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  1. Maybe I'm just watching the wrong shows, but I've noticed that on pretty much every eating show I've seen. But then I started thinking about it, and what else can you say, really? "It's delicious" isn't enough. So they start reciting all the ingredients, and I always respond (out loud because apparently I'm insane), "Yes, I know. I just watched it being made." That is, when I'm not fast enough on the FF button--I've learned to just skip ahead once the thing is finished because I know what's coming. What bugs me about Katie is that with every recipe someone presents, she'll have at least one, "I love _____." Like, "I love a taco bar." "I love fennel."
  2. Check out my post about 5 above yours. Apparently the short guy with glasses is Josh M. I can't remember--does he use it in the past tense, like Bridget on ATK does? "I went ahead and greased the pan." Arrrrggggghhhh. I wish Chris would get a pair of glasses that fits, so he's not pushing them up his nose all the time. You can see that the temples don't hit his ears in the right place.
  3. I managed to see the black and white version. Bong said it would highlight the actors' performances. I might agree. I came away from seeing the black and white version feeling a little more sympathetic to the Kims, especially the father, than I did the first time I saw it (in color). I can't necessarily attribute it to the black and white, but I think the scene of them returning to their flooded apartment, and the next one where they were in the gymnasium/shelter, were very effective in black and white. The image of the father's face while lying in the gym really got to me. Not as effective was the scene where he puts hot sauce on the tissue, to make it look like the housekeeper is coughing up blood. And there were other scenes that I'm sure would have been lit differently if the movie was shot in black and white. And of course you completely lose the green yard at the Parks' house, which really is a loss. I was surprised at the size of the audience when I saw it. There had to be 25 people there, at 1:45 on a Friday afternoon. I do wonder if all of them realized what they were seeing, since only certain screenings were in black and white, and you had to dig a little to figure out which ones. When I bought my ticket, the clerk didn't say, "Just so you know, this is the black and white version." I wouldn't be surprised if people who knew about it only because of all the awards could see the black and white version and not realize it's not the original version.
  4. She doesn't come across to me as super feminine, and between that and not being blonde, think it may affect how Zach feels about her. He did, after all, call her MANdy instead of Mindy. In my time, I've known quite a few men who had never been in love when they were in their mid-20s and even beyond. Most of them had never dated much, but one in particular had, but had never felt that spark. To my knowledge, all of them are now in decades-long relationships. Aah, he's white though. How often do you wash the comforter/bedspread/duvet cover? That's my issue with Austin--it sounds like he's possibly in the "never" category. I just remembered that I encountered the duvet-and-no-top-sheet thing in Europe, but my understanding was that they treat the duvet cover as if it's a top sheet and wash it accordingly, and I don't think that's what Austin's up to. Or, rather, it might be that he doesn't wash ANY of his sheets.
  5. Even if Tennessee outlawed abortion (which it hasn't) or there weren't any providers in Tennessee (there are), she could still get an abortion by going somewhere else. So I don't think they think it's literally not an option. Well, except the way Rachel uses "literally," who knows? Anyway, it IS an option, but I gather not one that she is willing to consider. Which is a shame, if you ask me. I can't think of a better use of Teen Mom money. I don't think there's a chance in hell he's going to be among the 450 NBA players. This is from the website of the school he's currently attending: Doesn't sound like a fast track to professional stardom. Don't get me wrong--I hope he does manage to get an education, and even better if he gets a degree. But Kayla's crazy if she thinks she has a shot at easy street by latching onto him. He might play internationally, which could be cool...for a single, unencumbered guy. Actually, Kobe Bryant grew up in Italy because his dad played basketball there after playing in the NBA, but I get a much more exceptional vibe from the Bryant family than I do from Luke and sad-sack Kayla and her brood. I don't know...what are the odds that she would find a couple who is not only rich but also such strong believers in nurture vs. nature that they're willing to part with a chunk of change to adopt a mixture of genes from Rachel and whatever scrawny mumbling twit happens to be the father?
  6. Yeah, that's not really a thing. That also involves lazy college people. How that equates to a grown ass adult I do not know. I first started noticing it on shows like The Real World, which usually feature grown ass adults (who generally don't act like it). I'd never seen people not use sheets before, even in college. I wonder how often he does wash that comforter. I'm thinking possibly never. Yuck. And it had a lid on it. It's not like it was an open container of smelly food scraps. It was exgtra amusing to me, after this week's episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm, which also featured trash can placement. It makes me appreciate the production values on Pillow Talk, even though I never thought of Pillow Talk as having production values. Just goes to show that everything is harder to do than it looks, and you don't realize it until you see it done wrong. He may not have a frame of reference, but he has an opinion and an expectation that is diametrically opposed to the construct of the show he agreed to be on. Maybe he was recoiling from her teeth. People seem to have a big problem with them, and I think she's pretty but have to admit that she's more attractive when I can't see her teeth. That doesn't necessarily mean there wasn't an ultimatum. It could also be that there was an ultimatum, but he didn't follow through on it. I have a drawer full of 20s. It's more neatly arranged than Derek's, but I'm also the type to arrange bills in a wallet in denomination order.
  7. I remember from when he was a mere combatant and not The Bachelor, he was driving his own car for some reason and there was a prayer card in the console. I honestly couldn't tell them apart until I discerned that Madison has a lower hairline on her forehead than Hannah Ann. If they were both wearing ball caps, no way I would know which is which. It wasn't even a crash, which actually might be exciting. Although the way @jade.black describes it, it is pretty exciting. No doubt. I lived at almost 9,000 feet for several months once and skied every day, and STILL panted whenever I had to climb a flight of stairs.
  8. Not to diminish her fear, but the one who should have been scared of that rock wall was Kiaya, with those fingernails of hers. I don't think the giant hoop earrings would actually interfere with the climbing, but I'm thinking with her eyelashes, she would have trouble looking up to see the next handhold. All in all, I expect that it's not a look they get a lot of there. I couldn't believe she managed it at all. If ever there were an opportunity for a "Look, if I can do it, so can you," this was it.
  9. I think Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant pretty much covers that. According to the "next week" part, facetiming with someone he shouldn't be. Nice. I get the feeling MTV money is very much in play. And I'd bet that whatever she earns at her dental assistant job is much less than the MTV money, so you'd think she could forgo the job for however many months the schooling will take. You know--sacrifice now for a lot of benefit later. Or, rather, you know that, and I know that. Not at all confident she does. Or her mother.
  10. I hate that kind of fake-out. Seriously. I would have said, "Fuck you" and turned on my red heels and left. Marrying him to get a green card is one thing; putting up with that is way too much to ask. I would normally predict that the nail in the coffin would be the vow renewal, but surely those vows will never be renewed, or spoken again. Rebecca and James are good examples of what they won't do. I'm sure they would jump on Mabel or Cletus because they're so retro and cool, but middle-of-the-road Rebecca and James? No way. Personally, I've always thought Chlamydia is a pretty name for a girl.
  11. It's a huge longshot, but some Harkins Theaters locations are showing Spartacus this Saturday, Sunday, and Wednesday, at 1:00 pm. Even better, tickets are $5. Showing it are several theaters in Arizona, and one in Southern California and one in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. This is some sort of special thing, because their $5 classic movies are usually on Tuesday nights only. And for Bull Durham fans, that one's part of the usual Tuesday Night Classics, on March 17, in more theaters than are showing Spartacus. It's all I can do to imagine a projectionist in real projection booths.
  12. I watched the Film Independent Spirit Awards (always a good time), and Adam Sandler's acceptance speech was so good I rewound and watched it again. What's not to love about saying that your fellow nominees will now and forever be remembered as losing to "fucking Adam Sandler"? And calling out a high school classmate who wore a jean jacket and had feathered hair? It was genius. And the Safdie Brothers' speech was also brilliant.
  13. She went to the trouble to put an accent on the "i" in her post, so it definitely should be pronounced "kah-EE." Now whether they'll actually do that is another issue entirely. I assume all the facilities in the holler have bidets. As for the tampon, surely she's using one with an applicator. Hmm...I noticed recently that o.b. is now making tampons with applicators, and it just this minute occurred to me that it's a reaction to everybody sporting these long, never mind pointy and bejeweled, nails. Ick.
  14. Saturday's episode on sauces was just plain boring to me. Katie wasn't there, which might have contributed to it. But also, all three of them were cooking the entire time, instead of having some of them observe, so everything was about the preparation, and I think they're at their best when just chatting or offering up comments.
  15. Probably. I'm old enough that they'll always be associated with sailors to me. But did they have them done as part of the ceremony? I guess that's how things are these days--in order to be unconventional, you have to do something that's actually crazy.
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