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  1. Hmmmmm, I don't think I have ever played a game where I couldn't hint about who I was. This will be tricky. Should prove to be interesting!
  2. My favorite color is sage I’d give anything to have met Mister Rogers I wish I knew more about playing a musical instrument (ukulele) I have a pet and it’s called (had) a dog named Carmel My strongest quality is compassion My weakest quality is being a perfectionist My favorite foods are NAKED CHICKEN WINGS The last book I read was Rosie’s Travelling Tea Shop The last movie I saw was Harriet If I won the lottery, the very first thing I’d do is pay off debts, buy a Winnebago Travato 59K and travel If I could invite four people (living or dead) to dinner, I’d pick Brene Brown, Prince, Fred Rogers, Rumi My favorite TV show is The West Wing My favorite movie is The Princess Bride My favorite actor/actress is Benedict Cumberbatch My favorite book is anything by Jane Austin, if I had to pick ONE it would be Persuasion One of my favorite songs is Wonderwall by Oasis My favorite sport is Nascar (don't hate me) If I could be an animal I’d be a gecko If I could have a superpower I’d choose perfect photographic memory My dream vacation/holiday destination is anything UK ... in order of preference Scotland, Ireland, Wales and then England
  3. Well dang, didn't expect to wake up to this! Great (but short) game. Obviously my Mafia skills are a little rusty. I totally thought Drogo was Star-Lord and Deadpool was Yondu, ha! Very interesting abilities SS, very well put together game, and as per normal your stories rock. Sorry about the block for two nights in a row A1, I surely did think you were a villain but now that I know who you are, you played your part well.
  4. OMG ... I haven't seen this movie in AGES and I think enough time has passed since we lost David Bowie that I can handle a re-watch. Count me in... 1. JTMacc SMELL BAD 2. The Crazed Spruce SMELL BAD 3. Drogo SMELL BAD 4. BizBuzz SMELL BAD
  5. I am thinking A1, just a gut feeling. I have been away from playing for more than a few years, so really, even though I keep saying I am a follower as a hint, I am really saying it as a reality.
  6. I have a strong feeling I know who you are (take a look at your pillow 😉 ) ... and I am guessing I know who Deadpool is as well. My "captain" comment can "almost' work both ways. ::giggle:: Ok ... for future reference ... I just found this ... hmmmm ... gonna noodle a little bit on this interesting bit of information.
  7. Not ready for the saoirse DL but will hop on the spruce one: 2 to DL spruce (Deadpool, BizBuzz) 4 to see if I followed my o captain my captain
  8. Ok ... now that I am awake ... Just for the record ... I didn't get to vote on the DL of Festivus only because of the DMV, I would have been happy to join in that one. Just because I didn't vote means absolutely NOTHING. WOWZERS ... 3 villians (yippee!) and only 2 fellow heros (wahhhh) have fallen ... JTMacc99 was on my radar at the very start and then something caused me to think differently ... my "follower" trait led me astray. Going to have to hone that a bit, me thinks. I have moved garnetgarden to the leaning hero side ... which means the following are heros in my eyes: ME! and Deaja, Drogo, Deadpool, CuriousParker, meet trouble and garnetgarden Still on the fence: Lady Calypso and saoirse I believe these ARE villains: Spruce, Aquarian1 I am game for a DL on Spruce, however, I won't start one, because I am a follower, not a leader.
  9. Not a hint: I am an early to bed/early to rise, just seeing this now. Wanted to post for the DAY. I need a little coffee and a bit of time to process all that happened during the night. Will be back in a bit...
  10. ::giggle:: If you notice ... I didn't elaborate ... you were just a ONE word thought ... I am not leaning one way or another on you ... it's kind of a neutral suspicion (if there is a sort of thing). Can you help me lean towards hero? Well, hmmm ... not wanting to share my personal thought process on game play ... over time I have noticed some villains have a tendency to stay quiet in fear of saying too much that could out them. Just sayin' ... 😉
  11. So ok ... I have thoughts ... these are random as my powers of reasoning are not at peak performance after the day I have had. Deaja - had my suspicions very early on, but changed my mind, leaning towards hero Spruce - not convinced is a hero at all Aquarian1 - very suspicious based on game play JTMacc - suspicious, however, leaning more towards hero Drogo - the star of the show, hero Deadpool - hero (just a gut feel) festivus - based on game play, I would have been happy to join the DL if I wasn't stuck at the DMV all morning CuriousParker - she is Curious, hero Lady Calypso - not enough information but based on game play from many moons ago, leaning towards NOT a hero Hanged Man - wasn't really convinced until something Drogo said ... now thinking there is reason to believe hero meet trouble - suspicious, but thinking about her rascally ways, leaning towards hero saoirse - suspicious BizBuzz - (hero for certain) garnetarden - wasn't able to post today so have no thoughts
  12. Well shoot ... I was compiling a list of who I thought was mischievous and the DL is done? Looks like I have some time to look at the list a little longer ... I will post my thoughts later, hopefully before the Night story is posted. FWIW ... I was definitely leaning towards getting on the @festivus bandwagon.
  13. Been spending the morning at the DMV ... nuff said. On my phone, so have to wait till I am back home to properly address the night. I will return in an hour or two...
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