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  1. Jamali using the phone for the metronome task brilliantly implies that they've had the chance to use it all throughout the show's history and there must be many times it would have been useful.
  2. Gabriel's the most annoying this season, but if you put him on Season 2's cast he wouldn't crack the top 8. Speaking of the old days, I'm trying to remember whether for group challenges back then did judges ask teams on the bottom "Who on your team do you think deserve to go home?" I remember they did that all the time for Project Runway, but I can't remember if that was a Top Chef staple too. They certainly don't do it now in Top Chef, and for that I'm thankful.
  3. OK, I rewatched the beginning of the 2nd LCK episode since something someone said gave me the feeling that I understood the format incorrectly. I had thought at first was that both of the two chefs that won these LCK episodes would both walk into the Top Chef kitchen next week. What I now think, since Tom told the five chefs in the second episode that what they're fighting for is "a shot at a comeback", is that that chef will be the LCK champion next week, not in the Top Chef main competition. I think this is made clearer at the end of the episode than the first part.
  4. I don’t like Gabriel but he got VERY unlucky. Eliminated in a team challenge just when immunity is out because his teammate is not at his best due to a knee injury caused by the rigors of a previous challenge. And in a challenge where everyone has cooked good food but they’ve predetermined it’s a double elimination. Them’s the breaks. At least he gets $10,000 and a solid case for a future redemption appearance. Shota and Sara are totally doing it, right? I mean, I know nothing about their personal lives but I wouldn’t be surprised at all if we hear they’re planning a wedding by now.
  5. Captain Marvel was a perfectly cromulent Marvel movie. I had no attachment to the character at all since she wasn't an important character when I was most invested in the comics. I liked it just fine. Top third MCU for me. The people who don't like it seem very motivated in saying they don't like it as loudly and often as possible, for reasons.
  6. Real talk: I kind of want one of those "Don't Talk To Me" shirts. Ha. They're actually selling them, and I'm tempted.
  7. I can’t believe I just thought of this. With her sound effects and the comedy genre, Jamie should’ve done something inspired by Police Academy. A good fancy donut maybe?
  8. In the past they haven't bothered fudging it like they've been alleged to have done this time. The Tennis challenge in All-Stars ended early. The Finale between Kristin and Brooke ended early with an insurmountable lead. So, not sure why they'd change now. I like that there was actually surprise sometimes when Tom and Padma talked to the other cars. Tom and Padma came to their conclusion and were shocked that other people thought differently, including the ultimate sci-fi vote.
  9. Fukui San

    MLB Thread

    Baseball and Hockey I wish they just let ties happen in regular season game. Baseball you can play to like 12 innings, but then if you are still tied, then count it as a tie. Hockey just play one normal period of OT and then just let a tie happen. Instead they both gimmick up the extra session and it cheapens everything.
  10. Tom also did not call anyone a "#%(*^! Donkey!".
  11. Oh, and Parma’s intros were utterly dorktackular. So bad it’s good again. She really committed to the bit and I commend it.
  12. I didn’t understand this chicken challenge when they did it last season. There’s no advantage to either chef to bid up the difficulty.
  13. Never listen to Gabriel’s meddling. He’s afraid of flavor, which works for his refined style but not for others. Dawn had to fight him to use pepper on hearty ribs. We saw that wimpy ribs can get panned in this episode. And Jamie got railroaded into making a dish she couldn’t stand behind. White castle style sliders would’ve been perfect as it referenced a specific comedy The horror genre could’ve used a better showing, how about grilled chicken hearts and livers on a stick?
  14. Fukui San

    NFL Thread

    Will we be getting cranky drunk Goodell again this year?
  15. Fukui San

    NFL Thread

    He must really think he's going to get that permanent Jeopardy! gig.
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