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  1. Ah. Yeah, I totally missed that.
  2. Did I miss a line explaining the apple?
  3. I'm slightly amused? confused? that half of Europe seems to have a country-specific Got Talent while Asia and Africa apparently only get one per continent. (This occurred to me last night when they introduced the contortionist and said he was from Africa's Got Talent, which I did not actually know existed.)
  4. Internet Tough Guy said: I consider it a danger act because of the heels. I would break an ankle just strying to stand up in those things. lol...I thought of you when they showed him. ----- Maybe he should join Percy's Creepshow with Christian. Are you suggesting there are shenanigans afoot among the judges?! On AGT?!?! Yeah, I was tearing up more because I was expecting it to end with the dog dying. I hate that all these groups seem to do war stories of some kind. Even if it didn't feel like pandering, it's like, "come up with something different, already."
  5. It's the next morning and I just noticed my typo but I'm gonna leave it because it made me think of AGT as reviewed by Mayapolarbear. (If you don't know Maya, she's a dog. She's adorable. Google her.) Now I want her human to make that video.
  6. So...Grace just lets her 10-year-old daughter (sorry, ten-and-a-half) go try to change her flight all by herself because she decided at the last minute she wants to? Uh huh. Totally forgot about Michaela's dead friend's mom with dementia. Oh, Olive, don't be telling the cult about the death date. You should know better. So, the Grammercy Club is an exclusive, members-only place, but Ben and TJ can just walk in? Jared really thinks Michaela can't handle anything without him, doesn't he? Really? Guy doesn't know how safe deposit boxes work? Who the hell wears their safe deposit box key around their neck (and while they're playing racquetball or whatever)? Okay, how many random 6224 sightings are we gonna start getting? Lab tech guy needs to get a clue. Jeez. Was there any actual significance to the visit with the friend's mom?
  7. Why did you let us think even for a second that little Scooby was gone?!?!?! Jerk. Sorry, I'm a sucker for any act involving a Chihuahua. (Percy's Creepshow, lol). But no licking, please. Ick. And god, that was 5 years ago?!?! Wow, the judges actually talked about Voices of Service's singing instead of their inspirational military background...well, Howie did, at least. JJ Pantano...Simon, executive producer, didn't know what his talent was? Sure. Kid is savage. Annoying, but savage. Also he looks a bit like my friend's daughter (who is the same age). Emil was very...shiny. Silhouettes...dammit, I don't watch this show to cry. (I was so sure the dog was gonna die in the end, so at least they didn't do that to me.) The "dog" was impressive, though. I'm okay with them for the GB. Brian King Joseph...I want to see TwoSet Violin review his performance...he seems to have a lot of broken hairs on his bow... Connie, nobody has teeth as nice as Simon's (except maybe Joe Biden). Sandou Trio Russian Bar...thank you, Howie, for reminding us that this is dangerous. Ooh, cliffhamger! 🙄 British whiteboy rap. I barely understood a word. French-speaking contortionist...I couldn't watch all of it because...ow. I totally expected Ameriker to vote for Military Singing Quartet over Romanian dancer in red patent pleather and African contortionist. I'm impressed with you, Superfans, whoever you are. Oh, please keep Christian and Percy. I just want to see the doggie again. BKJ looked totally shocked that Howie didn't pick him. Okay, well JJ would have been my second choice of the last three. Meh.
  8. Meyers. 😉 (I have his show's youtube page bookmarked.) A few people have written "Helms" so it's not just you.
  9. Pretty much (except it's Helm, no S). I had to google the hacking details; he hacked into the DMV because they wouldn't change the gender on his license. The other interns were Simms and Brody; know one knows who the hell they are, so don't feel bad about that. (Actually, I think they're all residents now.)
  10. I knew this was on, made a note to watch it...and totally forgot. I put it in my OnDemand cart but I won't be able to watch until Friday or Saturday, probably.
  11. Well, at least that's slightly more realistic than the relationship dynamics on Grey's...
  12. ams1001

    Station 19

    Yeah. But we see so little of him on the show, I have no idea the character's actual history - when he was in the military, when he transitioned - I don't think they've told us. (Though reality isn't generally an obstacle on shows like this, either, so who knows.....). Oh my god yes. That was bothering me so much. Every time he asked and they either ignored him or just told him to lie down...just answer his question! It may or may not have helped, given his state of mind, but jeez! I don't think they actually responded to the question until after they got to the hospital. Poor guy.
  13. If they do just keep Alex offscreen, I wonder if the others who joined him at the other hospital will come back to Grey Sloan. Would seem odd to see them working there while Alex is never around. And now that Richard and Bailey had their moment maybe she'll hire him back. And Hunt for whatever reason they concoct (not that he actually ever seemed to go away...). I wouldn't really care one way or the other if Jo decides to relocate with Alex somewhere else. Maybe Iowa.
  14. I hate when shows kill off a character (or some other grand exit) just for the sake of drama, when the actor just chose to leave. And I would be annoyed if they went through all the wedding fiasco/oh no our license never got filed we're not really married/let's go make it official stuff just to have them break up, or Alex die, offscreen. He already works elsewhere. He's in charge at another hospital; it's plausible enough that he's just at work if they have scenes at their apartment. But it would mean no future romantic storylines for Jo so they probably won't do that.
  15. I dunno...in my experience babysitting, babies who don't want the pacifier aren't pacified by holding it in their mouth anyway. They just scream around it.
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