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  1. Connor is great at manipulating mommy and daddy, but he needs to go away to that place, Fairview/Fairhaven or whatever. Since Sharon has already lived there, she could be Connor’s therapist. He’s a crappy actor and I hope once Chelsea marries Adam, he’ll be sent away to military school. Cane is such a sleezeball and I can’t wait until he permanently disappears, without Devon’s money. And please make sure that Colin never returns. BTW, rumor has it Cane’s gonna be Steffi’s new man on B&B. Another reason not to watch that show.
  2. Kerstain selling a circular saw is must see. Like she gives a rat’s ass about it. But I will say the OAP demonstrating the saw sounds like he’s coming in his drawers in excitement when he shows the wonder of the saw.
  3. I finally figured out what David’s hair looks like. We went to the National Aviary and watched the penguins. David’s close cropped hair looks just like the pin-feathers on a penguin’s butt🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧.
  4. I can’t stand most of these storylines as they are tedious and dumb. Hate Colin and I just cannot figure out why the writers dug him up for a few episodes. The whole BS of Devon just giving away his billions made no sense——he’s not a dumbass, so I just don’t get why he didn’t bring in his own team to reveal the scam. And Colin calling Katherine an “old bat” was so wrong. I hate the slinky, whispering Jessica Rabbit character that Phyllis is playing. That plaid dress was two sizes too small, and the slit up to the overused cooter was just tacky. She deserves a roll in the hay with the oily, unshaven Dickolas. Jack needs a swift kick in the balls. A slimy scammer like Theo gets more love than his own son? And making this untested bohunk a big chief at Jabot is nothing short of insanity.
  5. The Virginia husband bugged me with his attitude. When the wife said she wanted a pool for the kids to be outside, his response was that back in his day, kids stayed inside and played video games. Well, imho, that’s a huge problem with today’s kids. Not enough time outdoors getting exercise and too many hours playing those insipid video games——many of them beyond violent. The wife was a little flakey with her wanting to show off her house. But in a way I could understand it because she was proud to be the first in the family to own a home.
  6. Oh for the love of crap. I had the TV on in the background while I was in the kitchen. All of a sudden I hear screeching and howling so loud I thought someone was being murdered. I looked over and saw Mary Beth, Rachel, the Cuddl Duds OAP and Kerstank screaming over a plate of cookies. My God, grown women yelping like howler monkeys over cookies. Idiots.
  7. I hope Kerstain eats Beano with all that broccoli or else she could blow a hole in one of their sets.
  8. Is it just me, or are the Peace World Love fashions really awful? Today, they had a sweatshirt type top that was all shredded at the hem and neckline. Then, the downright horrible super wide-leg jeans with some kind of fabric insert down the outer seam. Just nasty looking. Is this look supposed to attract youngsters?
  9. Time to send Connor to military school. If they can get rid of Faith for months on end, they can dump this spawn of Chucky. Did we miss the Wednesday broadcast, or did they run yesterday’s episode today? And does that mean tomorrow’s episode will be postponed to Monday?
  10. What’s frustrating to me is Hallmark is repeating the same movies over and over again despite having a huge catalogue of older, and in many circumstances, better movies. I have no idea why Hallmark has put those films in storage, but it’s a very bad move. I’m tired of seeing A Veteran’s Christmas, Snow Bride, Love You Like Christmas, A Bride For Christmas, Rocky Mountain Christmas, A Princess for Christmas (and all the other Royal movies) and anything with Lacey, Danica and Candice. There are a lot of really good Hallmark Christmas movies that need to see the light of day. If they’re putting those older movies on streaming, well, that’s another bone of contention. The way things are going, regular broadcast channels will be showing C-list shows and reality crapola while putting everything else on their insane extra pay channels.
  11. Interesting that their losses are in jewelry, accessories and home, but all we seem to see are endless shows with shoes, handbags and housewares including bedding and beds, Vitamix, Shark and other expensive home appliances. Whomever is making decisions on products and product placement are idiots. I’m no business minded person, but if clothing is a bigger moneymaker, why are we seeing less of the winners and more of the losers?
  12. Pre-emptied Wednesday and Friday——at least in the East and Central time zones.
  13. I hope they don’t sell the PJ’s Skunk wears as their “As Is” merchandise. Can you imagine opening that package?
  14. Where is the supposed security specialist protecting Grand Phoenix? Is there no armed security? When they were kicking patrons out, no one bothered to dial 911? This storyline is lame.
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