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  1. Interesting. I know only the basics about Australia, and when I saw in the onscreen description that the episode was in Perth I thought, "Nah." Probably the same kind of reaction an Australian viewer might have to an episode in Indianapolis. Also probably not entirely fair. But not entirely unfair either. I posted last year about some people I know who showed up on HHI without my expecting it. "Hey, I know them!" The episode said they were moving to Mexico, but it was actually a second home; they split their time between there and their house in Denver (which they rent, and the episode said they wanted to quit renting but houses in Denver are super expensive). And they'd bought the Mexico house a couple of years before the episode was even shot. And despite this first-hand knowledge about how bogus it is, I still get sucked in.
  2. Did they say they wouldn't use it for vacations? I assumed they would. I don't know what year/model of trailer they had, but they said it was 28 feet long and I assume highly modified if it was sleeping all those people. They wouldn't be able to get more than $10,000 or $15,000 for it, even in this hot pandemic market. I agree with @buttersister--if it's going to be sitting in the driveway anyway and he needs an office, problem solved.
  3. Was that on CNN? If so, they actually sounded like they were making great efforts at cleaning and ventilating, so I was kind of on their side even though I agree that gyms are a definite no-go for me. Then they did the "Home Depot is open" thing and gyms are just as essential, and lost me a little. And then said they have veterans and recovering drug addicts as customers, and the gym is essential for their health, and lost me a little more. Then one of them threw in that masks don't work, and that did it. Plus, the connection they had was terrible, with the lagging and everybody talking over each other, so I turned it off. But they had me for a second. Much moreso than the gun shop owner here who requires customers to remove their masks before entering, despite a statewide mandate. He certainly didn't describe any enhanced measures he was taking. And really, if a business is taking certain measures only because they have to in order to be open (and probably only grudgingly) instead of having their customers' best interests at heart, then I don't want to line their pockets. For those of y'all having crazy dreams, I listened to a Fresh Air interview with Dan Harris, who had a panic attack while reading the news on Good Morning America years ago and turned to meditation for help even though he was definitely not the meditation type, and even after embracing it had a very negative reaction to a more advanced type--loving-kindness meditation--but became a convert. He says that his meditation allows him to relax into the uncertainty. He was asked about people having wild dreams, and he said he's having them, and asked a psychiatrist about them during an interview. The psychiatrist of course said he didn't know for sure, but that his instinct is that the dreams are purging and flushing out and processing the grief and trauma, and it's actually a sign of the functioning of the healthy brain and mind. Not sure that's a lot of comfort, but it's probably better than being subjected to wild dreams for no reason at all.
  4. Upthread we were talking about how to handle situations where people you're with or around are making you uncomfortable (otherwise known, in my world, as BREAKING THE RULES). Here's some advice from an etiquette training institute: https://www.npr.org/2020/07/28/896134292/covid-19-etiquette-6-common-conundrums-and-a-printable-pocket-guide I need to tattoo "Let's just put a little bit of space in between each other while we're waiting in line" on my palm so I can literally read it out loud word for word instead of relying on my outraged brain to make the point.
  5. Oh please. His legs look muscular, and between that and the apparent shaving, it made me wonder if he's a road rider. Body builders shave, and it's not because they move so fast the hairs are irritated. No--they think they look better, and muscles do look more defined without hair, and bicyclists love their leg muscles. Which just made me realize that most don't shave their arms, and it's probably no coincidence that bicyclists generally have spindly arms. I like Alexei (admittedly, I see him only on Pillow Talk), and I generally find road riders to be rather obnoxious, so I'm disappointed that he might be one of them.
  6. Poor Humility. Every time I saw her I wanted to scream, "Stand up straight!" In an early scene she was hunched over while holding the baby, and it didn't change when she wasn't holding it. Most unfortunate.
  7. Deavan in her talking heads looks like a goth Duggar. My TV's not that great, but it sure looks like Alexei shaves his legs.
  8. I'm living that. I was born in 1957 and Mr. Outlier was born in 1967. Huge generational difference (one of us completely missed the upheavals of the 1960s and has no memory of the Vietnam War; the other of us had a POW bracelet), plus the man is the younger one. Oh well. Not me. I'm on the verge of not watching it any more until they get back in a studio. What I always liked about the show was their interactions and chit chat, and we don't get that in this format. What about Katie Lee and her bell sleeves that she has to hold back with one hand? And the other day she had necklaces or something on, such that every time she bent over she had to use one arm to hold them back. Why?? I'm also not a fan of her white maternity bra with a sundress look. Everyone else managed to have sleeves, and she should have, too. He works out. Men with big muscles often favor tight clothes. Add that to the trend for men's suits to be slimmer cut these days, and you get Zakarian's outfits.
  9. Sure, but if someone says she's craving Mexican food, I wouldn't suggest Taco Bell. If someone says she's craving Taco Bell, then I get it.
  10. I was surprised when Danielle and Bobby were in the car and talking about how she was craving Mexican food, and they were going to Taco Bell (or at least the order sounded like Taco Bell). And then for breakfast burritos I'm pretty sure they went to Sonic. Egad. They're in Texas. And this is coming from someone who's not a fast food snob at all, but if you're going to drag yourself out in the car anyway, pick up something good. Or at least don't say you're craving Mexican food on your way to Taco Bell--say you're craving Taco Bell. It's not the same thing.
  11. I just watched Alice Adams off my DVR from about a year ago. In his little thing at the end, Ben Mankiewicz was talking about the plot and how Alice and Walter lived happily ever after in the movie, but not in Booth Tarkington's novel. Then he referred to Alice and Walter again. The thing is, Walter is Alice's brother. Her boyfriend's name was Arthur, played by Fred MacMurray. I would normally think this is kind of a howler, but I can't help but think "Walter" whenever I see Fred MacMurray, because of Double Indemnity.
  12. I watched Arthur when it was on the other night. The opening credits with the limousine going through the streets of New York and Christopher Cross singing Arthur's Theme was just sublime. For years, when Mr. Outlier has said he's going to take a shower, I always respond, "I'll alert the media"--stealing John Gielgud's droll response when Arthur tells him he's going to take a bath. He never had a reaction. Well, it turns out he'd never seen the movie, and yet never once in all these years asked why I said I was going to alert the media when he was going to take a shower. Then again, I'm no John Gielgud.
  13. I would stake my life on the fact that she knows all about why Andrrrrei left his homeland. And I wouldn't stake my life on it, but I highly suspect that her family knows much more than they're letting on. I thought he said there are more departures than arrivals. Which also didn't make sense.
  14. That reminds me. They make wind-proof neoprene masks for cold weather activities--they fit tight and go over your nose and under your chin, and attach in the back with velcro. I thought about mine for a second when this mask stuff started, but the part under the nostrils is completely open and there are a bunch of holes in the mouth area, so you can breathe. So obviously completely wrong for a virus mask. Then what do I see on the ground in a grocery store parking lot? One of those masks. I'm sure somebody was using that, and of course giving the impression of wearing a mask but actually doing zero to contain any respiration. I'm glad they lost it, and I was scared someone else would find it and start using it, so I took it out of circulation. I don't know if the person using it was just being an asshole, or actually thought it was a proper mask for the virus. Either way, it doesn't do anything to improve my opinion of my fellow humans. At the grocery store, they still have arrows on the floor (I always go when there's hardly anybody there, so I don't know if they're still necessary). Of course, going when there's nobody there means people play a little loose on the arrows, which isn't a big deal if aisles don't have anybody else in them and you're going to be quick. This morning, I was almost at the end of an aisle looking at stuff and an old man pushing a cart enters the aisle going the wrong way. He squeezed a little around my cart and said "excuse me" and I gave him a moderately dirty look instead of playing arrow enforcer. Then I see him look at the ground toward the end of the aisle and presumably he sees the arrow, but continues on. Then he did some sort of cart pirouette, and the next time I looked down there he had the cart facing the correct way as he pulled it behind him all the way down the aisle.
  15. I couldn't tell--was the toilet in the hallway outside her actual apartment? It was in a hallway that looked too big to have been in her apartment. That would be a definite deal-breaker. Also, she was talking about going from her bed to the toilet, and then to the kitchen to wash her hands, and then back to bed. I'm no doubt outing myself as a pig, but I don't wash my hands after I go to the bathroom in the middle of the night. I stumble in and stumble out, hoping against hope not to wake up too much. I liked it because Americans on HHI are always aghast at having the washing machine in the kitchen, and she was using it as a baseline. The realtor sounded just like Nandor on FX's What We Do In the Shadows.
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