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  1. I didn't see their season, so this is my only exposure to them, and I love them. Alexei just kills me, and they do seem to get along really well. I laughed out loud when Loren was trying to calculate the exchange rate on shillings and fucked it up and Alexei was not surprised, and then when she was getting food on the bedspread, we had a glimpse of a truly guilty/sneaky look on her face. It's not often I see what I think is anything close to real on these shows, so watching them interact is a lot of fun.
  2. I have to admit that I laughed out loud when Paul said something about how they brought the fire alarms out for him.
  3. They do it now with the 10-year rule: the RV park will allow only RVs that are no more than 10 years old. That could be a problem for people who pour a bunch of money into restoring an older RV, or (like me) have a 15-year-old motorhome that isn't an eyesore (well, from a certain distance). Some parks will waive the 10-year rule if you send them a picture, or if you just show up and they take a look at it in person. I wish! So many commercial RV parks are now full of permanent residents that it's getting very hard for traveling people to get a spot. State and federal campgrounds often have a 2-week limit, but then you have to deal with the rowdy "camping" crowd. . Snort. Me too! But then I think, "Well, the same could be said about people of various races," but then I remember the hipsters choose to be that way. You know how if you want to build a house, you have to comply with building codes? For recreational vehicles, the "building codes" are done by RVIA (RV Industry Association). The manufacturers build their RVs in accordance with those codes, and are subject to inspections by RVIA. Some RV parks require units to be RVIA certified. They typically don't ask, because if you see a Winnebago, you know it's RVIA certified. But if you see some sort of home-brew school bus conversion, you can't know if it was built to any standards at all, and some of them could affect others, like sketchy wiring that catches on fire. And nowadays, you have the same thing for a tiny house on wheels, so RVIA certification can be at least a little assurance that the tiny house or skoolie conversion was built to some standards. It might also be a way for them to keep out things that don't look like all the other RVs there. Or maybe keeping people from paying for a site and living in their car instead of a tent. Now, there is a way for tiny houses to get an RVIA certification, but it'll cost money and it might alter the build. From what I can tell, people might opt for RVIA certification just for resale purposes (but that would be forward thinking that is not generally present in tiny house owners). There might also be insurance or financing issues for a rolling structure that doesn't fit into the definition of an RV via RVIA certification.
  4. But it does illustrate her breathtaking ignorance. I slightly defended her use of "lady parts" on the last episode, but that's because I don't mind a well-placed euphemism. But given what we just saw, I wouldn't be surprised if she thinks "lady area" is the medical term. . I absolutely agree that it was show-driven, and I always fault the "talent" for agreeing to such nonsense, but in this case I really felt sorry for him. I'd be beyond shocked if he is of even average intelligence, and I watch him muddling through, messing up his life even more than it has to be. All that nonsense about how spending $20,000 on a ring would be stupid because she'll just use it as an investment, but $10,000 is okay? Where the hell did he even get that? I will say that I was pissed at the jewelry store clerk for not asking his budget (although she was no doubt following instructions), but I did like her enthusiasm at the end, where she said his girlfriend is going to love the ring. Yeah, she's a salesman, but at least it sounded sincere and I'm sure it made him feel better than the $500-spending teenage fool he is. In this crowd, going to high school is great role-modeling.
  5. Then he can't pronounce her last name, either. . He pronounces it as if he were saying "bikini" and dropped the "b." But there's a Y in Akinyi, and when her brother said it, you could hear it. If Ben pronounced "Kenya" the way he does "Akinyi," it would come out "kenna."
  6. She apparently doesn't have nipples so no nip slip potential, but with that dress, there's no way she can raise an arm to do a twirl without having the entire thing pop out. Not that I think even that would dissuade her, but I wouldn't want to be the guy dancing with her at that moment. . Thank you. That's bugged me ever since I heard her brother pronounce her name.
  7. I thought the same thing, but then read here somewhere that she'd lost that eye. I would imagine that at her socioeconomic level, she wouldn't have a deluxe glass one, and covers it with her hair. While I detest tinted glasses, I think that might be a better option than using her hair. I had a boyfriend who had to wear an eye patch for several months when his eye crossed for no reason. Even when catting around New York City, where people have seen it all, he'd get lots of double-takes. Then summer was over and he had to go back to his job teaching 9th grade. Good lord, you don't want to be a 9th grade health teacher looking like a pirate. . What you find super shady is the basis for this show, and every other reality show. The editors shape the narrative; the "talent" just provides the raw material. You obviously know this from your use of "frankenquote," as do I, but I have to remember to remind myself of it every time I start to get worked up about any conversations or THs I see. . Unfortunately, here in the U.S. slapping one's child isn't illegal.
  8. I realized that she was eliciting information, but I found myself muttering, "Shut up already." Since this show doesn't actually give the recipes in enough detail to actually use them, I watch it more as entertainment than cooking.
  9. I loved Bridget's horror at choosing the reduced fat kettle chips. I'd feel the same way, except Jack explained that they sling the fat off in a centrifuge--it's not like they add a bunch of sugar to make up for taking out fat, which really should be a crime. Besides, I thought fat wasn't the devil any more. I'll quibble with their arithmetic, though. They said she could eat 40% more chips because they have 40% less fat. I think she can actually eat 66.666% more chips. Here's my work: Assume 100 units (of fat or whatever) is normal. 40% less than that is 60 units. To get back to 100 units... 60x = 100 x = 100/60 x=1.666 I'm not sure she should know this, though, considering how excited she was when she thought she could eat 40% more. Except it has a bunch of dough, much of it undercooked. I love the stuff, but I'm an outlier because I generally don't like any toppings other than cheese and sauce on my pizza, so the dough is prominent, and I like it rare.
  10. Written Chinese is made up of symbols/characters. The things that look like symbols in Korean are actually letters--an alphabet, like consonants and vowels. . Plus your pronunciation doesn't have to be that far off because Spanish sounds exactly like it's spelled. Unlike, say, French. You may not be able to roll your Rs like a native Spanish speaker, but you'll be a hell of a lot closer than you'll be if you just read French out loud. Case in point: pommes frites. Only two syllables in French, with no audible S in either. Who knew? (Definitely not me, who pronounced it just like it looks, with all four syllables and every S accounted for, and was summarily corrected by the person taking my order.) . I was only halfway watching, but I swear I heard her say that she's (maybe also?) responsible because she chose to move there. Uh, if your decision was based on lies you'd been told, then you're not responsible. At least in my book, anyway. Which does make me wonder if she did know. I don't trust this show.
  11. It could be argued that the people in a crack den are a great support system for crack addicts, but that doesn't make it a good situation. . I absolutely agree, but it is the one time you can be sure she's not going to get pregnant, so there is that. . Nobody's a bigger grammar pedant than I am, but really--we're talking about Max here. Many many people older, smarter, and more educated than he is use it wrong. I'm just happy when something that comes out of his mouth isn't flat out stupid or delusional. . Well, if they're on Medicaid or get food stamps, then you are pitching in, if you're paying taxes yourself. . I actually prefer "lady area" to "vagina," if it's the vulva that we're talking about. At least it's not anatomically wrong. . I get that Grandma may not like that kind of talk, but in the hierarchy of people in the delivery room, I'd say it's the mother, then the father, and then the various lookie-lous hanging around in there. He shouldn't be disrespectful, but he's the dad, and it is his domain more than the grandmother's. Not that I'm excusing rudeness in any situation, but this wasn't him using language she didn't approve of at Thanksgiving dinner at her house. This was his turf, and Grandma is there only because they are allowing her to be. . Even Hailey saw that she was the one ultimately getting punished, because she wouldn't have Matthew's help. Not only that, Matthew actually seems eager to help. They'll never be the family that Hailey wants and thinks, but every hour he's there helping is an hour that's easier on her. The only caveat is that Mom needs to tell Hailey that if Matthew wants to have sex and Hailey doesn't want to, she needs to tell him, and if he protests, she needs to tell him to go talk to Mom about it. Yeah, I know that will send him into Hailey Part Deux's or some other idiot's arms, but it's probably going to happen anyway, so take what help you can get while you can get it. . I know one thing that will go a long way toward rising out of poverty--not having a baby, especially if you're a teenager. Unless you're Max, of course, on the fast track to being a millionaire because he's a teen dad. But I would suggest pinning down the details on that before deciding on it as a course of action . I think that's the first time I heard it, too, and it was like a dagger in my ears. Nowadays, I never hear anyone say "the prom."
  12. Speaking of those zeppelins, does she have nipples? Or in the traditional place, anyway? When most people expose 2/3 of a breast like she does, you're going to see a nipple.
  13. That's what I don't get. To be, being engaged means you are getting married, period. Maybe not right that minute because you need to plan some things, but it's not just another waiting period on a higher level. I think for that, you do promise rings or some other nonsense. So if you're engaged and something comes up that dictates that you get married that day, there shouldn't be any waffling. . Jesse may have been perceived as the main problem by some, but there was no doubt in any of what we saw that Darcey is a problem herself, and not a small one, either. The only sympathy I feel for her is sadness that she is the way she is, and that's definitely not a reason to marry her.
  14. It's the "somehow" that's problematic, if it means anything other than the evidentiary standards in that court.
  15. Not sure I agree that he deserves empathy. They've been communicating for several years, plus I assume he could see the same episodes with Jesse that we did. Either he failed at even trying to do due diligence, or he hand-waved everything that he knew and saw, and both are completely on him, as far as I'm concerned. However, I'm not sure that's even what's actually happening. I think they're both acting.
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