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  1. Aw, Gina's growing up! I liked her conversation with Gideon. And their musical number. It actually made me smile and I wasn't in a smiling mood tonight. Yay, Cannoli!
  2. I was going to say "why on earth would anyone pick Bonnie to introduce her at a fancy event?" but then I thought, if she picked someone else Bonnie would have made that all about her, too, so I guess it doesn't matter.
  3. "It's just so funny when he's upset. But I'm sorry about it." Alternate universe Mary seems fun. Of course Sheldon can't even get along with himself. (I know it was Missy's fantasy, but it'd probably be true.) Poor Dr. Sturgis. 😞 I loved the scene with Sheldon and George at the end. A sweet moment after all the absurdity. Nice try, Georgie.
  4. I got all those except helicopter. Also pizzly (I know that was the clue and not the response; I just like the word pizzly 🐻), bakers, lodestone and Oscar Madison. Oh my god, I said at least twice "Did you even read the clue?" Okay, clearly I was not totally paying attention because I don't even remember there being a 12 letter words category...(off to the archive - I still got all but one of them right).
  5. Well, at least the season ended on one positive story. I will miss our Wednesday night snark. Y'all help keep me sane.
  6. Good for Cillas. He did well and I liked him. Tiffany...eh, whatever. I'm going to bed. Good night, folks!
  7. I have a fleece throw from work, too. It was leftover merchandise that didn't sell. So everyone got one.
  8. When I first started in my building I got a fuzzy half-zip sweatshirt that was a leftover from the last giveaway (it used to be a t-shirt in the summer and something long-sleeved at Christmas). It was huge on me so I gave it to my dad (he still wears it). My mom got a button-down chambray shirt. The t-shirts never quite fit me comfortably so they end up in a donation bag.
  9. They're getting married in a t-shirt and baseball cap and a hoodie with glasses on top of her head, sitting at the kitchen table. How romantic.
  10. I'm jealous. My complex gets a dumpster a few times a year. Usually we have a community yard sale one weekend in June and the dumpster comes the following Monday. The sale is cancelled again this year but I've been collecting things for the dumpster.
  11. lol...me, too. I love that movie. I only got Toulouse because I actually caught what category was picked (I was lucky to be awake so that was an accomplishment).
  12. My work used to give out stuff like that sometimes. Everyone has the same lunch bag. I've seen water bottles stashed in the kitchen cabinets. Glad they stopped, frankly.
  13. He still had stitches and drains in his leg so I'll give him a pass for that.
  14. Sounds like Dr. Now just referred to Jessica as a nurse? Maybe she did finish school...
  15. I have a fun travel cup that changes color from dark purple to light blue with clouds when filled with hot liquid. It's from some schizophrenia drug. Somehow we got it and a bunch of pens and pamphlets through the returns department at work (looked like the kind of stuff the drug reps would give to doctors' offices). The whole department got a couple pens and a bunch more went into the supply drawer. My work has nothing whatsoever to do with prescription drugs.
  16. So this friend is going to be their roommate? But she doesn't have a place to live, either?
  17. You can get a yogurt maker but I recently wondered if you can make it in a crockpot (since I have one already) and found lots of recipes. Haven't attempted it yet.
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