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  1. Today I learned that A Christmas Carol was a play by Lorraine Hansberry.
  2. Well, they're parallel to each other, just at different heights (dictionary.com defines it as "an apparatus consisting of two parallel wooden bars, fixed at specific different heights from the floor on upright supports"). Though according to wikipedia they're called "uneven bars" or "asymmetric bars." Hmmm...I'll allow it, I guess.
  3. He's mentioned some names in the past (aside from Betty White) but acknowledged he'd have no say in the matter. I recall reading that he'd like to see a traditional game show host type rather than someone chosen because they're a celebrity, though.
  4. I thought "parallel bars" in the first round should have gotten a be more specific... Got all the music and fictional housewives so yay for me. 🙂 Also celebrity names and historical markers in the first round. FJ = near instaget. (Like, 2 seconds.) Nitpick - the store is Tiffany, not Tiffany's, but I guess since the movie title is possessive I'll let it go. Yay, I was rooting for Donesh because I had no strong feelings about the other players and he was the only guy. (When there are two men and one woman, or vice versa, I root for the odd one out, unless I really like someone else.) And he's kinda cute...
  5. Best of luck to you in your new home!
  6. I haven't been listening to WWDTM long enough to have heard that... Had to go find them. February 2006 (They even played the infamous "What is a hoe?" clip.) October 2006 (And I laughed at the mention of the prize being the recording on "a listener's home answering machine.")
  7. He taped 30 shows. I got it from "Fairy Tale Germany" in the clue; I would not have gotten it from the character name or setting (also knowing that Once Upon A Time, of which I did watch the first few seasons, was not set in Portland).
  8. I knew it but I couldn't get it out of my brain. I got Grimm, despite only having watched the first two or three episodes (just couldn't get into it). I got star fort just from the picture (which I glanced up at just in time to catch). I got infer because imply/infer is one of my wrong-word-usage pet peeves. I had not a clue on FJ.
  9. Mark should do zoom school in his bedroom with the door locked, because his family are assholes.
  10. If anyone would wind up with a prescription for something it'd be Zoey. She's the one who's having hallucinations of people singing to her.
  11. Woohoo! I haven't won an internet in a while!
  12. She also has a new sitcom and just started a podcast, too, focused on neuroscience and mental health (called Mayim Bialik's Breakdown). The first episode posted the other day, but I haven't listened yet (just to the short promo that was up before that) and it's an hour and 40 minutes. I don't generally like podcasts that do really long episodes, but it might be interesting and possibly helpful so I'll give it a shot. I would love Levar Burton. I've not even watched him that much; not much of a Star Trek person, I've only heard a few clips of his podcast, and I didn't watch Reading Rainbow as a kid...but I've heard him in interviews and stuff and I like him. I remember her on What Not To Wear. Her kids were little then and she had the 'new mom just getting through it' look going on.
  13. Got all of Two-Letter Lit and Wee-Pourri, and most of Best of Times. Didn't get all the Unicorns but correctly guessed Buttercup, and got all but one of Leg Day (I was a little distracted though so I didn't do so well in the second round overall). FJ was insta-instaget. I looooved that book when I was little. The library in my town at the time had some bookcases that were low enough that you could sit on top of them, and I would climb up there and read it over and over. Has Ken said "Thank you, Alex" at the end of every game?
  14. I got Mandy Moore because I watch both This Is Us and Dancing with the Stars...
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