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  1. Hellohappylife

    S21.E10: Power of Veto #3

    I know it won’t happen but at this point I would LOVE a twist where everyone in Camp comeback gets back in the game. Bella is horrible. She’s totally that girl in school, that wanted to hang with the “popular” kids,and now that she’s been accepted,she’s a total mean girl. Since Nick, or as I like to say ,her “2 minute man” (watch the feeds) is HOH she feels invincible. Nick- he’s so worried about Nicole,but I’m more worried about that hairline Sam -Stop hanging with those jerks! Tommy- I rolled my eyes so hard at his over the top comments about “Katelynn“ being his fave houseguest ever” he seems to play up his accent in the DR clips. How long until they all realize that tommy is at the scene of everyone’s conversations and knows a lot of information Cliff- forgot he was even on the block
  2. Hellohappylife

    S01.E08: Chickening Out

    I don’t understand how Corey actually believes that giving Evelin all of that money to open up a Bar was a good idea,or that the investment would bring them success Judging only by the area that has been shown, I wouldn’t drink or eat in a bar/restaurant that was located in that area. So many wild dogs,pigs running around. Trash all over. The town just looks dirty. As a tourist, especially as an American, I am use to only eating/drinking in cleaner establishments. Perhaps others would agree with me. (If not that’s okay) And does he just assume/expect that a lot of the locals will be hanging out,spending money there? And how? With what money? Does he not see the poverty surrounding him or is he blinded by “love” by the looks of it the people in that town have very little money and struggle for what they do have. I don’t mean to offend anyone but that’s my opinion based on what we’ve been shown, I could be wrong.
  3. Hellohappylife

    S21.E07: Power of Veto #2

    Sam is loud & hyper during his Diary Room sessions,it doesn’t bother me, i’d Rather listen to him yell, then to be subjected to Smug DR sessions from the Jacks. I hate that Sam didn’t use his veto, because now WannabeAquaman has an even bigger ego in his head. At this point I just hope I get to witness his head exploding when he finally over fills it with too much Bullshit. Maybe it’s just me but couldn’t the HG take a few seconds to throw on some clothes out of their bikini’s/swimsuits when trying to comfort Sam? There is a time & place for wearing your swimsuit, but someone mourning a death is not one of those times.
  4. Hellohappylife

    S01.E07 Broken Promises

    The scene where they all finally sit down to eat “breakfast” the camera zooms over to Jihoon’s mother who is happily gnawing on an apple not bothering to eat any of the other crap had me laughing.... I would do the same!
  5. Hellohappylife

    S01.E07 Broken Promises

    Some people are questioning why Deavan is the one making the move. I’ve wondered that aswell and I kinda have a theory. I’m wondering if maybe she’s doing it as a way to feel like she’s achieved some type of accomplishment. She was a Teenage Mother & now pregnant again at 21/22. Most of her friends have probably went away to college, live on their own with roommates,go to parties,live care-free,all of that stuff. Meanwhile her life doesn’t appear that exciting in comparison to people her own age. A lot of them probably find her life sad & want nothing to do with her. Moving to Korea could give her a sense of actually being interesting to her peers & feeling better about her life choices. And maybe I missed it but is Drusilla’s father in her life at all?? Is he okay with his daughter leaving the country? I have a friend with a 7 yr old that moved from the US to The Netherlands, and there was a lot of paperwork before it was finally allowed because the father signed away his rights to speed up the move.
  6. Hellohappylife

    S21.E06: Whacktivity Competition #2; Nominations #2

    I would love to know why Jackson (miche) always puts off a “You’re a loser and I’m better than you” sort of vibe. He should be spending his summer looking for another job, other then being a waiter so he can move out of his momma’s house. He’s not going to be landing any girls long term that look like Holly, Kat etc anytime soon,when there are better looking Lego’s in the world with more to offer. I don’t typically judge what people do for a living, but he’s a douche bag who’s clearly insecure because others in the house are more successful then he is, and being that he still has a high school mind set, he thinks his looks out weight anything else that actually matters.
  7. Hellohappylife

    Shopping Channel Hosts: Sales Prevention Team

    Reminds me of a “mother of the bride/groom” dress from the late 80s/early 90s also that fabric has to be very warm, especially under all those studio lights. I’m sweating buckets just looking at it. The color is pretty at least.
  8. Hellohappylife

    Live PD

    I actually like this officer, and so far all of the other new OK officers. But I do think his tattoos look ridiculous . Marvel/Comic book tattoo themes can actually look really really good. But his look sloppy,too spaced out with all of that blue scribbled in. he has way too many colors going on so that the whole thing looks like a kids artwork.
  9. Yay found the forum! Paul/Karine- I’m Sorry but I have no sypmpathy for these two. ( and it’s not because of his criminal background,which is horrible in itself) it’s because they both are stupid for getting pregnant. Paul thinks 26K a year is impossible, I know college students who work part time and make more then that. You don’t make a baby,when you can’t even figure out how to legally live in one country together,and manage to survive with no plan at all. Also after all the miscarriages Karine really should have let her body have more time to heal. I only feel sympathy for the innocent baby. Jenny/Summit- I’m not understanding this relationship AT ALL. I’m way younger then Jenny (26) a guy lying to his family like that would be a huge turn off. I don’t understand how at 60 she doesn’t feel off about it. I’m an adult,I have no reason to lie to anyone,especially my parents,when it comes to my life choices and I expect my husband who is 30 to do the same. Laura/Aladin- She’s in lust and he has nice teeth. Corey/Evelyn- he acted like he was getting brain surgery or something. Over a few shots? Really? I kept waiting for the scene of him leaving the appointment with a sticker and lollipop.
  10. Hellohappylife

    Live PD

    I know it’s lame but I reallyI miss how excited I would get on Friday’s at work knowing Live PD would be on. But after this last 2 week break they got rid of even more departments. (Franklin, Warwick, Slidell) we still have Richland but even then they barely show that department anymore and when they do it’s usually new officers. Really wish they were still following the departments that originally started the show, Pasco, El Paso, Arizona,Maryland, Greenville NC, Pinal county,Spokane.
  11. Hellohappylife

    All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    These people often make me question how real my relationships with friends and family is. Never in my 26 years of living has anyone ever gifted me a free car. I think I’m hanging out with the wrong people,I’m jealous.
  12. Hellohappylife

    S07:E21 The Assanti Brothers

    Omg I just can’t with this family. These 2 grown ass “men” continue to act like 9 year olds fighting for who can be daddy’s favorite. Dad needs to get help for himself cause he’s Delusional if he thinks they will ever be a normal family. At this point he deserves all of the stress they bring, because he won’t walk the hell away. Steven & Justin hitting their father only proves how much they disrespect him. I swear this was mostly just 2 hours of Justin crying over and over again how much he hated Steven and can’t wait to be back home to his life and his career. I find it hard to believe that his store does so well. It probably barely makes even every month.
  13. Hellohappylife

    All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    I agree. As annoying as the plaintiffs were, I didn’t like the defendants side much either. I kinda would have liked to see the proof that the plaintiffs actually did make weekly reports to housing authorities. Or if the Landlords were just being cheap and not wanting shell out money for repairs (even if they are simple things that don’t seem that important) because I’ve had landlords like that. Although I never made reports to anyone. Side note: $3,500 a month for rent seems crazy expensive to me, then again I live in Wisconsin (suburb of Milwaukee)
  14. Hellohappylife

    All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    I’d guess no,I bet they are the type to say “It’s their job,why should I tip them for it?”
  15. Hellohappylife

    All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    Whew, Jacob is a very creepy looking guy. Not sure what the attraction is there.