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  1. How did Schmidt ever make it through medical school? And now he suddenly physically feels the pain of the patients? Yay for Owen telling him to consider a new career. He really should. If Richard had that much damage in his hip, how was he even walking remotely normally? Why are these people always allowed to watch surgeries on their family members? For the same reason they shouldn't be operating, they shouldn't be watching from above, either. Also my dad just had a a hip replacement in February so I really didn't need to see any of that. Glad Richard told Catherine to leave. Hated Teddy's dress. Baby's cute. (Did they give him a name?)
  2. I like the white noise app because I can set a time limit and then it shuts off automatically, and it plays in the background (so I can do something else) or with the cover closed.
  3. I have the White Noise app (from TMSoft) and my favorite is called "Rain on a Wooden Deck." I tend to gravitate to rain and ocean wave sounds, but they have a ton of options (including actual white noise, of course). I'll have to check that out. The Calm app has Sleep Stories (though only some of them are available with the free version). I liked Stephen Fry's story about lavender (except I actually wanted to listen to the end the first time; I'm kind of a nerd like that). There's lots of stuff like that on youtube, too.
  4. They're doing a different show each weekend (not sure for how long); last week was Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. So check back on that page! NBC is also showing the John Legend version of JCS on Easter Sunday at 7pm.
  5. I am not a religious person so I would only be going to my parents' house for dinner. Guess there will be no Easter Egg hunt...for the first time in my 44 years (yes, my mother is nuts [this is what we get for not giving her grandchildren], and yes, we roll our eyes at her every year, and yes, I am sad about it all the same). Though I wouldn't be surprised if my mom makes dinner for "take out." We get Good Friday off, though, which is nice. And I will be watching Jesus Christ Superstar this weekend (full stage show with Tim Minchin, available for 48 hours starting Friday) here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdmPjhKMaXNNeCr1FjuMvag/videos CNN's Coronavirus: Fact vs Fiction podcast did an episode on this topic (not this specific incident) today. 😞 Can't link directly to the episode but the title is "Race and Risk" on April 9.
  6. Well my avatar is really me (yes, I am a Chihuahua) but here's a better picture. Lounging in the garden, as I do...
  7. Originally they said they wanted us to come in once a week so I was supposed to be in again the following Monday and I would have brought some stuff home, but that Sunday I got a call from my supervisor telling me we would just work from home for the next two weeks (which is now extended until ???). The building is open and I can go in if I really need anything, but anything I want is just personal stuff (like my cute daily calendars and chocolate and the bag of sugar in my cabinet) which is not worth the trip. There have been 5 confirmed cases and 4 suspected cases in the building (though not in the office area where I am, as far as I know). And I doubt there are many people in the office at all (a number of people are furloughed and a lot of the rest are working from home). I got one of those letters, too. I haven't printed it out yet.
  8. The guys next door and friends sometimes sit on the stairs. So far I haven't gone out when they've been out there but I hope they know better than to force people to walk past them that closely by now (but I'm not confident they will; I saw two of them outside working on a bike the other day and one was lying on the ground and the other was leaning over above him maybe two feet from his face). The same neighbors are among those who think the whole world needs to hear their engines and/or car stereos, so yes, yes they are.
  9. Walk in the park! God, this was both boring and infuriating. Have a good night, all, stay well, and here's an aardvark just because.
  10. I lost 20 pounds total so I hit the goal...(ignore the fact that it took me six months instead of the one you were given) Oooh, he got her medical records. She was never even over 500!
  11. Is the female friend wearing the same shirt as last time? She always just seems to be staring into space.
  12. So...she wants to make amends with her aunt but she's not answering her calls so let's get large smoothies...
  13. Why am I not surprised she went to a gym where she gets to hit things?
  14. I heard something about that on the radio this morning; I think it was in NY, but you can get drinks for takeout only if you also order food.
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