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  1. I haven’t had a chance to read through all the posts yet but I’m going to give Emily a pass on Age Shaming. I dont believe she is shading all old people just Vicki and only because she knows its one of Vicki’s buttons. It’s a good way to get under her skin. After all the vile things that Vicki has done and said to way too many housewives over the years i have no problem with Emily age shaming her or with Kelly calling her a pig. I have called her much worse.
  2. I highly doubt that is the first time Vicki has “heard” that someone wants her dead.
  3. I don’t wish misery on anyone but Gina was awfully arrogant last season about her “wonderful” divorce vs shannon’s Shit show divorce. guess the shoe is on the other foot now huh?
  4. HAs anyone read the comments? Chanel may rethink using the Hadidnts in the future
  5. Well dorit and pk were still eating and weren’t making a move to leave even with all of dorit’s Indignation. I would not have just sat there while they gobbled down their free sushi. Good for ken and Lisa for leaving.
  6. Lala’s Arrogance will be her downfall. She and MyMan have disabled comments now. She’s dumber than she looks.
  7. I’m not gonna lie, I’ve been living for this lala/fofty feud all weekend. I’m also dying to find out what lala and her man told US Weekly. I now follow 50 and yeah he’s messy but he’s also funny as hell. I hope Randall’s dr’s Note is enough to put Fofty off from collecting the rest of his $1M
  8. This show has become stale and is dying a slow death because the core cast freezes out any new cast members. I watch out of boredom now but I’m not interested in watching them become suberbanites. Britnny said on wwhl that they’ve al bought houses within the same neighborhood and I just don’t care.
  9. Wasn’t the wine business pandora’s Idea? I seem to recall she and her husband telling Lisa what they wanted to do. Am I wrong?
  10. This part of Jax and brittany’s Storyline next year. It will be their wedding and some symbolic ritualistic search for the urn and then the onscreen memorial. I work for a funeral home and even with our least expensive cremation options we give the ashes back to the family in a very dignified black box that does not require taping up. Shame on Jax for this gross display.
  11. I found this and thought it was very well explained https://keirnthomas.com/2019/02/28/kyle-is-the-true-sniper-from-the-side/
  12. He didn’t tweet anything else after she asked if he wanted the real truth revealed did he?
  13. Sorry kfb i’ve Been looking for the video and I can’t find it. From what I remember dorit and some of the ladies were walking through a pool area and someone stopped dorit. When dorit acknowledged that she indeed was dorit the woman started asking her if pk intended to pay money back to someone. If I’m remembering correctly she said some other things that anyone else would have been embarrassed about but not old dorito and pork chop.
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