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  1. I follow Ken Levine's blog, and I just knew he would post some obscure story about Aretha that hardly no one else would refer to ... I was not disappointed. I am providing the link to his post instead of just sharing the video he referred to, because the story is important. Aretha standing in for Pavoratti ... just chills. http://kenlevine.blogspot.com/2018/08/my-favorite-aretha-franklin-moment.html?m=1
  2. I have been holding it together all day, this let the floodgates open. Thank you so much for sharing this. I have a special place in my heart for Carol King as a songwriter, to see Aretha sing to her, well, I just couldn't hold it in anymore. Fabulous. What a tribute to Carol and what a class act Aretha was.
  3. Just saw this today ... not sure of the relationship to actual fact, but nonetheless, I enjoyed it immensely. The music score was amazing. No matter who PT Barnum was in real life, I wasn't watching a documentary, I was watching a film that was supposed to entertain me, and it did. The music, the choreography, the story? It had me hooked and I was mesmerized for the entire performance. Hugh Jackman was amazing ... Zac Efron? He grew up! And this 55 year old thinks he is fine (am I allowed that???) I am completely amazed and I want the soundtrack, great music. Great film.
  4. Just a quick note ... let's remember to snark on the show, and not snark on the posters. Let's also remember about the reporting feature here at PTV and how it works. Just because a post is missing, does not mean that it has been deleted. When a particular mod is unavailable, the protocol is to hide the reported post until it can be reviewed by the assigned mod. If your post is missing in this forum, and you have no idea why, feel free to drop me a PM. I had a family situation to take care of over the last 24 hours so wasn't available to handle and things were handled via protocol. Now ... let's move on with snarking the show!
  5. Hello, it's me again. Please remember, at PTV we are allowed to snark on the show, which includes reality shows, and can include the people that are on the shows. As long as we are not snarking on each other, we remain in line with our BE CIVIL rules. To post or not to post is a personal decision. To read or not to read is another personal decision. And always remember, if there are posters that bother you, please put them on ignore. Carry on.
  6. Hello All! It's been a while since we have had lively discussions in this forum, eh? Let's remember that we can attack the show and not the posters. Please remember our #1 rule at PTV ... BE CIVIL. For some reason, this show likes to bring out strong viewpoints from both sides, please remember that everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and as long as posters are not attacking other posters, we are ok. Carry on.
  7. There have been a number of posts that have ventured into political commentary. Please let me remind you of PTV Policy concerning political discussion. Please move the discussion along to just talking about the show and not personal political viewpoints. Thank you.
  8. Saw him in the 80's in an amphitheater in Hawaii. One of the best rock concerts I have ever been to. RIP Greg, thanks for the music!
  9. Just finished binge watching this show ... I wont embarrass myself by telling you how long it took me, suffice it to say, I had some time on my hands due to unforeseen circumstances and I took advantage of it. I lived in Pittsburgh from 79-84, got married in Bethel Park (yeah, I concur, it's the 'whitest place on earth') in 81 at 18 years of age. Was there for the Superbowl of 80 in which Pgh won ... incidentally, right after the Pirates won the World Series in 79, it was a huge deal for PGH, the city went nuts, no wonder triplets were conceived then, ha! One scene in particular had me congratulating the writers ... it was when Jack went up against his Dad about his Mom, and his Dad said "two of yous deserve one another" ... yous is very popular in PGH ... that told me the writers had a handle on life in PGH. The bar scene, the roads, the homes, yeah, they all had a definite PGH feel, they pretty much captured it. Bravo show.
  10. Finally saw this last night with my 17 year old daughter. We were both in awe of these women, and we both looked at each other after the film and said, how did we not know this? Me? I was born in 62, so you would think over the years I would have at least heard of what was happening behind the scenes. My daughter looked at me and said, why didn't I learn this in school? Beautiful movie, great story telling and lots of feel good moments. We did have a WTH moment when Kirsten appeared ... we looked at each other and said, is that Kirsten? And a few moments later we knew it was her. When did she get older? Wasn't it just yesterday she was in Mona Lisa Smile and Spiderman? ::giggle:: What a great empowerment example that these woman showed. Put your mind to something and get the job done. Wow. Loved it.
  11. Just to let everyone know, we will be doing some general housekeeping over the next few days that should rectify this situation. Thanks for your patience.
  12. Saw this last night, and absolutely loved it. There is something special when you can watch this with your 17 year old daughter and she catches it all just as well as I did ... funny, I was 17 when A New Hope came out. The throwbacks where all kinds of awesome. We would do a fist bump each time something came up, which made it fun. The last scene left me with goose bumps, what a way to show full circle. The CGI was absolutely amazing, I was at a loss for words. I was spoiled, but that never bothers me ... however, I thought it was going to be all at once kind of thing, believing they would blow up the planet. But when they started taking them one by one, I was heartbroken over and over again. Bittersweet ending, it touched me knowing about Carrie Fisher. Ugh. Great movie.
  13. At a loss ... words aren't coming.
  14. This hurts, RIP Carrie Fisher. I am just sickened.
  15. Words escape me. 30 years I loved his music, as early as Careless Whisper and he had a piece of my heart as late as 2014 with Let Her Down Easy. My heart is heavy. We are the same age. It's too young. WAY too young.
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