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  1. Will someone please stuff a sock in JJ Walker’s mouth when he screams “NOW” on the social security commercial?
  2. Who needs to purchase a workout dvd that shows you how to walk. If your choice to exercise is walking, why do you need a video showing you how to do it. What a waste of money to gullible people.
  3. This whole douche bag-Devon story does a disservice to anyone who has done, or will do, surrogacy. His reasoning for starting this insanity will never hold water in court. Bowie is loved and well taken care of, he has a great extended family and would live a life of luxury. And to use Abbey’s taking off to find her husband won’t sway the court. It’s not like she left Bowie with a couple of doggy bowls of water and kibble. Devon could have continued to be a strong positive character. But he will forever be the most reviled one.
  4. Well, my eye candy is gone with Richard Burgi being fired for breaking Covid protocol. Y&R don’t mess around. He was one of the only reasons I watched the show. I don’t know Robert Newman, but he’s the new Ashland. What a mess. Does anyone understand why Michael left the DA’s office, only to be hired by Victor? I know CLB will eventually leave to go on Broadway, but they just could have “forgotten “ about him, like they’ve done to other characters, but I don’t get why they went the retirement route. I mean, Paul has been AWOL for years with no explanation.
  5. And she claims she’s a size medium to large. If she’s a medium, I’m an XXXXS. I just don’t get any of these hosts and models who claim their sizes are insanely smaller than they look.
  6. Just saw a commercial for a company called Manscaped. A woman hands her male significant other a box, and when he opens it up, it says “Your Balls Will Thank You”. It’s calls itself the Lawnmower 4.0.
  7. I know this is an old commercial, but I despise it. It’s for Honey Nut Cheerios with the not thin woman wearing the awful red dress. Why do they film her in the worst possible angle with her stomach protruding and her swayback? Then, she shovels a huge spoonful of Cheerios into her mouth. Why? Doesn’t make me want to buy Cheerios.
  8. Someone needs to stick an ether soaked rag into Amanda’s mouth. Bich, you don’t have a dog in this kennel, so piss off. You’re not Sperm-Daddy’s wife or fiancé. You are nothing more than a f*uck buddy. Stop trying to avenge your ruined childhood by ruining Dom’s. And what’s with all this talk of Dom’s psychological welfare? It makes no sense. Doesn’t Sperm-Daddy understand that playing baby bingo with the kid is more damaging than having inexperienced parents who are trying to do right by the child? Do I see a Rex Rugs in Devon’s future, via a crazed PTSD’d Chance? And don’t
  9. Will someone send Sharon Case a gross of face blotters? She’s so shiny that it looks like she’s been frying bacon on her face. Amanda needs to shut the hell up and stop comparing her life to that of Bowie’s. She had horrendous parents who dumped on her and her sister. Dom has two loving parents, grandparents, Aunts and Uncles and a bunch of cousins. Her life is nothing like Don’s will be.
  10. Coko is beginning to look like a Madam Tussauds wax figure. Her eyebrows are way too black and huge. And the lips are getting to Kartrashian levels. There’s nothing natural about her. To me, she’s getting scary.
  11. Hey, Devon. If you’re so freaking broody, and you’re having postpartum depression, why not knock up your girlfriend and then all is well. I really don’t like how they’re writing Chance as an incompetent boob, unable to calm his “son”. The baby is cranky and it’s not a reflection on his parenting skills. If I remember, Abbey had a problem calming the kid.
  12. Thank you for pointing this out to me. I was still in the rehab hospital for my broken hip, and I wasn’t following Q during that time. Only fools would follow anything she has to say about health.
  13. Now that the Hallmark Christmas movies are done, for now, here are a few of my personal observations. Hallmark needs to focus more on quality vs quantity. Make less new movies, but make them better with interesting and engaging stories, higher production values and better actors. To be honest, I spent far less time watching the network this season than ever before for two reasons: I didn’t find many of the new movies to be very good, and they kept repeating the same movies over and over and over again. Hallmark has a treasure trove of excellent holiday movies, but they refuse to show them
  14. Has anyone heard her saying she’s a licensed nutritionist? My sister swears she’s heard her say something like that.
  15. Why don’t they put Graver over on Q2 and let her run her own shows? At least she won’t be talking over the host 90% of the time.
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