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  1. Lily's show was the BEST. I love her. Otis and Maeve's romance is the most boring thing about the show but that was some contrived bullshit at the end. I'm really not up for another season of the will they won't they. Just get them together and see if they would or would not work. That would be more interesting.
  2. I did love that awkward talk between Otis and Jean. I just told my boys to just please put the sock in the laundry basket. I don't really like finding them, thanks. That was it for that talk .
  3. Yeah, Roxy Music. Gotta say, I'm team Rahim. I feel for Adam but I don't think Eric needs that.
  4. That kid Viv likes seems like a douche. Glad to see Aimee isn't over the bus incident, you don't just get over something like that. Sadly, dude will probably face no consequences. Adam's dad sucks. How cold.
  5. Loved the orange thing. When Otis just splayed it open, uh, shudder. I also loved the teacher just saying random words and making them sound sexy. I thought that was a good compromise.
  6. When Jean caught Otis in the car I yelled Oh God and cracked up so hard my husband thought something was wrong and came in to check on me. I pulled him away from the Titans game and that's hard to do considering how important this one is. Do teenagers really not know what Chlamydia is? We knew in high school and believe me the lack of sex education in my school was appalling. We did get the VD movies though.
  7. I think Steve would have to try to change the bad things he knew were going to happen, no way he would just sit around twiddling his thumbs. He'd save Bucky, try to save Howard and Maria, be instrumental in making sure Hydra didn't infiltrate SHIELD. It still doesn't answer the question of the new timeline's Steve, does he stay in the ice to one day wake up and realize another led his life? That's my biggest problem (in a story full of them) with the way Steve's story went down. In my mind he rescued him too, and helped him to know about the things that were coming and then left to help out somewhere else he was needed. That's the only way I can still love Steve. I do feel like Steve's ending wasn't given the same thought as Tony's. Tony's story made sense to me and did not leave me with that WTF feeling at the end. Whereas with Steve it's like, how can we get him off the board, and it just seems sloppy to me.
  8. I watched last season again a few weeks ago in preparation. I can't believe I'm going to say this but I'm most interested in the hedge witch storyline. Bring on Kady and Pete. Alice might be interesting if she really goes off the rails. Eliot is back to drowning his pain in a flask. Julia is using a quest to deal with hers. Margo is making a lot of sense. She should slap some into Eliot. I'm still mad at you show, but I'm glad you're back.
  9. You don't need it! JT doesn't need it! Terrible players like me are the ones that need it.
  10. I would have never thought to do it, honestly. That's why JT will become a good player and I never will.
  11. I didn't know we could do this! Three games. Three times of going out early (first murdered in 2020 woohoo!) I think I get the message.
  12. I'm in doggy heaven now. I think I'll slip out though every now and then to bite some ankles. Also to push people into the bog of eternal stench. You know who you are! Now, what do dogs drink? I'll have a bowl.
  13. I watched this a few days ago and I did enjoy it. It has stuck with me and what Jimmie said on the bus to the hipster chicks is one of my favorite lines from a movie in quite a some time. "You don't get to hate a place unless you love it." I take from that that it has to be a place you lived all your life, it has to be in your blood. That's how I feel about the city I live in, it's now nothing like the city I grew up loving. The vibe is hanging on a bit for now but in 10 years I think that will be gone. I've gone on long diatribes to my friends about gentrification so I'll spare y'all. I actually don't agree with that. Jimmie and Mont are going to stick with me for awhile.
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