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  1. I haven't watched the OLTL reunion yet and just saw this distraction on Twitter that Michael Fairman has a 40min interview with Erika Slezak. I'll probably binge on both tomorrow.
  2. He's pissy about not being included. That was a good point but it wasn't the only good point and it dismisses his costar who talked about a personal experience. I have issues with show but to the point of ABC favoritism... they did produce this. I doubt CBS -which has 2 soaps on not 1- would have been more generous.
  3. Someone is salty about not being included. I guess Melody said nothing worthwhile? I think I like the show more just for annoying him.
  4. The Real World/AIDs discussion was the only reality part I liked being tied in. Though it highlighted how far Reality has fallen but it did matter in the discussion about social issues, specifically AIDs on TV. The tone at the end was as if we don't want soaps anymore which is obviously not true. I'm pretty surprised Kelly Rippa wasn't on.
  5. Lucci got a special look back in the cancellations but not Slezak who is also a part of the show. I knew my OLTL would get the shaft but that disrespect? GTFO. It was like only AMC fans complained to ABC.
  6. They went in on L&L more than I thought they would. When they talked about shop the soaps, I immediately thought of the batshit "Todd Manning Doll" which of course they didn't touch. Erika Slezak hasn't been given time in a while. Maurice is cracking me up with his deluded "soap fans they love the show NO MATTER WHAT!" Excuse me? Come around these parts! Twitter is clamoring for Angie and Jesse.
  7. According to Twitter the reunion is moved to May 21
  8. Fellow soap fans! There's an event going on called Daytime Cares for first responders going on tonight at 8 on Youtube, on the Locher room channel. You can search Daytime Cares and if you have a google account set a reminder for when it goes live. https://soaps.sheknows.com/soaps/news/565082/soap-stars-honor-uplift-fans-daytime-cares-a-live-event/ Here's a list of who will be there from the link:
  9. The Locher Room channel is streaming an event tonight 8pm est called Daytime Cares. You can set a reminder on youtube, on The Locher Room channel. The DePivas and Andrea Evans are set to appear. Laura Wright is hosting but there's a variety of soapstars listed. https://soaps.sheknows.com/soaps/news/565082/soap-stars-honor-uplift-fans-daytime-cares-a-live-event/ ETA; here's a list of who is set to appear:
  10. It's not okay for reality shows to reduce people to stereotypes but that's pretty much the nature of reality shows, as this show has proved over and over again. Able bodied people trade their dignity for 15minutes, a physically disabled person is perfectly capable of making the same decision. I don't think the show should go out of their way to find anyone disabled as my original post said. It's pointless because this show isn't actually trying to accomplish anything with society. However if I for example lost my mind and applied I don't think my disability should make me less qualified than any of the other idiots. I know what I'd be getting into and anyone who doesn't have an intellectual disability has the same ability.
  11. Sean and Davina in the dumpster fire that was season 2 were different races (he was white and I believe she was Indian ), but that season seems to have been erased from the shows history. As for physical challenges... personally I'm okay they haven't and I have them. Either they're going to match two people with challenges/disabilities with that being the one thing they have in common, they've done it with races, and that's not how relationships are built. Or they're going to match someone with physical challenges with someone who ends up not being cut out for it and that shouldn't be sprung upon a person. You can be someone who isn't cut out to be in a relationship with us and still be a good person but I foresee that person being flamed online when the producers are to blame. I can watch sports with the best of 'em but I'm not ever going to be able go hiking with a guy and if a guy wants someone who can do that or generally be very active with, that's fine with me, you aren't obligated to date me just don't be a dick about how you state it. There's no chance this show will be respectful with it.
  12. That's great Trevor is paying them so they aren't left without income. But I was pretty mad reading that, the show is airing and they just extended it by 15mins. There's no reason Comedy Central/Viacom shouldn't be paying them since they're making $$ off the show. I was reading an article (sorry for the lack of link) from Variety about Ellen's crew being pissed off only high level production is getting paid and she hired random non-union workers to set up the home set and they went on to mention Jimmy Kimmel was paying his stage crew/production himself for about a week because that's how long it took for ABC to step in, once the home version started airing. It went on to mention John Oliver, Sam Bee, and Desus and Mero were the shows that had "total transparency" on how employees were being paid (I took that to mean the networks were.) Now I know why The Daily Show wasn't on the list, Comedy Central is screwing them. There's no excuse when the show is airing.
  13. I love House. One thing I always credit House with, where ER failed, I think House and Wilson, as screwed up as they were, have a much more believable friendship than Mark and Doug ever did. And on the topic of TV doctor messed up friendships, House and Wilson are much better than Sean and Christian on Nip/Tuck. Anyone is welcome to argue with me, but my mind has been made up for years.
  14. If this saves us from his spawn appearing, okay then. I do not see them doing anything other than make this some kind of soap opera fiasco. I want Finn to not give a damn. I don't even want him to be mad at Stabler for Liv, it's not worth his time. He openly disliked him. Ugh. Stop trying to make fetch Simon's Death happen, show! Unlike Tucker, he added nothing.
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