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  1. OMG Juju looking back & forth between Cracker & Blair!!! Juju sandwich between 2 slices of white bread!😂😂😂
  2. I saw that coming as soon as Italian Chef dude started crying. I’m not mad though; I love Melissa & her food looks so interesting. My number one thing to try would probably have been Bryan’s dessert though; I’m a sucker for dark chocolate. Or anyone’s pasta. Because pasta.
  3. I'm so happy with this outcome. I thought I'd not have a preference, because I really like Gigi and Crystal too, but the last couple days, I realized I really, really wanted Jaida to win. Good for her!
  4. J’dore. Bob’s use of Tandi Iman Dupree to teach his daughter what it means to do a fierce lip sync was everything I need.
  5. I love this show but if wrings me all the way out every week. Does anybody know the song that Shangela & Nicole performed? I liked it, but I’m an old so I’ve never heard it before.
  6. I just adore this show. They found the right three queens to do it too. So good at training their daughters, and so good at supporting them. I’ve always loved Bob, love Shangie (maybe not her first season). I’ve never been a huge Eureka fan, but she’s winning me over with this. Tanner’s mom is the Grandpa Larry of this episode. I assumed she was also Christian and is the one who shoved him back in the closet, but nope, she just wants him to be loved. Loved that postscript; I was waiting for it. I'm not crying you’re crying.
  7. This was fantastic. I hope it’s more representative of the season than last week’s. Agree that Vanessa deserves the win because her runway look was better & she kept her shoes on. Tami really did nail Jane. There were envelopes some points where I thought her face looked just like Jane’s I knew nothing about Tami but I loved her. If some queen doesn’t come on original recipe drag race with the name Miss...Shaunita Cocktail soon, I will be personally offended.
  8. UGh. Jan for Miss Congeniality . She should not have been out
  9. I wonder if these people have ever read the part of the Bible about not bragging about your good works. Every time she posts an “I saved somebody” message, I seethe.
  10. "practice social distancing" meanwhile these people absolutely cannot have their picture taken without each of them physically touching at least 4 others of them.
  11. Second pic: rebellious teen is forced to go to dinner with her dad.
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