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  1. I'm not a fan of this particular head to head. Whether it was intentional or not, racers did crash into each other or blocked each other. So it was too much like bumper cars for my taste.
  2. Pfj99

    S06.E02: Weddings

    When Jephte was reluctant to kiss for the photo session, I wish Shawneice had taken the hint and not done the lap dance. It made me uncomfortable, and I wasn't even there!
  3. Pfj99

    Season 5 Discussion

    Azan had a bigger smile on his face after Nicole left than he's had the rest of the season.
  4. Pfj99

    Season 5 Discussion

    My apologies, my apologies, Katehearts. I deleted the text from your quote box but didn't know how to delete the box itself. CoachwristletJen, you beat me to the punch with this observation. For a while I was on Team Annie, since she decided to marry David Poor even though she obviously knew he was destitute (not to mention a creepy drunk). I thought she must really love him. But since she knew Chris was co-sponsoring her, she also had to know that Chris was bankrolling the entire engagement show. I think if she has to give a few "Thai massages" along the way, she probably figures it's worth it.
  5. Pfj99

    Season 5 Discussion

    If Josh lives in Arizona, why did he pick up Aika at the Los Angeles airport? They do have airports in Arizona.
  6. Pfj99

    Season 1 Discussion

    Shame on me for once again believing that the "tell all" will really be.
  7. If I could, I'd like this post a thousand times!! What shocked me as much as Matthew's mom's failure to even ATTEMPT to control him was her complete ignorance of dog behavior and needs. I guarantee that any dog brought into her household would eventually bite Matthew in self defense. And guess who would pay the price for that injury--it wouldn't be Matthew. I'm one of those terrible people who would shed more tears for the dog than for Matthew. i used to have a boss who had 3 out of control boys and 2 German shepherds. One of the sons who was about 10 at the time thought it would be fun to tease the dog by continuing to take away a bone the dog was chewing on. The dog bit the boy, and the dog didn't live to see the sunset. It still makes me tear up to think about that injustice.
  8. Pfj99

    Season 2 Discussion

    On the subject of Danielle's trailer purchase, does she not realize that unless she's buying it outright along with the land it's on, it absolutely CAN be taken away from her if she doesn't make the necessary payments?
  9. Pfj99

    Season 2 Discussion

    I can't believe I'm mostly siding with Anfisa, but Jorge did explicitly deceive her. If he traveled throughout Europe spending as if he were rich, I bet he's more than $30,000 in debt. Every time she's asked a variant of "Can't you afford this ring/purse/house..." he's given an evasive non-answer. Assuming Anfisa has at least half a brain, she must have figured out by now that he isn't rich. Why didn't she just return to Russia and find herself a better money source? Why marry Jorge, since she obviously can't stand him? Is it possible that a second k-1 visa wouldn't be granted?
  10. Pfj99

    Downward Dog

    Martin's flashbacks to his puppyhood always tug at my heartstrings.
  11. Pfj99

    Downward Dog

    I'm glad Martin doesn't talk with his mouth full. ?
  12. Pfj99

    Downward Dog

    Could Martin be any more adorable! I hope his self-esteem didn't suffer too much from the agility fail.
  13. Pfj99

    Downward Dog

    I just love this show! I especially love the fact that the star is a rescued shelter dog. He's a better actor than the humans!
  14. Pfj99

    Dr. Jeff, Rocky Mountain Vet

    In tonight's episode it looked like Baldwin still had balls after his leg amputation. During his surgery Dr. Jeff said "Now let's neuter him." Did anyone else notice Baldwin's non-neutered appearance?