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  1. Well now, I am more confused than ever!
  2. Whew, ok, thanks ... I was busy changing my numbers cause I thought you were right ... seems I didn't have to, I was right all along. HA!
  3. Total game play question ... I am seriously confused on the number needed to do that DL? I always thought it was half plus one?
  4. Sorry folks, incredible storms all day yesterday, lost power and internet, and my phone died. Ugh. Ok ... let me finish this out ... 4 to DL MARKHB (TCS, JTMacc, aquarian1, BizBuzz), 0 to save the day 1 to DL The Crazed Spruce (MarkHB) 3 to avert the Crisis And just to let you know, I still only know who I am ...
  5. Thanks, I think. ::giggle:: I will go back to saying, I know who I am. After that, it's anyone's guess.
  6. Who's on first. What's on second. I don't know is on third. I know who I am ... but, does anyone really know anything? Does anyone really know what time it is? Does anyone really care? Life in the fast line, surely makes you lose your mind. Wait, I do know someone knows something that they might THINK they know ... but they don't know what they don't know. Huh?
  7. Like those before me, I have info. But not ready to share.
  8. Sounds like fun! Oh, and thanks for adding me to the list of names.
  9. I don't think I've ever played a one night, count me in.
  10. Thanks for trying ... Wait, what? In the hoof? What does that mean? ::giggle::
  11. Shows how daft I am ... I didn't ... I thought it was a great way for us to know it wasn't the players fault that she wasn't playing and her silence had nothing to do with anything except she didn't get a PM ... Maybe that is a sign for me ... I am definitely not smart enough to play this game. And again, call me daft, but I was one of only two players that are not mods? Maybe another sign ... hmmmm
  12. Oh well ... it is what it is ...
  13. I appreciate that, but it sure feels that way from my side of the fence ... it sure seemed like Lisin was getting accused of being dishonest ... and that doesn't feel good ... it turned a really fun game into accusations flying (even at me) ... I kept trying to come back with my normal light-hearted fun and welp, next thing I know, the game shuts down. Since I was the one that started this mess, I can only assume it was me.
  14. I see that the LOL MAFIA GIF-TASTIC has been closed to further replies, so I am posting in here ... I don't know what is going on, but I started to get real uncomfortable with this game over the last half day or so, and I feel like I started it. I want a chance to explain my side ... I was playing my regular way ... confused (I am ALWAYS confused, I suck at clues) ... I was having troubles with posting gifs that I had to resort to asking for help ... I kept giving hint after hint (on a character I knew absolutely NOTHING about) and you all DL'd me anyway. Fine ... it happens. My power was I could revive someone that died ... I asked Lisin at the beginning of the game if I could revive myself if it came to it. When people started up on saoirse I asked Lisin how it would work if she got DL'd and turned out to be a hero, how/when can I revive her? When it became clear that I was gonna be DL'd (despite my TRUE utterances that I was hero), I contacted Lisin again telling her, ok, how does it work if I want to revive myself? Then I thought, but that would be stupid because I would just get DL'd again because everyone would think I had some sort of villainous protection power. So I suggested to Lisin, what if I wanted to revive saoirse, what would that look like? The first words out of Lisin's mouth to both suggestions was, it's YOUR power, you do what you want with it. I said, well, since this is LOL MAFIA, let me die, revive saoirse and let them all eat worms for not believing me<---this was in the spirit of LOL MAFIA And then all of sudden back and forth ensued and I was so thankful that Mark came in to say this is LOL MAFIA, there are no rules, and brought in Calvinball which to me was BRILLIANT. And now the game is done? Look ... I was having fun ... that is what is supposed to happen. I had a power I had never had before and I wanted to use it. It is a unique kind of game and I thought Lisin handled the story like a pro with what she was delivered BY ME. SO ... you all, be mad at me ok? I was the one that made the suggestion that caused all this ... nothing nefarious was happening. It was my suggestion because I was having fun. Even though it was short lived, it was a great game Lisin ... really had fun with the GIF's once I learned how to post them easily. And now, it's done. No more giggles from this gal. 😞
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