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  1. So these assholes have a hard line on deviled eggs, but they just laugh & wave off the molestation that took place in their own home, TO THEIR OWN GIRLS??? "It happens in every family". I would love to throw everyone single one of those eggs at Michelle. 1/2 boiled, 1/2 raw. They have gone beyond clueless and just moved onto downright stupid.
  2. sixlets

    All Episodes Talk: Now We're Talking

    Netflixed announced the 5th and final season of Fuller House back in January of this year, so the decision was made well before the shit hit the fan. They dumped Lori on March 16th. The last I heard, they have not begun filming, so they need to rewrite the scripts instead of refilming the episodes. In one of the gossip mags, there was an article that mentioned the original cast could lose out on royalties/residuals if stations decide to remove Full House from their lineup. Her actions could affect a lot of people for many years to come. Shame, shame Aunt Becky. On topic-I stopped watching about 6 weeks ago. I'm sad to see Sara go. I don't have much opinion on Sharon. I could take or leave her. I'm not a fan of Carrie Ann. That woman has more baggage than an airport, and she's not as funny as she thinks she is. YMMV.
  3. sixlets

    Small Talk: The Prayer Closet

    They're not so much coming from him as they are my mom. I also don't feel pressure from my inlaws. Mr. Six wants to go for a couple of reasons. Since we both only children, he wants to spend more time with his dad, who finally retired a few years ago. He also wants to see his uncle (type 1 diabetic who has been having some serious health issues) and his grandma, who will be turning 90 later this year. Due to his crazy hours last year, we only made it up for one trip, which was Thanksgiving. Those hours continued into this year, so I saw him very little then too. He did over 250 hours in 4 weeks. He took PTO because of the business trip, so it's just more time I don't get to spend with him. That makes me sound like a jealous "girlfriend" from junior high 😜
  4. sixlets

    Small Talk: The Prayer Closet

    I'm so sorry to hear about your sister Nysha. Please know you have so many folks sending virtual hugs to you and your family. I hope you get some answers soon. Today has been a day of struggle for me. I've literally given myself a damn migraine because of it. Mr. Six had a business trip last weekend. He had a 600am flight from Baltimore to Austin, TX. He began his trip home from a regional airport, had a layover in Dallas, flew into Charlotte with only 35 minutes between flights, and then finally made it back home at midnight Monday night. I feel ridiculous for missing him so damn much while he was gone a short time. And here comes the struggle. We have plans to see family for the holiday weekend. I have zero, none, zilch, nada desire to go. And I have so much guilt. It's going to be the second weekend in a row that I won't get to spend time with him, and I have to share him with other people. I am almost in tears thinking about how much I'm dreading the trip. The car ride is horrendous to begin with, but I'm in the middle of a pain cycle (which is now spreading to my right hip), and the level or horrendousness (my made-up word for the day) is magnified. I know it's no big deal, but I just can't get out of my headspace with the whole thing. I can't say anything on social media since it will go back to my mom and inlaws within an hour. I just feel like I'm being forced into something I don't want to do, but the "threats" are coming from guilt trips. On that pathetic note, I hope everyone has a lovely Good Friday & safe Saturday. Take care all!!
  5. sixlets

    Jill & Derick Dullard: Counting On (Donations)

    Every year, like clockwork, we start seeing the first wasps of the year. I had one in the master bedroom wake me up (it was stuck in the window), so I made all three cats get out and closed the door. Mr. Six took a peek when he went up earlier, but our little friend wasn't around. I was stung by a wasp last summer, and that is so horrific pain. I called the on-call nurse associated with our insurance, and she assured me that I would probably be ok, but I had to look for the signs of anaphylaxis for 4 hours. I've been stung by bumblebees, but Mr. Six has never been stung by anything. With three cats in the house, I take no chances with any type of bee/wasp/hornet. They break and enter, I kill. Everything else gets take outside to continue living. With Jill having two small kids, I can't say I would have done anything differently. I know they are a vital part of our ecology system, but I wouldn't take that risk with kids who may or may not be allergic.
  6. My immediate reaction was butthole lip. That can be the one thing that Jill is good at. Don't forget to sha-mash the like button 😉
  7. That Amish-looking guy looks nothing like Jessa.
  8. That medicine ball video is absolutely disgusting. Not so much the content (though I can even tell she has horrible form), but it's her comment underneath. Does she want a fucking cookie for not sexually harassing someone when she had the "opportunity"? I would love to see someone take that "senshus" talk of hers and sue the shit out of her for harassment. It's not an issue of *if*, it will be an issue of *when*. I've never gone to her NoBS (but full of bullshit) clothing website, but I'm guessing the quality is that of Lularoe fame. There's no way she has enough money and/or capital to get decent quality pieces. Having a dozen items is not exactly impressive either. Hell, a random person can make up to 10 designs to put on Amazon Merch. She couldn't have her crap without a backer or collab. Once she opens that gaping maw, and people hear what she has to say (all sexual, natch), companies have to beat feet & run for the hills.
  9. sixlets

    Small Talk: The Prayer Closet

    We had to replace the dishwasher shortly after buying our townhouse in 2006, and we ended up at Best Buy and got a Frigidaire. That thing is so damn loud, it's not funny. There's nothing really wrong with it, so I don't feel the need to replace it. The urge is there though. My inlaws have a Bosch, and they love it. It is crazy quiet to the point it can't be heard when sitting in the living room. In the last 5 months, we had to get a new car (lease on previous one ended), a new fridge (it was nearly dead), and a new laptop for me (that was just dying a slow death). I was able to get a price adjustment on the laptop on Saturday and saved $212, which was a nice surprise. I just can't help but wonder what will be next.
  10. Sadly, I think (general) you will have a hard time finding any correlation between weight and PCOS. Based on the article that I linked to regarding Lauren Ash, it appears that NIH is budgeting less than 0.1% to the condition. The money is not there, so it gets pushed down to the bottom of the barrel. I do not have PCOS, so I have nothing in the game. I just find Ms. Ash to have more research, education, articulation, and common sense than Whitney. They might be talking about the same thing, but just like the funding issue, Twit is at the bottom solely based on her delivery.
  11. Someone needs to tell Twit that *this* is how you use your social platform to be an advocate for others.  She could learn a thing or six.
  12. sixlets

    Joe & Kendra: Looking Forward To Side Hugs

    “We would love to have more kids if the Lord blesses us,” she told UsWeekly“As many as He wants to give us, we’ll be happy to take them.” This is what you say when your neighbor drops by with extra tomatoes from the garden. There is something in the water with this family.
  13. Depression. Desperation. Either way, he shows up and gets a paycheck.
  14. sixlets

    Small Talk: The Prayer Closet

    Birds of any kind terrify the bejeezus of out me, but those three are pretty cute Christina! This has been a crazy Monday. I woke up to 2 BGE trucks and a firetruck in front of our house. They eventually all left, but BGE is back with some bigger trucks this evening, and they are so dang loud! One of our neighbors has a transportation company for elementary students. Now this family just purchased the house late last year, but she has no clue as to what they're up to, and they are not disciplined from what we can tell. As evidence, when I was taking the trash out, a very nice police officer was pulling her son out of the back of her cruiser. Oops. And lastly, my laptop was dying a very slow and painful death. Thankfully, I was able to replace it on Saturday. For the most part, I like it, but there are a few things I'm not a fan of. I'll get used to it, but there are just a few stumbling blocks to get over. And really lastly, Mr. Six came home with an Amazon package this evening. He bought me an entire case of satellite wafers. I'm giddy. 😁 Have a good Monday evening!!
  15. sixlets

    Jill & Derick Dullard: Counting On (Donations)

    She can "afford" it because, more than likely, she's not paying for it. C&L is looking for some PR. Someone from the company stumbles upon Jill. She has 1.6 million followers on Instagram, so they know they will get a wide audience (hate viewers count too). It is insanely common to see someone with a large following partner with a company to show off their wares. C&L gives Jill $100 with of clothing very willingly because of the potential that is there. What little money they waste by giving the items to Jill, they more than make up for in new customers. Jill fulfills her end by posting photos, mentioning the company, and adding a direct link. This isn't a case of Jill being "see how cute these clothes are. Follow my link, and save some money. Yaay!!" This is Jill (and the rest of the family) taking a business deal to get extra income. Shrewd.