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  1. I put books because although I have a Kindle and I buy a lot of my books on there, I still have the urge to buy physical copies without having any space to put them. I always will so that answer works for the question. I ❤️ my books.
  2. Night Court?! But almost everybody original is dead. I won't check that one out. My UO is that I liked the Murphy Brown reboot. It had almost all of the original people and yeah it was having some trouble finding its feet but I think it would have worked itself out.
  3. Lamps. I have so many. Books. Christmas trees.
  4. So glad this is back, I missed my lab porn. I never missed an episode of the original. Glad it's Sara that's back, she was always my favorite.
  5. This is awesome. I loved Tears for Fears. I like it when my old faves put out new material, I'm not one of those that just wants the hits. I've always been a whole album person.
  6. That finale was almost 100 percent perfect, but no Vulture brought it down to 99. See what I did there?! No but for real though, the moment that finally got me was Holt's "Title of your sex movie. Was that right?" Yes. Yes it was. It was perfect. This is my favorite comedy ever and I loved it from beginning to end.
  7. I think it is unpopular considering how many movies I've seen that just have to shoehorn a romance in when there is no reason it needs to be there. Telling a story of friendship is just as interesting but since that rarely gets priority, I get all excited when I see it. Now, I'm talking about just movies in general, like action or superhero movies, not a rom-com or whatever when you know that's the purpose of the movie.
  8. Well this is gonna suck. Part of my fun is all the different looks of the students. Especially Eric and Lily. I do have to say I love the dick wall. I mean, I wish it was something else but I love artistic graffiti.
  9. Candyman was the only horror movie that ever scared me. I was like 22 or 23 when I watched it though. I need to see it again.
  10. I loved Norm. I just thought he was so damn funny. I even watched that show he used to have with Laurie Metcalf. I was pissed when it was cancelled. RIP Turd Ferguson 😥
  11. That Hawkeye trailer looks good. I love that it's set at Christmas. Looks like he'll finally get to show some of the personality we got glimpses of in Age of Ultron.
  12. I liked Fangirl but I LOVE the Simon Snow books. I'm so glad she decided to write them. The last one especially is a bit thin on plot but I'm reading them for the character stuff which I'm pretty satisfied with.
  13. Dr. Strange stuff is always trippy dippy but yet I still find the character boring. Benny D Cumberbunny did a good job with the voice acting though and I thought the animated version looked just like him. I did love the way they did the reality breaking animation with the black smoke string like stuff. Well done and creepy.
  14. That was a nice wrap up for the Doug Judy story. Enjoy yourself in Amsterdam buddy. I know I would! Amy's British accent was hilarious.
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