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  1. There's a farm near me that raises emus. I used to drive past it on my way to my old job and usually there were several birds and one cow (or bull; not sure) out in the field. Baby emus are freakin' adorable.
  2. My favorite was Joel Brady, who ran in khakis, a button-down, tie, and a sweater vest.
  3. Thank her surgeon... You and your brother are two of the reasons I'm still here.
  4. I've heard of him; I would probably have been able to tell you he's a wrestler, but I might have had to think about it for a few seconds. Toward the end of the segment I noticed his Twitter handle (which includes his last name) in the corner and it took me a second to figure out what it was referring to.
  5. Thankfully, no. I was listening to a podcast about whether rock music is doomed on my way to work and now I have Springsteen's Dancing in the Dark playing my head. And I can't remember how Julianne's song went. (I was too busy trying to make sense of her outfit to really listen, I think.)
  6. I was watching at my parents' house and this site refuses to let me log in on my tablet so I could only take notes in an email draft. And typing on my tablet is a pain. Seriously, I'm starting to think DYC only actually know three songs. Damn, Julianne, that's a lotta hair gel. The lights behind Tyler and Brian were killing me. I hope it's not that hard to look at from the live audience. OK, Paula Abdul with LBK was a surprise. Man, she's tiny, isn't she? Lang Lang was just on Alec Baldwin's podcast Here's the Thing With Alec Baldwin; I listened on my way home today. Highly recommend. Ryan the 'Rassler was not funny. I have no idea who this guy singing with Benicio is. Benicio's hair is giving me a Kenny G vibe. The pants say Jack Skellington. The shirt says "cool when I was in middle school." Why is Julianne singing in her underwear and painter's tape? She should stick to dancing and forget the judging thing. Who the hell is this Lilly person and why do we care what her favorite bad acts were? When I heard Billy Ray Cyrus was gonna be on I was hoping for Old Town Road. Including the horse. Either my pizza had magic mushrooms on it or Cher & Co. just time traveled from the 70s. Was Leona Lewis's microphone actually on..? Finally some results! (I'll put em behind a spoiler box.) Finally! It's over! I debate every season. This season I'm mostly here for the fun people commenting after the show.
  7. I enjoyed Bring the Funny, though of the final two I would have picked Tacarra to win (wasn't a fan of the sketch groups, really, and if I had to pick one it would have been Chris & Paul). You should check out Sean Spicer's neon lettuce shirt on Dancing with the Stars! That was the gist of it, yes. Including a replay of the videos of him as a little kid. (And also a ploy to make me feel old since he pointed out the show started when he was one.)
  8. I have to go to my parents' tonight to feed the cat and let out the dog they are watching (yes, I'm dogsitting the dog they are dogsitting...). They said they'd be home around 9 and I don't have to stay but if the fuzzy things are in the mood to cuddle I just might stay and watch with them. Perhaps they will help keep my blood pressure from rising whenever the judges' start talking.
  9. Here we go! Let's get this sh*tshow on the road! Recap the season...nothing to say there. V. Unbeatable: Um, they already told us what the V stands for. But I give them credit for waiting this long to give us the full sob story. I don't think there's anyone in the world I would trust as much as these flying kids have to trust the rest of the group. You're sitting right in front of a microphone, Gabrielle. You don't need to scream. Is it bad that I want V. Ubeatable, Detroit Youth Choir, and Ndlovu to be the final three just to watch them cram them all on the stage? Detroit Youth Choir: Are they singing the same song in their package that they sang in the last performance? Maybe it's my extreme whiteness (I'm roughly the color of their shirt sleeves) but I didn't understand a word of their rap segments. I dunno, all their performances sounded pretty much the same to me. Jesus, Gabrielle is annoying. Calm down. Thank you, Howie, for reminding us that only one can win. (America's Got Highlander?) Happy birthday, Emanne. "We've said it a thousand times..." Yeah, you really need to get some new material. "You span the entire gambit"? Um... Aww, Ryan's family seems nice. I just noticed that Gabrielle appears to be being attacked by a large albino squid. Every time she opens her mouth I want to scream "SHUT UP!" Stop saying "star." Not everybody's a star. We're probably never going to hear from most of these people ever again. Voices of Service reading letters from soldiers. Sorry, I can't snark on that. The judges getting all worked up and teary makes me irrationally angry-annoyed. Why is that? Light Balance Kids were...lit. Okay, I wasn't totally paying attention. I got distracted by a Maru & Hana video on facebook. I saw some hamburgers or something. We missed Dennis? We knew nothing of Dennis until tonight. How did we miss him? Julianne looks like someone threw a ball of glitter glue at her head. Happy birthday, Benicio. (Baby Benicio still adorable.) Kid has some...interesting sweaters. Tyler Butler Figueroa: Um...I was busy slicing a peach. Sorry. Kodi Lee: That was really nice. (Until Gabrielle started talking.) Ndlovu Youth Choir: Apparently Converse sneakers are the thing to wear for Youth Choirs everywhere. Their background almost gave me a seizure. Now I'm gonna have Toto stuck in my head all night. Do the judges really think watching this show "changes people's lives"? If I had to vote (which I don't)...hmmm...V. Unbeatable but if it's gotta be a singer Kodi Lee.
  10. I just want you to know that I told my supervisor about this comment this morning and she laughed for a good few minutes.
  11. Usually when they introduce everyone I count how many make me go "who?" I knew seven names from the list, but that doesn't necessarily mean I know who they are. Lamar is a name I recognize but I wouldn't have been able to tell you why; Karamo I probably wouldn't know except he's been on some stuff recently (The Daily Show and NPR's Ask Me Another, I think).
  12. Yeah, that struck me, too. If that fall caused the worst break the doctor's ever seen...I'm gonna guess the doctor hasn't been practicing very long or her bones are made of glass.
  13. It was also posted earlier in this thread.
  14. We've seen her before; they didn't focus as much on her in his packages, though. On the other hand, with his shifted schedule, he shouldn't have any trouble with the "up in the middle of the night with new baby" part of parenthood. 😉
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