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  1. Ed’s daughter is a bitch. Maybe take a look at the way dear old dad treats women before laying all the blame at their feet. He isn’t the one being taken advantage of here. Also, she looks like she was rode hard and put away wet so she shouldn’t talk about looks. She was very rude to Rose as well. Honey dad pulled some sex tourist shit and lied to her so she would sleep with him. He is trash and based on her behaviour so far so is she.
  2. I think this was because she quit drinking for a while. She looked much less bloated.
  3. Did…did Britney’s mom say she liked her with Yazan because he is tall and handsome and they would make good looking children? This tells me all I need to know and I can see where Brit gets it from.
  4. Blind items drive me nuts, basically one can say anything they like about anyone and not get sued. I don’t buy it. Plus wasn’t her husband also living with them? Michael’s post made me lol as he could resist the little dig of mentioning that she “quickly moved on to a new love” https://screenrant.com/90-day-fiance-michael-confirms-split-juliana-anniversary/ The whole situation and her history seem shady. I think her backstory changed at least three times. If she was or is a sex worker and it pays the bills more power to her. It was likely that she cared for Michael and the kids
  5. She does say “financially” in her post. The maid part I believe, the money part not so much.
  6. Not sure I believe she supported them all financially…doing what exactly? Modelling during COVID. She is full of shit. The one thing I do believe is they treated her like a servant. That was obvious even during the TLC update that was filmed during lockdown. Bashing him and airing dirty laundry that the kids can read is not a good look. Don’t get me wrong, he is trash but I don’t buy her innocent small town girl act.
  7. Dude is broke, is it a coincidence she left? He treated her like a trophy, now he can’t even support her. Not having a “prenush” won’t help her considering he will likely file for bankruptcy. I think Sarah likely was the one with money.
  8. Good night all and Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Canadians
  9. Here comes fucking Janice and Co trying to convince Ari to stay….bitches
  10. Ontario….parts of it anyway. My dad is from the maritimes…very different from how I grew up.
  11. Bini isn’t great but my heart is breaking for him right now.
  12. I still laugh hard at H20 when Jamie Lee chugs the wine and has booze hidden everywhere
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