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  1. Mmmm Stannis. I'd swoon everytime that hottie was on much to my son's disgust.
  2. It seems like it should have been more of a Hamish move since Kepler regularly threatens the reign of his princess. But I think a) it was just because it was someone the audience knows, and b) he wasn't going to sacrifice Nicole because of Lillith. And maybe c) there's a plan for an even worse person on the council to fuck things up in the next season (if there is one).
  3. Before I quit reading the comics, he got with Dawn. I think she was of age by then, but still squicky. Their relationship always read big brother/little sister to me.
  4. I rarely watched TV in the 80s so Mad Men was the first thing I thought of. I feel that show was different though as in we can expect someone like Roger to do that. I think that's what I liked about the show, we weren't ever supposed to get nostalgic and think about the "good old days". The show didn't sanitize how truly awful people can be. If they pull that episode they may as well pull the whole show.
  5. Honestly, I think Dolly is the only safe one. I'm no longer surprised by who shows up on this thread.
  6. Just finished the show. So they finally give Alyssa a personality beyond simpering and then kill her off. I'd say she's most sincerely dead, they don't tend to bring people back. We may still see her in the collective unconscious. My favorites are still Hamish, his drinking problem (RIP), and Vera. To the new power couple! 🥂
  7. I didn't mind Root or Shaw but I didn't understand why Carter had to die for them to be on the show. 'Oh noes, we can't have three women on the show, somebody think of the children!' I do suspect some racism was involved.
  8. I stayed till the end of season three because I couldn't let go of Abbie but the show made my decision for me.
  9. My UO about Outlander is that I care about one character and one character only and that is Lord John. I've still got the season before the current one sitting there with two episodes left for months that I haven't finished. Why? Cause LJ took his awful son and rode away on his horse. I don't care about anyone else! I probably won't watch the newest season if he's not in it and I don't think he's in the book it's based on.
  10. I loved that show! Yeah, trash-watching I can get behind. Meanwhile, I've been known to drop a show with just a few episodes to go, sometimes with just one. X-Files I'm talkin bout you. I think the last thing I hate watched to end was Vampire Diaries. No more, I don't even have time to watch shows I like these days.
  11. I can't do the hate watch thing anymore. I hate watched Smallville for at least 5 years out of the 10, but I was still getting enjoyment out of it even if it was nothing more than yelling at the TV which was sorta fun. Now, no way. When Walking Dead started getting so bad I hung in there for a while but then I was like nope, byeee. Can't do it anymore.
  12. How could anyone forget him, lol. I love The Lost Boys and the soundtrack is probably my most listened to of all time. I love me some Flatliners too, didn't remember he did that one. RIP sir.
  13. I'm a couple more episodes in and I'm really liking this season so far. It feels like the show has found its groove and it's also funnier. Jack & Alyssa aren't even bothering me, I'm liking how snarky they are to each other. Stick with that and leave the sappiness behind. Love Hamish being hot for teacher.
  14. I think we're talking about different people. I was speaking about Nicole Beharie. I didn't watch that show with Scott Baio but let me make it perfectly clear that I think he's a douchecanoe. I'm guessing that there was a Nicole on his show that thought so too?
  15. I like (not love) Stargate but I zone out unless it's episodes with Ben or Claudia in them. Now, I know this opinion has to be unpopular!
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