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  1. Yup, looks much like how people styled themselves when I graduated high school in 1983.
  2. The most direct evidence ever that her daughters are being forced into what was the fashion when she graduated from high school. Those pictures could be Nuri or any of the Not Nuries right now.
  3. Oof. Yeah count me on the cringey side of this debate. I have more rhythm and I'm an old white lady.
  4. Jujubee, Manila, Willam, Dela, Katya, Shangela. and Ginger.
  5. Not at all surprised Suki was Miss Congeniality. They were all very broken up and talked about how sweet she is when she was eliminated, and it seemed genuine. I probably like Kendall the most of the remaining queens, as a person, but I completely want Pithia to win this, she's deserving. I'd be ok with Icesis. This is a good top 3, I can't remember a time where I had a queen I really liked but thought they should come in third before.
  6. It's actually Jed. Awww. @Trillium beat me to my joke😂
  7. This is almost guaranteed to happen, I'm afraid. Also Satan's fault.
  8. This. When I was on a jury (but only have been once), I was really, really focused on the witnesses and not much else. I don't think I could even tell you whether there was a gallery. Nobody in that case was famous (or barely famous like Duggars are), but I'm not sure if it matters. I think as you say, people on juries are really focused on doing their job, which is to pay attention to the trial.
  9. I can agree with all this. But ranting at a Black man as if he has no clue what he's doing, when he's also a designer himself, and part of your team, and then snorting "White privilege" as if it's a thing that doesn't exist, isn't excusable under any conditions.
  10. Getting Mimi for your model is practically an automatic win, or at least top. She's amazing. that little walk she did to prove she could walk in that dress? Chef's kiss.
  11. Well NOW who am I going to like now that Aaron turns out to be an ass? Anna FTW, I guess.
  12. Yeah, agree, i adore Sinthya. I like the whole “Brat Pack”; i think they’re very sweet. I pretty much love this entire cast though, after Eve left, so I’m pretty ok with whoever stays & wins at this point.
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