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  1. Those are some bad ass pictures, but Daphne’s truly takes the cake. That is a nightmare. Did she kill someone’s pet goldfish? Rachel W has some sort of photography magic wand.
  2. OMG. She's totally being Ann Luxed. Except I think they kept Ann for 2 years, and then she didn't reaudition? I'm hate-not-watching, does that count?
  3. Yeah, Lily has looked really good in some of her clips. I was unhappy, but kind of understood her cut before, but seeing her dance, I can't see it. They suck.
  4. Hasn’t kicked in yet - midnight tonight. (At least that’s the case in San Diego).
  5. Yeah, I noticed that too - Darian seemed off a LOT. PS - Team Amanda, especially now that Hannah and Bridget are both gone. I'm also team Gina, Ashlee, and Jalyn, and I can barely get any enthusiasm up for anybody else.
  6. I have a PhD. If anybody gives Jeremy a PhD for shilling free breakfasts and coffee after I worked my ass off for five years, I may start throwing things.
  7. Don't forget the condescending lecturing about the evils of abortion in that photo essay!
  8. There is a video of just Gina dancing, and then the next video shows a group - maybe Marissa at the end, then someone else (Briana, maybe, but it's hard to tell with the masks". Everyone else turns around at some point, but the girl next to maybe-Marissa is off by several beats on that turn-around.
  9. Oof. That’s pretty bad. Can we confirm who it is? She’s next to a blonde with short hair. Marissa?
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