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  1. I’d like to see more of Naz’s Story. What drew her to nursing? I’d like to know what hospital has councillors for their staff available 24/7 for their staff to talk to after being hit by a patient!
  2. May I start a topic for the Canadian show Coroner, now on its second season?
  3. Did anyone watch the premier of Nurses on Global TV in Canada last night? While it wasn’t great I thought I was OK. I thought the way they dealt with Grace learning that the patient she was caring for and comforting was the perpetrator of the car attack was good.
  4. Thanks but unfortunately Food Network Canada is not showing them according to this schedule. I tried to look on the Food Network Canadian site but no luck.
  5. Are there going to be more episodes or was this a one time only thing?
  6. That one cake was a hot mess. I did like the winning cake.
  7. Yes, the texts were hard to read. This is becoming a nitpick of mine. Greys does the same thing.
  8. Damn Elaine, I was cheering so hard for you. I have lost all respect for Noura after her behaviour with Dean’s shoes. And shut the front door with Dan. Just wish they ad booted him the first timed Kellee complained about him.
  9. Gosh, I do not remember that at all! Thanks
  10. So they evacuated 3 billion people to Earth 1? What happens if Earth 1 needs to be evacuated? And so forth. Maybe I am over thinking this. How do Batwoman and Supergirl know each other? i don’t watch Arrow but Oliver’s “death” ( is he really dead?) did make me teary. Wouldn’t the Legends time jumper be handy for evacuating? Because they could go back a day or two and evacuate before crisis started.
  11. It was heart breaking to see the one teams design fall apart. And I really liked their concept. Would like to see more from the Ice sculpters
  12. Damn it Janet! I was so cheering for you! So sad to see you go!😿
  13. I loved the penguins that the winning team made. They were so cute!
  14. So who voted for Elizabeth? Someone is really on the outs
  15. The jaw dropping after Karishma played her idol was spectacular! As was the jury’s reactions. Very sorry to see Elizabeth go, I was routing for her. Who voted for Janet the first time?
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