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  1. Wasn't Gia making or sharing posts on IG or Twitter about it being wrong immigrants who committed worse crimes get to stay? Of course they are probably immigrants who got citizenship or granted some kind of asylum based on the conditions they'd be sent back too. I seem to be remembering a post that insinuated racism... against Italians. But I don't remember the exact post. Juicy and Tre have maintained a "nobody was physically hurt it's not that bad" mindset throughout. Though of course people were hurt in ways they'll never recognize. Right now I don't entirely blame the girls for being indoctrinated but they only have so long to claim ignorance. Now that Gia's going outside of the bubble into the world it's time for her to get it. But she seems at least in the public sphere to be down the rabbithole. I actually think Audrina might be the one to get it the most in the end being the one to be going through more of her young years with her Fambly being apart.
  2. Bill might. But in general I agree most doctors don't.
  3. Jennifer's line in the mirror about Melissa only being interesting as Teresa's SIL was the best line. It could have started season 3 level fights with Teresa/Melissa so maybe it better it wasn't at the dinner. Maybe. Danielle's face popping up on a phone screen is the stuff horror movies are made of. Yikes. How have 21 men thought "yeah I want to marry that." *cringe*
  4. The writing and directing were awful. They were trying to go for the older sister Ivy being under some thrall but the scenes played as she sold her sister for $100 so Eff her. She knew what went on their it happened to her. And as others have said it would have made more sense if the judge said Ivy willingly brought her sister so she was involved of her own free will. Aren't there laws where if you're a teenager you can consent under age unless that's 16+ and those laws are suppose to protect 18yr Olds and 16yr olds from being able to date without it being a crime. This show can't resist making all men bad guys. The mom showed up at the end and was trashy so it's like they couldn't just have a dad who loves his kids and is a good guy ex-cop. He had to kidnap Rollins because... Men just snap like that in SVU world. If Fin (tho he's being annoying with the ADA stuff) Or Carisi were taken hostage I'd care. But Rollins? Hey he has to do what he has to do to save his kids even the stupid one.
  5. They're doing an Espstein-esque episode and here I am traumatized by the mention of Father Rollins. He's definitely showing up soon but haven't we suffered enough?
  6. I thought father Gorga was up Joe's ass by the way he was the 1st to Italy. But I'm glad he went off on it being Joe's fault for not getting citizenship. I don't buy though Teresa knew nothing at the very least she didn't know many specifics and didn't care as long as they were in a 5Mil house and she could buy whatever she wanted. Joe seems to get his situation isn't special and that others with him at ICE are in the same boat. Gia needs a reality check. I'm being overly touchy here but everytime a big deal was made about turning 40 in a bad way I cringed. They're all healthy. I'm in my 30s and disabled and my friends and I constantly worry about each other's health. Appreciate you're aging and healthy to enjoy it with your friends and family. Anyone else spot Teresa's lawyer at the party? Not long after Teresa got there he was standing around near her. He wasn't with the husbands though. I lIke this current group of husbands go off separate from the wives and have a good time as the woman snipe and gossip. Bill still seems a bit awkward around them but I still like him. Nice to know he does trauma work and not just rich women boob jobs and botox. Buddy Valastro was there but I didn't spot his wife. Years ago I'm talking around Amber and the twins time I thought there were rumors Andy reached out to Buddy's wife but they didn't want their family on tv in that way. I went to a fancy wedding at the place Melissa had her party. Quite a view of the Freedom Tower from the outside space. From what I can remember. My brother and I decided to drive there like morons not realizing Obama was in town at the UN so it was a ride from hell, and my disabled ass had to hobble-run in 90degree heat from where we parked. Horrible time in some ways but the food was amazing so it was worth spending the next day in bed since food is everything. I can't tell you about how it was decorated which is all Melissa seemed to care about.
  7. In the Anothny Edward's episode it seemed to imply him asking Benson to break a rule was her reason for doing so... repeatedly. So I'm not expecting much from her in the way of self reflection that's realistic. Amaro wasn't with SVU for that long when he and Liv -the senior detective- knowingly let the woman with MS take a murder wrap for her teenage daughter. I doubt we'll get a McCoy/Cutter writing where it's having to deal with basically your next generation. It'll be Liv on her high horse with Kat as if she's perfect. Because Benson always gets the writing of being right or having some one else to blame when wrong. I wonder if Vincent Kartheiser will be the Perp if Nick Turturro is the cop again. I'm interested to see how he'll play it.
  8. So Carisi either has to play cop or do his job -correctly - and be the bad guy? Screw that. Give Rollins an episode and it all falls apart. Adler has probably met tons of women but remembered her immediately? Yeah okay. Maybe the Family Rollins took DMT together and that's how they got that way. Everytime they said DMT I thought of DMT enthusiast Joe Rogan and I've never heard it mentioned outside of the podcast. Wasn't fond of it over all.
  9. I still think Bravo paid for the glass since they aired it but Melissa said on WWHL she didn't pay for glass and was never contacted about it. She also couldn't remember the last time she spoke to Kathy or Rosie because it's been a while. But they were oh so close plotting to get on the show how could it be? 😉 Rich wasn't mentioned because the question was Kathy/Rosie but he's probably the most bitter about being dropped imo.
  10. I think it boils down to what Melissa (or Delores?) said. Danielle causes misery around her. There was no need to come at Jennifer and she clearly tried to lie about Jennifer never apologizing. Some people, especially kids, are unfairly bullied, and then there are people like Danielle who get called out by the trail of people she targets. I'm always down for the Prostitution Whore clip being shown. I didn't like Jennifer's daughters scene because even though it's a new school year and hopefully it's stopped, I don't know if telling your mom it bothers you on tv is the best thing to help the situation. It'll give the little brats satisfaction. I don't like the Giudice girls having their pain on tv. I don't think they're truly old enough to decide if they want it out in TV land forever. I like 90 Day Fiance but there are so many kids involved this season i may drop out. It's not fair to them. Out of everyone on the show I question JoeGo's ability to read the most based on when he's read stuff on camera. Im not even joking. So between that and the speech about his dad when, ah, the seasons since 3 exist that whole book thing is a joke. Jackie has been going for Teresa since last season. Teresa isn't an easy going person. It's boring to then watch Jackie be offended by not being invited. Also she and Melissa looked like assholes in the store with the glass. It was filmed so it probably was paid for in the end but they still considered that cute or whatever. Nope.
  11. I don't. I think he's a lot of the cause of his children's issues. He treats Teresa's kids well but even before Joe Gi was "away" he seemed to clearly favor Teresa's daughters. He complains a lot -even to Gia about her uncle- that he never sees Joe and wants to see more of Joe. Nothe that he'd like to see his 3 other grandkids more. I unfortunately know people who favor grandkids in large part because of how they view the in-law parent and that's the vibe I get here. He likes Joe Gi from the neighborhood and dislikes Melissa the stranger who dared enter the fambly so Tre's kids win. I also know the old Italian mentality of demanding respect from the next generations without giving any. Last season he complained to his son that he sees him when his wife is gone right in front of Joe and Melissa's kids. He bitched them out at Easter in front of all the kids and puts his gripes about Joe and Melissa on Gia, as does Teresa. Teresa is probably so used to doing it with her father she thinks that's how it works. If he wanted his kids to get along he'd keep his issues separate to not fan flames but it seems hes been playing favorites forever. Joe himself disrespects Melissa in front of his kids, probably a learned behavior based on how his father acts.
  12. I liked the episode. I've been wanting a good female perp and so when Margaret Cho's character started with her sad backstory I thought she was in for a more sympathetic write than a sex trafficker should and that a man wouldn't get. So I liked that she had some thing worked out with the Feds that kept her underhanded. Though I too question if McCoy is DA because he wouldn't pull not telling his ADAs. Cho was good casting. The Asian sergeant was good too. I know I've seen him in other things but can't fully place where. Every one had stuff to do. They clearly don't want to write too much legal stuff so it looks like Carisi will be playing cop with them a lot. I liked Lily's tragic ending was sorta balanced with giving May-May a good one. They're really trying lately. This episode was topical, there's been a lot of news stories here in NYC about the cheap massage places (not all of them giving happy endings ) with the women being treated unfairly, maybe trafficked and even how nail salon workers have their money /tips taken. And the last few episodes haven't felt over the top heavy handed whether ripped from the headlines or just general topical ones unlike that ridiculous Covington Catholic meets fake Illhan Omar with Sharia being spoken every few minutes. They're continuing trying to use the whole cast too. Shaking up the format a few times lately has worked too. I didn't watch the abortion episode at first because of baseball but since reading about it it does seem like it was full of stereotypes and heavy handed so now I haven't watched because I'm enjoying this current run as is for the reasons I've stated above.
  13. Poor Lily. She didn't know never to be hopeful until a Benson inspirational speech at the 50 min mark. Hope 20mins in about testifying never works out. You're safer saying "I'll be right back" in a horror movie.
  14. Until there's evidence otherwise I'm convinced a shady guy like Joe probably thought not being a citizen would keep him off the radar than if he became one. It could have been indifference but I lean that way. Heavily. It's stupid enough to make sense considering the morons involved. The USSC which Gia brought up) doesn't have time for the tears of Juicys 41 counts of fraud backfiring . Or at least they shouldn't.
  15. LOL reading this made me think a Marie/Frank exchange on Everybody Loves Raymond. Marie referred to herself as more than a trophy wife to which Frank said "Trophy? What contest in hell did I win?" Bill could have tried same response I'm sure. I too am creeped out by the senior Gorga.
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