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  1. Wow! Is Katrina on a QVC show? She's much too put-together, thoughtful and fashion conscious! Looks like she's on the old Elsa Klensch show (I think it was on CNN?), one of her mentors.
  2. David got a bit discombobulated today when the producer's computer went down during a LocknLock presentation. He couldn't parrot the "number sold/number remaining" per color fed to his earpiece, so he was lost. He actually started singing to fill up the remaining time! Without those stats and figures to spout he's pretty much got nuthin'. He could have ad libbed asking Chris questions or talking about food, but he's no good off script.
  3. About the Q "kitchen set": One show Stacey was bending over to take a dish out of an oven. An ear bud fell in and she laughed and said Kitchen Aid Tina was there, laughing with her. Mark Charles was also there that day. You can tell when guests are there if you're familiar with their own kitchens. Marie Louise, for example, has a lot of dark wood cabinetry, but the Q kitchen is white and stainless. It's interesting that they keep them separate from hosts. I suppose as a form of crowd control.
  4. I'm not posting the entire article because I can't stand this woman. But Forbes Magazine has a new article about how fabulous Gili Jill is, creating a basement studio during the pandemic to do all her QVC and Today Show broadcasting. Guess Forbes has nothing better to write about. Jan 18, 2022 How Jill Martin Of ‘The TODAY Show’, QVC Is Reaching New Heights From Her Basement
  5. This new shoe show is so fun! I know! Totally! So much fun! And cute! Totally cute! I know!
  6. I hope that the faux imposter fashion maven is quaking in her nasty boots.
  7. You're not alone! His speech cadence is just bizarre. A few words, breathless pause, inhale, a few more exaggerated words, pause..... it's difficult to explain, but is quite odd.
  8. All 5 viewers watching Monifa Days at 2 am probably changed the channel.
  9. I think some of the "friendships" are real off camera. (None involve Jane.) Someone mentioned Alberti and Sandra awhile back. I believe that they are real-life friends. Sandra posts pics about them out running together. I think they were running away from Rachel.
  10. Janie's agent makes sure she has an appearance in every show.
  11. Q and David are shameless. They just did the camera zooms in for close-up, hushed tones, TSV wrap-up. Basically, bottom line: you survived Covid, so you deserve new sheets.
  12. The hosts are "social distancing" on set again. I think it will be a long, long time before any guests are invited back in, if ever.
  13. Mary Beth gets preachy: "You know I talk from my heart. I love you ladies who watch me so much." I almost thought I should mail her $5.
  14. Does Pat have nothing better going on than to read Shawn's Instagram posts?
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