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  1. Ok...paraphrasing a bit - so bear with me. Scene: Tommy Lee Jr. breaking up (beautifully) with an actress (Random pretty girl - ‘RPG’ hired to play his girlfriend) Tommy Lee Jr: “Its over...” RPG: “What?!? I LOVED YOU!” TLJ: “I love you too. But you don’t get it.” RPG: “You’re such a great Actor you should have a Grammy My internal monologue: “Wow RPG...you’re such a D list dope that you couldn’t even get the awards shit right?” *sigh* My internal monologue: “I hate that I watch this shit.”
  2. Oh I don’t know. I think Babs and Glenn are as big of famewhores as the rest of the barnacles. She puts on this pearl clutching Southern Belle shtick all the time and it’s no longer cute or charming to me. She’s just yet another enabler of her daughter’s descent into early death. All because she thinks she’s “adorable”. Barf...
  3. Heidi's voice can’t even be saved with auto tune. What a joke. Zero singing talent. Like painful af. And I flove JBdouche saying how he digs her lyrics. I cannot wait until he ages out of his attitude and realizes how little he had going for him outside of his youth and “coolness”. Now THAT would be a reality show I’d watch. These losers in 10 years. When life really catches up...
  4. Brandon is one of the least self-aware people I’ve ever seen. “Working his whole life”? “Carrying the movie”? LMAO. His greatest accomplishment thus far has been being born to rich celebrities. He’s very full of himself for a stunningly average looking dude. The sense of privilege is strong with this entire crew. But for some reason he really rubs me the wrong way. And what is a 30-something married guy like Brody doing hanging with a 21 yr old? Brody and his buddies are like those guys who keep coming back to high school thinking they’re cool and the high schoolers laugh behind their backs. Oh...and a DJ career? Another LOL from me. It’s the last bastion for rich, stupid, celebrity offspring with all the time and none of the talent. Brought into clubs for marquee value and little else. Paris Hilton is a classic example. JB: re Audrina and Stephanie “I love correlating.” “I hate stupidity and negligence”. What a fricking moron...
  5. I know this sounds so evil and petty...so I truly apologize in advance. But this may be the ugliest group of humans ever assembled for a reality show. And - yes - I’m including Floribama Shore in the mix. I mean - wowza! Most of the women are straight homely or their faces now resemble Kabuki masks (looking at you Audrey). And the men either look like bargain basement Chris Browns or misshapen ‘roided up dorks. I at least want to see attractive people for my trash TV...
  6. I’ve tried watching this but this cast is truly insufferable. Justin Bobby is a pretentious idiot. Stephanie is a plastic faced shit stirrer. Audrina is just boring af. Brandon Lee is a dorky looking troll who was born on 3rd base and thinks he scored a triple. Speidi is pathetic and still grasping at relevance. Brody is an entitled ass. Jason and his wife are just white noise. I can’t imagine this has any kind of audience. Kind of sad actually to see people so desperate for fame.
  7. I think she’s absolutely lovely. And a pretty damned good actress as far as I can tell. I’m usually annoyed when I read about a celebrity kid “modeling” or acting. But she seems to have the chops. JMO.
  8. Wow...outside of Whitney, Audrina and - I guess - Mischa...they are all entitled, preening douchebags. I’m annoyed that we give these sociopaths teevee time - but more annoyed that I participate in this nonsense by watching. The “Baby Tommy Lee’s” thing about making end meet by “modeling” and “acting” made me laugh out loud. In what world is that discount Harry Styles a model? He’s someone I want to reach into the tv and smack soundly. Stephanie, Pamela Lee, and Heidi look like they would melt next to a furnace and Brody is such a colossal, entitled ass that there are no words. Next week I hope they collectively ream that f**k “Perez”. Because he may be one of the most nauseating famewhores alive. Yet I’ll keep watching because I’m a sadomasochist.
  9. I haven’t watched all these shows but she has to be the WORST candidate ever, right? If not they need to cancel this now because it doesn’t do anything but perpetuate the most ugly stereotypes about fat people. Angie was just vile...like screaming at my tv vile. I’m literally speechless about how grotesque she is. The world would be better off without her in it.
  10. IKR? Wtf is she known for? I hope it’s not comedy because she is just the absolute worst. She should fire her agent stat...
  11. Oh...and when she made the yuck face when they showed the clip of her kissing the blind date I wanted to reach through my screen and slap her fat face. What a colossal fucking asshole. She should be so lucky to date someone like him. While not a catch - that dude was 8 billion times more appealing than Buddy. God - I hate her and her entire group of sycophants with the heat of a thousand suns.
  12. Whitney’s resting bitch face during this shit show was just so irritating. She’s not competitive...she’s an asshole - full stop. Oh...and the banana and mayonnaise sandwich (barf) outtake sure gave lie to her “I eat so little” BS. And I laughed out loud when Buddy - of all people - wrote down unemployed as a characteristic that Twitney avoided in online dating. The cognitive dissonance in this entire group of losers is jarring. As soon as this show is kaput - these “bffs” are done. Unless one of the barnacles would like to be her caregiver for the inevitable My 600 lb life crossover. Tal - I’m looking at you.
  13. I do not get Sarah’s appeal at all. She has a great figure but her face is fug. She also has the personality and intelligence of a wet dishrag. Also - Billy’s chin called and wants to get back on his face. 😄
  14. “Dating Buddy is the last I can even start to think about...” STFU idiot - it’s the ONLY THING YOU THINK ABOUT! Gah...she is just the worst.
  15. I haven’t posted on this board for a long time but this episode was just grim. TLC has reached a new low. This was straight up misery porn. Just grotesque. Awful on every level.
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