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  1. That was a fun episode and I really enjoyed it. Except for the part where Riley got dump. Poor Riley.
  2. Buddy seemed to be gloating while the judges told Duff his mistakes with the dinosaurs. Then when it was his turn to be told of his mistakes he looked annoyed. Like he can do no wrong but Duff is a joke, just another reason why I don’t like Buddy.
  3. Crap what a depressing episode. now all I can think about is a poor doggy trapped in a burning house and not one firefighter could be spared to save him.
  4. Awesome episode. I am so glad that Naz saved her patient’s eye. I was so afraid that he was going to go blind. The patient in pain was not realistic. He should have been on a CADD pump and been receiving continuous pain control. And there is no such thing as reaching the “maximum” amt of pain meds. looking forward to a second season!
  5. Very good episode. I do find it hard to believe that a hospital would leave a patient alone in a room with no way to provide care. Wouldn’t they have hazmat suits available? The coma case was sad. If I can see why he would freak out. Here is someone he has never seen before in his life sharing memories and claiming to know him best.
  6. Predictable. Thr whole episode was so predictable. way to go Andy, slamming the door in the face of someone coming to you for help because he is “healthy”
  7. Very good episode. Was so sorry to see Maya die.
  8. I have a friend of a friend who lives in Nunavik. Where it gets really, really cold. And they seem to survive without massive cases of frost bite. In fact, they do not lock their doors in winter because they do not want to take off their gloves/mittens to use keys. So suck it up buttercup, Seattle, you are a bunch of wimps.
  9. If you want me to believe that an entire city has been shut down because of snow, do not show me people outside with barely enough snow to cover the pavement. And if you expect me to believe that it is so cold that frost bite is happening, at least show me visible breath when people are standing outside talking in the freezing cold. and finally, really? The City of Seattle cannot cope with a little cold and snow.
  10. Well, crap! I really liked Parker. That sucks. and I don’t believe that Julia would cheat on Murdoch. Poor Crabtree! Shades of Misery!!
  11. Poor Naz. that is always my worry when going somewhere. That I will be dressed wrong.
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