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  1. @ElectricBoogaloo this is a movie, please go ahead and start a topic in the Movies section.
  2. I forgot to post about this moment from my favorite Christmas movie, Christmas Vacation. We watch it every year on Christmas day and I never fail to tear up at the part where when Clark's lights don't come on, Audrey stops being a sullen teenager for a moment to tell her grandma that he worked really hard on them. Then she tells Clark that they look really pretty even if they aren't lit. That movie is full of nonstop goodness but it's that little moment that gets me everytime.
  3. This topic of conversation needs to be in Chit Chat or over in the streaming topic in EETV. Get back to pet peeves please.
  4. Leslie West of the band Mountain has passed. Rolling Stone He sang Mississippi Queen which everyone knows. This one that he was also on with Felix Pappalardi was always my fave .
  5. Because when I love something I must list at least 10 things and also if I was doing a things I love doing most list, making lists would make the top ten. Anyhoo, here we go: Christmas Eve Sarajevo - Trans-Siberian Orchestra. First song I listen to every year, gets me in the mood for Christmas. Christmas is the Time to Say I Love You - Billy Squier Christmas in Hollis - Run-D.M.C. Father Christmas - The Kinks Feliz Navidad - The dB's. If you've never heard this version you must listen. This is the happiest song ever. Little Drummer Boy - Joan Jett or Sleigh Ride - The Ronettes. I couldn't decide! Gather Round - Earth, Wind & Fire Christmas Can't Be Far Away - Eddy Arnold Christmas Time's a Comin' - Bill Anderson Christmas Time is Here - Bonnie Guitar Those last three are my very favorites from childhood, they were all on record no. 4 side two of a Readers Digest Christmas album set and must be heard in the original order. This was so hard. I love so many songs! My list of just songs is: Carol of the Bells Little Drummer Boy O Holy Night You just can't mess those songs up.
  6. Oh, I'm an atheist but I love me some happy ass Christmas music. btw, my list is going to be specific artists.
  7. What's your favorite Christmas song? You may list up to 10 because a) there's no way my list could be smaller than that and b) even that's pushing it. I'll be back later with mine and I'm also hoping to see stuff I've never heard of before. I love Christmas music!
  8. Hmm... Was this movie supposed to be about Jane? Because she was the only one in that family I liked. No one else had any personality so I think it made sense when they said they'd given up on her when she was a kid. She was free to be herself. My heart broke for her when her painting was destroyed. Luckily for the rest of them, she's an AWESOME person and still stood up for her horrible sisters. I did like Kristen Stewart in this and I think she does have personality, it's just that Bella was a lump and I think that role would have been hard for anyone. I'm not gonna lie though, I was distracted by her horrible hair all through the movie.
  9. Wow. Can.not.wait. What If...? looks amazing.
  10. Oh no! But what about nutty buddies? Nom nom nom
  11. I hope your bagels didn't have raisins in them JT. That's the real crime. 🤨
  12. Not a classic Christmas Carol fan but I do love Diva's Christmas Carol. I also love Scrooged, and my UO is Carol Kane is my favorite part. She cracks me up.
  13. I have no idea who these people are but that was fun! Slime girl was my fave, I lol'd several times at her.
  14. Cake pops are so gross. All that cake & frosting mixed together and then rolled until moist (eww) makes me gag. I will never eat one. Terry is just adorable. Loved his showstopper, so funny. I love Briony but I thought hers was boring. Tom's was my favorite and I think if he had made the required number of barf pops he would have won. Yan just made too many different things. This was a good group, they all have nice personalities and good senses of humor. I miss Sandi.
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