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  1. Probably still does. Let's face it, she's not going to be getting any satisfaction from the shrivelled scrotum she married.
  2. The DD video was infamous at the time and really hard to access. The fucko who made it charged 10 grand to watch it on a pay per view type thing and a lot of people who did got caught and received decades in prison. If Josh was savvy enough to find that (which i assume is hard still) then God knows what else he's been watching. His idiot wife is probably equating his charge with standard 'woman covered in jizz from a threesome' porn and those kids have no chance if that's the family's attitude.
  3. Jon Stewart hurt him so badly on that episode of Crossfire it made Tucker stop wearing bowties. My favorite part of that evisceration is when Carlson orders Jon to "be funny!" and Jon stops what he was saying and sneers "No. I'm not going to be your monkey".
  4. And on a completely shallow note she married Gabriel Byrne at his peak.
  5. I hate the way this show treats IAB officers. They perform an incredibly important role on the force yet they are treated as if they spend their days plotting to rob decent, rule abiding officers of their pensions. Now, I know Tucker always looked nefarious in the early days ( usually after Stabler had brutally beaten some perp and he had to come in and be intimidating) but he wasn't wrong. He always struck me as incorruptible which means I really don't appreciate this character turn, regardless of the brain cancer or whatever they've given him. I didn't much care for Benson trying to bully h
  6. I don't know if he was bankrupt but air travel was really starting to take off and travelling by cruise ship was starting to become obsolete. That was one of the reasons he was always gone. , I thought the most devastating part of the book was Leigh desperately pinning all her escape hopes post rape on her father coming home. And then she got that call by a secretary or something cancelling and saying he wouldn't be home for months. That was when she fled.
  7. Yet he was so lovely on Celebrity Big Brother all those years ago when that Bollywood actress (I'm blanking on her name) was mercilessly bullied by Jade Goody. Not that I'm saying that Jermaine isn't bat crap crazy but he really acquitted himself well on that show. Then Michael died and the brothers became relevant again and now he's just sad. I blame Joe for 96% of the Jacksons' emotional problems. I do not blame him for Michael's alleged paedophilia. I hate the reception the alleged victims are getting. I really hoped that after Metoo we'd moved past the whole "they didn't come out at the
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