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  1. I wish they had shown Fred on the wall longer. That shot was way too quick.
  2. Enough with the gross food punishment. I do not want to watch people being forced to eat something that causes them to vomit. Antonio needs to go now. What a jerk.
  3. I am Canadian and watch it on Cable TV. So I am thinking show.
  4. I have to watch it with my closed captioning on.
  5. Sorry, you can’t get the vaccine because you have money! Seriously? Do you know these people? Maybe they are isolating because someone at home is immuno compromised. Or they have medical problems and are at risk. To get through this everyone needs a vaccine. Even the rich people.
  6. She updated all her books. I have them all on my Kindle. She did a good job I think. I have them all on my Kindle.
  7. Huge Lois Duncan fan here! Agree Daughters of Eve fits this perfectly! Have you read her updated version?
  8. The first case. If the driver was turning right on a red and hit the Plantiff, would not that mean that she was crossing on a red? Not only did she ignore the crosswalk, she ignored the light!!
  9. Nick and Moira must be doing pretty good financially. Not only do they live in a house in Toronto, but they shop at Longos! 😀
  10. I would like to have seen the dishes sent out to the children to eat and then seen their reactions.
  11. I found it odd that the people inspecting the boat/people didn’t recognize June. isn’t she like on the most wanted list? Wouldn’t her face be plastered everywhere?
  12. I think the something old, something new etc items will aid Lopez in her escape/rescue. Was this really the season finale? Bummer.
  13. I don’t like these 30 min cases. They just seem to be too drawn out for me. I start to lose interest because they just seem so repetitive. The first case today just made me want to dump sanitizer on everyone. Ek
  14. Erica was pissed!! first by not being chosen by Kym, second by her team losing. I was cheering for her, now I am not so sure. still loving Kym though!
  15. I understand that. But that apartment would be really really expensive. A 500 square foot apartment in Toronto starts around $1500 a month. Rita appears to have a huge garden suite. I would expect the government assistance would be more along the lines of a shared apartment.
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