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  1. It’s been revealed that Derek Screws up words because of his dyslexia. I’m the odd one here, I like Derek F, He’s not a comp beast by any means & doesn’t deserve to win the game,but I like him. Tiffany doesn't give a damn about Big D or Azah, doesn’t include them in anything but expects them to vote her way because they’re apart of the “cookout” Tiffany was 100% trying to isolate and target Britney because she can be more vulnerable then others. If not then, tiffany shouldn’t have reacted so strongly towards her “alliance” members, meanwhile she was okay with Claire st
  2. I understand their reason for the “cookout” alliance & support it fully,but building a team solely on race may seem all happy, unicorns & rainbows at the start but sooner or later you gotta realize that you all have different ways of playing the game & you’re skin color has nothing to do with it. At this point I am hoping Xavier wins, He’s never gonna throw a comp,Being lawyer he’s doesn’t let personal feelings effect his game, He’s actually staying true about no showman , when he could have easily lied to Azah to benefit his game. He doesn’t list his whole family tree durin
  3. Stan’s a complete ass,But i almost died laughing at his pre-school insults “You’re the one that’s gonna drive with no license!” …. “At least I have a car”
  4. Britni needs to stop shouting at us in the DR about how much of a “Threat” she is & the HG should fear her…. What exactly has she done for her to be considered a “threat”…. other then being an expert in everything that possess endless talents Enough with the tears when being nominated. If you’re gonna cry every time then maybe don’t sign up for the show? Along with the HOH’s being stressed out and complaining on Who to evict. As if they were unaware that being HOH would make them responsible for picking noms
  5. Please never ever show us Nicolle giving Daonte a lap dance again. It’s like her ass and that wall were in a competition on who could have the flatter surface.
  6. Rachel really loves to keep reminding us that Doug is 6’5….so are guys in the NBA,some are even taller!! Nothing about that relationship gives of a real Love vibe. Just Sex. Sex. Sex. Which is perfectly okay & fun, but jeez don’t let him get you pregnant! Someone needs to get Nicolle some purple shampoo ASAP after that horrid dye job. Not to mention, Every mother dreams of the day that her daughter’s “fiancé” shares information on how he gets off by sexing a headless torso sex toy named after your daughter. Love that stan told lisa how good she looks,as he’s frantically reachin
  7. Courtney made such a big dill (ha) about the pickle outfit and forgot about everything else. She could have atleast done something nice to her hair, maybe a little makeup,a cute top. Instead she showed up, looking like she just rolled out of bed & grabbed whatever was on the floor nearby. With all of those dogs and no hot water, i can imagine she doesn’t smell so great.
  8. The worst part of it all was doug jr. How horrible was his life with his mother to where Rachel, a stranger to the kid was able to gain some sort of custody? Based on the few words we heard from Doug over the phone, he could become abusive & dangerous “Doug doesn’t approve of video games”…Who gives a fuck what Doug thinks. Let the kid play his video games, it’s better than doing the shit that put his father in prison. When Doug gets a job, pays taxes, pays bills, becomes a law abiding citizen, supports his child financially, emotionally then he can have his own damn opinion
  9. Ms. Catalina gave me the creeps, like one of those women you see on Snapped… Her voice, Lashes, Lips, made her look like a Kylie Jenner Wannabe, except for the acne scars.
  10. I have to unfortunately agree with Debbie, Jess is married, why does she still care? move the fuck on. Jess Husband looks like he has some bodies hidden somewhere. Guy is creepy as hell. They wasted so much time on jess and and brit. Ed talking about cheating, when he cheated on his wife that led to his divorce 25 years ago is a big LOL
  11. Have to say i agree with Mo, they never talk about the good things about Danielle. Hence why they keep bringing up the “smell” clip. Can’t say I blame him for being annoyed & not wanting to keep discussing things that happened 7 years ago. This show isn’t about finding love, it’s about exploiting people, and sadly we all enjoy watching it. Ed doesn’t want love, he wants the little bit of fame and attention this show brings him. Colt and Ed were really competing on who get the most camera time. cringe.
  12. or when they try to justify buying multiples “ I got these on sale” It’s no longer a “good deal”, if you buy 50 of them people!
  13. She really tried to justify saving old dirt that was found inside the house to keep...so she could “give” it to the freaking worms Even though most of these hoarders are horrible, selfish,etc. The families need to stop using the Grand-kids as bargaining chips. As much as I dislike margie, I Agree with her when she said, the grandkids still wouldn’t even visit often if the house was clean because they’re busy with their lives & more interested in hanging with friends.
  14. It’s trashy tv, but i’m loving it! Although i skip past Britney & Fernanda. I have no interests watching a 22/27 look for “love” That swimsuit did her no favors. Another creepy gift from ed.
  15. Ed, keeps dating all of these Young,single Mother’s in their 20’s, who have jobs,friends, a social life, then becomes jealous/confused as to why they can’t spend 24/7 with him & his mommy. The guy needs a life,a woman born in his decade, a hobby that doesn’t include those stupid stickers of his face... He doesn’t want a girlfriend,he wants to own someone. I’m surprised he hasn’t asked her to quit her job yet.
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