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  1. I just watched the clips, she is a vile person.
  2. Wow, I don't even know what to say about Ashley. Is she mentally ill or just an extremely vile psychic vampire? Nothing is her fault, she is always the victim. "No one talks to me that way....not even my mom." Perhaps that is the problem, she was never held responsible for anything ever.
  3. Lol I thought Lana's name was Natalia...oh dear 😂 I think I am losing my mind.
  4. Catfish...is she Williams ...or Natalia? I smell a crossover.
  5. Thanks for all your replies, I am guessing I will soon find out she is a giant liar and a terrible person
  6. Holy shit she has been diabetic since she was 3? How is she not dead?
  7. I just started the show, I forgot what day it is! I already don't like her.
  8. Man my standards have fallen after watching Geoffrey, Ed and Tom. I think they are both grifters but David does seem to love her. I also think if he ever called her fat, told her to shave or laid a hand on her Annie would kick his ass. She isn't the demure village girl that is for sure. I would say they are evenly matched and both went into this with eyes wide open.
  9. Rose seemed proud to show her home, it is likely one of the nicer ones in the area, and they made a lot of food to welcome Ed. A large feat for those who live in poverty. Ed was rude.
  10. Give that woman a greencard. She can sit on the bed by herself and give her disgusted Ed face
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