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  1. Ron has been a judge on a Canadian show called The Big Bake as recently as 2019. I love him. as an off side, The Big Bake is a great show to watch.
  2. The chairs seem to be too big. They are wing chairs but the “wing part” seems to be very high.
  3. Is it just me or is there something off about the background for the After the Verdict chats? The chairs just don’t look real to me. Nothing looks real except Marilyn and her husband. Are they sitting in different chairs and then the background is superimposed over it? And there was some tapping noise in the 2nd case that was driving me crazy! loved having 3 cases!
  4. I like the After the Verdict part. I really like that Harvey no longer questions random strangers watching it on the street. I get really excited for a moment and thought he was gone altogether but then he popped up with the Q&A thing. Which is tolerable. I agree with the poster who said that there will be some tweaking along the way as we all navigate through this “new normal”
  5. I don’t like that everyone can watch the individual challenges right from the start. Those going later will have an advantage because they can see the mistakes the people going first made.
  6. I am certain that the creepy Plantiff was stalking the defendant just like she claimed. And I really felt for her over the loss of her dog. Poor thing
  7. I was really pulling for Tara. that was a brutal overtime challenge. I would have given up after 10 minutes. Love Phil. He really tries to route for everyone and support everyone.
  8. OMG. The 2 people is the se one case today have got to be the most unpleasant nasty people I have seen on People’s Court in a long time. They deserve each other.
  9. Thoughts as I am watching it. I love like the teams will always be even because no one goes home. No one gets to “sit out a challenge” and therefore conserve their energy. I love that they have adjusted things in overtime some that they are even. They are both lifting 1/2 their body weight and have adjusted the height of the bell for their actual height.
  10. I think Harold was stoned in court. 2nd case- What happened to the puppy????
  11. I really liked it. Those challenges were tough! I like that everyone stays to the end, so they can still win money in the team challenges.
  12. I am loving how Stargirl/Courtney interacts with the staff. And the way the staff appears to be “talking” to Stargirl.
  13. OMG! A cook off to see who makes it to the final three. I like this! Was this planned? Or were they really that close?
  14. I really enjoyed it. Courtney interacting with the staff was fun.
  15. That second case seemed to last forever! I thought it would never end.
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