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  1. Iman is a terrific vendor. I love just listening to her with her insight, knowledge and I love her voice. So different from the fake celebrity "designers" who know nothing about the fashion business.
  2. I don't know how much advance notice Sandra had for the fill in, but she is exceptionally well prepared. Unlike Shawn who has scheduled shows with her name on them, but needs to resort to foolishness and horsing around to makeup for lack of readiness!
  3. I see that Sandra is on at 7 am on a Sunday, filling in for Pat, so these are definitely not her normal hours. So I wondered if this one would ever do anything similar. Then I thought maybe Dan specifically requested that she not be considered!
  4. I'm surprised the Shark TSV doesn't have one of those kickstands that was a customer favorite selling point. Mary Beth just leaned it against a table and it crashes to the floor. "Oopsie!" squeals MBR.
  5. Stacey must have a really great agent/manager to line all these gigs up.
  6. Sorry, but I'm defending Mally here. Every corporation has the Constitutional right to Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. Read the court filings to understand the reasons. It has nothing to do with her wealth or being rich. Laura Gellar's parent company also filed. That was due in large part to QVC. Being a skincare vendor on QVC is not that easy (financially.)
  7. Now she's whining about her nails and how bad they are and are difficult to grow. I'm willing to say it could be her diet. Does she not know that certain proteins and amino acids are essential to healthy nail growth......
  8. HSN live "goes dark" at 2 am. They almost always have the star TS host stay till then, not bringing in scrubs like Q does. Interesting developments.
  9. I had the same thoughts! There isn't enough booze in the liquor store down the street to play the "Hunny!" drinking game! She's squealed it 100 times already! Embarrassed for her. And David.
  10. Gawd, shut this woman up! Disembodied Voice from offstage: You know who loved Tablemate? Rudy loved his Tablemate! He would eat dinner and do his taxes on the Tablemate!
  11. I wonder if Sandra was throwing some subtle shade during her TSV presentation: "Poor David. He may not have all of these colors available for his show."
  12. I know that I may be a 60 year old woman, but I absolutely can play a 10 year old orphan boy, Mr. Producer!
  13. I'm positive that I've heard Jane's Thanksgiving oven horror story before. But it was a different appliance that came to her rescue, not the Oster. She's one who should keep a log of each made up story in order to keep things straight, but she probably doesn't care. Neither do I.
  14. Oh, I always wanted one of those but resisted. Do all those parts fit in the container? Storage is why I generally avoid these types of things.
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