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  1. She needs to adopt a stray dog, a kid or a man to be validated by the Q.
  2. I looked at the hosting line up for the return of live overnight Gift Shows... all of them are back and they pair them up a lot! Courtney Webb and Rachelle MacCray tag team selling flashlights.
  3. My Keurig and all of my k-cups are necessary. Period. Don't care.
  4. Anthony Heywood and Cathy Pedrayes. She was still doing mostly overnight when she left Q.
  5. She also did that "here is a demonstrative" thing. Does she think she is being clever and cute? Or is she really a moron attempting to reach the moron demographic?
  6. What might have beens: here's a cohost duo I would have looked forward to watching. Much better than some of the pairing ups they have.
  7. Sure, it's easy to cut costs. That's only one side of an equation. If your revenue is stagnant or even declines, you're in trouble. As an investment finance professional I've seen this desperation to become profitable thru cost cutting too many times. The end result has not been pretty in my experiences. Chapter 11 filing anyone?
  8. The absolute number means nothing without context. That's a great number if they ordered 12,200. Bad number if they ordered 100,000.
  9. I watched Alyce Caron on HSN this morning and she is such a sweetheart! Such a warm, embracing personality. ...my favorite HSN host and one of my favorites overall. Lovely and a great voice. She's always prepared and enthusiastic, much more so than many on Q. I understand why she and Callie are great friends....two lovely dynamic ladies....You Go Alyce from Dallas!!!
  10. The survey is absolutely real. The new President from Disney had excellent role models to bring her expertise on employee relationships to Q.
  11. Her new Shawn Saves Christmas show will feature her in pajamas and of course there will be wine. She said so. Good Lord, what is management thinking with this woman? She appears untouchable, like the Teflon host....nothing she says or does seems to phase them.
  12. About the mostly new overnight hosts: If I don't see you when I turn Q on the TV, you don't exist to me....sure they have them doing other things now, but I don't and won't seek out Q's Youtube. I also rarely look at Q's Facebook page. There are some host pages I'll look at to see if there are new pics and some post their schedules, but I'll never look at any how-to video from any of them. I'm a pretty old school viewer but I order exclusively from my phone app once I see a demonstration (LIVE!) If they phase out broadcasting I won't be much of a Q shopper anymore. By then though I probably won't need anything!
  13. I've thought for awhile that her hosting skills are quite good...she made me laff during the Gili cape presentation. Jill: You have so much hair! Courtney: Well, I did purchase some of it. Good delivery. But I think her personality is becoming a bit cocky.
  14. Courtney K's ascension is unprecedented. First in the group with her own show.. first to kick off a TSV... Cohosts shows with Rick..Amy.. Shawn Fills in for Leah Cohosts FFANY with shoe shopping BFF Jane... Has any Golden Girl ever been more Golden?
  15. New QxH management makes me feel (select one most appropriate option): Uneasy Uncomfortable Queasy Nauseous Like Shopping Elsewhere All of the Above
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