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  1. Holy cow, Waldo. I really hope you’re totally up to par, soon. Explain to me how they filmed those scenes in Sharon’s house? They weren’t distancing at all. It does look like Sharon Case had face work done. Her puffy cheeks makes her eyes so small and inset. Not good. Buttbiscuit did an interview on our local TV and said the only two people who are not forced to distance is Devon and Elena because they are involved with each other off screen.
  2. Welcome to the Club, QVC Dude. You’re among friends here. Would anyone here trust a hand sanitizer just because it has Gili Jill’s name in it? What the hell does that airhead know about killing COVID germs. These people will slap their name on anything just for a buck. What’s next? Gili condoms?
  3. Did everyone notice the weird garages in the Washington DC show? An operating garage door, but no roof!! What’s the point of a garage without a roof?
  4. Uh, I think being erect as possible is what caused them to have so many kids in the first place.
  5. boes, you are priceless. Will we view the colonoscopy live, like our eyes are part of the camera, or will it be tape delayed.
  6. This Ridge story is stupid. There’s a law in Nevada that if a marriage is performed when one or both parties are under a “chemical inducement” the marriage is easily annulled. Bet the writers don’t know Jack about that. Donna, we’ve already seen your Plan A and Plan B. Time to tuck them away, OK? Unless you’re trying to be the Irish Setter, aka Lauren on Y&R by outboobing her.
  7. With Hallmark starting their holiday movies even earlier, will we see them starting in September at some point? While I love these movies and I know that it’s a huge ratings success, starting October 23 is really pushing it. Can anyone explain how they got the term Bubbly Sesh? Why couldn’t they come up with a name that lets people know what the show is all about. Do they realize that the word Sesh, in the Urban Dictionary, means excessive drug use with a small group of friends? In my grandmother’s language it means moldy.
  8. Did I hear them say that new episodes are starting this Monday? I was not in the family room, but I thought I heard a commercial saying the new eps were starting then.
  9. My Aunt used to teach in the Royal Oak schools and liked it there. It's a small town of about 60,000 and was ranked the 27th safest city in Michigan, whatever that means
  10. Why do the hosts always squeeze their meat, so to speak, even when it looks disgusting? Right now they’re squeezing bacon wrapped chicken breasts, stuffed with Swiss cheese (from Wisconsin, as the OAP is constantly saying) and to say it looks gross is an understatement. It looks like something from Dr Pimple Popper. Major yuck.
  11. OMG, call the police! Rachel just drank some bone broth, right smack dab on the air! Call the Q police !! What the hell is bone broth? I make homemade soup from scratch all the time, but I’ve never heard of bone broth. Is it akin to those dried beef and chicken cubes that some use for soup? I love mine, so much so that I have two, one that I permanently keep in my luggage for travel, and the main one.
  12. It must be in the producers handbook that you must say, at least once per episode, “I worry about the safety of the kids” whether it applies to stairs, pools or Juliet balconies. You know the solution for those things? Try a gate, a pool fence or watch your damn kids. I thought the free living hippie era ended in the 70’s. I guess this couple didn’t get the message. And I chuckled when they said the babies just kept coming. Well gosh darn, how do you think that happened? Must have drank from the same cup? And I wonder how many were conceived while living in the trailer? There ain’t a whole lot of privacy in those things unless they kicked the kids out while they knocked boots.
  13. Oh, I could see the Q telling people to limit the quantities of items, especially if they know clothing isn’t a great seller. Just read an article about Lori where she was quoted as saying that people who look down on QVC fashion are probably jealous and “I can see no difference between QVC and Bergdorf Goodman”. Really?? Seriously? Does anyone here think that you’d see Quacker Factory at Bergdorf’s, when Bergdorf’s still existed?
  14. Great job on the new Tova. I love Tova 3. Today's TSV, I purchased a brush from Amazon that looks nearly the same as the Calista, minus the fancy colors, for $ 24.99. I still can't figure out what's going on there. All you hear them say is " This is your only chance to buy this. No other chance this year." And they seem to have so little product. Yesterday during Quacker, it seemed like there were very few choices in every size. Maybe Q has told vendors not to produce as many items because they don't want stuff piling up in their warehouses. Everyone on the East Coast, please stay safe.
  15. Don’t these models know that when you put on a pair of pants, and you can’t pull most of it above your knees, the pants are too small. Lumberjackie has a pair of very tight white pants that are totally bunched below her knees. Yuck Will someone please hire a speech coach for these hosts? Last night Princess Jasmine/Lily Munster kept saying the TSV glasses were so impordant. There’s no freaking D in important.
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