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  1. Are they made out of recycled plastic bottles?
  2. Vern! Vern! Vernon!! Go git me my Temptations platter! The patriotic Scarecrow shaped one! David says slice up the salami we got from that foreign sounding name guy and whip up Tara's dips and all! Open up them Germack nuts I've been saving with the popcorn and all and we spread it out on the tray real nice and all. Mary would like it. Real Fancy Vern! Just like David said!
  3. Great post-pandemic recipe! Allow your host to rub his fingers all across the borders of your meal!
  4. I haven't purchased a new hardcover book in ages; $32 for this seems crazy!
  5. David's publisher is Penguin-Random House, pre-ordering the book for $32!!?? Here’s a sampling of what you’ll discover: • Cheeseburger Hand Pies • Hawaiian Breakfast Bake • Sloppy Joe Soup • Anytime Autumn Salad • Oven-Baked Baby Back Ribs • Ground Beef-Noodle Casserole • Reuben “Sandwich” Skillet Bake • Creamy Corn-off-the-Cob • Rosé Summer Spritzers • Donut Bread Pudding • Chocolate Dream Icebox Pie
  6. This kitchen set is a disaster. It's cluttered and claustrophobic. David stumbles and bumbles and waddles from one inane location to another. It was smoother, cleaner and more professional when the set ups were merely wheeled in and out. A moron came up with this (in my opinion. ) A complete failure.
  7. What they really should do is devote 30-60 minutes to actually preparing and cooking something using all branded stuff for sale and mention them: These are Rastelli steaks.....I'm using Zakharian knives, Kuhn Rikon chopper, Temptations bowls, Rachael Ray spices, Mad Hungry spurtle etc..... Problem is.....I don't think he could do it.
  8. That's the problem. They're so rushed that it's become pointless because there's a hurry to sell stuff.
  9. How appropriate. Mr. "I'm a Mawma's Boy" all day today! I assume they planned it that way.
  10. That's how I interpreted it! Like she went through the effort to exclude Katrina from "The Club."
  11. I also noted this but maybe I was too sensitive: Shawn and Amy exchange Happy Mothers Day greetings. Shawn then says: "Katrina is up next with Patricia Nash, who is also a mother!" I just felt it was some kind of slap at Katrina. I wouldn't put it past her.
  12. I'm so sick of Jane's crap about buying a shoe in 3 or 4 different colors. Is this suppose to boost sales? Q customers may feel comfortable budgeting for one pair. It's condescending and elitist.
  13. Last night we could see her turn and walk off camera at the end of the TSV hour. Really, really unprofessional. I guess the Vodka Tonic was already calling. Hey Shawnie! Hey Shawnie Su! Come 'ere!
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