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  1. It makes me sad to watch the flashbacks because it proves that when you have talented writers you can have fantastic stories that were not to miss. Eric Braden was fantastic back in the early days, mostly because he was given a lot to work with. But of course, how can you miss with the likes of George Kennedy and Dorothy McGuire?
  2. My ears just stopped bleeding from the obnoxious voice of the Kitchen Aid OAP, when they brought on the Toni Brattin wig person and her awful voice. Holy Asshat, what is Caro wearing? That should get the Booney Dawn of the Living Dead award
  3. Phyllis Summers, A Two Flush Floatie. Congers up all kinds of visuals. Today’s episode is another POS waste of one hour.
  4. For craps sake Gobby, shut your freaking mouth. She just announced that Q will be selling DNA kits, and she’s talking about how her test came out. But she just couldn’t talk about it, she had to shout it at the top of her lungs. And throughout the Quacker show, Angel could barely get a word in, until, of course, she had to repeat the Jeanne Bice story for the 1 trillionth time.
  5. I’ve got to gripe about something with HGTV. I’m getting sick and tired of their pop up promos of their upcoming shows, that are so big that they block a portion of the screen. If they have graphics for the show that’s on, those obnoxious pop ups block the graphics. A few times you couldn’t see the location of the house, the size of the house and the price because they just have to promote so many of their upcoming shows. To be honest, so many of these networks are overusing those pop ups. I remember when Hallmark had a huge Christmas ornament plastered on the screen that was so bad it blocked the actors faces.
  6. These have been running for a while now, but I hate the ones where the mother screams “She’s becoming an independent child” in a sing song way.
  7. To any of you who live in NYC, what the heck do you get for $3,000 a month fee? Heck, I saw one HH show where the monthly fee was $1200 a month. This was for a condo in Fla, and the amenities weren’t all that. I lived in a condo on a lake, and the fee was only $245 a year, but we did get special assessments from time to time.
  8. There’s a lot to the Pa dialect. We live in Western Pa and there are a lot of regional things here. But what confounds me is most of these speech problems are with the millennial and younger females. They cannot pronounce the letter L at the end of words. Tunnel is tunno, vehicle is vehico, professional is professiono, and so on. Then of course there’s the letter T, again by millennials and younger. Mountain is mowin, butter is bu-er. Then finally we have Pittsburgh-ese. They use the word Yinze for you are or are you ( yinze going to the Stiller game—-yes Stiller is Steeler), dahnton for downtown, hawse for house. But I do have a question: I’ve heard a couple of hosts or OAP’s pronounce important as impordant. Is that a southern thing? My acquaintances from Texas and Arkansas pronounce the word that way, and I think Jane does too. These speech deficiencies on Q drive me crazy. I still think it’s laziness rather than a speech impediment. Amy is the worst, and one reason I can’t watch her. Another is Stacy who’s shrill voice Kardashian twang makes her impossible to watch.
  9. So, Buttbiscuit has a death wish? He will wind up in the hospital with a brain tumor. Wait, you have to have a brain for that. Never mind.
  10. The type A Personality NYC lawyer, who can’t pronounce the letter T, (Manha-in: There are two T’s in Manhattan, Idiot) was a pain. The couple has only been married for a year, but I don’t see them lasting more than 3. She really put him down a lot with comments like “Are you finished”. Of course, she got her way.
  11. I really can’t believe that HH is showing a throuple. And Honey, if you don’t want snow on a car, don’t live in freaking Colorado
  12. When Buttbuscuit was on the ledge, I swear I heard thousands of voices screaming JUMP!!!!!!!!!!
  13. I just don’t get those long hanging chunks of hair that CK has, especially when she constantly is shoving it off her face. And what was with the Frye handbag OAP and the tiered pink ballet skirt worn with a short denim jacket and dressy strappy sandals? Not a good look.
  14. Boy, is the NJ wife a big whiner? I know this is all basically scripted, but who wants to present themselves as a pain in the behind whiner? I guess if you want your 15 minutes of fame, you’ll do whatever. Does anyone believe that after being together for so many years, they waited until 3 weeks before their wedding to start house hunting?
  15. Is Gary going totally blind? He’s showing a totally ugly Denim & Co bathing suit that no one over a size 6 can wear. It’s striped and has flowers cascading down both sides. But the worst is the ruching that goes all the way down to the crotch. Who wants a ruched crotch?
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