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  1. I find these people who threaten to get them deported just disgusting.
  2. God these assholes, such dysfunction.
  3. Where do all of these people think money comes from?
  4. And those saddle bags really weigh her down.
  5. Pedro married Chantel to be tortured with her bitching.
  6. I am ready for a new crop of couples.
  7. Hahaha I actually think he does.
  8. How is Andrei's dad so short???
  9. God Pao is just a cow.
  10. Good night everyone! I am going to go pound some whiskey.
  11. And of course he put it back empty instead of throwing it away.
  12. I love how Coltee tells her she should talk to her without yelling. She was asshole and you just keep antagonizing. He's a gaslighting asshole.
  13. Chantel's boobs are just gross.
  14. All of the references Jay's heavy sack have given me a visual I didnt really need LOL
  15. Trashley is just a nasty piece of garbage.