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  1. No one is using that treadmill. I am surprised there is not laundry on it. I am really tired of hear Nicole's mom say how disappointed in Azan she is....Um, you should be disappointed in your daughter.
  2. I thought she was about to poke herself in the eye.
  3. Molly's nails terrify me.
  4. Molly looks terrible.
  5. This made me laugh out loud.
  6. Pedro probably hasn't been laid in a while....
  7. It's just really conservative. She's clearly not conservative.
  8. "I don't know why he's stressed out"....Um, I don't know Karen, maybe its because you are all giant assholes to him.
  9. Like you might go in, but not come out.
  10. Does Larry creep anyone else out? He's all smooth and shiny like a baby seal.
  11. I do love that family chantel pushed for this and they told her it doesn't matter to immigration. 😂
  12. Oh Chantel, it is totally fair that you are responsible for the person you sponsor to bring into this country.
  13. She's been in the states long enough to know parties don't start late here...
  14. People deserve the crown for being the queen of assholes tonight.
  15. Does Libby not work?