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  1. And I know it’s been talked about so much before but to reduce the changes of pregnancy to one rape a month based on the woman’s cycle is ridiculous. They could be doing ultrasounds to see when they are about to ovulate and then artificially inseminate them for 3 days to increases the chances, they don’t have to do IVF. Anyway I know that’s a tangent and anyone else who has had reproductive help as I have is probably thinking it each time babies are mentioned on THT as well !
  2. Yes 100%. I enjoy when a protagonist is turned into an antagonist when it’s done very well showing a gradual flip and so it seems logical ala Breaking Bad. However, with THT - number 1, if she is indeed becoming the antagonist there’s been no build up and number 2, to make that creative decision in this type of narrative, where it is women being systematically raped and tortured, to have one those women turn on her sisters like that is incredibly distasteful and focusing the attention away from the subjugation of women.
  3. I was seriously worried they were going to have June resuscitate the baby when she went to look at her, I’m surprised the writers restrained from imbuing June with even more super powers.
  4. Game of Thrones is the most famous example of when a TV adaptation went beyond the already published books. It was bollocks by the end 😕.
  5. It’s very sad for her and her brothers to have had such a strange twisted dad and extended family. They’d probably all be better off totally be out of the limelight, I think it’s a really bad idea for Paris’ mental health to be modelling and pursuing other avenues in the public eye.
  6. The article does address her history and it’s known how unwell she’s been over the years. I believe it’s the main reason, it’s one thing knowing MJ has been accused for years but this brings it to a head as it’s suddenly all over the media again when she was largely shielded from the barrage of publicity about it when the talk was at it’s peak as she was so young. It’s much harder for her to push to the side the ugly aspects of her father when it’s a concentrated period of media coverage and will only likely get worse. I’ve been in hospital many times with mental health issues and when you alr
  7. This was probably inevitable: https://www.news.com.au/entertainment/celebrity-life/paris-jackson-enters-rehab-after-leaving-neverland-documentary-claims-dad-michael-abused-kids/news-story/8a9af6a88cc2eb42bb05fb5e1bb3abd1
  8. It will be very interesting to see who stays attached to the project ETA: just read that they’ve been wanting to do this remake for years - in 2008 Rose McGowan was originally tipped to play the titular character AND a couple of years ago Amber Heard’s name was being thrown around as the star.
  9. I didn’t know that the actress who played Blythe was transgender until I Googled her, I think the character of Blythe could be cis-gendered or trans-gendered, since it wasn’t mentioned I would think cis as rightly or wrongly that is the default assumption in the general population. I’d actually like it if a transgender actress is playing a cis woman as it’s the same as when a cis woman plays a transgender woman, there’s no reason why they have to stick to one or the other IMO.
  10. Far out, I was literally thinking ‘oh look, they’re making Jesus cool again’ at the same moment that he was stabbed.
  11. I miss little Judith, she was such a sweet looking little girl, I always wanted to cuddle her when I saw her 😍, I loved watching the actors with her as well as that age she wasn’t really ‘acting’ so her reactions were real, the episode a few weeks ago when AL was making her laugh was too cute.
  12. I was yelling at the TV ‘cut it all fucking off!!!’ It was the only exciting bit in the whole show, when I saw her with the scissors I sat up and was like thank god, they are finally listening to their audience. But nup, he had a trim 🙄, so damn disappointing. Carol needs to lop her hair off as well, I am not digging this Maid Marion look. I was worried they were going to have Aaron and Jesus’s fight morph into kissing thus linking violence with gay sex. I want them to hook up but I don’t want that conflation.
  13. Rick needs to put on his murderin’ jacket, he’s become Samson without his hair.
  14. I heart Max so hard ???, why does he want to wreck my life? ?. As a bonus it does release me from watching this crap as I checked out of the stories long ago, I just liked looking at his hotness and being blunt with people, also enjoyed watching he and Nev mucking about together.
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