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  1. I didn’t believe for one second that he owned a jet, or even that Ferrari. Maybe it’s just me but when I see someone driving a Luxury car such as a Ferrari I instantly assume it’s a rental...especially if that person lives in freakin Oklahoma. If he’a so rich then he wouldn’t need “business partners”. He’s a fake. I wouldn’t be surprised if his lifestyle was funded by credit card fraud/ identity Theft.
  2. Typical Carole. If she’s not praised as this super loving, nice animal lover then it’s off to the courts She goes to waste Another judges time. She must have grown up being one of those kids who’s parents told them constantly,They were amazing at everything. Carole needs to realize she’s not a special snowflake.
  3. Joe is just bat shit crazy. His need for attention is insane. But the others are no better. I don’t by Carole being as innocent and sweet as she tries to come across. I don’t know if she killed her husband but the way she treated his daughters After was dirty, changing all of the paper work so that they ended up with nothing was wrong. She claims to be this sweet person but everyone that “works” at her rescue is a volunteer and has to earn different color shirts as a rank basically? Not even knowing names of interns. And we are told she has millions?Seems Shady. Her whole persona feels fake to Me. That Jeff Lowe guy is a total con, not sure why any women with a brain would let him touch her let alone become pregnant. What man tells a women to hit the gym right after she gives birth? And a hot nanny? Why?!? Someone needs to tell him he’s 60 not 20,get a new wardrobe. The Doc guy is pretty much a Creepy sex cult leader. No matter how much they all try to claim they care about animal rights And the welfare of those cats ,they all are Making a profit off their actions. We as humans are not suppose to be able to hold and cuddle tigers, or take selfies with them. They belong in the wild with other lions,not locked up in cages where 100s of people can annoy them daily. Seeing those Cats eating lunch meat, dirty water broke my heart. I don’t know how you can do that to any living thing.
  4. Tommy looks like Rasputin, I kept waiting for a haircut and a shave scene.. Dr.Now has really been pointing out the weight of the “enablers” in the room this season,and I love it. Some might see it as being a bully or just plain rude,but a lot of these people truly believe they are sooooo healthy compared to the 600 pounder,it’s time someone gave them a dose of reality. I love that Dr. Now isn’t jumping up and down and praising every small milestone that’s passed,it only makes those real moments genuine and sweet.
  5. I almost fell out of my chair Laughing at the Dog breeder, Defendant’s comment “ He doesn’t understand the process judge, Breeding isn't exactly a science” Sweetheart, YES IT IS . Someone should throw her a picture of The Periodic table chart that contain’s the elements needed to create anything Living on Earth.
  6. So far I’m liking the girl from Canada the least. She is always the victim. A real cry baby. Maybe I’m insensitive but I’m 2 years older than her,why exactly does she still care so much about stuff that took place 6 years ago in high school? ..... at some point you gotta get over it. You have a child now,grow up and get some self esteem. She made a huge deal about the “high school bully” but it turns out they actually use to mess around?!? ... okay then. She’s a drama queen,just like the Joy girl in California stirring up drama before the wedding. Florida Husband Rusty, is just scary. She needs to ask the last wife why it didn’t work out cause something is wrong there. He could careless about having kids,he’s 40 and already has 3. All he cares about is that no one else finds her attractive and he gets to keep having those food sex activities.
  7. I’m starting to realize that these people are pretty much just asking for the hate and judgment they receive from others. They complain because They are not accepted to society of friends/family but yet they’re the ones who feel the need to showcase to everyone the freaky weird shit they do in the bedroom. Whatever happened to keeping things to yourself? It’s impossible for some people these days. Incest marriages should only become legal if each person agrees to a permanent form of birth control like a vasectomy/tubes tied. Do whatever weird shit you want,but don’t bring innocent babies into your mess.
  8. Agree! I hate that. The main reason people enjoy Shows for Netflix is because they don’t have to wait a whole week for a new episode. Especially shows like this where you’re trying to follow along Trying to remember and keeping up with everyone’s actions and conversations within the game.
  9. So far I kinda want shubam (spelling?) to win! He seems the most real out of all of the players,and he would probably be the only one not to blow all of the money completely. I also like Sammie (although she was being kind of a hypocrite for her reaction towards Miranda’s video) I like Chris, but he can be kinda over the top, it’s like he’s trying way too hard to be a witty drag queen from RuPaul’s drag race constantly. I like Vinny as well, he’s a bit cocky, and flirtatious but not in a huge douchebag way. The guy playing Rebecca gets so into all of the gossip in those all girl private chats, I love it! 😂😂 Don’t like Miranda,she seems like she’s there to have a private blind date with everyone. I don’t understand why they all think Mercedez is a “BOSS” also why is the catfish playing her all ways eating something? I swear I haven’t seen her doing anything else! ( nothing wrong with that either I’m just curious)
  10. Some find these types of episodes boring,But to me it’s nice to start the new year off/ season on a positive note.( but let’s face it,the trashy episodes are a guilty pleasure) Going by the history of the seasons past there are likely to be very few success stories to come. So I’ll enjoy this one. I loved the clothes shopping scenes as well,I always love when they include those. The mother was annoying. I don’t understand the logic of It not being “okay” for her son to be gay but it’s perfectly okay for her failed marriages?....both are considered “sins” but I like to believe God loves everyone and not everything said to be a “sin” in the Bible is actually true ,But that’s a different unrelated conversation. You don’t like the food then don’t freaking eat it! When your children are trying to better their lives then you shut up. I am impressed how well she handled the conversation with the boys,I was not expecting that to go so well. I’ll give her points for that. I hope the son doesn’t follow in their foot steps,he’s tall and seems to enjoy being active,he has so much potential to lead a healthy life,unlike a lot of the other kids we often see on the show who are already overweight like their parents. Hope to see positive Updates from these two!
  11. Those people in TH are just pure trash. That situation in no way whatsoever should be called “police brutality” the officer told the guy more than once to go away, but of course for some reason certain people these days don’t know how to STFU and just do what they are told. These are the exact people that paint Police officers in a bad light to the public, by showing edited videos of the altercations but never the before story that led up to it. It’s always SOMEONE else’s fault. I hope they all have a fun weekend in jail followed by heavy fines for that Jerry Springer brawl😊 Dan later stated that the cops pulled him over because the plates didn’t match the car, so it was a valid and Legal stop..... Also someone might want to check on that ladie’s husband,he looks like he’s been pregnant for 10 years.
  12. I don’t know if I’d go as far as saying ”future serial killers” towards the two boys. But I do think they are very easily on their way to a life of destruction and stupid choices. Especially the Blonde boy. He just seems a little cunning and sneaky,with how they kept showing him telling the other boy what to say. They are both guilty but the other boy seems to be a “follower” who will do anything to “impress” his peers. Even tho that doesn’t excuse his actions. The parents need to be more aware of what their kids are doing,where they are. I don’t care if they are “8” that’s still a child. If you’re not gonna bother checking on them keeping tabs. Sign them up for sports,find a hobby they like,something that can occupy their time and mind. If you can’t do that,Then keep them inside,where they are free to destroy your property not others. I’m glad they don’t live on my street.
  13. Amber-Amber’s and puppy’s scam just highlights even more how stupid they are. Even if the “plan” some how worked, how much extra money from the military do they really expect Vince to get? Most military families have the same amount of money as any average middle class Family outside of the military. Not understanding their logic. Amber or anyone else will never convince me that Vincent is some kind of modern Nikola Tesla. Lacey- That scene was cringe,She was smiling the whole damn time. How exactly is Shane the love of her life? I’ve yet seen the two of them have any sort of meaningful conversation outside of drama or sex. Nothing. Do people not discuss things anymore like TV shows they like? books they’re reading? How NASA is planning to go to Mars? How America Kicked Ass in WW2? Some new recipe they found? Anything? I can’t be the only one having these conversations with my husband? (Or friends) Alex- Who told you, you were sexy? Even in a poorly lit room you’re a 2. And that’s me being kind. Daniel/ Lizzy- It’s icy outside,why couldn’t he just wait to blind fold her until she got seated in the car? Can you imagine seeing a blind folded passenger in a car on the highway? That ring is Tacky and so was that room.
  14. Okay that live stream case was just so cringe. I’m the same age as the defendant (26) even myself or any of my friends act that way on social media or our daily lives. JJ has it so right,young people these days tend to think they are Interesting special snowflakes and that people want to know their every waking thought 24/7. It’s obnoxious and annoying. I don’t know if the plaintiff getting $5,000 was a good choice but the petty side of my is glad that she got more money from that guys stupid video, than he pever will. The most disturbing part about the whole video was the guy being completely unfocused on driving, not looking up at the road because he’s too busy reading stupid comments that I’m sure are from bored 12 year olds
  15. Lacey- I hope sheends up in jail by time this season is over. We have watched her put hands on both guys,Now if the roles were reversed the guys would be in cuffs already. These guys have made shitty life choices,but her disregard towards other’s feelings because of HER actions is horrible. Not sure why she expects some extravagant proposal from a guy,when shes known him for 5 minutes,already slept with him and has another guy. She should be shocked that some dumbass asked her anyways despite her wicked ways. Angela- She’s not fooling anyone. If she wanted him out of her life then she would have blocked his number and delete the “Asshole tony” contact,which is something a 12 yr old would name. Shd will 100% forgive Tony. Gloritetta- I’m tired of seeing those little tear drop tattoo’s by Alex’s mouth, did he kill someone during oral? Cause wtf is that? How that isn’t a turn off to glorietta is beyond me but then again she’s only focused on her Pinterest dream wedding. I’m finding the trips to these higher end jewelry stores/ wedding dress shops a little cringy to watch. They have no business trying on the $10,000+ wedding dresses they will never buy, or looking at expensive rings, to only end up buying the cheapest one in stock. All they’re doing is wasting the sale’s associates time. Especially the bridal shop associate who makes very little hourly, and rely on commission sales. They need to relocate to a Walmart jewelry counter and a David’s Bridal clearance rack.
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