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  1. Okay, I was kinda rooting for the speed pass guy to fall...but not like that! Ouch!
  2. ams1001

    To Tell The Truth

    After they asked if Geena Davis played one of them in the movie, I was thinking if it was the one on her left she was played by Madonna.
  3. ams1001

    The $100,000 Pyramid

    How did they not buzz that guy for saying "cheetos" when trying to get to "cheetah"?
  4. Just gonna leave this here...
  5. I have wondered that a couple times but then he was on the sidelines during her run and they did refer to him as her boyfriend. He seems like a shy type; maybe he just doesn't want the relationship spotlight...I know I wouldn't. (And not that she should have to, but as a teacher I can see why she'd want to keep her private life a bit more private.)
  6. I'm glad they don't focus so much on their relationship. They made such a big deal of Kacy Catanzaro and Brent Steffenson that it got annoying. I like both Jessie and Chris; I think they're a cute couple and I'm happy for them. I don't want the show to make them annoying. If he were a bigger "name" on his own like Brent they probably would have ruined it by now. (I was amused a while ago when I caught Jessie's run on an episode from an earlier season and the boyfriend on the sidelines was a different guy. I wonder if that guy still watches the show.)
  7. ams1001

    S14.E07: Auditions 6 - July 09, 2019

    Not surprising, since she was a gymnast (she said it on the show but it was easy to miss; she was in the 1996 Olympics). Google Ludivine Furnon and you'll find several videos. (Quick google doesn't give me much about him except that he was in Cirque du Soleil.)
  8. I say that every time I see that commercial. There has got to be some kind of legalese explanation or something for that phrasing, right?
  9. ams1001

    S14.E07: Auditions 6 - July 09, 2019

    I may just be overtired because I'm sick and woke up coughing at 4:17 this morning, but Tambourine Man cracked me up. At the same time...I did not need to see that...but I'm still giggling...he's kind of adorable in his way... Show, please stop cutting to Julianne with her mouth hanging open during every act. Also, Julianne, please stop talking to everyone like they're five years old. And stop dancing and sit your ass down. I found her especially annoyingly distracting tonight. (I might be a little cranky.) I could have used a lot more of the French couple and Matthew Richardson (they're all so pretty) and a lot less of a few of the others.
  10. There was a guy a few years ago who did the same thing (I think it was on the flywheel). Whacked himself in the head and finished with blood streaming down his face. Got me wondering if there's any kind of cleaning protocol they need to follow when someone is bleeding on the course like that. That makes more sense. Grant always seems so laid back about everything.
  11. Aw, man, I missed it.
  12. "The corn got creamed...aw, shuck." Akbar should feel bad for that one.
  13. Akbar does seem to like the word "lachey"... I love Fiona! I so want to see a Fiona Ninja now.
  14. I have a DQ across the street from my condo complex. Somehow I manage to pretend it's not there, until my parents (who live about 10 minutes away) randomly call and say they're going. Then I walk over to meet them and they buy me ice cream. Mine's in my bathroom. I can soak my delicates while I, uh, soak my delicates, if I so choose.
  15. ams1001

    S07.E27: June, Chad & Pauline

    I thought it was the daughter of the mother/daughter duo who moved back to Stockton. (Already forgot their names and it was only a week or two ago.)