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  1. I watched with both dubbing and subtitles. There were certainly times when the subtitles gave a much different version than the dubbing. More profanity for sure. Very much a Hunger Games situtation. Kill or be killed? Example in point, the husband/wife team.
  2. Tiffany is sitting out so her tribe has a chance to win.
  3. I got a kick how the warning were things like violence, suicide and smoking. Smoking!! 😂
  4. Loved it. It’s nice to be back to the lighter toned episode. love George’s Aunt! What a hoot she was! I think Julia will open a private practise/surgery just for women.
  5. The guy just had his leg amputated. You really think he is going to be able to go out and plant a garden? He has months of healing ahead of him. Not to mention obtaining and learning to use a prosthetic limb. Assuming he can afford one. Considering he can't manage his diabetes he has a long road a head of him.
  6. I don’t know if he gave consent for surgery though. He was wheeled away screamingly for help. He didn’t even want to go to the hospital in the first place.
  7. I am pretty sure that the patient has to agree to have his leg amputated. If he does not give consent you can’t just wheel him into the OR and amputate. People have the right to refuse treatment. If he didn’t want amputation they would have to try antibiotics and wound dressings. They can just wheel him into the OR and amputate. just like a Jehovah Witness person can refuse a blood transfusion even if it means death. good or bad, people still have control over their bodies.
  8. Sure, when Tiffany can’t do the balance beam she is a loser. Heather can’t catch a ball and Jeff admires her for trying.
  9. Loved Murdoch with the baby. Some truly funny moments there. The ladies on the train were good too. Good team work.
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