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  1. Heh, I love that the Gemstone siblings honestly were more upset over Eli being with someone other than his late wife/their mother then over him possibly being a murderer. But it looks like might not behind the reporter's death after-all and now all of them wonder if it was Junior instead. I'm guessing that won't be the case either. Obviously, Junior isn't a trustworthy person, but I have a feeling something else is at play here. Kelvin's God Squad stuff certainly took a dark turn indeed! Judging from what he was yelling at the end, I think a lot of his cruelty is coming from how he fe
  2. Definitely a step up from some of the past few episodes. Having the Drew Crew mainly focused on an actual case was certainly a plus, but it also helped that some of the sillier relationship drama was either pushed to the back or handled in a way that was stronger compared to the previous attempts. Nick managing to convince the jury single-handily to switch their votes was a bit on the hokey side of things (to put it mildly), but I thought Tunji Kasim did great work with all of it (he's usually really good whenever the show has Nick deal with the "social issues" that happen on this show.)
  3. Looks like Peacemaker was right: ARGUS really isn't about originality when it comes to naming their missions. Because, yep, the "butterflies" really are butterflies. Or at least some kind of alien version that I guess takes over human bodies and makes them their hosts? Looks like there is quite a bit of them out there. I wonder what their endgame will be. Looks like Peacemaker is already starting to have doubts about his mission since he wasn't able to pull the trigger despite claiming in the past that he would kill any man, woman, or child in the name of "peace." Meanwhile, Vigilant
  4. Damn, we already knew that Auggie/Peacemaker's dad was a racist asshole, but it looks like he might have been the leader of some kind of white supremest group in prison that call him the "White Dragon?" That's all kinds of fucked-up. I wonder if he might end up being the main villain here when this is all said and done. This version of Vigilante is quite different from the one in Arrow! Him being a Peacemaker fanboy was hilarious and I liked the glimpses of how messed up he is, because apparently his version of "killing bad people" also includes folks who do graffiti (and people who sm
  5. I do like how you can always tell when Liam is having a rough go of it by having him not shave and seeing Keegan Allen rock that scruffy beard. Not surprised he is still dealing with the aftermath over how he screwed things up (even though I suspect he will still be right in the end), but it at least led to him and Walker finally having a talk instead of just snapping at one another. Plus, Bret returns! Yay, Bret! I'm glad Augie and Colton are becoming friends now, but I have a feeling him telling Colton about the lantern is going to backfire on him in a very big way. Stella's st
  6. Poor Bruce. I think everyone in Gotham is going to know his identity by the time this is all done. And I think more folks have gotten a tour of the Batcave already in comparison to when they pretty much opened up the Arrow Lair to all comers on that show. Happy to finally get Bridget Regan as Pamela Isley/OG Poison Ivy. A little more subtle than I thought, but I do like that they seem to be leaning more towards the her being an ecoterrorist route instead of the seductress one, which has admittedly been overplayed by now. Of course, Renee is clearly letting her emotions get the better
  7. Whelp, I think this show already is in the running for having the best opening credits out there! Didn't think it could get any better until even Robert Patrick himself got involved with the dancing! Definitely won't be skipping this one! As my screen name suggests, I was a huge fan of John Cena "back in the day", and while I've been a bit more mixed on his acting career, I thought he ended up being perfection as Peacemaker in The Suicide Squad. So, I'm all for more of the character and curious to see how this plays out. I worry that they will try and push aside his past misdeeds in o
  8. Laconia filler aside (something I find myself pretty much saying for all of this season), I actually thought this was a pretty satisfactory finale filled with fun and thrilling space battles, but also more great character interaction and political intrigue. And while they left a few doors open to continue to the story if they ever wanted to, at least most of the main arcs were wrapped. Especially Marcos. Glad that his smug ass got taken out for good, even if I evilly wish it was more painful. Still, there is an irony over him getting destroyed by the being that live inside the ring its
  9. Pretty great return, I thought! Loved them having an episode just focused on the "Robo Legends" and showing them at the aftermaths of what had gone down during missions with the regular Legends. Basically being assigned to not just try and take them out, but fix any of the changes that were caused. And, of course, they themselves had been programmed to believing that they were the true Legends and "heroes" of this story. The entire cast was clearly having a ball getting to ham it up and play different type of characters this go around. Plus, lots and lots of evil eye-liners and seeing
  10. Stephen Root!! Danny Trejo!! Two unexpected introductions into the Star Wars universe, although, really, I should have known Trejo would pop up at some point thanks to Robert Rodriguez's involvement with the show. I wonder who else in his gang might show up next (won't lie: my first thought was Salma Hayek as a Tw'lek)? But they fit their roles well. Root would definitely be some kind of scummy water salesman who would hike up prices to just make a few extra bucks. And if anyone could train a rancor, it would be Trejo! Boba at least increases his gang a little bit thanks to the recr
  11. So, if I'm understanding this correctly, this isn't actually part of the Arrowverse, but it's own thing? They certainly were talking like Superman isn't actually real (and airing an hour earlier!), but just comes from the comics. Of course, depending on when this is all set, a quick Crisis could easily merge them with the rest if they wanted too! Not a bad start so far. Obviously, a lot of atypical pilot roughness, but I at least came away enjoying the majority of the characters and the cast. Kaci Walfall seems like a pretty good fit for Naomi and carried the episode pretty well. Als
  12. Superman and Lois have returned and they've brought a whole lot of drama with them! Honestly, I was a little underwhelmed for most of it because it just wasn't fun watching almost everyone being at odds and arguing with one another. Clark and Lois in a rough patch. Lois being snappy with both of the kids. Kyle and Lana having issues due to his jealously over her new mission in life. Sarah's almost frosty interactions with Jordan (what is going on there?) John Henry Irons and Natalie clearly struggling. Really, despite the embarrassment of almost literally be caught with his pants do
  13. For some reason, I had assumed the show was coming back this Friday instead of the last one. Better late than never, right?! Admittedly not the best return though. Still had plenty of good moments and I continue to find it one of the better ones out of the CW line-up, but it does seem to be falling into some of the atypical "CW tropes" lately. Rushed love triangles, characters being daft or surprisingly naive in order to move the plot forward, relationship drama, and even the overall plot seems to be getting sloppier now. I thought the first half of the season was really strong, so th
  14. And now we know the next new face to check into The White Lotus: Aubrey Plaza!
  15. The Righteous Gemstones finally return with not one but two episodes! Praise them!! A lot going on here, I see. So far, it looks like one of the biggest stories is going to be Jesse (and Amber)'s involvement with these Lissons folks: a power couple from Texas, who seem to have their own success in the religion "game" by trying to appeal more to a "hip" crowd, and it certainly seems to be working since they are apparently dominating the west. And they have grand plans to build a Christian resort/amusement park in Florida, which I'm sure is going to be way easier said than done. Eric An
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