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  1. So I binged this yesterday and my goodness I have thoughts. So many thoughts. I am not the demographic for LuLaRoe, I'm a Gen-Xer who lives in NYC. I also for a time got them mixed up with Lululemon because of the whole leggings thing. It's always astonishing that educated women who all seemed to be in their 30's (or at least late 20s) never had the realization that if something sounds too good to be true, it's because it is. I felt a lot of empathy because I was a struggling single mom who started her own business. But it was an industry I had a lot of experience in and was under the um
  2. Guess nobody is watching this still? Too bad it's really a great show.
  3. "Two big cities with Alabama in the middle." - James Carville
  4. She actually does look like she's lost a bit. Maybe holding a job and not hinging her existance on A-A-Ron will be good for her.
  5. Well she's holding a job and eating a salad, so yay?
  6. My 13 year old son just meandered in and asked if I was watching those "Peter Griffen women" again.
  7. His mother looks utterly uninterested in what he's saying.
  8. Well it's a nice change from crushing on serial killers and other assorted convicts.
  9. I've never played giant outdoor Jenga, that looks fun!
  10. Hi Pounders! I don't recall either of these poundicipants so I can view this with an unbiased eye. My eating habit tonight was Thai take out, a salad with grilled pork loin and some spring rolls. I really wanted the mango and sticky rice, but it was not on de diet so I refrained.
  11. It is sad but she helped create this mess too. They're two very sad, sick, dysfunctional people.
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