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  1. I just don’t get Amy’s hair. Those front hangy-downy things that are bleached blonde just isn’t a good look. Why does Isuck always wear women’s necklaces? Yeah, I know he’s gay, but I’ve never seen any of my gay friends or family members wearing pearls.
  2. What the hell is Jenn wearing? Is she trying to be Jennifer Beals in Flashdance? And those boots with the cut out toes just looks stupid.
  3. The commercial for Behr paint is so stupid. They throw red wine and wine glasses against a newly painted wall and then laugh like hyenas. Total lunacy.
  4. I heard that comment from that lame brain idiot. Does she not know that people don’t celebrate terrorist attacks where thousands are killed? Commentate, yes, celebrate? Assahola.
  5. I hate the freak for Philly cream cheese. Someone needs to schmear his face in cream cheese that’s gone bad.
  6. This whole Amanda story makes no sense. Why would a daughter take the fall for murder that her father committed? Not to be crude, but he’s an old man who probably doesn’t have decades to live, so why sacrifice your life, where you probably have many more years than an old man? For a man in his 60’s, Locke has a bod for days, better than a lot of guys in their 20’s and 30’s.
  7. My question is, what hair stylish in his/her right mind would do a dye job like that? Is Tova visually impaired?
  8. Caro looked awful in that dress. She looked like a very pregnant sister wife. And of course she had her entire catalog of Christie Brinkley model poses on display. I bet she stands in front of a mirror and practices her moves.
  9. And think of the money they spend on those commercials. Billions a year. Maybe if they spent less, we wouldn’t be screwed on prices. I’m in a rehab hospital after breaking my hip two weeks ago and I can’t wait to see the bill. I bet I’ll be paying $100 or more per pill. I couldn’t care less about their commercials, and doctors don’t need them. Have you ever noticed how docs fall so far behind on appointments? It’s because they spend so much time talking to drug company reps. I would take my mom to her doctor appointments and you could count on him being at least 45 minutes behind
  10. The Snuggle commercial where the woman starts squirming around like she’s having a seizure is so totally stupid and makes her look like a complete idiot.
  11. I hate the two who act like such bozos over Tostitos.
  12. One of the dumbest is the idiot sitting on the beach eating twizzlers and bemoaning he can’t wear white after Labor Day
  13. Hi Everyone. First chance I’ve had to post. Had surgery on Monday and went to rehab last night. Not looking forward to this part. They suspect I’ll be in rehab for 12 weeks. The big issue is that the center is nearly 2 hours from where I live. And I’m allowed 1 visitor three times a week for 30 minutes. It’s awful. Thank you for asking.
  14. More bad news. Doctors saw how swollen my left foot had become and found I have multiple fractures in the foot.
  15. Hello friends. Please send prayers. I fell and broke my hip and will have surgery today. Very scared.
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