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  1. I happened to see Jazz's book in our youth center Library today. It was so upbeat, happy and hopeful. Teenage years are always hard, but this is devastating. She's incredibly unhappy and to be honest, she needs to move out of that house. If she had indeed gone away to college, it might have helped her become more independent, plus all colleges now have counselors available if she felt out of control. And college roommates - if you're lucky - don't fat-shame you like your family can. My mother struggled with her weight since she was a child - she became addicted to laxatives in high schoo
  2. But she doesn't want to. I agree, it was much easier when I was young and I counted calories - because I really wanted to. Now all the urging in the world won't get me off the couch and in my sneakers. It's obvious the rest of the family wants Jazz to exercise and stop overeating - but unless they can fill up that empty space inside her, it won't work. And she's the only one who can choose how to fill it up. Obviously the plot line for this season has already been planned, and it's going to be "Hilarious ways to get Jazz to lose weight."
  3. It isn't the extra weight keeping her from Harvard (when was this filmed? Couldn't she do some courses online?) it's her depression. And that isn't going to be helped until she can separate from her family. They should NOT be watching what she eats - that makes secret binging worse. I guess the show now is more about her family, because I'd like to see her trying some independence, even if it's only for an afternoon. My mother watched everything I ate, even insisting to take me to some quack doctor - in my 20s. I'm 72, she died 8 years ago, but I still get a little thrill when I ord
  4. None of them are intelligent enough to discuss politics. (Is Sunny on today?) This isn't a both sides issue. He has said enough in public that is already damning. If they wanted a GOP voice why not Ana Navarro? Someone who identifies as a Republican who can offer the view of that party. And does this show always need another blonde? Sarah is useless.
  5. CousinAmy


    Esty spoke Yiddish to her family and friends but knew how to speak English. The young German musicians, being cosmopolitan and educated, spoke German and English. An Israeli would speak Hebrew and English. English is taught at schools around the world; in this case it was everyone's common language. I doubt modern-day Germans would know Yiddish, a very old language that actually varies from region to region in Europe, because it picked up words from the surrounding community.
  6. I think the whole college debate would make more sense to the audience if we had seen Jazz doing schoolwork her senior year. She was the Valedictorian of her Homeschool class? Did she wrote papers, correspond with her teachers or other students? She gave the audience the impression that she was lazy and pretty much blew off school, so how did she get accepted to Harvard? I recently connected with a second cousin I've never known who is part of the California branch of our (mostly) New York family. It turns out her son was a famous child actor. When I talked to her on the phone I asked he
  7. I finally finished watching the series last night and it left me win a question: at the end, when Elizabeth is in her coach, alone, it looks like Philip comes up to salute her, and then disappears into the guards on the left side of the screen. Literally disappears, as if he had been a ghost. Was that supposed to be her father, not Philip? Sort of an affirmation that she was making him proud? If it was Philip, where did he go?
  8. I agree her emotional and physical health is more important than the show. I do think she needs to separate from her mother, though. Going away to college would have provided some distance.
  9. I remember seeing views of their house when they first bought it. It was absolutely huge inside and I wondered if they would have trouble navigating the large expanses of living room, dining room, etc. I think they may have opened up some of the walls so there aren't separate rooms, but it looked so cramped with their guests inside. They should have been able to accommodate their guests comfortably inside with so much space. (Did they bring them into the main "living floor" or the lowest level that they lived in while the house was being renovated?) They hired a lifeguard for the pool but
  10. I'm so delighted to see how the fami has "jelled" since last season. Will and Joey are just adorable in their little segments and seem to enjoy playing with each other. Zoey is such a typical little sister that she could give lessons on how to needle big brothers but still have a solid, close relationship that hopefully will last their whole lives. And of course the fact that Will does have friends now will pay off in about a decade, when Zoey needs a date to her prom. There was a lot of discussion in past seasons about how Will didn't like or respect Jen, and how awful it will be in late
  11. I'm not sure where to put this - but I know I am behind on episodes and can't figure out how to catch up. This week the Pirate Party got recorded - before that I had the 2-hour premiere. I may have missed one in between - how can I get caught up?
  12. A friend adopted 2; a boy and a girl. Both have graduated from high school and are doing well. Smart, empathetic kids.
  13. Up is down and down is up. Was Sunny defending Assange and Meghan against him? Is Sunny saying that it was OK that Assange and Wikileaks conspired with Russia to influence the election? I guess I didn't understand their positions because I agree that Assange was a cyber-terrorist, so that puts me on Meghan's side. Yikes! I will go to my death reminding people that nobody hacked Hillary's emails - her server was secure. It was the DNC and Podesta's emails that were hacked. Every time I hear "Hillary Clinton's emails" it's like a needle scratch.
  14. I actually liked this episode. Everyone seemed to be a little more light-hearted. Week after week there has been so much complaining about the complications from surgery - don't most people accept that there might be complications from any surgery? Especially stitches ripping or infections or one of a thousand after-effects. It's is hard on most parents, too, when they become empty nesters, but more so for Jeanette who has been micromanaging Jazz's life for 18 years. If she has no other interests I can see her go into a depression. With Jazz not around, she loses her not just her "day jo
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