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  1. I was sad when TD Bank got rid of their coin counting machines. It was free if you had an account (and you could guess the total and if you were within a certain amount you got a prize...I got a water bottle once). After that I started using the CoinStar machine at Wegmans; if you get a gift card it doesn't charge a percentage so I used to get Starbucks and then just add the amount to my registered card. But I've only been to Starbucks once since March (and that was the one in Target, and I only went to use some of my stars for a free drink before they expired)... Most of the gift card options aren't ones I would use (I wish they had Target...or Wegmans!)
  2. I called to make a service appointment for my car this afternoon; I will need to wait for it and they have limited appointments for that...the next available was almost two weeks away - Tuesday August 25th! (Which is fine; if I couldn't do it tomorrow, I would have to wait until the 26th, anyway. I didn't want to do it on a Saturday because I figured it'd be more crowded...though maybe not if they're limiting appointments.)
  3. I take comfort in the fact that I came up with the same answer as the other two (but I knew it was wrong because it wasn't 12 letters).
  4. I went to a friend's on Friday and they ordered takeout. We were going to visit in the back yard but it was stormy so we couldn't. We sat in the kitchen and the window and back door were both open and so there was a pretty good breeze coming through, so I wasn't too nervous about it. (Also in NJ) I noticed on my way home that one of the restaurants in the the town near where I work looks like it might using the wrap-around porch of the big Victorian house next door for outdoor dining (there's no space in front of their place for tables; they had a sign about takeout on their door, but I noticed today (because that's where I got stopped in traffic) that they have a sign in the landscaping in front of the house and it looked like some tables on the side of the porch). The house is actually offices of some kind, so I assume no one actually lives there. Not a bad solution. I had some hearing loss as a teenager (20-25%; I had ear tubes just after I turned 15, and noticed a huge difference even the next day), and before we realized that I had gotten in the habit of watching people's lips when I talk to them. Almost 30 years later and I still do it. I do it when watching TV, too.
  5. I was wondering about that...if Drew is out, does that mean the people he brought in would also get edited out? I assume the 'star' ninja would be featured in any backstory and sideline cheering for "their" contestants (at the very least, it'd still be obvious if their runs are shown without mentioning who brought them). (And what does "compete with them" mean...is it a team thing or are they all still individually competing against each other? Either way, sucks for his competitors...hope they would get offered a second chance if they get erased from the broadcast...especially if they did well.)
  6. I have to agree...especially since one of those towns was mine (in both cases).
  7. I've seen so many comments in various places implying that doing [whatever it is they're complaining about] is pointless because no one's gotten sick. How do they not understand that that is the point?! Also heard on the radio this morning that there was another party busted (next town over from the 700-person "mansion party" I posted about a page or two back)...300 people this time. And again police from surrounding towns were dispatched to help clear it out. The "host" charged admission and people were mad because they paid for the "experience" and were told they had to leave. Let me get my tiny violin. 🎻(Also people were apparently peeing on the neighbors' property. Stay classy, Jersey.)
  8. Yes, I did. I heard Howie's comment about them but I didn't see them. Oh well.
  9. Apparently there's not much left to say about this bunch...
  10. Something I thought of but didn't comment on last night, but they just showed the recap on the results show, and when he was doing his "my wife and I just had a baby" bit, he's talking about his son, but the baby they just had (just before the first audition, IIRC) was his daughter. As we saw in his intro package last night, his son is a toddler. Not that it changes the premise of the joke (if you can call it that; perhaps "story" is more accurate), but it was just obviously something that was written a couple years ago and not even updated to be current (and wouldn't have been noticeable except for the fact that they had just shown his package that featured his kids). That combined with the line that addressed Simon, that he didn't change when Simon wasn't there (and which could have been substituted with any of the judges, I believe) makes him seem...not very adaptable.
  11. For anyone watching, you have more fortitude than I. Saw one of them relatively recently and I can't take them again. Also the AGT results show is on at 8. As boring as AGT has gotten, it's still a million times better than anything Assanti. Watching LegalEagle videos on youtube in the meantime. I'll check back to see if there's any good snark. But for the sake of tradition, I will share that tonight's eating habit was spaghetti and meatballs with Rao's marinara and a veritable blizzard of freshly grated Parmesan. Later there will be ice cream, but I have to put away the leftover sauce first (I only made enough pasta for one). And figure out what I can take to work for lunch tomorrow...
  12. Me, too. Saw one of them relatively recently and I can't take them again. Also the AGT results show is on at 8. As boring as AGT has gotten, it's still a million times better than anything Assanti. Watching LegalEagle videos on youtube in the meantime. I'll check the thread to see if there's any good snark.
  13. I have several neighbors who apparently think the entire world wants to hear their car stereos. Also the one guy was fixing his bike out on the lawn (you are not supposed to be doing car repairs in the parking lot but whatever; motorcycles are also supposed to have a board under the kickstand and he doesn't) when I went out last week one day (because, and I quote, "chain be poppin'," whatever that means) and I'm pretty sure he also made the engine even louder. His brother(? cousin? I dunno; they live with their grandmother next door) also has a muscle car that seems to have gotten louder over time, too. Because disturbing the entire neighborhood every time you come and go makes you cool, I guess. Donation made. One, for the mask, and two, because it's an expensive school and I would like to support the next generation of Blue Jays in my small way. But it won't come until mid-September. Just washed my new pack of Old Navy masks that I picked up last week (I returned something and got $3 of it back on a gift card, and, well, there's not much to get for 3 bucks and I didn't want (nor have time) to try stuff on, and I don't want to have the card floating around) and noticed that the ear loops are now adjustable; my first set they are not (but they fit me fine).
  14. I just got an email from my alma mater; if I make a $30 or more donation to the annual fund I can get a college logo mask! I haven't made a donation this year (I usually do around Christmas but I didn't last year)...might do it now because why not walk around with an angry blue jay on my face?
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