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  1. StatisticalOutlier

    S04.E09: The Truth Comes Out

    Y'all all need to get a Loopo. https://www.seatbeltextenderpros.com/traveling-loopo-seat-belt-tension-adjuster-2-pack/ I've been using them for decades. Mine is the original version, which has a slider thing instead of the little screw thing to tighten it, so I can't swear the current version will work as well as mine does. But I never drive or ride without using it, and every time I'm in someone else's car being strangled by a seat belt, I wonder, "Why didn't I remember to bring a Loopo?" . I'd suggest that you prepare a lie in case someone asks, "How in the world do you know that?"
  2. StatisticalOutlier

    School Cafeteria Food--The Good, the Bad, and the Inedible

    I like lettuce on my bologna/white bread/Miracle Whip sandwiches. And pickles if I'm on a health food kick. I never once took my lunch to school. In Catholic school, my mother paid for an entire year of lunches for her kids before school started, so we were just waved through at the end of the line. I showed up at public school in the 4th grade with a blank check from my mother to pay for my year of lunches, and they weren't having it. The most I could get was a monthly lunch ticket. Yes, high-level negotiations between a cafeteria lady and a 9-year-old on her first day at a new school. I was at Lambert's Throwed Rolls recently, and remembered that the rolls they throw are almost identical, in taste and texture, to the rolls I had in school cafeterias. The ones at school were square-ish with smooth tops, and the ones at Lambert's are clover-shaped (?) on top, but the ones at Lambert's aren't quite as brown on the top, which means I'll eat the whole thing instead of just the middle and bottom (I like my bread cooked rare). And by "whole thing" I don't want to imply that it's singular.
  3. StatisticalOutlier

    S01.E04: Big Expectations

    But it also points to how young he is compared to her, and she may like that. . I like mayonnaise a lot and tried it on the grilled cheese but didn't like it. Maybe if I hadn't known it was mayo it would have been different, because cooked mayo still sounds weird. Whatever...I'm back on butter. Aah, I'm just remembering that a million years ago, Julia Child made a grilled cheese for David Letterman on his show, and he recoiled when he tasted it because she'd used the kind of butter he can't stand--either salted or unsalted. . Can you tell if his name is Ludwig or Ludwing?
  4. Well, I guess that's a tiny bit of polish on the turd that was her appearance, but she was still having trouble breathing in that thing, and it made me gasp for breath. And when she first sat down, that one breast was almost the size of her head. And located in almost the same place. I've bitched before about women wearing impractical outfits for sitting on a couch, but this one really takes the cake. Not even an eye patch could distract from it. God, I hate her. Oh, and she singled out a man in the audience with glasses and a beard, but the guy they eventually showed didn't have glasses. I'll blame that on her, too.
  5. Same for me. I find him just dreamy, and I can't think of a single other person I think of as dreamy. Handsome and charming and just a little extra oomph.
  6. StatisticalOutlier

    S11.E16: More than a Feelin'

    I think most people have a social circle, and Tinsley's is made up of rich people. So I'm not surprised that's the pool she would select from. I think Scott isn't old money; maybe that's as far as she's willing to stretch it. Also, she doesn't seem like a super secure person, and if she matched up with a poor(er) person, she might always wonder if her money had anything to do with it. . I watched the episode and saw her taste the soup, but not put the vessel back into the soup after tasting from it. I also can't imagine she would get away with that. Did I somehow miss it? There was talk of "double dipping," but that had to do with the instructions to fill the container with just one scoop of the ladle, and not the Seinfeld version of double dipping.
  7. StatisticalOutlier

    S11.E16: More than a Feelin'

    Just to clarify--when a body is going to be viewed, it is usually embalmed (because it gives a more lifelike appearance for people to remember). An embalmed body doesn't have to be refrigerated. Refrigeration and embalming are the two alternatives for preserving a body until disposition. As for the show, I had a Jazzercise teacher in the early days of thong leotards. She once wore red tights with a thong leotard and when she turned around and wiggled, she looked like one of those monkeys with the red butts. Most unfortunate.
  8. StatisticalOutlier

    The Bachelorette in the Media

    Maybe I'm just old, but if I were going to provide a photo to People magazine, I wouldn't choose one where my bathing suit bottom is gapping like that.
  9. StatisticalOutlier

    Rocketman (2019)

    I thought Taron Egerton not only portrayed Elton John, but also looked like him. I also thought that at times he looked like Luke Perry. But I never would have thought that Luke Perry looked like Elton John.
  10. StatisticalOutlier

    S04.E08: Nowhere to Run

    She may not be fat, but she sure looked it in those pants. She's wide on the outsides of her hips, where her legs start. What she was wearing served only to accentuate it, and assaulted my eyes. . I hate her mother, and Chantel's getting more and more like her every episode. Plus those pants. . Unless he's coaching phone snatching, because he's got skillz. . I agree. And to clarify, Mr. Tony charged 15%, which was $150, and there was an additional $50 on court fees, for a total of $200 that Colt's not going to get back. . There's no way they're not going to be splashing water out of that thing, never mind when they transfer the "used" water bucket-by-bucket to the sink. I wonder what their landlord thinks about it. Back in my heyday, many apartment leases prohibited waterbeds, because of the weight and the potential for leaks. And as it happens, Mr. Outlier's mother just moved into an old folks' apartment complex, and her lease prohibits "water furniture," as they called it.
  11. StatisticalOutlier

    House Hunters International

    We had a cat that took a dump in the bathtub whenever she got mad, so I'm not too squicked out by dirty bathtubs. At least they're relatively easy to clean. Still doesn't make it acceptable to get in their with your shoes on--not everyone has been trained like I've been. But shoe soles have rocks and dirt embedded in them, and I'm always picturing the scratches they might leave.
  12. StatisticalOutlier

    House Hunters International

    While I generally agree, I'm in a statistics battle elsewhere right now, so I'll point out that I would assume there are many many more motel rooms occupied by children than by animals, plus a child's mess is probably "quicker" than a dog's and therefore more likely to happen in a motel--like the kid will make a mess while eating, and a dog's damage is likely more cumulative over time, like chewing or scratching on furniture. I do appreciate the self-cleaning nature of a dog's mess with food, but then you have dog slobber to deal with. But what do I know? When I'm in a motel, I neatly fold up the newspapers and set them on top of the trash can. Anything to make the maid not go, "Oh, shit" when she walks in. That's a bad enough job already. . Yeah, I thought getting in bathtubs with your shoes on is bad.
  13. StatisticalOutlier

    The Bachelorette in the Media

    JoJo and Jordan are going to be hosting a new show called "Cash Pad" on CNBC. They will be on a panel about it in Denver on June 22: https://seriesfest.com/pilots/home-weet-home-why-property-programming-is-tv-s-cash-pad Their bios include "Since her time on the iconic series, JoJo has proven to be a social media darling. An influencer in every sense of the word," and "In addition to a growing television career, Jordan has a distinguished social media presence, which led to several digital influencer partnerships over the last few years." I hate the word "influencer."
  14. StatisticalOutlier

    TCM: The Greatest Movie Channel

    I saw it about 20 years ago in a huge theater, and it really got to me. I remember feeling really sad for him, thinking, "It's not his fault." . I always use "Put salt on its tail" whenever somebody is trying to wrangle something.
  15. StatisticalOutlier

    S04.E07: Into the Lion's Den

    I guffawed when she said, "I'm just supposed to ignore them?" Uh, yes. For a couple of seconds, anyway, so (1) it won't feed into the fight you're currently having with your husband, and (2) you can actually think about your response before sending it. There was absolutely nothing urgent going on. . I'd probably react the same way, but still have to acknowledge his technique. That was like a surgical strike, where the phone was in her hand one second and his hand the next. The precision kind of reminded me of when Obama killed the fly that had landed on his arm during an interview. . I don't know what he was thinking, but I was horrified by the bathtub. It looked like what they have in the corner of "fantasy suite" motel rooms, and that yellowed rubber stopper with the chain dangling loose certainly didn't help. . Boy, not me. She looked more like one of the talent on this show than a midwife. I don't know if she intended for the tattoos to give the impression that she was wearing a shirt, but I wasn't fooled. . I think it was actually easier to find people in pre-internet days, when there were phone books, free and available to anyone, with distant ones and city directories available at the library.