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  1. And one foot on the clothes rack, just like someone else we know, which I caught when I tuned in for two minutes. Yes, she did look frumpy.1
  2. I don't watch any shopping channels anymore. I got rid of cable several months ago and bought a cheap antenna that had Q and H in its lineup. A couple weeks ago, they replaced them with other channels, so I got a Roku streaming device that has an extensive lineup. Couldn't get it to work so I guess it's going back. I don't miss those clowns on Q and H at all.
  3. When I didn't get anywhere with customer service about getting something from Q in which to mail this top back, I sent M. George an email, explained the problem and asked him to please forward it to someone who would handle it. The next day I got an email from a woman in the president's office asking me to call her. See, it does help to "know people"! Lol!
  4. I'd hardly call MB homely. She was beautiful back in the day (see photo) and was in many beauty pageants. She has that round face that tends to detract from her beauty as she gets older. Everyone faces the same fading as the years pile up.
  5. I received a Gravel top last week and just noticed that it has a small stain on it so contacted customer service. They offered a 25 percent credit (big deal) or a return label. I said I don't have anything to put it in so send a bag, too. Well, no, they can't do that. Unfreakin` believable. They send a returned item that obviously wasn't inspected at regular price and expect the customer to jump through hoops when it needs to go back. Aggravated!!
  6. Well, what do you expect? I think the beads are from his "collection".
  7. One night when leaving the set, she said to Ant "I got you this gig!"
  8. It's all her money paying for everything. When she talked about their discussing taking money out of "their" savings for the reset, I just laughed. She does whatever she wants and never consults him - for example, the new carpet. Plus, where would he get any money to save? He's been pretty much jobless since around 2014 or so. That new business was also bought with either her money or her inheritance. The $700k house is in her name only, always has been. I'll bet he signed a prenup.
  9. Neil has a well established business in PA and a home that hers resembles. I don't know where she could've gotten the idea of his moving to London, but she was nuts back then, too. Good on him for tossing her ass out.
  10. And all the artwork on the walls indicates to me a very troubled mind.
  11. Exactly what I told Ant about hers. She said "But I like them!".
  12. There are others who sell this. I saw it in a salon twenty years ago.
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