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  1. I really liked it. Those challenges were tough! I like that everyone stays to the end, so they can still win money in the team challenges.
  2. I am loving how Stargirl/Courtney interacts with the staff. And the way the staff appears to be “talking” to Stargirl.
  3. OMG! A cook off to see who makes it to the final three. I like this! Was this planned? Or were they really that close?
  4. I really enjoyed it. Courtney interacting with the staff was fun.
  5. That second case seemed to last forever! I thought it would never end.
  6. Like Rob would have given up immunity to build fire.
  7. I can’t believe that they couldn’t provide Tribal with a roof?
  8. Coma girl oops pretty damn good for someone who has been in a coma for 30 years. Nice full lips, nice flowing hair, no contractures, no muscle loss. And apparently recognized her grown up brother right away.
  9. Bravo Michele! I am still cheering for you
  10. I started this season hating Natalie, but I have grown to love her. Go Natalie!
  11. Those were some honking big earrings in the second case. They must hurt to wear.
  12. I am a nurse and I have had freakouts similar or Nyla’s when the Q work is said. Never, ever say that word. as soon as we met the other two Rookies I knew one of them was toast. Poor guys didn’t stand a chance.
  13. I always enjoy the mis en place quick fires. I would get 1 apple pealed by the time the whole challenge was over.
  14. I have been using the new dawn spray and I LOVE it! It works really lol
  15. Buddy’s cake was beautiful. Duff’s was good too. While I don’t like Buddy, his cake was better and he earned the win. Still cheering for Duff though!
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