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  1. I get the feeling that the Ft Lauderdale husband was not only a commitment phobe but lazy. He didn’t want to be responsible for taking care of the property, which screams lazy, as he kept talking about all the responsibilities. Yeah, I know he was “burned” by the sale of their previous house, but if you have the money to buy a house and pay a mortgage, why throw good money after bad? And I also didn’t get his whole “we’re going to be stuck here for a long time”. Well yeah, that’s what happens when you purchase a home. Really, I just didn’t get the husband’s thought process.
  2. I can’t believe PB is going to become a teacher—-a lifestyle teacher. Who the hell would want to learn anything from her? I have no desire to live her freaking lifestyle. First of all, broccoli gives me gas, skin cancer runs in the family, and I won’t run into WaWa in a bikini. So her lifestyle does nothing for me
  3. I live near Pittsburgh and while some of the buildings are from here, not all are. One looks like the UPMC Tower, another could be the US Steel Tower, the short building could be the Renaissance Hotel. The two buildings in the center, with the one being Jabot are the PPG Towers in Market Square, but they removed the “spikes” that adorn the four corners of each building. On the far left is One Oxford Center.
  4. Q needs to ban the color brown during Garolyn’s shows. This morning, during her Denim and Co show, whenever she showed an item that’s brown, she goes into her squeaky Nutsy voice. She’s such an immature kook.
  5. I just saw a really stupid, and nasty, ad. It’s for Mountain Dew where two guys on horses want a taste of the drink. Right on cue, one of the horses shoots a cooler of Mountain Dew out his butt. Yeah, like anyone would drink anything that comes flying out a horse’s ass.
  6. Does anyone know, or has anyone heard, what’s going on with Quacker Factory? When you look online , there are hardly any QF items, and there is only one, two hour show, in the next two months. Is Q kicking QF to the curb for some reason? I admit, I like QF jeans because I’m very hard to fit because of my deformed legs, and Quacker jeans fit me nicely. If they’re dumping QF, I’m going to be PO’d. Q is enamored with I-Suck, Gravel, Graver. I really don’t like their clothes. Liquid shit sucks, I-Suck’s stuff is so cheaply made, with so many of his tops being so thin you can see right through them, and I don’t care for Gravel’s items. I can’t believe QF didn’t make a huge bundle of money for Q. But now, it’s the same things over and over. Endless shoes, the Goat Boys, beds, cosmetics and too many skin care lines, Philosophy, more food than anyone can eat (and a lot of their food looks so nasty, I wouldn’t give it to an enemy), and then after the food they oversell exercise equipment. I really think Q is letting the inmates run the prison. Kerstain always says “I’m the one who’s bringing in the healthy foods and exercise equipment”, Szish says she’s the one who brings in the high end sunglasses and perfumes, the Shoe Queen implies she picks out the shoes they sell. And at times it appears Skunk has a big say in what she sells. Q has gotten away from what made them successful over the decades, and that could be why their stock has fallen 27% since last year.
  7. Waldo, some stylist decided that one clump of hair covering the face is sexy. NOT !!!!!!!🤯. This is not a modified Veronica Lake——she was considered very sexy (my dad had a huge crush on her, and Maureen O’Hara). Someone please !!!! Get Abby off my TV. She’s such a self-centered brat that she feels she’s entitled to a baby. Wait.....maybe she’ll have a nervous breakdown and she’ll be hauled off to the local macadamia farm for R&R. I really hope Philthy gets the walking around woman a different dress. That green thing is beyond ugly, and if it’s the only dress she has, it’s going to be able to stand on its own.
  8. What is it with people and their chickens? Is it just something that people think is cool, but they have no idea how much work it takes? Didn’t like the Atlanta couple, and the wife’s voice made me stabby. Bet the whole farming thing got old real quick. And I don’t know how anyone else feels, but crowing poultry would drive me crazy—-not to mention the smell.
  9. Sharon is such an idiot. “Let me know if you need anything”. Yes Sharon, he wants a private showing of the Golden Cooter. Please, stop with this baby bull. It’s gotten real old, real fast. Abby has become way too obsessed with this.
  10. She’s like so many spoiled children. She only wants a toy when someone else is playing with it. Did the order given to Amanda also have a gag order? If not, tell Billy the story and have him print it.
  11. I’m sorry, but I just can’t support Mr Jennings after reading about his insensitive tweets. The comment about a hot person in a wheelchair is bad enough (I’m disabled) and now the one I just read about when Trump starts a war it’s understood that the other side knows to drop bombs on the Midwest and South. Of course, he tries to cover his behind saying they were just jokes or were meant to start discussions, just rings hollow. I can’t help but get the feeling that he’s nothing but an insensitive jerk and not worthy to fill Alex Trebek’s shoes.
  12. There are two newer commercials that bug the heck out of me. One is for insurance where the woman says “Do you remember so-and-so? He says “yeah, the guy in his 70’s who still runs marathons”. The woman responds “Not anymore”. It’s the snotty way she says not anymore that bothers me. And then we have the Coors beer commercial where the woman rips off her bra and the voiceover says it’s the official beer of being done wearing a bra. What the hell does one thing have to do with the other? It’s just stupid.
  13. Why are the writers so nutty about Abby getting knocked up? They’ve been married all of 5 minutes and she’s going bonkers that Chance hasn’t knocked her up already. The basic rule is, if you’re working yourself up to the point of depression, it’s all the more difficult to get pregnant. Waldo, in the early weeks of pregnancy, you can appear to have your period and still be pregnant. It happened to my mom and her sister and they both had healthy pregnancies.
  14. Would have loved to see Caro wearing the super curly wig. A laugh a second Male soap actors have had that beard thing going on for a while. I’ve always said it looks like the beards we put on during Halloween using charcoal
  15. And as I posted on the other thread, she needs to take a hint from Antonella who was just diagnosed with malignant lymphoma ——and we all know she was a sun worshiper. If she continues to wear her bikinis 9 months a year, she’s headed to skin cancer country.
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