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  1. festivus

    Enola Holmes (2020)

    I've been waiting for this one and it did not disappoint. MBB was excellent as Enola. Good at some things, not so good at others, just like a sheltered teen girl would be. I liked the breaking of the fourth wall, she had just the right amount of cheekiness to pull that off. He was fine but I don't get the hype with this dude. He's nice looking but he's always just okay. OTOH, I've never been that impressed with Sam Claflin either but I thought he was very good as the rigid douchcanoe, Mycroft. He sucked! I lol'd hard at that sketch Enola did of him. Of course we had Burn Gorman as the hitman, does he ever play anyone that's decent? He's just got one of those faces, poor dude. I thought about that but I think Millie really carried this movie so I think maybe he could have had more personality. I haven't read the books though so maybe this is the way he is written there. All in all I decided I was okay with it because this isn't his story and I like the fact that Enola has one brother that seems to understand her and wants her to be herself. I hope they make more of these.
  2. Small Talk Media Compare Book, Movies, & TV Series I could use some suggestions for better titles, which frankly I'm not good at.
  3. And here I thought things couldn't get any creepier than Homelander drinking the breast milk.
  4. Oh, this is my movie. I've probably seen it 20 times.
  5. If in doubt when posting please refer to the orange box just above where you are typing.
  6. Homelander drinking that breast milk was awesomely disturbing. I watch the kinds of shows that have stuff like that and even I could barely handle it. I was both shuddering and laughing. Well done by the actor.
  7. I was confused too. First time watching I thought they landed earlier than 2019. Even in the portrait, Ben looks about 16 years old.
  8. This is hitting me hard too. I saw it last night before I went to bed, I couldn't post anything and it woke me up a few times. Even though I wouldn't have said he was one of my favorite actors, I liked his acting very much. When Civil War came out he was one of the only things I liked about that movie at the time. Such presence. From all accounts I've seen he was a good person and 43 is just way too young.
  9. I'm just shocked and so sad. RIP Mr. Boseman.
  10. I make robots like that. Nerd alert.
  11. Nerd or Geek? I always considered myself more of the second one. My list: Lifelong love of sci-fi starting with seeing Planet of the Apes at age 5. ✔️ Yes, on the action figure collection ✔️ Rattling on about Marvel until my family's eyes glaze over ✔️ I'm sure there's more but I'm not really a gamer unless you count the many hours spent in the arcade and playing Atari when I was a teen. My sons who are serious gamers would not. Is that the difference between nerds and geeks? (Oh and I'd love to go to Comic-Con but I think it would be easier to get an audience with the Queen)
  12. I really wanted Olivia Colman. Jodie was fine but I had to quit watching because I hate Chris Chibnall. He's a shit writer and I think he sucks as a showrunner. I still watched though because I'm like yay! diverse companions but here's my UO: They were so boring. Except the old white guy. I don't care about whether they get a new doctor or not but I'm not watching again until there's a new showrunner.
  13. I am southern and that's what I told my husband last night, lol. Nobody trashes the Queen!
  14. Archie's U.S citizenship status is on topic to be discussed. Any mention of political figures is not.
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