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  1. I like Alexi a lot but Loren always got on my nerves during her season. She was also a screaming banshee mean girl on the tell all. Also, the baby is cute but no need to trot him out every episode.
  2. Yea I think most of his family was against it if I remember correctly….calling her a gOld digger etc. They owe her an apology. I think they just met and got engaged the same day but it seems to be working out.
  3. Yea I get that but I think that an extreme reaction is the only way that Betty will stop. This isn’t the first time she overstepped and embarrassing her seems to be the only way to get her to listen.
  4. So Yara had COVID or is that a fake out? Lol at the owl pillow. I am waiting for Luis to jump out and call her a witch
  5. I don’t need Alexi and Loren….bring back Armando and Kenny. Tim and Veronica too.
  6. I’m getting really sick of Loren and Alexi trotting their baby out ….stop.
  7. I smell an Etsy store! Maybe Azan will stock it in his shop.
  8. Have fun @Floatingbison and stay well my fellow snarkers
  9. So season 1 Andrei was a scary controlling thug. Cut to Becky and Jen not being afraid to scream in his face. Their whole story is a sham, they keep flipping the script.
  10. Trish you said plenty about their marriage, don’t act all innocent.
  11. Does mommy need to walk them into the airport…I mean really
  12. Oh shit they all need to ride in the car together 😂
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