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  1. They'll just roll it into a crossover with Teen Mom.
  2. My kingdom for the Balance Tank or Barrel Roll on Stage 2! Just for a change of pace make them teeter on a rolling cylinder.
  3. On the one hand, it's less satisfying that the people who we've come to love weren't the ones to go the furthest. On the other hand, it's a competition and the ones who didn't fall were the ones who didn't fall. Third Stage was tough but reasonable. I kind of think Pipe Slider should always be the last obstacle as it's the most suspenseful. I'm glad someone made it to the 4th stage and failed, nothing against the guy who did, as I don't think anyone has failed the 4th stage yet in the American version. I do with LaBreck had made it further, but I do think the V-Formation and Hamme
  4. Fukui San

    NFL Thread

    Man, rooting against Tom Brady, even a little bit, is aggravating and unrewarding. I don’t know how you dopes did it for twenty years.
  5. Saw Shang-Chi and was not disappointed. It was reminiscent of so many other movies at points. A loser guy gets attacked randomly and knows perfect kung fu? Oh, is this Marvel Asian Scott Pilgrim? Platonic lifelong Asian friends in San Francisco whose parents are trying to get together and they're taking off shoes in the house. Now we're in Always Be My Maybe. An Asian American dude is bringing his woman friend to Asia to meet his parent.... OK, now we're in Crazy Rich Asians. We're waving arms around and the air and water are moving as well... oh, are we Last Airbendering
  6. The 2nd stage is once again populated with 3rd stage-esque arm fatigue obstacles. This version of the show is addicted to having ninjas hanging off an obstacle swinging back and forth to build up momentum. I'd prefer a version which better melds footwork with grip strength.
  7. Based on the word of mouth so far, I'm going to have to see this in theatres. Seinfeld had Elaine judging whether boyfriends were "spongeworthy". It seems that this movie might be the first for me to be "Covidworthy". 10am. On a weekday. Sitting as far away from anyone else as possible. Double masked.
  8. Guys, when a contestant is suffering from food poisoning, I do not need to hear the phrase "Let it go, Let it flow!"
  9. Fukui San

    NFL Thread

    I'm somewhat pleasantly surprised that Brady and to a lesser extent Gronk aren't antivaxxers. Would we have been that shocked Brady had claimed immunity from Covid because he's never eaten a banana?
  10. That High Road was such a sucker trap. No one with time should’ve gone for that unnecessarily high risk play, even well dressed guy. I don’t feel bad about Joe Moravsky at all. His own dumb decision.
  11. Fukui San

    NFL Thread

    Certainly true for Luck, but the supporting cast has been good since then. I agree with this. They did wrong by Luck, but that was the poor work of Ryan Grigson, for the most part, and he got canned for it. The structure of the team since has been QB friendly with a stellar OL and a scheme that doesn't expose the QB that much.
  12. Fukui San

    NFL Thread

    Hey Phil! Chris Ballard here! Remember me? How are the wife and all the kids? Enough to make you want to get out of the house, right? Phil? Phil?
  13. My favorite Inside Hollywood type book is The Devil's Candy, in which the author sat in on every aspect of the making of the famous flop The Bonfire of the Vanities. It's now been converted into a podcast, season 2 of The Plot Thickens podcast by Turner Classic Movies. The author Julie Salomon tells the story aided with candid interview tapes she made during the filming, talking to people from director Brian Depalma, stars like Melanie Griffith, executives, down to the script supervisor, steadicam operator, and the PAs. https://theplotthickens.tcm.com/ Season One was about Peter Bog
  14. Fukui San

    The NBA

    Man, Team USA lost their opening game against France. If they aren’t careful, Kevin Durant might sign with another country.
  15. Fukui San

    NFL Thread

    Re: Coaches leaving the profession because they don't want to take the vaccine: Good. Eff them. I wish I could find a listing of where every team was in terms of getting their players vaccinated. So far I've only seen mentions of a few top and bottom teams. I'd like to know where my team is in that.
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