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  1. I agree. Unfortunately- that kind of work after a certain point just kind of accentuates age. I can’t help but think of the RH women who start getting that uncanny valley yet old look about them once they mess with their faces. And Twit getting big lips is just funny to me. Is it supposed to be a diversion from her super morbid obesity? I guess…
  2. She treated her brother like such an a** this episode. And Babs coddling her afterwards shows you exactly the dynamic that got Whitney to the 400lb narcissistic, entitled toddler stage.
  3. What I don’t get at all is how Twit and Ashley - two super morbidly obese middle-aged women with (I’m assuming) associated comorbidities are so cavalier gallivanting all over the place. Often times sans masks. Getting a mani-pedi with no social distancing or masks in sight. Except the poor workers who have to work on Whitney’s feet. The smell alone would send me. That said - NC was hit hard with the Delta variant around the time of this filming but they seem to practice zero extra precautions. Which may be fine for Heather and Todd. But Whitney and Ashley have bull’s eyes on them due to their
  4. Twit has posted that she got lip injections. Check her SM thread. She stated on her Instagram that she “loves them” despite what other posters have said. I think she looks ridiculous. Maybe concentrate on losing the excess 250+ lbs before the face fillers? And I don’t know if Heather is going through a mid-life crisis but the danger hair and the OTT fake eyelashes make her look ridiculous. JMO.
  5. Whitney larping as a personal trainer will never not be funny. I know it’s all producer engineered - but if I were the client and Will fobbed me off to this behemoth I’d be a) insulted and b) ask for my money back. She was so full of herself during her “shadowing” session. And Will can GTFOH with his ridiculous ass pats. We see you Will. You and Jessica will do about anything for reality coin but I’ll bet you won’t really hire her. If you do you’re just as bad as her barnacles. Maybe worse because you’re putting your professional “health and wellness guru” reputation on the line.
  6. God - Twit is such an attention whore/drama queen, narcissistic a**hole. Way to make the retreat all about her and her imagined international romance. Also way to make that other woman (Rebecca?) feel like an a** for sharing her Avi story. Walking sullenly down the beach to plop in the tide like a morbidly obese toddler to wah wah wah about some dumb catfishing fat fetishist. Then to get the entire table of women to listen to her pity party about French-fish. She’s just the worst. Oh - and I’ll be Petty Betty here -but no amount of lip filler will distract from her enormous cottage cheese thig
  7. Amen. I think her career crested on the goodwill and love for her mother after her death - but she’s such a one note, monotone actress. Murphy loves to give plum acting roles to his friends’ kids. Major case in point - kaia Gerber in his AHS off shoot. She’s pretty but completely lacking in acting talent. He and Falchuk need to stop the star fu*king. Although I fully expect Apple Martin to be the next lead in a Murphy/Falchuk production. It’s annoying.
  8. That phone conversation with Frenchie was beyond cringeworthy. And this is both after editing and whatever agreement this person had to play the role of interested suitor. I mean Chase looks like Romeo next to this person/actor/entity. How are Twit’s fans so gullible? It’s pathetic. I think the reason we’re seeing less of the barnacles (besides asspatter-in-chief Ashley) is because they’re getting a bit exhausted playing the role of Twit syncophants. No amount of money is worth the complete lack of dignity. Unless you’re Whitney ofc. During Twit’s condescending little pitch to her pa
  9. I love the absolute audacity and complete lack of self awareness Twit displays when she worries that her elderly parents “…aren’t taking care of themselves”. Yes - because a 400 lb 36 year old is the epitome of self care. Between that and her tearful Oscar-worthy “I wanna be an INSPIRATION” performance to Will - this was the perfect episode to display Twit’s obliviousness (and narcissism). You could see that Will was really trying not to laugh. Good thing he was wearing a mask. He clearly knows that hiring a super morbidly obese trainer who is out of breath after a lunge (despite her real
  10. So…let me get this straight. Twit has been taking French lessons long enough that she has fallen for her tutor. Yet she’s not proficient enough in the language to say “I am Whitney” in French? I think TLC thinks all her viewers are as idiotic as her Instagram fan club dorks. If it wasn’t so tragically sad - it’d be funny. And count me in with the Liz Lemon eye roll about the fat girl retreat. The HAES movement has been hijacked by super morbidly obese women. What was once a platform for people to embrace not being the beauty size norm has now turned into a justification for people to get
  11. Just finally caught this s**t show. What a snooze fest. That sad little party that Twit threw for her barnacles. Jesus. Poor Isaiah seems like the only non-hug box member there. Ashley can miss me with her new role as ass-patter in-chief. It’s nauseating. Between her, Heather’s danger hair and the manufactured drama with the whole “French” tutor and Buddy situations - I’m even more over this show than ever before. Why TLC continues to think that Whitney’s life deserves the reality treatment is beyond me. I guess they’ve run out of polyamorous, hoarding, non-binary, super morbidly obese little
  12. What a train wreck. Shawn Robinson is just so annoying. I truly cannot stand her. As for the rest of them… Colt is such a douche. Going at Ed (who I despise) while being a fat, hypocritical sack of crap with moobs is hysterical. And Vanessa is so crass. Talk about a complete lack of class. They deserve each other. I mean - that’s only if he’s willing to break from his disgusting mommy. Debbie is gross too. What a triumvirate of pigs. Ed is beyond repugnant and Liz needs serious therapy around daddy issues if she isn’t just trolling for fame. Molly and Kelly can both shut up with
  13. Amen to that. I couldn’t get over that not a single woman’s face moved at all. So plastic and stretched. It looked painful for them to emote. And every guy was such a douche-bro. “Self-reflection” my ass. The only fallout from quarantine for these idiots is that they couldn’t get laid or get their fillers for a few months. Oh…and Justin can f’off my television forever. I swear - he’s gotta be a troll. No one can be that much of a stupid, pretentious ass hat naturally. He makes my skin crawl. 🤮 ETA: Spencer continuing to eat his pot pie while Heidi cried cracked me up. Try as I might - I f
  14. Gah…Liz’s upspeak makes me want to set something on fire. I guess it’s a bit better than vocal fry but it’s still awful. That said - she’s so embarrassingly dorky that I’m now seeing why she thinks Ed is a safe bet. They’re a match for sure.
  15. I know, right? I find him almost as gross as Ed. Between his home school awkwardness, mommy and sex-fixation, and his melting candle dough-boy body - there’s not a lot to work with. But - kinda like I feel about Liz - Vanessa’s no real prize. She can certainly do better than Cole. But that bar is super low.
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