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  1. I literally couldn't care less about their news if I tried. Unless it's that they've realized that science is real, they're judgmental and horrible, and they're going to start wearing pants and get tattoos.
  2. "living room", but one that is specially used to hold as many dust collecting pieces of crap as possible!
  3. I saw a video of group 3 somewhere on reddit, and it looked like she has a lot of pop (at least I think that was her).
  4. "Stand so you're in front of half my body, hunk, so I look skinny and can sell more purple crap"
  5. explain how you can even notice the very modest not nurie butt (due to it being covered in hideous fabric, which we all know is the real test), when there is a clearly sluttish lady standing nearby whose KNEES you can see.
  6. Ironic that Andrea won and Gary's is the collection where everything sold out immediately. Way to pick a winner, show.
  7. For the first time ever, two designers face-off against each other in an all or nothing battle. Using their fellow competitors as their design and production team -- as well as their models -- the competition on the runway comes down to the wire and ends with a result no one sees coming. I kind of hate how they obviously manufactured this whole thing to get Olivia and Ally out. Olivia was a terrible leader, but Ally seemed great. If the goal is a good business person, they could have kept Ally. But I guess it was "show us who you are", she did, and their response was "we don't like who yo
  8. This show is really boring me. Why didn't Awwndrea get in trouble for effing up the seamstress packet and then making Olivia sew everything? & Ally/Andrea noticed the lack of Ally in their garments, worked well, and changed gears to do the pants/suit. I think the whole "we don't see you thing" was just to get them out. Not really a fan of Olivia, but I think she got screwed, and I kind of like Ally but it's clear that they don't.
  9. Same. Maybe I actually like someone from this class now.
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