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  1. In Spurgeon's defense, Speeding DeLightening is a better name choice than Spurgeon, and he has the excuse of being a child.
  2. LOL of course Carly knows Michael didn't make a decision on his own. So will it be Wiley or the sauce that makes someone have a clue about Sonny? Nina's weeping to a toddler re: Sonny was pathetic.
  3. I still remember Brain Frons' insane comments that he was surprised and it was wonderful too see so many AMC fans wanting lesbian Bianca to get her baby back. Even people who aren't fully on board with LGBTQ stuff don't like seeing a person suffer the way they made Bianca suffer from the moment of the rape on, let alone the fact that Bianca was well loved amongst the audience already. I don't believe for one second Terry is getting a big story. It'll be like how The Story Of Soaps acted like she was a character we see everyday.
  4. From Lauren and Lesley-Ann's IG stories the the other day it seems like Lauren's been dealing with "fans" going to her house, but as Lesley correctly pointed out, you're not a fan you're a trespasser doing that. Lauren mentioned police are involved, I hope she remains safe. People are nuts.
  5. By posting about the water park trip all WOACB doing is subjecting the girls to speculation as to whether or not Josh did something to them during the trip and they don't need that. WOACB doesn't care, though, the more speculation the more clicks she gets. She's desperate to keep content on Josh coming and the family has been tight lipped so she's becoming even more desperate that usual. I can't wait for Amy and WOACB to have an inevitable falling-out. it will be a shit show.
  6. Find someone who loves you as much as Ron loves referencing his own work.
  7. They had a mention of Richard meeting with families I think but nothing really came of the Sinatra/Wheatley standing in terms of La Cosa Nostra. Taking your wife's name to piss off your Dad is more of a rich kid 'that'll show you!' than tough mob boss move. They really need to brush up on how things work. Though, I could buy Richard putting thought into wanting essentially a generic stage name to sell his image of a legit pharmacy guy, more than I could buy it was a f-u to Daddy. Considering Rollins still has a job, I think it's possible Wolf and Co will let Washburn stay on.
  8. Didn't Trina love the sauce? She'll give it to Trina for some reason, and Joss will eat it and rush to find Sonny right after disowning Jax for his (admittedly ridiculous) blackmailing of Michael. I can't believe they're actually having Nina fall for "Mike." How pathetic.
  9. The Hope I Hold is that the girls get Jinger's hairline. Yikes, Jeremy looks like a tool with the hats, but I kinda get the urge to cover it up when I see him without the hats.
  10. Yikes. I figured she couldn't have been normal since Derick didn't seem to have issue with marrying into the Duggar's until the money became an issue and bitched TLC was too secular. But I wasn't expecting that.
  11. Jeremy is definitely more Joey Tribiani than Fraiser or Niles in intelligence, anyone remember when Joey wrote the adoption using the thesaurus to sound smart? That's Jeremy, only not as well intentioned as Joey was. I'm sure the book involved a lot of 'having and giving and sharing,' like his wedding speech.
  12. I don't know too much about Cathy did she do shit like blanket training?
  13. We do this over on the SVU thread and I thought we could use it over here. What would everyone like to see next year on OC? What do you hope they don't do? Dick Wolf has said there will be 3 eight episode continuing stories, but, are there any ripped from the headline OC stories you'd like them to work in? I want more episodes like 1x07 (aside from the Benson/Stabler propping ending) with the team working together. I liked seeing Sloot out in the field showing her smarts. I want to get a better feel on Washburn because he'd kind of just there, I didn't even remember his name for se
  14. The Jax/Michael thing is so dumb. As is everything about Nixon Falls. I'm all for Jax pointing out Nina isn't running a criminal enterprise (but then again Jax married The Beast and made a Jr. Beast with her) but what kind of high school blackmail was that? It doesn't even make sense. all telling Chase would do would hurt Chase and allow Michael and Willow to spend more time with each other if she isn't going around chase. Sean/Alexis. If they really want to get into how the justice system works (which they don't) they'd work in that women on average get lesser sentences and more
  15. I thought 12 months at most was the acceptable length of time for breast milk, but 6months is generally what's recommended? Two years is crazy. It's irresponsible to give your kid or a dog milk that's been frozen that long. Regular Milk is 3-6 months. I hope the dog didn't get sick.
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