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  1. sainte-chapelle

    S04.E10: Sparks Will Fly

    Ashley is addicted to drama, that is why she will never be in a healthy relationship. I like Father Andrei, I think he likely kept Andrei balanced when he was around. Now that Andrei is in the US the stress is bringing out all of his worst qualities and there is no Father Andrei to keep him in line. Father Andrei seems to have no issue calling him on his BS, in a cool and calm manner of course!
  2. sainte-chapelle

    S04.E09: The Truth Comes Out

    I rewatched this and Colt is scary "I don't want the police to be called again, you know what I mean?" The coldness in his eyes told me everything about that situation. Colt was threatening her, Larissa is nutty but Colt is a damn sociopath. He loves lording his citizenship over her head.
  3. sainte-chapelle

    S01.E05: No Looking Back

    If they do move Drusilla will be a much more disciplined child. My best Friend in high school is Korean and they do not mess around, especially with the female children.
  4. sainte-chapelle

    Rice-A-Roni & Google Translate: 90DF Live Chat

    I rewatched Paul running 5 times
  5. sainte-chapelle

    Rice-A-Roni & Google Translate: 90DF Live Chat

    Drusilla needs some damn discipline and bush the poor child's hair for goodness sake!
  6. sainte-chapelle

    Rice-A-Roni & Google Translate: 90DF Live Chat

    Something stinks about Deavans story...I thought they were only together for 3 weeks? A pregnancy test likely wouldn't detect that early.
  7. sainte-chapelle

    S07.E25 Jennifer & Marissa & Liz

    I'm late and missed the live chat so I am sitting here eating processed cheese slices lol. Jennifer needs to get rid of the dead weight that is Dwayne.
  8. sainte-chapelle

    S01.E04: Big Expectations

    Team Daniel...Team May....I feel sorry for the children. Daniel is a child and the fact that he is embracing Ronald as Daddy so quickly is dangerous. That kid is in for a world of disappointment.
  9. sainte-chapelle

    S01.E04: Big Expectations

    Jenny...honey...you did absolutely no research before moving to India. Your "American attitude " will get you nowhere and spineless Sumit will run back to his parents faster than you can say Coltee. Bangs and South Africa swindler....hey bangs leave your poor child in the US until you can determine if this will work out. Poor child is already overly attached and clearly craves a father figure. A thief and gambling addict fresh out of rehab is not the one. Platinum Blonde...listen to Ludwig. Why did you marry him so quickly? I wish Karine pulled an Oscar Pistorius on Paul. He complained about how dangerous Brasil is then proceeds to sneak into his pregnant wife's apartment to 'surprise' her.....she was likely terrified you idiot. Did he pack momma's hair or leave it behind? I can't believe these people.
  10. sainte-chapelle

    S04.E08: Nowhere to Run

    Chantel and Pedro just need to divorce and move on.
  11. sainte-chapelle

    The McGees

    He looked really sweaty and unhealthy on the show...his hart likely couldn't take the exercise...I am sad for those poor children. He was way too young.
  12. sainte-chapelle

    S07.E24: Sean LIVE CHAT

    Sad but not surprising....was it the infection or did his heart just give out? Anyway, goodnight all!
  13. sainte-chapelle

    S07.E24: Sean LIVE CHAT

    "Leaving it in Gods hands." Dude you don't have cancer...you have full control over your eating habit.
  14. sainte-chapelle

    S07.E24: Sean LIVE CHAT

    278 pounds in 2 months ?!?!??
  15. sainte-chapelle

    S07.E24: Sean LIVE CHAT

    Noooooo those poor paramedics! Put on some damn clothes!