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  1. Fukui San

    NFL Thread

    It'd be unprecedented, but I'm wondering if Jerry Jones has considered dumping Garrett now and picking up Ron Rivera to finish out the season.
  2. Fukui San

    NFL Thread

    Here's my question. If a competent coach was coaching the Cowboys this year, say Pete Carroll, John Harbaugh, Mike Tomlin, Andy Reid, or Bill Belichick, with the groceries that Jerry bought, what would their record be? They seem to have talented players that theoretically complement each other. They aren't a mis-built team on paper. Is it all coaching or is it actually talent after all?
  3. "Yes, and..." is a core principle for improv. You agree with whatever your scene partner says and build upon it. As comedians, Ken Jeong and Joel McHale would recognize that. "Whose Line?" is of course an improv show. Having the Fox say "Yes, and..." in his narration would be a subtle nod. Having a prominent sign is too obvious a "clue".
  4. It is hard to keep my suspension of disbelief intact when the Judges do not acknowledge the "Yes, and..." clue in the Fox's clue package. It was just so obvious it's unimaginable that Ken and Joel McHale at least wouldn't hone in on it. It breaks Kayfabe as wrestling fans would say. It's stuff like that why I can't take it seriously as a competition but enjoy it as a weird celebrity karaoke night. All the better to not care that much that Grammy Award winning singers are booted in favor of injured shooting guards.
  5. They might as well have a neon sign reading “I Am Wayne Brady”.
  6. Fukui San

    NFL Thread

    The Patriots' offense looked terrible for most of the game, but they looked worse at this point last year, losing to the Titans and Dolphins. They haven't had a stable OL and receiving corps at the same time all year so they haven't been able to develop chemistry. Now they have everyone they're going to get back active at the same time, and they have no choice but to do what they can with what they have. *shrug* We'll see.
  7. Fukui San

    NFL Thread

    I don’t think I could have written a script for a more aggravating season for a teams fans than the 2019 Jets season if I tried. It’s beautiful torture.
  8. Fukui San

    NFL Thread

    Hmmm.... If any d-coordinator has a chance to figure something out it might be Wade Phillips.
  9. Fukui San

    NFL Thread

    With Dorsett and Sanu out, aside from Edelman and 38 year old Ben Watson, the other WRs and TEs playing today for the Pats had a total of 50 career catches. If they can get Dorsett and Sanu back, and Cannon back at right tackle (he was ill today and didn't play much), I'd say the Pats would have around the #8-10 offense in the league. They've been poor for awhile with Wynn and Harry out. Wynn came back today and the pass protection and run blocking looked much improved. Michel had his best game in five weeks in terms of yardage. Harry will get acclimated. The pieces are there for improvement. Not the best offense in the league, but not as bad as they've shown recently. With the defense they've been playing, that may be enough.
  10. Fukui San

    NFL Thread

    I’ll bet the Pats play in a 37-34 type of shootout game in the playoffs this year because it’s never what you’d expect.
  11. I loved Paul Scheer as contestant. He was almost too much, but kept it reined in enough.
  12. Fukui San

    The NBA

    Celtics' Kemba Walker ran headfirst into a teammate and fell to the ground in Denver. He was boarded with his neck stabilized and taken off the court. Very scary. UPDATE: Woj says concussion like symptoms rather than something like a broken neck, which is great news considering.
  13. What do your kids think of Thjngamajig, who also just stands there (for presumably different read than Patti)?
  14. I mean, that disclaimer just says that the votes are counted without shenanigans. But if the split is 50% audience and 50% panelists as has been said, if the panelists know it's the Flower's week to go and all vote that way, then their votes would outweigh the audience easily. It wouldn't bother me if that's the case. I see this more as an exhibition than a legit game, and having contestants know beforehand how long they'll last may get them celebs who wouldn't be able to commit to a full run.
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