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  1. Ha! That would be an interesting letter. I wonder what Allison's take on it would be. (I picture her response starting with something like "What?! No!!!")
  2. I was thinking the same thing...I can't even see my own doctor, who I've been seeing for years, that quickly most of the time (you can generally get same-day appointments for more urgent/acute things, but it's usually in a different office (you take what you can get), and it's not for things like complete physicals or the kind of workup Rebecca would need). Especially around the holidays. And if she did see someone in Philly they would probably just tell them to see someone else when they get home. A doctor isn't going to take on a potential long-term patient who's just visiting from across the country. And while there's obviously something off, it's not like she's in immediate danger. And yeah, it seems entirely possible that Miguel doesn't see it yet, because it hasn't gotten bad enough and it's a gradual change, or he does but he's equally not ready to admit that something is wrong.
  3. Taught by a teenager who doesn't even work there! lol...when I house/cat-sit for my parents my mother always asks me which bed I sleep in, which always gets her the same answer, then puts fresh sheets on all of them anyway, just in case I change my mind, I guess. (I don't strip it before I leave, but then again, I'm not really a guest, exactly. Even though I do kind of look at it as a mini-vacation from being at home - their house is quieter, and it has a cat. I only live ten minutes away and the cat is 50/50 on whether she wants anything to do with me most of the time, anyway.)
  4. Hey, I was close! I'm having flashbacks to babysitting my cousin's daughter (who just turned 24! 😲). When she was old enough for finger foods she'd sit in the high chair happily munching on steamed asparagus spears and jarred Vienna sausages. Ick.
  5. God, my family's so boring. We all, like, get along and like each other and sh!t.
  6. Heh...I actually thought of that after I posted, but I have no clue where in the timeline the bridge thing came up.
  7. I live on the second floor and my parking spot is more or less right under my living room window. More often than not it's just hiding in my bag and I didn't feel it (and black phone in black bag is hard to see). Or my coat pocket. A few times it's actually been in the car, but depending on where in the car it is I might not be able to see the light, anyway. I just try to avoid going back downstairs unless I absolutely have to, is what I'm saying. This is 99.9% of what I use my landline for. I do that with routine things just because I'm an anxious sort (let's just say I relate to Randall and Tess on the panic attacks). I've always been more or less healthy, and I had a very small possibility of something bad recently which turned out to be nothing serious, but it took me weeks to force myself to make the appointment. Sometimes the fear of finding out you're right paralyzes you. Probably more so when it's your mind that is what's slipping.
  8. I thought he said something like "our purchasing and sales software" so it sounds like some kind of entry level buyer-type position(?). Might not be proprietary but if you haven't had that kind of job before you probably wouldn't know it. (Though I get that probably can't name-drop Microsoft or whatever, so it could be more generic software that most people would know.) I think it's more her panicked reaction to not being able to find it that made Randall concerned. (And then finding out it's not the first phone she's lost recently. I didn't connect the obsessive picture-taking while I was watching but someone mentioned it above and now I see that, too.) The last time I saw my best friend's grandmother (we've been friends since we were 2 years old; about 23 years at that point) she knew she'd known me forever but couldn't remember my name. But my friend and I look a lot alike (she knew I wasn't her granddaughter, though). She passed away a few months later. My mattress is a regular inner spring mattress with a 2-3 inch memory foam layer on top. I don't know if that's a factor (probably partly my stretchy t-shirt sheets, too) but my sheet is always slipping off the top left corner. Drives me nuts. (I need a new one soon and I think I'll skip the foam next time either way. It has a noticeable dip in the middle, and I can't flip it over, only rotate it, so I sleep slightly to one side and it just contributes to a bigger center dip over time.) I think she was 29 or 30 when the the kids were born, so late 60s. Yeah, why was he even driving her at all? Randall hallucinated Jack when he accidentally drank the drugged smoothie (or whatever it was) at the cabin with Kevin's theater friends.
  9. He told him his band was going on tour or something and disappeared.
  10. We're still doing this "Iggy's trying to adopt a kid and hasn't told his husband yet" thing? Ugh. And the adoption agency is going to give them one without even talking to both parents? Shouldn't the woman with the stillborn baby have, I dunno, some privacy? Instead of leaving her in a room with giant glass doors for everyone who walks by to see in? (I haven't spent a lot of time in hospitals, but I've visited people and spent a day in the short stay unit and the only place I've ever seen rooms like that was when my grandmother was in the critical care unit. Even short stay, which was just one big room lined with beds, had privacy curtains.) Do any of these big shot doctors ever see more than one patient a day? Hey, Vijay...It's called HIPAA! Learn about it! I don't like Dr. Castro. Of course there's a miracle cure for the measles kid they never knew about before! Just google it! Is this really goodbye for Georgia? (Did they ever clean up the carpet?)
  11. My mother can do it. The flat and fitted sheets are completely indistinguishable in her linen closet. I'm 44 years old and I still haven't figured out how she does it. And yes, she has demonstrated many times. Yeah, but really it was Kevin piling on himself, which given his state of mind isn't surprising.
  12. Yeah, that was kinda weird. He asked if she was familiar with "our" software...how is she supposed to know "your" software when she doesn't work there? And isn't the whole point of an entry level job that the person doesn't actually know how to do it and needs training? "I don't have time to teach you" is a shitty way to manage (and what, he doesn't have any other employees to train newbies?) Yes, that "we're not 12-year-old girls" comment was definitely foreshadowing something not good.
  13. Do one corner, then the opposite corner, instead of trying to do one side first. It's less likely to slip off. (You still have to keep going back and forth around the bed, though. No way around that.) I've been known to call my own phone from inside the house while looking out my window to see if I can see it light up inside my car.
  14. Randall driving Rebecca to her interview, they're talking in a moving vehicle...and he's actually looking forward! At the road!! You don't see that very often on TV!!! (Aannnd...half hour later, driving home from their R&R day, they ruined it. LOOK AT THE ROAD!) Way to Pearson mom in to a job, Randall. Beginnings of dementia for Rebecca? I love Kate's neighbor more and more. "Not all of us have to talk about our dead dads all the time." 😄 Oh, jesus, Kate, just act excited. It's not the end of the world if Toby thinks that's Jack's first bite of solid food. Babies don't work all their milestones around your gym schedule, Sorry. (<- See what I did there? 😛 ) Aw, Nicky really is a Pearson! (Is that the most words he's said at one time?) Uh, Cassidy, maybe don't give him the divorce papers in front of your kid...? I liked Kevin seeing Jack in Nicky. Tiny Kevin is adorable.
  15. And how are they planning to pay for all the equipment and, you know, food to get them started?
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