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  1. I’m confused. I thought Kryptonite was only dangerous to people from Krypton. Ie Supergirl, Superman. so what was the point in shooting Batwoman with it??
  2. I was born the same day as Prince Edward so I knew the answer !
  3. In case you missed it, Amber got 4 points. I think she will become annoying very quickly. Cody also annoys. i don’t think Mary-Lou will last long if she can’t cook rice.
  4. That was bad. So bad. I don’t understand her cafe. Is it a place to get coffee and food and play with cats? Or a place to adopt cats? And what the ever loving heck is going on with her Mother’s face. Please tell me that is makeup and not what the person looks in real life.
  5. Thank you. That makes sense. I guess I was expecting something much more dramatic.
  6. Did I zone out? I don’t remember anything about Owen and Amelia and a “controversy surgery”
  7. I was sure Millar was going to get himself shot and killed. All that talk about needing a village to raise his daughter had me convinced he was told. a rather boring start and an intense end.
  8. That music challenge was just brutal. The music the band was playing did not sound anything like the music heard on the legs. Very disappointed to see DeAngelo and Gary go. I was so,hoping they would get it right first and leave the alliance behind.
  9. The team that got eliminated on a “technicality” was robbed. They had the nicest looking piece. I think the judges just got rid of them because they were the strongest team. I think the team that won were the judges favourite and that is why they won. The judges kept saying “I am so glad they made it through”. What a disappointing season.
  10. I really enjoyed this episode! It was fun! nice to see them address the trust issues from last season. also liked the “pandemic” issue.
  11. Where was the 17 year old 's parents?? Should not have they been consulted at some point?
  12. Not a fan of Rayven’s shouting. I thought that the team that sat out this week was much nicer than last weeks team. They put a more positive spin on things, Did the team that won thus week also win last week.? I am having a hard time keeping the teams straight for some reason.
  13. As a front line worker I was in tears right from the start with the message about wearing your mask. The bits about proning the people with Covid were very accurate so cudos to the writers for that. The part about staff on the non-Covid floors not wearing masks did not sit well with me. The hospital I work at has had everyone picking up a mask on entrance to the building and wearing it for their whole shift. No matter what your role. Now, I am Canadian and work at a hospital hit very hard from SARS so it is possible that my hospital is just much more cautious. overall, a very good episode. I hope the next one follows up on pregnant lady and guy with the wife on FaceTime.
  14. Loved it! Actually got a little misty eyed during Sheldon’s speech. Leonard Cooper!!❤️
  15. Did not like the tram sitting out running down the other teams and saying how great they were. Not really liking Raven but maybe I will warm up over team. I found it confusing for everyone to be working right at the start. the new concept is interesting and it is nice not to have some one sent home on day one
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