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  1. I have to say, I have an imagination for the nefarious, and even I had never thought of taking the batteries out of a smoke alarm. That borders on playing the long game, and I admire it. So I guess we're going to alternate meanings over periods of time. Swell. Really, all I ask is that meanings stay fixed for the few decades (in the grand scheme of things) during which I'm roaming the earth. I'm still mourning "literally" and "discomfit." Texas is a community property state, so if these were bought with community funds, each of them has an undivided one-half interest
  2. I kind of hate that most of the discussion is about the fight and not the clothes (Facebook engagement algorithms, anyone?), but have to admit the discussion has been interesting. I was thinking about that, and while Coral might not have wanted to do it, it wasn't terrible for her because she had to know that if she did as Christian asked, he'd have her back and there's no way she would be eliminated. If she went down, Christian would be implicated because of his meddling and persuasion. And especially if Prajje won and Coral lost. I'm not surprised that Coral was in the middle, and
  3. Yeah, what the hell was with Nina's sleeves? Elaine's right (to our left) shoulder strap bothered me in this episode. It was stiff, so it didn't conform to her shoulder, and was either suspended above it or it had fallen down to the side, which made me keep hiking up my shoulder every time I saw her. During the later discussion, she had draped a shawl around it. The drapers be busy. Don't these fashion professionals understand that different activities might require different clothes? Like an outfit that looks good while standing or walking might not be all that great when yo
  4. Ah, I'd forgotten that there was an initial refusal. And really, Christian "asking"? I think it's more than that. Unless you're Bones, and even then, you have to apologize later. And, so much for all the designers braying that Meg could have just said no. How did that work out for Coral? I felt bad for the white model in the Meg-Kenneth trade. He was just sloughed over to Meg, without anybody telling his new designer what a great catch he was, like Christian did for the other one, saying how he was instrumental in Geoffrey's win last season. Nope. It was just "Kenneth wants Me
  5. Yeah, about the "posh." I thought so, until I saw them sitting on the porch and thought, "That's a metal building, not a ranch house." They're sometimes called pole barns, and this one looked to be intended as a residence, rather than converted from something else. But you're right--such buildings used to be used as storage facilities or garages. Interestingly, manufactured houses are also metal buildings intended to be a residence, but looked down upon (e.g., a "double-wide"). I guess their problem is that they're just not big enough, or painted red. It's not a Mc word, but
  6. It was a little hard to tell from the runway because the outfits themselves were so big, but I was on the lookout and remember seeing one woman who might not have been a stick. No curvy men, though. Why aren't they being represented? Flat-assed men with beer guts wear clothes, too! And they all think they look fantastic, so the designers will have confident models. In other shallow news, that one male model with the giant nose. I feel kind of bad for saying this, but good heavens he was ugly. I've become accustomed to female models who I don't think are traditionally pretty but I un
  7. The arrival wasn't the only time. As @psychoticstate said: I liked that choice on the part of the editors. When the pit bull mix is the most calm one...
  8. Nova looks exactly like her, poor kid. And if I may be so bold, one same-sex relationship that happened in prison does not a bisexual make.
  9. So this is the choice we get to look at? Mullets, or those weird almost-Mohawks that everybody else has? I always heard "A friend will help you move, but a good friend will help you move a body." I heard that too. I think it was second grade. If two out of your three kids are being held back, you need to seriously look into what's going on, and by that I mean more than, "My mother died."
  10. Somebody had a t-shirt or sweatshirt on that said "Dubuque" so I assume University of Dubuque. Northern Illinois University in DeKalb is the school he said he could go to and walk on to the basketball team, if he finished school there instead of going back to Iowa.
  11. I think that's only because they think we're closer to naked than when we're glammed up. Also, just as a general PSA, there's a difference between "disinterested" and "uninterested." "Disinterested" doesn't mean you're not interested--it means you're unbiased. I'm sure it's going to eventually go the route of "literally" and "figuratively," where misuse is so prevalent that it changes the meaning, and leaves the original with two opposite meanings and in the case of "literally," no substitute for when you really mean "literally," but I'll always regret not sounding the alarm earlier on
  12. No, it was just two straps hanging from the crotch, not an octopus's worth. It was one of the designs in the top four. Maybe Zayden's? I wish they had a page with all the runway looks.
  13. He did get to say how much they like a two-fer when he realized some jacket was reversible. But what was odd was that it looked like the reversability wasn't shown on the runway, but instead during the judging. One thing that cracked me up was that when Meg was screaming about taking off her microphone, you could tell that her "shirt" wasn't a t-shirt with gigantic armholes, as I originally thought, but instead two dangling vertical pieces of fabric tucked into her waistband, like a giant dickie. And then on the runway, there was an outfit with two straps of fabric coming out of the cr
  14. And yet it had sat empty for the past year. I assume taxes were low, because the house's assessment was frozen at its 1976 value (under Proposition 13). The owners have to be in their 80s if they'd owned it for 65 years, so I think they probably had the time for basic home maintenance. 😀 I thought it was kind of funny when the HH said she'd be the first one in the family to buy a house for $1.2 million, and I thought, "I'd be prouder of being the first in the family to sell one for $1.2 million." The realtor claimed he had clients who would pay $1.8 million for the uncle's hous
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