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  1. Well, I'm pretty sad about Felix and Lake but I did pick up on the vibe with her and Lucy. I'm down with it. On that note, I'm team Rahim. It didn't bother me that he kissed Victor. He knew there was something there and Victor and Benji were on a break. Y'all. Simon looked scary with that facial hair. Something about him seemed really unhappy too. Idk, it was weird.
  2. I'm so proud of Isabel right now. That was a big step for her and I'm on Victor's side with his argument with Benji. Benji had no right to out him to his little brother and while I can understand his frustration, that is Victor's mother. That is not for him to say how Victor deals with his family. I am on his side about being upset about Victor telling his business to Rahim though. I'm gonna be honest that I'm really not rooting for them as a couple. There is too much of a lack of understanding between them. There's just something I dont like about Benji even though he's been really suppo
  3. Well I knew his mom was going to walk in on them. That's how my best friend found out for sure her son was gay. We already pretty much knew but it was traumatizing for her because nobody wants to see their baby having sex. You know it's happening but you dont want to see it! So I will actually cut her some slack if she's upset in the next episode. I love that Felix went and heard Lake out, accepted her apology but still did what he felt he needed to without being an asshole about it. I just love that character. I believe he acts in a more mature way than usual for his age because of what
  4. That's a good point. Maybe Victor is feeling like he can't talk to him like that right now and dad hasn't gotten there yet either. I dont remember last season enough to remember what he was like. He should tell Victor about the meetings though.
  5. They're all just so sweet. ❤️ Of course Victor is going to be nervous. He had a point about getting info not being as easy as it is for straight people. I love how open Felix is. No usual stupid teen show shit where he tries to hide that he sliced up his balls. He just owned that shit.
  6. I wasn't expecting Josh Duhamel. Nice. Poor Victor's dad, he's really trying. I was sad for him about the shoe thing. It just flat up sucks that Victor feels like he has to quit the team. Glad that Felix told Lake what was going on and that wasn't dragged out. I felt like it would be out of character for him not to tell her. Nice talk with Mia & Victor.
  7. I dont like how his mom said she doesn't want to air their "dirty laundry". It does suck that these teenagers are being more mature than their parents. It wasn't like that in my cesspool of a high school. Also I just feel so bad for Felix. So young to have to worry about his mom like that and it's depressing to think that's always going to be his life.
  8. I'm actually irritated with her and I'm not cutting her any slack. So childish throwing dinner in the trash. Your kid is gay, he's not a serial killer. Nor is he dating one. He's a good kid. Grow up. Aww, Felix. Poor sweetie.
  9. I'm so sad this show is over, l love it. Glad there is going to be a spinoff. I'd love it if my favorite character Adrian shows up on it. I really wish could have gotten more of him and Greta, I was digging it. I find this show just about darn near perfect. The animation and voice acting are tops. So many great actors. My favorite thing this season was the talk between Issac and Flyeyes. He had such a great arc.
  10. It's the Tennessee Valley Authority for me. I was late on watching this due to being out of town so I'll just say that I'm fangirling over the design of the TVA (all those lamps in the ceiling!) and also the fact that Miss Minutes sounds like a Hee Haw Honey. ❤️
  11. When I was a kid I always got the bomb pop or the orange pushup. I probably still would although gotta say the choco taco looks intriguing. I've never had one.
  12. Burn. It. Give me the 6 baby.
  13. Preach that. I can't stand hearing that song anymore. There are literally thousands upon thousands of other songs. Pick one!
  14. Stannis was the #1 bae of GoT. I'll die on that hill. So, in theory, Cersei's death was rather poetic with King's Landing falling and taking her with it. But it was underwhelming and I wrote a poem about it at the time. Recited like Mike Myers does it in So I Married an Axe Murderer: Cersei Cer-a-sei A castle fell on your head Now you are dead And still I am unsatisfied *beat music* So I guess that's my unpopular opinion. I was fine with the way GoT ended, there wasn't anything I didn't expect, just Cersei and Jaime's end was lacking something. I mean,
  15. Heh, I just came in here to say that goat is the GOAT but beaten to it of course. Ben Barnes is doing his best, I'm just not into this part of the story. Maybe because I've only read the Crows books, but I'm really only in this show for them. I was hoping I'd care about the rest but Alina and Mal are just so boring. Otoh, that talk with Kaz and Inej was riveting.
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