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  1. Sometimes we do something because it's the right thing to do, even when it isn't legislated. For example, I'm sure parties of 8 are allowed to go shopping. It's still careless and unnecessary. Shopping as recreation ended a long time ago.
  2. Sonny Bono's last words "Let me show you what Michael Kennedy did wrong."
  3. I swear I read about the Timberlake baby months ago, but there were no subsequent reports about it. Justin certainly was cagey about when the child arrived.
  4. Short of a lab test, you have no way of knowing that. When people get sick, they blame the last thing they ate, when it could have been the thing before that, or before that, or before that, or often not food related at all. We tend to shove something in our pie hole every couple of hours. Food borne illness does not manifest in a minute, it takes a minimum of an hour for staph, and up to 14 days for other organisms.
  5. FFS, why are all these girls such mush mouths? It's like they are too damned lazy to open their mouths. (Insert obvious joke about how they got pregnant)
  6. Quof

    Mad About You

    The colour of old bras.
  7. I don't think NPH has ever been on the show? Carey Mulligan has been on a lot, and god, she's dull.
  8. He also wrapped a towel around his waist when he got out of the shower. BTW, wearing a top and no bottoms is known as Porky Pigging It.
  9. Same. Would they show images of dirty underwear in a commercial for a diarrhea medication?
  10. And you still have to add almost half a pound of butter and almost half a dozen eggs. F*ck me.
  11. Oh, my God, can you picture the Jack comparisons and rehashing? Kate will be apoplectic - "You'd better not save him, doctors. You couldn't save my dad. Why should he get to live when we and the world are deprived of Saint Jack?"
  12. The Vuolos aren't the only Americans who don't understand the metric system.
  13. Now there's lots of talk about Jennifer Coolidge actually playing Samantha. Just, no. (She also says "no way"). Seriously, people. How hard is it to have a throw away line "I had a great Zoom with Samantha last night. She sends her love." Either carry on with the 3 women or bring in a 4th woman - perhaps even with some connection to Samantha - but to simply have some one else play the character is insulting to the actors and the viewers.
  14. I had an urgent dentist appointment today. I had a regular appointment in June and my only complaint was that I was made to rinse with peroxide for 30 seconds (yes, it was timed). This time I was given regular old Crest oral rinse, so that was a nice surprise. When I called from the car, the receptionist asked the screening questions. When she got to headache, I said "Well, the pain from my tooth is referring to my head, but that is not what you are looking for. So let's say 'no'". My options now are root canal vs implant. I had an implant a few years ago, and the process wasn't horrible, but it is expensive and takes about a year for all the steps. A root canal is much faster and costs less. The dentist said there was no strong reason to recommend one over the other. I have heard of someone who started implant treatment, but was unable to check his progress and have the next steps done in the appropriate time while dentists were shut down. The post didn't "take" and it was too late to rescue by the time he saw a dentist, so he has to start over. That possibility was the last push I needed to choose root canal.
  15. OT, but Miranda Hart on Twitter is awesome.
  16. We experienced this less than 18 months ago after a hurricane.
  17. Unless you are Mrs. Seth Meyers
  18. Why? Are snakes and gators attracted to dangly things?
  19. She wouldn't have been allowed into the country.
  20. Interesting. Someone hit pause and check the photo in his driver's license.
  21. Oh, they're not done yet.
  22. He was still in BC when he called. The border was technically still closed at the time (as a US citizen he would be allowed to cross, but there would be some delays). Taking a Canadian rental car across the border is always a problem, more so during Covid when rental companies couldn't just have some one bring it back, so perhaps he dropped it off in Canada and picked up a new rental once he crossed the border..... Three hour flight versus 22 hours of straight driving, because you wouldn't want to stop in a hotel.... So many things make no sense.
  23. I bailed on "Hostages" with one episode left. It was very liberating.
  24. Lillith presumably bought out Frasier's share in the marital home after the divorce, leaving him a lump sum of cash for a down payment.
  25. Bored, bored, bored. I think I'm out.
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