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  1. Jim has COVID-19. Hope he recovers and didn’t infect any of his family.
  2. Some doctors here have made comments about not buying a lot fresh produce. You really can’t use soap to wash a lot of produce because it could be toxic for some to ingest and just rinsing won’t remove any virus. I went to Q’s host page to see the name of a host I didn’t recognize (Ali Carr), and I saw the photo of Kerstain. Wow, not a good picture because it really made her look hydrocephalic. Her head looks way too big for her body.
  3. It finally hit me. Ms Khondabi looks like Lily Munster, with those light stripes in her hair.
  4. I fully admit that I don’t watch Courtney K very much, but seeing her tonight, did she get her lips blown up? She’s looking like a full-blown Kartrashian.
  5. Well, I’m done too. Removed this show from my dvr.
  6. Caro's entire outfit is awful. Those floral pants are pulling tight everywhere. The top and pants don't go together. I can't stand how she stands when she holds up a garment to her body. She goes into her "I'm a superstar model " look. I've noticed that their clothes have gotten so matronly. The prints look like the stuff they used to sell in the 80's to the really large women who only wore mumu's. It's obvious they don't have stylists working because the models come out looking so sloppy. It looks like there's no one there to iron the clothes because so many of the items they wear are wrinkled.
  7. I wish. I thought it was funny that in her little blog in the alumni book, she lists the sorority house as her address.
  8. I would love to see Jill and Jack get together. They both need a little nookie. I just can’t stand seeing Philthy and Baboon Butt knocking boots. It’s just too gross. But Summer’s comment “Oh God. Get a room” was perfect. Why are Mariah and Tessa always in the jet? Get a bus.
  9. I just found out that Courtney Cason and I are sorority sisters. My real sister was reading something about CC and it mentioned that she went to the U of Mississippi and it named her sorority. I immediately went to my big alumni book, and there she was, with her real name, Angela.
  10. So, Kerstain is already in her pool, and Courtney Cason is preggers. Interesting. What I get a kick out of is when people call in saying how she’s going to be the best mother. They don’t know her from a bag of beans, so how can they know she’s going to be great?
  11. I’d rather drink Two Buck Chuck than the wine from that egotistical jagoff. He’s bugged me from the very start with his “Mr. Wonderful” bullshit.
  12. I really wanted to smack the crap out of the South Carolina mom. It’s not your house, you snippy bi#ch, and leave your daughter alone. I really, really dislike any butinsky mother on these shows. And I really hated mom when she said the guest room wasn’t big enough for her. The daughter would be crazy if she let her mom visit for more than a couple of days.
  13. And she’s only famous because of her husband. She’s a no talent woman who married up. I despise that new Progressive woman with the awful voice that could shatter eardrums. So I’ll just sit at home in quarantine (a person on our recent cruise tested positive for COVID-19), drinking wine slushees, and watching the replay of my beloved Cubs winning the World Series.
  14. I love the potential name for Lily and Billy——Blily Has Sharon even started her treatments? It doesn’t seem like she’s had much, if any. Since so many of our episodes have been 20 minutes or less, I really don’t know. I know she’s been in for various tests, but has her chemo started?
  15. Doesn't Valerie sell enough crapola, and now she goes to faith-based jewelry?
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