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  1. Just want to give a shout out to Shaun's amazing line/wtf reaction to having had to break up a Blair and Tea after fight. "Todd Manning is not worth it!"
  2. I knew it was going to be the ice cream man when we had the scene of the kid getting ice cream, with no crime taking place in the moment (the two guys on the street seemed classic misdirect.) The case was okay and I liked Carisi's role but McGrath's stuff made it pretty heavy handed with him vs. the squad. I want more Fin and Velasco. I like Velasco, I don't know where they'll take this thing where he's McGrath's inside guy but I hope they don't trash him to push the St. Benson battling the mean guys story. McGrath is a jerk but tbh if he'd said to Liv "okay give me your badge" I
  3. I seriously doubt Fin is going to have significance in the story.
  4. Spike was bad at being a villain. After season 2 he was used for comedy (even when he was making gross sexbots.) He was shredding so hard it's why he was able to just stroll away in Lover's Walk because Buffy and Angel were stunned by his shredding. Does James realize the most hardcore Spike stans like him because they think he's somehow purer than other vampires or does he just block it out like Spike's low body count? I saw a clip of that podcast the linked above article mentions where he low key brags that he got Charisma fired because he was in such high demand and he felt bad
  5. Wiley's checked out because his parents are insanely boring.
  6. Sonny's back what, one day? Barges into Nik's home with goons, threatens him off of information he got from some random teenager. Finds out Cam/Trina/Joss started the rumor and is disappointed in them for "immaturity." 1st of all, they had no idea you'd be involved, dipshit, 2nd they never involved Avery, 3rd they can actually put information together correctly, and of course 4 they're not thugs who barge into peoples homes with other thugs. Sit down with your judgements. Are they just gonna find reasons for Sonny to enter other stories as to not deal with the fact he never looked into who he
  7. Thank you! Apparently he's been in a few things I've seen.
  8. The episode seemed to go on too long, yet it was it's usual hour. I may have gotten into the case more if it wasn't second to the Benson/Stabler stuff and whether he changed too much. The ending with Benson/Rollins was lame. Rollins trying to get Carisi to give up being an ADA to be a cop and their ending was predictable. Also predictable Rollins and the male FBI has something strange undertones in their interactions. The clock is ticking until Rollins cheats on Carisi and this becomes even more of a soap opera than crime procedural. Enough with the OC crossovers, we don't need it
  9. It's not even just sex for me. Joss is fine with a body guard and makes jokes about it being like the secret service, because 18yr olds love having someone working for their parents around all the time. These kids have nothing to hide. But on the topic, Joss was already thrown into grieving girlfriend mode, while it's not marriage, still pretty serious. Cam's big arrest for pot was actually a well intentioned, though misguided, act. I don't need Trina/Cam/Joss to be drinking and having sex non stop, but they're way too bland. Then there's Spencer and whatever her name is the psych
  10. Malcolm seems to have been wiped from existence on the show. I'd say he came closer to killing Lucifer than Dan did, since Lucifer did die/bleed out when Malcolm shot him and he only survived because God stepped in. Dan came as close as any criminal who shot at Luci. Then in the discussions about LAPD corruption, while Malcolm was never shown to be a racist, I did think his name would come up as Chloe was aware of police corruption in general, but nothing and it seemed like finding about about shady cops was new information to Chloe. Again, I get the topic was racism and that wasn't Malcolm's
  11. Lucifer was on the journey to helping even before Dan, he helped Lee who was the first person to go through the door. Then he experimented about caring for people he doesn't care about (Carol) and someone he hated (Jimmy.) He was on the road to figuring it out without Rory. If Rory hadn't taken Dan out of Hell, Chloe would have met Dan in Hell in 6x3 and we don't know what would come of that, it could have put Dan on the path to realizing it was about Trixie (and Rory got lucky it worked out for Dan, she wasn't looking to help him, she was using her half sister's bio Dad as a pawn and was will
  12. Rollins has maintained employment and Stabler was reinstated, Green should be fine. I wonder if they'll actually be true to the original format? Probably not. OC isn't in the Law and Order style at all and the court writing on SVU these days when they actually bother with it is get the perp to confess, and Carisi gets yelled at for actually doing his job which I don't want to see prosecution get chewed out week after week (and if you bring back Cutter or McCoy they would never tolerate that shit.)
  13. If the show ever wants me to give a damn about Amaro, this is the road to go. That was during the era where they wouldn't even say his name. Now look where we are. Jack McCoy is trending, it seems he's the top pick to be back. I don't want him subjected to 3hour crossovers of Benson telling him what to do. I'm really surprised by this.
  14. Wyley is going to grow up as out of control as Spencer at the rate Willow and Michael OMG over his every move. Maxie sold out Nina? And she stood there as even Joss was snappy with her? I mean good for her that she pointed out Carly's made mistakes but what the fuck? I'm enjoying Anna and Valentin. Drew's comments about villain Liesl were entertaining enough.
  15. When is she due? November? Josh and Anna still probably think they can get out of it. Also, I suspect Anna and Josh are of the mindset you see of SVU perps (who are representative of some pedos irl who pride themselves on "look don't touch") that Josh "only looked" and therefore is A) doing better than he did as a kid and B) Isn't as bad as the people who actually took the pictures/video (y'know, the video that's considered to be one of the worst out there)/people who "actually touch" children (jeez, I feel sick even typing this), but I really do think they still are smug enough to
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