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  1. thuganomics85

    S03.E07: AKA The Double Half-Wappinger

    Jeri is so desperate now that she is representing Sallinger in hope to drum up buzz. And that seems to be what will finally drive Malcolm over the edge. Alrighty, then. Halfway through the season now and Jessica gets a small "victory" over Sallinger, so you know this just means he is going to ramp things up. Have a feeling her taunting about Nathan/his first killer is going to blowback on her somehow. Trish is "tipping" paparazzis so they can see her in action. Whatever.
  2. thuganomics85

    S06.E07: Nevermind

    As soon as I saw that this was going to be a twisty, "takes place in someone's mind" episode, I figured we'd see a few cameos from past characters. Fun seeing Clarke's Dad, Maya (Eve Harlow is always great!), and ALIE again. And smart to save Christopher Larkin's name till the end credits, so the Monty appearance was a good surprise. I do wonder if Lexa was ever on the table or if Alycia Debnam Carey is just too busy now, but I did like the significance of her drawling on the wall, and how it clearly was noticed by Clarke and effected her emotionally. The actress playing Josephine was perfectly creepy, and I it also makes Eliza Taylor's "Josephine as Clarke" scenes even better, since you can kind of see what parts Eliza takes from her performance, and uses it for her own. I also question Bellamy figuring out the Morse Code thing that quickly, but I guess I can see why the show wanted to hurry things up on that end. The Primes are starting to feel like the nobles from Game of Thrones, only with immortality, which is even scarier. A Cersei Lannister that can never die! Ahh!!!
  3. thuganomics85

    S03.E06: AKA Sorry Face

    Ah, the old "Catch the villain, but twist! We have to release him because we have no hard evidence!" bit. A tale as old as time! I'm sure Sallinger is going to take full advantage of this second chance. This really isn't going to end well for Malcolm, is it? Jeri has lost Rand Industries! To be fair, this was apparently a decision by the board since Danny is currently on a sabbatical a.k.a. globe-trodding with Ward and wrecking shit!
  4. thuganomics85

    S03.E05: AKA I Wish

    Well, having everything blowback on Jeri was obvious as hell. Again, even if they technically couldn't trace it back to her, it was just so easily to connect the dots over how her ex's husband suddenly has a downfall right when she enters back into her life. And now she has likely lost her for good and might even lose her business, if she isn't careful. You really screwed this up, Hogarth. Poor Malcolm can't even take a vacation day from Jeri, without having to play babysitter for Jessica and getting knocked out for his trouble. He might want to consider moving. And maybe find new friends. Jessica and Trish might finally move forward, now that Trish finally apologized for the whole "I killed your mom" thing, while Jessica finally admitted that her mom was a mass murderer, so maybe it was somewhat understandable. Aww?! Too bad Sallinger now knows Jessica has an ally though, and if he's as smart as he claims he is, he should be able to figure out it is Trish.
  5. thuganomics85

    S03.E04: AKA Customer Service Is Standing By

    Ah, so Erik has superpowers or as Jessica calls it "Asshole Detection", where he can sense when someone has done something bad or is just generally an awful person. Helpful! Well, except the whole migraine thing... Malcolm finds the dirt on the husband of Jeri's ex, and she's just given him to go ahead to unleash it! Even if it officially can't be traced back to her though, I would think that she'd be at least a little suspicious that this all comes out right after Jeri comes back into her life. Looks like we meet the likely big bad of this season. His name is Sallinger, he's apparently brilliant on almost every level, and he likes to kill people! And Jessica is worried enough that she is actually willing to align herself with Trish again!
  6. thuganomics85

    S03.E03: AKA I Have No Spleen

    The fact that Trish didn't even that smack coming makes her an even bigger moron. She really thinks that training for a year will make her prepared for anything? Seriously, most of the "heroes" or whatever they are referred have had years of experience before they dive into their crime-fighting jobs. Even Danny Rand actually prepped! I really hope they are actually planning something bigger with Jeri, because all of her scenes don't fit in and it is feeling like a case of them just wanting to keep Carrie Ann-Moss onboard, but they don't quite know what they want to do with her yet. Only time I gain interest is whenever Malcolm is involved. Unsurprisingly, the Brandt guy wasn't the attacker and now Jessica thinks that the real target was actually chef guy she's kind of into. I so hope it is something simple like a rival chef threaten by his magical burger and wants to be the new big cheese in town!
  7. thuganomics85

    Men in Black: International (2019)

    Okay, for me personally, the first Men in Black is one of my favorite films of all time. Sure, like any film, it has its flaws that can no doubt be pointed out and I won't argue about, but it just worked for me on so many levels. I loved the concept and the world it created, and the visual effects were great at time time (and still mainly hold well.) The humor was close to perfect and the film was filled with plenty of great lines. Vincent D'Onofrio was a perfect creepy (and humorous) villain. Tony Shalhoub shows up as an alien pawn dealer who gets his head blown off, only to regrow it again. Frank the Pug! And last but certainly not least was the perfect casting and chemistry with/between Tommy Lee Jones as his crusty, cranky best and Will Smith at his most charismatic. In short, I loved it all (including Smith's rap in the end credits!) But then came the second film that disappointed me on every level and I barely remember anything about it except that Rosario Dawson was wasted in it, they decided that the villainous alien would be Lara Flynn Boyle in lingerie, and someone apparently thought it would be a great idea to have Johnny Knoxville in it. The third one fared better thanks to Josh Brolin's pitch-perfect imitation of a younger Tommy Lee Jones, Bill Hader's cameo as Andy Warhol, and Michael Stuhlbarg's compelling performance, but still a step down. So, in short (or long), it feels like a franchise that peaked with its first film. And Men in Black: International certainly doesn't change that viewpoint. It wasn't bad, thankfully, but it truly was generic, forgettable film that seemed to not want to try anything new, and just was banking on Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson's chemistry in Thor: Ragnarok to transfer over here. And to be fair, they were highlights as they really do seem to enjoy working with one another and, again, I think Hemsworth really is showing that comedy is where he thrives, but it didn't make up for the underwhelming story, boring action and set pieces, and basically not taking advantage of its new setting to expand upon the world and make it interesting. I seriously can't believe that they went the obvious route and made Liam Neeson's character the villain. Most everyone called that when he was first cast, for goodness sakes! Granted, Rafe Spall would have been too obvious as well, but I would have enjoyed it if it was actually Emma Thompson's character that was bad the entire time. That might have been interesting. Also can't believe they squandered the awesome Rebecca Ferguson in a throwaway role. At least the Mission: Impossible franchise seems to know how to use her. Kumail Nanjiani was fun at least. So, yeah, I kind of wish they just quit after the first film. At least no forgettable or mediocre sequel/spinoff will ever ruin that one for me!
  8. thuganomics85

    S03.E02: AKA You're Welcome

    Ah, the old "Lead gets shot, but lets take a break about that and show what has been going on with this other character!" bit. A classic! The montages (and costumes!) of Trish learning to be a "hero" was fun, and she certainly seems to be getting the handle of some aspects of it, but as much as I hate to agree with Dorothy about anything, Trish really does seem to be one bad day away from fully going off the deep end. Like straight past Matt Murdock insanity and full-blown Frank Castle. I guess I was suppose feel bad or feel like Malcolm crossed a line with how he put the screws to the phone-snatcher, but I really couldn't muster any energy to care. So, they think Jessica's attacker was the guy Trish was trying to get the statue from. We shall see!
  9. thuganomics85

    S06.E05: The Other Thing 

    I guess I now know what a fight between too robot-type exes would be like, thanks to Enoch and his former "superior" bickering. Thanks, guys! I can also see Enoch's logic over revealing that Simmons would be good leverage over Fitz, because he is all about saving his "bestie." Still, totally I understand why everyone else was pissed (although, of course, Simmons would be the one who comes around because, well, she gets it!) Surprised that Melinda already outmaneuvers Sarge (and Crazy Snowflake Lady), and now the entire team has been captured. Of course, that likely means something big and bad is going to come out of it. Sure seems like Sarge truly thinks they're actually doing the right thing, so I'm guessing the true villains will be the same group that killed the Chromicons. Other than that, I just want to once again reiterate that I would watch the hell out of a "Lower Decks"-type episode that just follows Piper and Davis around as they snark on one another and find themselves forced into dangerous situations due to the action of the regulars. Throw in Dr. Benson too! Hey, that was Lou Diamond Phillips behind the camera! Thought he did a good job.
  10. thuganomics85

    S03.E01: AKA The Perfect Burger

    It is the beginning of the end! Not surprised that Jessica is her normal isolated self, who has distant herself from Trish after everything that went down last season. But now she knows that Trish is out and about trying to be a hero, so I'm sure that will change a few things. Not sure how Jeri and Malcolm's storylines will connect to everything, but I'm sure they'll eventually factor in. Dorothy continues to be the worst. Lets see how long Jessica's new boy-toy will last! So I guess one of the big mysterious this season will be who stabbed Jessica?!
  11. thuganomics85

    S07.E04: Red Light, Green Light

    While I get why they might not wanted to drag things out, I'm still disappointed that Gregson didn't actually say that he was sorry to Sherlock. I guess I can buy that Sherlock wouldn't need to actually hear it in order to move past it and "look to the future", but I still feel like Gregson owes him after what he did. Case of the week seemed to go all over the place here, but I'm always down for ones that bring Everyone back into the fold! I just love the wacky stuff they make Sherlock do. Not surprised at all that Derek and his wife are actually totally connected to something shady. And they might be targeting Joan?! How dare they?!! Starting to dig the temporary captain and how he is so baffled over all the stunts Sherlock and Joan pull, but he kind of just rolls with it, because you get the sense trying to reign them in would be too much of a hassle for him. Still like how Bell solves parts of the case on his own and is continued to be shown as a great detective in his own right.
  12. thuganomics85

    S05.E07: Filleted to Rest

    Holy crap, they finally brought back Liv's mom! It has been so long that I didn't even realize that after seeing Molly Hagen's name in the credits, because I totally forgot she was who played her. Too bad she is still kind of a jerk, since I would think she'd understand now why Liv did what she did, and, really, had Liv tried to tell her the truth at the time, there would be no way she would have believed her. Of course, that might end up being peanuts compared to Liv finally finding out who her dad is, since he's apparently the head of these radicalized zombie guys. Oh, Liv! Bummed that they brought Justin back, only to have him also joined this group, and it all ending with Major having to be the one to kill him. Major really can't catch a break on this show. I guess the bit with Ravi's doctor companion having a twin is a nice way to use the actress more than just over a video chat! I'm starting to get a bad feeling something bad is going to happen to Michelle, and this is going to all end with Clive and Bozzio also raising that child. Liv on "Chef from Hell" brains was fun. At least she didn't go full-blown Gordon Ramsey on anyone and start throwing plates. Or calling someone a donkey!
  13. thuganomics85

    S06.E06: Memento Mori

    Yeah, if Abby isn't actually playing Josephine, then she really is truly hopeless if she finds out that the Primes can take over bodies with Nightblood, and "Clarke" just happens to be acting different then she normally does. Glad Bellamy saw through Murphy's atypical "Pretend to act as a prisoner to turn him" ploy, but it looks like he will back down anyway. But I wonder about Echo because I don't see her falling in line. Not to mention Madi getting ready to go on a warpath with the help of this "Dark Commander" in her chip/head. Even though she's completely right, Raven somehow ends up coming off like a jerk. Probably because of her first scene when she more or less claim that she has nothing she feels sorry for. I'm pretty sure everyone has done some regrettable shit here, Raven. Yours might not be as bad as some of the other ones, but it is there. Have no idea what is going on with the Octavia stuff, except Diyoza continues to be awesome and I'm glad Xavier/Chuku Modu's character is getting more to do. Found it kind of funny that we didn't even see a post-reaction from Russell over how Josephine set him up. You'd think there would at least been a "Dammit, daughter! You can be doing shit like that to me, even if I can come back!" retort from him.
  14. thuganomics85

    Good Media: Articles, Clips, Previews, Reviews

    Just heard. While I'm sad to hear that the ride will be over soon, I'm glad that it is leaving on Mike Schur and the team's terms, and not getting canceled before whatever ending is planned. And I can understand not wanting to stretch things out and risk turning the show into a drag: especially since one of this series' things is moving at a breakneck speed, where stories and conflicts that might normally be episodes long in other shows are resolved in one here. Still, I will miss this show and I hope this early news means the cast will have time to find work once it is done. I'm sure the likes of Kristen Bell and Ted Danson will always be in demand, but I hope William Jackson Harper, D'Arcy Carden, Jameela Jamil, and Manny Jacinto get some good offers going forward.
  15. thuganomics85

    X-Men: Dark Phoenix (2019)

    I didn't think it was as bad as I thought it would be, but it was just... well, there. It really did just feel like lackluster and while it had both moments that were kind of cool and moments that were stupid or silly, nothing about it provoked any real response from me. I just have no emotional involvement anymore, which is sad considering how much I enjoyed the first two films (and, of course, Logan), and the X-Men had always been some of my favorite comic book characters. Even had I not seen the trailers or known any of the behind the scenes stuff that has gone on, I would have called Raven/Mystique's death in the first frame since Jennifer Lawrence actually seemed to be care again this go around. Not saying it is her most energetic performance still, but she actually was putting some effort compared to her phoned in performances for Days of Future Past and Apocalypse. There was a general sense that she was happy to be freed of this franchise, and was going to at least attempt to go out on a high note. And she certainly got her wish, even though it is likely everyone is going to be getting rebooted soon. Although, I'm guessing Evan Peters also didn't have much time for this either, since Quicksilver got taken out of commission pretty quickly. Granted, he probably still had almost as many lines as Storm, who didn't get knocked out, but they continue not to do really anything significant with her. Despite my love for Jessica Chastain (and Ato Essandoh as her henchman), the entire alien concept was just a bust for me. It never felt like they brought anything to the table. They probably could have created a better story if they simply stuck with the remaining X-Men trying to prevent Erik and Hank from killing Jean. Or maybe have other X-Men side with Hank and create their own version of a Civil War. Instead, we had these boring aliens coming off like the most generic villains of all time. It seems like Sophie Turner is getting a whole bunch of mixed reactions; ranging from those who think she was a highlight to those who though she was horrible; but I thought she was fine for what she was given. A few off moments, but nothing too noticeable. I still wonder if some of it was her having to do an American accent. James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender continue to be the best and I wish they had better films to work with. Also, I guess it about eight years, Charles and Erik are going to drastically age to the point that they start looking like Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen? What was the whole point of the Dazzler cameo? I certainly hope this role wasn't the only reason Halston Sage left The Orville. I did think the final act was a highlight, which is funny since that was apparently where all of the reshoots took place. Han Zimmer's score might have been almost too good, but I appreciate it anyway! All in all, not the worst that the X-Men franchise has to offer, but being better than The Last Stand or Apocalypse really isn't that much of a complement, and instead of being a good send-off for the franchise, it is probably going to be a film I forget about months from now. And this seriously cost $200 million to make? Man, where did all that money go? Certainly not making sure that the writing was good or make the action sequences anything more than passably entertaining.