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  1. Never gonna happen. There’s a BOOB in it. These are the kind of people who get morally offended if someone nurses in public 🙄
  2. No, because the brainwashing tells them they know the only thing worth knowing. Because Jesus.
  3. It’s like a terrible sequel. Smugger 2: Now Even More Smug!
  4. The incumbent has a uterus, so I’m sure they’re assuming he’s automatically more qualified
  5. I think this is Kelli Also: Those facials 🤣
  6. You can’t pick what to watch - what they’re showing is what you get.
  7. Taylor still looking not great for dcc
  8. I have issues: 1: if I wanted to watch people cook I’d watch Top Chef. 2: How T.H. did they cut Shaina after Meredith screwed up everything?
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