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  1. Josie keeps dropping out and Caro has to ad lib wing it......not very successfully.
  2. Aaron's definitely in the QVC building. The set and staging is very Q-Nouveau.
  3. I watched some of Elise and Katrina cohosting this a.m. and it was actually quite pleasant. Very little, if any, screeching, cawing, bellowing and absolutely no braying. Very quiet and un-farmlike. Probably a handful of family references between the two (having no kids helps that) and no one shouted Honey! or It's SunYay. All in all, very adult.
  4. It's even worse for commercial space. 80% of restaurants and small retailers can't pay full rent: but if the landlord kicks them out, who's going to take the space?
  5. There's an eviction moratorium until January 1, 2021. The rent due still accrues and, as they say, the piper must still be paid eventually (unless something new develops. )
  6. Being a "Professional Dancer" in The Big Apple right now sure ain't paying the bills. Unless you have a contract with a major company (which probably is not the case): there is no Broadway. There is no theater, no Radio City, no performing arts.... Maybe lap dancing at the Gentlemen's Cheetah Club, but I think those places are closed too!
  7. Isaac had to school her. But you would think that after all these years that would be basic info (for a fashion maven.)
  8. How does Q pretend to let this moron be their Fashion Queen? "Isn't cashmere the very highest end wool?" Isaac: No, Dear.
  9. Somebody explain what is up with the pointless Host at Home cameos? They add nothing. A host sitting on her couch? If there is a host in the studio with professional cameras, professional lighting and the full set, that's all that's needed. If it's so busy that they need 2 hosts, then drive your butt into work. I don't get it.
  10. Martha Stewart also seemed to enjoy shows with Rick, (the garden, candles and pressure washer type stuff), more than some of the female hosts.
  11. Any establishment that sells these essentials is on my must stop by list. Shame on you Jane Tracey!
  12. I strongly suspect that Mary Beth has live in "help" or has a professional chef on call. I'm tiring of her nonsense. Jane too, although I never really cared for her. Heaven forbid one of her family members receives a drugstore gift! I've been known to pickup a Secret Santa, grab bag and last minute gift from a low class, common, vulgar drugstore! When it's chocolate nobody really minded its source.
  13. I can't imagine how eardrum shattering the combination of Alberti's braying and Jane's shrieking yammering will be!
  14. Speaking of programming, how about these I see coming up: Friendsgiving with Pat & Jayne Friendsgiving with Mary & Rachel Friendsgiving with Alberti & Jane What? When did that last one happen? And does David know ?
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