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  1. Are you anti-marriage if you don't have kids? Kids are a huge stressor on relationships, whether married or not, and make any breakup infinitely messier. If people get married and don't have kids and then grow apart, divorce might not be easy but at least it's just the two people whose lives are upended. . Damn, that was awful. But it looked like he was in a business district instead of a neighborhood. He'd spent time out there before, so he wasn't completely unfamiliar with the place. So I was disappointed that he dropped the ball to the extent he did, but the scene still killed me.
  2. I saw the movie in a theater with a giant screen, and I don't remember even noticing the de-aging. The only mention I'd heard of it was on The Graham Norton Show, and I think it just went to the recesses of my brain. But speaking of brain, that may be part of it because I do fine recognizing people, but always wondered what would happen if someone I knew went missing and there was no photo so the cops wanted to draw a composite photo. "My dad? Well, he has dark hair and dark eyes, and he doesn't wear glasses. Or maybe he does." Shoot--I once gave my brother a shaving mirror to mount in the shower, and he said, "I have a beard." And, the prevalence of plastic surgery among actors makes all of them look a little weird to me. So I think the de-aged people just looked like they'd had some work done at some point.
  3. I think it just sounds fancier than "anything I can do to enhance your stay." Like people who say "myself" when it should be "I." Or "I" when it should be "me." . I'm the opposite. I have the harshest judgment for people who take advantage of those who don't have any common sense, or are stupid, or are the type who can be manipulated by cults. It's like scammers who target old people--it's the scammers who are at fault there, not the old people, and that problem could be solved in a heartbeat if the scammers would just stop. And maybe I'm a terrible friend, but I'm not friends with people whose ethics offend me, even if they don't think what they're doing is unethical. In Leah's case, I think she's all three--lacking in common sense, stupid, and easily manipulated--so I feel bad for her, but I draw the line, but if she were my friend, I would draw the line at her recruiting people into the cult. So, like @heatherchandler, I have to grudgingly give Kail some respect for trying to protect innocent randos, possibly at the cost of a friendship. I hope she feels achieved for doing it.
  4. I was referring to Marnie's hair, which looks like it would respond very favorably to a brush.
  5. But part of the competition is handling the stress. I personally think it's kind of stupid, but that's the field they're playing on. She said she hadn't gotten enough sleep. Should she be given an accommodation of an extra 2 hours of sleep over everyone else? . Heidi used to do the same thing, and props to both of them for it. . Well, that's why they invented brushes.
  6. I didn't remember that from last season. So they're repeating it? Why a mad dash for something random and unseeable? I don't think there's time to look at the card and put it back hoping the other random card you draw is better, even though the stakes could be kind of high since they're not guaranteed to get a walking coathanger.
  7. Most?? Even the young ones look like an old woman trying desperately to hang onto her youth, and failing miserably.
  8. She always looks like she just crawled out of bed and padded down to the 7-Eleven to get a cup of coffee. Brush your hair! . That was probably my favorite part of the entire show, and I miss it. I liked the comments, but I also liked the opportunity to actually see the garments up close. The fact that at one point someone said, "I want to see that up close" and a couple of others jumped up too tells me they shouldn't have taken it out.
  9. Sorry, but you've been disqualified from the soul threesome.
  10. Anymore clothes? It's any more clothes--two words. I've never understood why someone would go to the trouble of making a picture with text on it that's misspelled, and it happens all the time.
  11. They wouldn't fire you. They'd just frankenbite you into saying you need a huge closet for your shoes. . My mother, who had five kids, used to say that she couldn't cook, but could prepare a meal. . On 60 Minutes last night, they interviewed Adam Sandler and they went to his parents' house, where he grew up. I couldn't believe the kitchen--a little square with wood cabinets that had those really thin pointy hinges and pulls that look like hammered metal (not good at describing them), I'd guess from the 50s. It was kind of refreshing, since it didn't appear that Sandler hated them and just refused to give them the dough to redo it. Maybe they just like it. . But if you want to be in a particular neighborhood, like close to downtown, the choices are to renovate the house that's there or to tear it down and build a new one. I think many many neighborhoods are being ruined by tear-downs that for a while were replaced by McMansions and are now being replaced by boxes. They very rarely fit in with the rest of the houses on the street. If somebody wants a modern house in an old neighborhood, I'd prefer they renovate and mangle the inside, so the neighbors don't have to be subjected to it.
  12. Thank you! I can see Cash on Demand being part of Noir Alley, too--based solely on the title. Any idea why they do this? Or why they're showing Gone with the Wind twice within 24 hours?
  13. TCM is showing Gone with the Wind next Friday at 6:00pm (MST), and then again at 12:00 noon on Saturday. That's a LOT of GWTW. And later on Saturday they're showing Criss Cross at 10:00pm and again the next morning at 8:00am. What gives? ETA: And Repeat Performance (I'll say!) is on Saturday the 28th at 10:00pm and again the next morning at 8:00am. Which is the same "timing" as Criss Cross. Wait--it's the same thing for Cash on Demand on Saturday the 21st. Is this something I just haven't noticed before? That they pick a movie and show it on Saturday night and again 8 hours later?
  14. Well, when it comes to a leather-looking bustier, there's a market of at least one in the Muslim community, to judge from Asma's THs.
  15. Who has it? I regularly turn off NPR because of vocal fry, but I didn't notice any in this episode of PR, thank heavens. . I think it was in the documentary Dior and I that I first saw all the workers in the atelier wearing lab coats. I love it. And it is practical. I compared Delvin to somebody I saw in the background with huge sleeves that have to get in the way. I say pull your hair back, have glasses that don't slide down your nose, and don't wear clothes that get in the way of what you're doing. I also loved Delvin's reclining reply to Christian: "Stress kills." Even if the garment isn't "perfect," if it's finished and executed well, and can't be made perfect in the remaining time, why be in a dither? . Like after the poncho comment, when he moved to some display (buttons?) and kind of patted them. That seemed to be a very natural moment, and I'm gathering that things like that weren't just edited out last year. I like it. However, I just can't with his hair. I have a terrible reaction to men who try to disguise their baldness with a combover, or in Christian's case, torturing his hair into the hairline he wishes he had. I think it's even more annoying because it's not as obvious as a combover, so I'm distracted trying to figure out exactly where the hair is coming from.
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