taking it out, but either way, Deke knows about this as well now. Hey, the female Chromicon disguised as an agent was played by the same actress who plays Yolanda on GLOW! Even after everything, Stoner still tries to get Melinda to have a drink with him. I guess he really is a big believer in the "You miss 100% of the shots you don't take" methodology. Patrick Warburton is always a delight. Even though I understand why Deke thought something bad was going down, I still wish I could have a frame photo of Simmons and Enoch's guilt-tripping looks they were throwing at him at the end. Elizabeth Henstridge and Joel Stoffer nailed those looks! Thanks to more hijinks, Mack and Deke have been separated from the team and are now apparently stuck in 1982. And judging from next week's preview, they are going to hit every 80s cliche in the playbook. I so can't wait for that insanity!
  8. I got a kick out of the throwaway excuse they had to have Indra be away from Sanctum, because I totally am choosing to believe that TPTB knew that they had to have Indra be absent, because there would have been know way a coup would have been successful if she was there. Even they acknowledge the awesomeness that is Indra! I admittedly was nervous throughout all of this episode, because as soon as I saw how much focus Emori was getting (even delving into her backstory!), I was really worried it was going to all end with her death. I'm glad that wasn't the case for now, but, yeah: it certainly doesn't look good for her. I guess I really need to put my faith in Murphy managing to pull out another miraculous save. Hopefully Sheidheda didn't get into his head too much. So, "The Shepherd" is this Bill Cadogan character that was played by John Pyper-Ferguson years ago for about two episodes. I vaguely remember him, but damn, talk about going way back. Bet he enjoyed getting that call back. "Hey, buddy! Remember how you played that one guy for about a minute way back in 2017? Well, we want you back and we got some big plans for you!" Curious to see more about what his deal is. But I'm still keeping my eye on Anders, because I don't see Neal McDonough playing a glorified henchman/follower in the long run. Finally got a Bellamy sighting! It was via flashback, but it counts! No surprise that Echo continues to be going off the deep end. I love that we are now at the point that Octavia a.k.a. the Artist formally known as Bloodrayna is the one that's like "This woman is crazy!" now. Diyoza and Hope have some mother/daughter bonding time. Which includes debating the differences between freedom fighter and terrorist, and ending with Diyoza chocking out her own child. Families can be so complicated sometimes! While Sheidheda had Murphy's number sadly, I do think he sincerely was pissed when Murphy dare suggested that Lexa was the favorite, heh. Yeah, he's certainly got a big enough ego to be jealous over that (true) statement. Clarke and the rest of the gang have now arrived at Bardo, so that should be fun! At least Gabriel go this robe! Cool that Lindsey Morgan directed this one. I did think she struggled with some of the fight sequences (they were more choppy compared to the norm), there were other parts that were pretty cool. I really liked how she filmed the chess scenes and made them intense (along with some great performances from JR Bourne and Richard Harmon.) So, it looks like next week will be both an origin story for Bill and a backdoor pilot for the potential spin-off. Hmm...
  9. A few weeks ago, I foolishly said that Cindy was like Cheryl Blossom from Riverdale, but nope: she's apparently ten times more violent and deadly, which might be the most terrifying thing ever! So, she's the daughter of Dr. Ito from the ISA, but unlike the rest of the villains' children, she not only knows who they really are, but she's actually wanting a "seat at the table." Already has a bodycount and everything. It certainly sounds like she had something horrific happen to her in the past (concerning her mother), but she really is on another level compared to the likes of Henry Jr. or Sportmaster/Tigress' daughter, and I don't know if she can ever escape the dark path she's on. Oh, Courtney! Still love you, but you really were too cocky for your own good and this was another rude awakening for you. Taking out a bunch of mock dummies is completely different from fighting actual villains. And even if there is any truth to being a step ahead of everyone else, the JSA needs to work as a team to succeed, and she isn't going to endear herself to Yolanda, Rick, and Beth if she acts like she's better than them. Of course, a lot of this boils down to teenage brattiness, but this just happens to be a case where being impulsive and short-sighted can end with you laying bleeding and bruised after getting your ass handed to you by a mean girl turned super villain! Accidentally calling Courtney by name aside (in front of Cindy), I'm enjoying Mentor/Teacher Pat, and how he is interacting with the rest of the JSA. Considering the troubled family life for most of the JSA (outside of Beth, who is too reliant on her parents), it would be cool if this leads to Pat bonding with both Yolanda and Rick some more as well. As usual, Luke Wilson is perfection in the role. Interesting set-ups for both Mike and Barbara finally. Mike is noticing that Courtney and Pat are spending a lot of time together and isn't happy about it. Meanwhile, not only is Barbara noticing some of their secrets, but seems to be getting singled out by Jordan/Icicle a lot at work. Curious to see how that all works out. Hey, Jordan actually gave some good advice to his son about asking a girl out! You know, if one where to look past all of the murder, plotting, general criminal activities, more murder, and plan to take over the world, the ISA team might be fun to hang out with at a party! Just regular parents trying to do what is best for their kids! I bet they have good barbecues! At the very least, Jordan probably makes sure the drinks are always chilled. Henry Jr.'s Brainwave powers are getting stronger and seem to play a part in the grand plan. Until then, he's using his skills for simpler goals: passing tests at school! Mysterious janitor keeps a sword along with his brooms and mops, bails Courtney out, and recognizes Pat as Stripes. Hmm...
  10. Yeah, the props/make-up department was having way too much fun with that "suicide" body. Safe to say I've seen a lot of gross/unnerving stuff on television, but those close-ups made me flinch. It was nice seeing a more competent Perry this time and showing off some solid sleuthing skills this time. That said, it is obvious that he jumped the gun with thinking Emily is the kidnapper/killer. I can understand him wanting to keep an eye on her, but as Della pretty much said, Emily being a likely cheater doesn't mean she's a kidnapper/killer (just like Matt being a gambling addict doesn't mean he is one either.) Still think that the baby's death is going to involve this religious group. Speaking of which, Tatiana Maslany has arrived! Although, from what I can tell, it seems like Lili Taylor's character might actually be the leader technically (since everyone calls her "Mother"), while I guess Sister Alice is really the face and main attraction for the church. Either way, she clearly wields a lot of power, and it certainly look like the Mother was not happy with how Sister Alice went off script during the eulogy. Curious to see what is going on here. Chris Chalk also makes his first appearance as Paul Drake. It seems clear that he is going to be someone who will eventually point Perry in the right direction concerning the corrupt detectives, and I'm looking forward to their interactions. Stephen Root is pretty much right at home as a sleazy district attorney, although he still has a ways to go to match the pure vileness that is his Funches on Barry! Already getting a kick out of the hostile relationship between E.B. and Pete/Shea Whigham's character. I guess the war flashback was to show that Perry's was dishonorably discharged for mercy killing some of his own soldiers, because even though they seemed to be goners, I guess the military would still frown upon a soldier killing his own men. Overall, I thought this was a solid step above the pilot and, again, the cast is firing on all cylinders here.
  11. Sigh.... I really need to stop being surprised when an actor I enjoy ends up being a scumbag. Cas Anvar is being investigated for numerous accusations of sexual harassment and sexual assault. The article goes into more detail, but it really, really doesn't look good.
  12. Yep, the 70s-style opening credits were the best ones yet! Complete with the voiceover for the actors names, the music, and the clips they used for the actors, like the shotgun axe for Henry Simmons and especially Jeff Ward's cheesy grin at the camera. Still bummed that Fitz is absence though, because I want to see what they would do with Iain De Caestecker. Interesting how the main team this time seems to have gotten use to the time-jumps and dated technology, so this one focused more on Sousa being the "fish out of water", and being overwhelmed by both the advancement in technology and styles (for him) and all of the confusing time-traveling stuff. And while I got a kick out of the early "grumpy old man" hijinks, I did like seeing him getting frustrated the further it went, because I imagine even the strongest person would get flustered and upset over this big of a culture shock, and basically being the weak link in some ways. Assuming he survives this kidnapping alongside Daisy, I wonder if he'll hold true to his word about not going any further into the future. Great seeing Patrick Warburton's Rick Stoner again, and him clearly crushing on Melinda. In his defense, Ming-Na did look good in that dress! Also enjoyed Drunk Melinda, who was feeding off all that contact high! Enoch finally rejoins the team! Complete with an awesome car reveal and inadvertently misquoting The Terminator! Deke actually goes through and kills Wilfred this time. Hmm... Simmons seems to have some kind of chip in her neck? And is sounds like she and Enoch are keeping something from the team? I'm guessing there is a lot more going on here, and it probably explains why she has been so cagey over where (or when) Fitz is. So, the hit list for Project Insight includes Bruce Banner (as a kid), Nick Fury, and Peggy Carter. I wonder if Howard Stark was on there, or if the parents of Natasha or Clint where on there, if the Chronicoms/Hydra wanting to wipe out The Avengers. I guess there really wouldn't have been a way to go after Thor's family. Daisy and Sousa are being taken to Whitehall now?!
  13. So, the ice planet is basically an entire burial site for Bardo's departed. Or maybe even more, since it seemed like Miller and Niylah recognized that symbol at the end. Also, the planet is apparently a sentient being that had the stone portal in its digestive system, which the gang had to go into (unwittingly) to escape. Got the love wacky planets like that! But it looks like the team is on the right track now. Was surprised that everyone made it out though: I had wondered if either Miller or Niylah was going to get taken out by a spider thing. Clarke continues to have the patience of a saint by comforting Raven during her "I killed four people!" meltdown, and didn't roll her eyes and go "Those are amateur numbers, dear!" Leadership material right there! Diyosa is finally back and still just as badass as she always is. Even if said badassery almost made her kill her daughter, unknowingly. Whoops! Echo is still a moody jerk that is killing anyone that she can. Continue to love how over Gabriel is about that. That said, I'm confused over his about-face turn about escaping. I don't see why Octavia's former doctor (Levitt?) would have lied to them about going to the surface, so why is Gabriel so sure that it would have been a death sentence? Because the other option certainly doesn't seem better. This being the final season is making me realize how bummed I am that we've only really gotten some good Indra/Murphy scenes now, because those two playing off one another is pretty awesome, actually. I'm not surprised that Indra was feeling the pressure and was willing to make Maddie play "the Commander" again in order to maintain the peace. But I'm glad Murphy and Emori continue to be some of the more reasonable characters here, and not only stand up for Maddie, but even suggest the simplest solution: there doesn't need to me an actual Commander, because Indra has already proven herself time after time that she has what it takes to be a leader herself. Yay, Indra! Adina Porter nailed that final speech. And, of course, Murphy and Emori's gleeful reactions to it was the icing on the cake! That said, it is clear that Sheidheda is on his way to getting the upper-hand again. It looks like the convicts have "acquired" the weapons from Wonkru, so he's convinced the Children of Gabriel leader to throw in with the convicts, and take back power from Wonkru. Oh, boy! Considering that all of my favorite characters are still in Sanctum, I'm a bit worried about this outcome.
  14. So, Sportsmaster (who, naturally, was that meathead douchebag who has been pestering Pat to join his gym this entire time) and Tigress are basically that obnoxious sports couple that you can see at every middle school/high school game, only they don't half-ass things and actually murder coaches who dare to punish their talented, but ill-tempered daughter. Figures! I love that they seem to be the pair that causes the rest of the IJSA to roll their eyes and get annoyed over the messes that they cause. But I can't deny that I get a kick out of them and even kind of enjoy their strange relationship. Sure, they might be unhinged killers, but dammit, they clearly love and respect one another! Well, the first mission with the new JSA went about as well as could be expected for a team consisting of impatient teenagers, who don't have any real training experience. If anything, it probably went better than expected, since there wasn't any major injuries (I did get concerned for the Cosmic Staff for a second!) It is safe to say that they having some learning to do, like Rick realizing he can't just charge in and punch everything in sight, and Courtney figuring out how to get her teammates to actually listen to her. This mission certainly highlighted Pat's concerns about this, but I'm glad that he seems to be realizing that stopping them is impossible, and it going to try and support them going forward, because the ship for giving up has clearly sailed for this group. But I believe in them! Beth has move past being attached to her parents, and has found a new friend in... an A.I. that speaks with her through the goggles. I mean, Chuck is awesome and all, but Beth really needs to start finding friends who are, well, human. This was the most I liked the Mike character, thanks to his scenes with Barbara. I still wish Amy Smart had more to do, but I'm glad Barbara is doing her part in being a good stepmother. That is rare for television. It is amusing and convenient that almost all of the JSA and IJSA kids are around the same age. I love the theory mentioned above that maybe the groups had some kind of truce one year, so that they could start families. How civil of them! Loved the final scene with Courtney and Pat. Again, Brec Bassinger and Luke Wilson really shine together. The Gambler likes to listen to Keisha when doing his nefarious deeds. That guy is full of surprises! Realistically, it really shouldn't be that hard for the IJSA to figure out who the new JSA squad is, but I'm curious to see how Icicle is going to approach it. Great episode: probably my favorite so far.
  15. Not overly-familiar with the Perry Mason character outside of knowing he exists, but the cast alone was able to make me give this a go. They pretty much could have just called it "Detective Matthew Rhys and the Case of the Religious Cult Led by Tatiana Maslany" and I would have been set! All in all, a bit of a slow start, but I'm curious to see where this all goes, and why the baby ended up dying (way to just jump into the darkness, show!) So far, we know that the cop played by Andrew Howard seemed to be involved and that's why he killed the other guys. But I'm sure there will be more to it. Especially with whatever is going on with this religious group. They are clearly being set-up to be major players. This version of Perry is certainly a mess, huh? Seems to have hit rock bottom both professionally and personally at the moment. Rhys certainly excels at that, to say the least! Della is probably my favorite so far. Followed by Pete/Perry's partner played by the always excellent Shea Whigham. So many familiar faces! Robert Patrick! Eric Lange! Charles Baker! Gayle Rankin! Nate Corddry! Madeline Zima! And, of course, John Freaking Lithgow! This being HBO, I knew what to expect, but the sex and nude scenes were pretty much screaming "This isn't your parents/grandparents Perry Mason, folks!" I did like that Perry's love interest (or fuck buddy, really) isn't just age appropriate, but the actress (Veronica Falcon), is actually about eight years older than Rhys. I didn't know that was allowed in Hollywood! Bummed that Tatiana was absent here, but since she's a regular in the credits, she'll hopefully be getting more to do in the upcoming episode. Also noticed Chris Chalk was listed as a regular as well, so I guess he'll come into play eventually. And I'm looking forward to seeing Stephen Root in the upcoming episodes as well! So, I'm in. If nothing else, it's good to have a more old-school noir on the TV again.
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