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  1. They are not in practice together. Dr. Ebonie works in Orange County, CA, and Dr. Bro works in Jersey.
  2. Twit could take a page from Miss Auti's book. She is likable, sweet, and oh right, she knows how to dance.
  3. nysha, I am so sorry for your loss. You will be in my thoughts as well. I wish you nothing but peace & justice in the coming days and weeks.
  4. I had to have that conversation with my husband 6 years into our marriage. We had every intention on having kids. I managed to get pregnant and miscarried at 6 1/2 weeks. I got sick 10 months later and was eventually told it was my best interest to not get pregnant because there was no way of knowing what it would do to my body. I literally had that one chance, and it was taken from me. I am still sick (with no answers 10+ years later), and my body has betrayed me in more ways than I can count. My husband has been amazing through all of this, and I'm not sure where I would be mentally if I didn't have him. I hope they can have this discussion before/if they get married. After 17 years of marriage (and nearly 24 together), my philosophy has become simple: if you think marriage is easy, you are either not married, or you're not doing it correctly. And lastly, Twit needs to get some new dance moves. She's so boring to watch, and Todd needs to find a new dance partner.
  5. beckie, I am so sorry for your loss. You and your family will be in my thoughts in the coming days.
  6. Found this old gem on YouTube this evening. It's good for some laughs, but it also shows how poorly these woman are ageing.
  7. Jill (re?)posted this lovely mess of ick yesterday. Maybe she's colorblind and thinks all foods are the same color.
  8. The listing that I found is still showing the property as contingent. It might be a little behind in updating though. From what I saw of the photos, it reminds me of the area Mr. Six & I grew up in. Something big had to happen for them to make this move. It makes no sense, but then again, it's the Rods.
  9. We also have a Sleep Number. They will offer interest-free financing often, and this time of the year is great for sales. Personally, I would never purchase a bed site-unseen, save for the headboard/foot board. There's just too many variables, and you could end up with a concrete slab or a pile of goo. Mr. Six has been on vacation since last Wednesday, and he doesn't go back until next Monday. It's been, um, odd with him here. The guy has a work ethic just like no other, and he just can't relax when taking time off. He gets 5 weeks of paid vacation a year, and he can only carry 3 over, so he was kinda forced into it this year. We have been enjoying each other's company and going on small outings here and there. He was able to get new glasses, and we got a new dishwasher, which is being delivered Friday. We host Christmas for his parents and my mom, so it was nice to catch up with them. And now, it's just nice to catch up on a whole lot of nothing!
  10. Barb and I live fairly close to one another in two different counties, and I can safely say, getting the Real ID was a fairly easy process for Maryland. My DL was set to expire this October, and I was notified back in April that I would need to gather my documents, which were clearly explained. I made my appointment online for the following week, and other than sticking us in field trailers (as opposed to the normal location), it was fairly quick and painless. I don't have a passport, so I had my birth certificate, SS card, marriage license (they are very stern in saying it needs to be the one filed with the county and not anything you get from the church). I also grabbed a handful of bills/statements that had my name/address on it, and she ended up using the letter that the MVA sent me as one of my documents. The first lady check documents, and while she glanced at the marriage license, she handed it right back to me and said it wasn't needed. She then handed me everything else so it could be scanned. I paid my $48 (valid for 8 years), did the vision test, had my picture redone, and she then let me know I should receive the Real ID in 7-10 business days. Ours are raised in certain areas, along with having 3 pictures, and they don't have the ability to print them at the MVA anymore. Mr. Six's DL doesn't expire until 2021 or 2022, and from what we were told, you need to wait until that time. You can go in anytime after you get that first notice. If I remember correctly, the whole process took less than 30 minutes. I went in on a Monday, and I my ID in my mailbox that same Friday. Sorry for the novel 😉 I hope you all have a wonderful, safe, prosperous, and happy new year. Here's to more ups than downs, more love than hate, and maybe a smidgen less reproducing Duggars.
  11. Jennie Garth's oldest daughter is Luca Bella, and Kristen Bell has a daughter named Delta. It's not like these two would know who they are though. I'm personally lobbying for Southwest or Spirit.
  12. Once again, I have to say that the Duggars did one thing right, and that was giving us this group. Whether you celebrate or not, whether you are alone or with family, or whether you are buying a lemon at the CarLot or running for the bus/train (😉), please know you are cared about by many people. And for those who may just lurk (it's totally ok!!) or your post daily, remember there is help available if you need it. Please reach out. The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (1-800-273-TALK [8255]). Happy Holidays!
  13. Derick can start his law career mansplaining to Jill the legal ramifications of letting the boys "parade" home. This is one of the stupidest things Jill has ever done (and we won't discuss the further stupidity in posting it).
  14. Depending on your price range for gifts, there's actually a subscription called The Introverted Chick. If you sub today, they are offering 35% off their different tiers. A three month option goes from $111 down to $72. I watch this lady's channel, and she said today that the IC box was one of her favorites. Allure also has a good beauty box that's reasonably priced.
  15. Looks like old Jill is double-dipping in the MLM scams. The box on the counter above is from a hair care/skincare line. Monat is most famous for making people's hair fall out, not to mention, it's $40 a bottle. For shampoo. A lot of MLMs have a clause in their contract that it's against company policy to shill for another business. Monat & Plexus could be considered competing brands since they both offer a skincare line. I would laugh my ass off if she just "outed" herself to her Plexus upline.
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