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  1. What a train wreck. Shawn Robinson is just so annoying. I truly cannot stand her. As for the rest of them… Colt is such a douche. Going at Ed (who I despise) while being a fat, hypocritical sack of crap with moobs is hysterical. And Vanessa is so crass. Talk about a complete lack of class. They deserve each other. I mean - that’s only if he’s willing to break from his disgusting mommy. Debbie is gross too. What a triumvirate of pigs. Ed is beyond repugnant and Liz needs serious therapy around daddy issues if she isn’t just trolling for fame. Molly and Kelly can both shut up with
  2. Amen to that. I couldn’t get over that not a single woman’s face moved at all. So plastic and stretched. It looked painful for them to emote. And every guy was such a douche-bro. “Self-reflection” my ass. The only fallout from quarantine for these idiots is that they couldn’t get laid or get their fillers for a few months. Oh…and Justin can f’off my television forever. I swear - he’s gotta be a troll. No one can be that much of a stupid, pretentious ass hat naturally. He makes my skin crawl. 🤮 ETA: Spencer continuing to eat his pot pie while Heidi cried cracked me up. Try as I might - I f
  3. Gah…Liz’s upspeak makes me want to set something on fire. I guess it’s a bit better than vocal fry but it’s still awful. That said - she’s so embarrassingly dorky that I’m now seeing why she thinks Ed is a safe bet. They’re a match for sure.
  4. I know, right? I find him almost as gross as Ed. Between his home school awkwardness, mommy and sex-fixation, and his melting candle dough-boy body - there’s not a lot to work with. But - kinda like I feel about Liz - Vanessa’s no real prize. She can certainly do better than Cole. But that bar is super low.
  5. I didn’t think no-neck Ed could look more ludicrous and then he comes cruising’ on up on his pepto pink Vespa. Talk about arrested development. He’s such a tool. And maybe his daughter was an asshole. She probably was. But I don’t know if I’d be super accommodating and cool if my dad was constantly casting me off in lieu of the sugar-baby du jour. I just cannot stand this man. I didn’t even watch 90 day fiancé and I still find him repugnant. Blergh. I hope he and creepy Liz ride off into the sunset together and stay off my tv.
  6. Goddamn...I’m old school so I started watching RW and RR from the beginning. I’m around the age of Beth and Cyrus so am rooting for the old farts 😀 That said - if someone told me in 2004 that I’d not only like Beth but find her freaking charming af - I would have said they were crazy. But damn if she didn’t win me over! She was so awesome this Challenge that I might even forgive how annoying she was on her season and on subsequent Challenges. The years have been kind to her and I’m all for it. On another note - what the f*** happened to Alton during the log hike? I don’t get it. Unless he
  7. Arissa says that “food is one of her favorite things”. ETA: Arissa trying to front as some bad bitch who wants to box 😂when she looks like a 100yr old mummy is some funny shit.
  8. There is something terribly wrong with Liz. She’s pretty cute and I’m sure can do so much better. Ed is just grotesque. Creepy, touchy, inappropriate, stalker-y and just plain fugly. Maybe she thinks he’s wealthy? I don’t know. I can’t explain it. If I were family or a friend I’d stage an intervention ASAP.
  9. Why am I watching this? Lol! It appears from this forum that I may be the one of the few. It’s not as fun with these guys stuck in a house. And frankly - the whole storyline about Gus and Jeremiah fighting over the cringe-machine that is Amy’s cousin - is so dumb. They wouldn’t have given her a second look if she wasn’t the only easy lay in the house. Plus it’s obviously some “competition”. Like who can bag this idiot first. All three of them are gross.
  10. Jemmye is just waaaay too full of herself. Especially when she looks like a large, busted, melting blow-up doll. It may sound mean but she’s such an a**hole. And as much as I don’t like Beth - she’s a “mother” that looks 1000% better than her “daughter”.
  11. Amy’s cousin is a blowsy mess. I don’t find her the slightest bit attractive. And I think the men handled the bull ball prank pretty well. I would have NOT been amused in the slightest. Don’t f**k with my food. ETA: it’s also striking to see how cute Nilsa was in the flashbacks. She’s so plastic looking now.
  12. First thoughts after the first 2 eps: Nilsa’s lips look ridiculous. I was very sad to hear about her dad...I lost mine when I was young too. But she couldn’t even express an emotion bc of the insane amount of Botox and fillers in her face. Sad bc she’s a young, attractive woman who’s basically already “Kardashianed” herself into plastic already. Gus 2.0 seems ok and normal. So am happy for her pregnancy. Gus is such an annoying, whiny little asshole. He sucks the energy right out of the room. That and his running around with no shirt makes him look like a thirsty fucking dork.
  13. I wonder if the fact that both Jessica and Ryan were MIA for this is because there’s pending litigation. Twit’s emphatic “it’s MY business” sure seemed aggressive. I don’t even like Ryan but I hope he nails our porcine princess to the proverbial wall. She’s a lazy sack of crap who coasted on the name without doing jack squat to actually promote the business outside of SM. I was also annoyed by the host constantly stating her full name and then saying “you can call me Suki”. If that’s her professional name than just go with it. I did like her tho. And I thought the fact that she was of a n
  14. Jessica can take several seats with her “conjunctivitis” makeup pallet. Jesus...pink isn’t your friend Jess. On to Twit - I truly hope this is the last season that TLC monetizes her lazy, greedy, narcissistic ass. She and her idiotic enablers would do well to settle back into a real (no SM) world. They’re already at the threshold where their actions will follow them for a while. Now is a good time to stop with this shit.
  15. God - Fatney is such an asshole. Crying and telling her mom that her daring to suggest WLS to her when she was just “slightly” morbidly obese was SO TRAUMATIZING. Gotta love that guilt trip as she sits there with a festering sore on her forehead. Only 10 minutes in and already annoyed with this idiot. She’s gonna expect asspats until she’s dying.
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