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  1. OMG ... no wonder I hardly remember that Community LOL game, I was like the very first one killed off (only after Bob who wasn't even playing and got expelled anyway) ... couldn't convince anyone that I was a HERO! HAHAHA I felt like this during that game ::giggle::
  2. Seriously ... I was completely lost ... I was NOT faking. I am usually a pretty good villain and can initiate some pretty good game play, but my head was elsewhere. I feel sorry for my fellow villains because as lost as I was out in public, I was that lost in our villain PM ... Future heroes/villains/game mods ... don't hold this game against me ... Pretty freaky about "toe" ... how weird was that? What a cool power. ETA ... thanks Silver/Curious for the game!
  3. Ok ... cool ... I remember now, OMG, those were the days! I got this ... So ... I went to Bravo to see what shows I have seen, and the only one I have ever watched is Inside the Actors Studio (try finding a funny gif ... obviously not my skill) ... this was my best find:
  4. So serious question here, are there any rules to LOL Mafia? How does this differ from a regular Mafia game?
  5. Thank you and I see how it is... ::giggle::
  6. On my phone, where I suck, can someone add me? I don't know nothing about anything. I don't think I've ever played an LOL game ... lead me oh wise ones. ETA ... my phone won't let me add a GIF
  7. Dang people, I am trying to make a living here ... Ok ... I knew the answer was ONE TOE ... but it looks like I am too late, and I don't have time to look for more clues. I have a business call I have to host in 30 minutes ... so I happen to like the direction it was going with Hanged Man ... I will be the odd man out ... 1 to DL DROGO (joanne3482) 4 for pistachio pipes. 2 to DL JOANNE3482 (Lisin, Deaja) 3 to not fall for this again 2 to DL BIZBUZZ (Drogo, Lady Calypso) 3 to go with who I wanted to go with in the first place 1 to DL HANGED MAN (BizBuzz) 4 because I don't know what the heck I am doing and I don't have the time (If this is still going on when I am done with my call, I could be convinced to go after Drogo, just saying)
  8. Wait, what? What sort of powers are these? I am more confused than ever. Lost.
  9. I don't know about anyone else but I for one am glad there are some experts playing because I don't know what the heck's going on. I sort of like Drogo's take .. but then again, HM makes sense as well. For the record, I would have been good with a TCS vote, just didn't make it back in time.
  10. Ugh, this isn't good. It's way too late for me to make sense of the story. Will look in the morning. If this keeps up, we heroes will be picked off one by one.
  11. I am surrounded by family, ugh ... I know I am not focused ... however, "keeping it real, yo" didn't mean anything to me until I went back to the profiles ... and this popped out at me: @festivus has this in their profile: "My strongest quality is: Sense of humor, and I'm a realist." Could that be something?
  12. Not Ludo! You will be avenged my fellow hero. I just skimmed, will dig deeper this evening when on my computer instead of my phone.
  13. First ... in the past, I have been known to be the "Queen of Likes" ... I am not so much anymore because I do so much from my phone and my fingers don't always work on the emoji's ... so that doesn't mean a thing during game play. ::giggle:: Second ... it seems the "hinting" thing is causing a lack of dialog ... which is fine, it just means I have to work harder to find actual CLUES in the story instead of relying on game conversation, which is entirely NEW for me. Third ... I got nothing ... it has been years since I have seen this movie, and maybe I need to watch it tonight to get caught up (to know what is canon and what isn't). Fourth ... good try @deaja ... how about your comment "judge the children" in how Sarah feels about Toby? Yeah, just as weak. Onward ...
  14. Along with some of the words that caught @Drogo, this one caught me ... what is crestfallen? I looked it up ... sad and disappointed. Right now, I am lacking time, but wanted to find something before I could go over the story with a fine tooth comb later on today.
  15. I could have sworn I read that the PM's we're coming on Monday. Just want to announce that I got my PM, and I got to get caught up. Be back in a bit.
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