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  1. He was cute and funny. I couldn't tell how much of it was him trying to throw them off or if he just didn't understand English well enough (like when they asked what's the furthest away he's sold a sculpture...he didn't seem to really understand the question). The dragon was pretty cool.
  2. My brother's answer to "you'd have to be really unlucky to be struck by this" : a Smooth Criminal I was kinda sad it wasn't up there.
  3. I knew it was Jaleel White!! (It was the eyes.) I never realized Kevin Nealon was so tall (google tells me 6'4").
  4. Facebook just reminded me that three years ago I posted this: Let's see if this season can top that.
  5. I was surprised by Walmart, too. I was annoyed I didn't get Beauty and the Beast because one of the Sirius XM channels I had saved on my car stereo changed to Disney and I was listening to it for a bit last week. They played a song from B&TB and it listed Paige O'Hara (among others, but not Robby Benson) in the artist field.
  6. Ran Stock Markets and Scavengers. Missed only one Character, Age and War. TS: aspen, sharks, Walmart, Olduvai Gorge, and Damascus. I did not get FJ. I hated that book. Must have purged it from my memory. Final score was 64%. Not my worst game of the week. Fun fact: the second round Daily Doubles were right next to each other in the $1600 row.
  7. My cable came back! J!: Got the DD, and Rio Grande and humble pie TSes. Ran Geography (of all things!), Plane Train or Automobile, and Language of food, missed one in Music and two in each of the other categories for 83%! DJ: Not so great, only 63%. Got one DD and no TS. (I also could only come up with Jerry Brown.) FJ: I got it but it was a guess. Just trying to think of a tiny country that might have something called Vaduz in it. 74% for the game. Best of the week so far. I was rooting for Matt because his story of drinking with a monkey made me laugh. I'm not normal
  8. Mayim doesn't wear pants for religious reasons.
  9. I think Nin would have been enough on its own, but I'm not sure your mispronunciation of Anaïs (aka Angela Anaïs Juana Antolina Rosa Edelmira Nin y Culmell) is unreasonable for the spelling. It doesn't seem to add or subtract any letters.
  10. golfcompendium.com says it's caddie. https://www.golfcompendium.com/2019/01/caddie-or-caddy.html
  11. (Alex Moffat vs. Michelle Collins and Dominique Jackson vs. Indya Moore) I don't know any of these celebrities tonight...the name Alex Moffat is vaguely familiar and Indya Moore was on the Daily Show recently (with almost no hair so I didn't recognize them at first) but that's all I got. I don't understand why they sometimes try to act out every clue. Do they forget that they're allowed to talk or are they just trying to be cute? Use your words, people. This isn't Charades. Um, no, Florida's capital is not Orlando....
  12. She sounds so sad when she says "No."
  13. Looks like I'm actually going to have to call customer service; my cable box has rebooted itself multiple times today (and I rebooted it twice) and it still isn't working. Listened to most of the first segment with a still picture of Evan at $400 on the optimum app on my tablet, the rest of the round was basically a slide show of random images. During the second commercial I downloaded it on my phone and watched the rest on an even smaller screen (iPhone XR vs 10.1-inch tablet vs 42-inch TV). Have I mentioned F#@& cablevision? Not a great game. 53% / 63% / 57%. Only ran Twins & Tr
  14. She's two weeks (until June 25), then Sanjay Gupta is two weeks (July 9), then after that they are one week each (5 of 'em) until the end of the season.
  15. "Why did you come to AGT?" The same reason everyone comes to AGT. Because the producers recruited me. That's pretty good for this show. I actually liked him. I don't expect to see him in the finals.
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