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  1. It’s very sad for her and her brothers to have had such a strange twisted dad and extended family. They’d probably all be better off totally be out of the limelight, I think it’s a really bad idea for Paris’ mental health to be modelling and pursuing other avenues in the public eye.
  2. The article does address her history and it’s known how unwell she’s been over the years. I believe it’s the main reason, it’s one thing knowing MJ has been accused for years but this brings it to a head as it’s suddenly all over the media again when she was largely shielded from the barrage of publicity about it when the talk was at it’s peak as she was so young. It’s much harder for her to push to the side the ugly aspects of her father when it’s a concentrated period of media coverage and will only likely get worse. I’ve been in hospital many times with mental health issues and when you already have that vulnerability something like this could you easily push you over the edge. If I’d been her I would have preemptively checked myself in to a clinic so I’d be in a safe place in a very stressful situation. You are right that she most likely wouldn’t have gone to hospital if it weren’t for her predisposition to psychiatric illness, this would have simply been the catalyst for this episode. The filmmakers bear no responsibility for it though, Paris is another casualty of her father’s deparvity, it’s an important necessary documentary for the victims to have a platform and hopefully some sense of relief at having been able to finally tell their whole story. It’s also a teaching tool to educate people in the warning signs of these predators - the grooming of children, the lengths they’ll go to cover up their crimes and their duplicitous nature. Perhaps potential victims will be saved this way 🤞.
  3. This was probably inevitable: https://www.news.com.au/entertainment/celebrity-life/paris-jackson-enters-rehab-after-leaving-neverland-documentary-claims-dad-michael-abused-kids/news-story/8a9af6a88cc2eb42bb05fb5e1bb3abd1
  4. It will be very interesting to see who stays attached to the project ETA: just read that they’ve been wanting to do this remake for years - in 2008 Rose McGowan was originally tipped to play the titular character AND a couple of years ago Amber Heard’s name was being thrown around as the star.
  5. Save Yourself

    You: The Book

    I didn’t know that the actress who played Blythe was transgender until I Googled her, I think the character of Blythe could be cis-gendered or trans-gendered, since it wasn’t mentioned I would think cis as rightly or wrongly that is the default assumption in the general population. I’d actually like it if a transgender actress is playing a cis woman as it’s the same as when a cis woman plays a transgender woman, there’s no reason why they have to stick to one or the other IMO.
  6. Save Yourself

    S09.E08: Evolution

    Far out, I was literally thinking ‘oh look, they’re making Jesus cool again’ at the same moment that he was stabbed.
  7. Save Yourself

    Spoilers and Speculation

    I miss little Judith, she was such a sweet looking little girl, I always wanted to cuddle her when I saw her 😍, I loved watching the actors with her as well as that age she wasn’t really ‘acting’ so her reactions were real, the episode a few weeks ago when AL was making her laugh was too cute.
  8. Save Yourself

    S09.E07 Stradivarius

    I was yelling at the TV ‘cut it all fucking off!!!’ It was the only exciting bit in the whole show, when I saw her with the scissors I sat up and was like thank god, they are finally listening to their audience. But nup, he had a trim 🙄, so damn disappointing. Carol needs to lop her hair off as well, I am not digging this Maid Marion look. I was worried they were going to have Aaron and Jesus’s fight morph into kissing thus linking violence with gay sex. I want them to hook up but I don’t want that conflation.
  9. Save Yourself

    S09.E02: The Bridge

    Rick needs to put on his murderin’ jacket, he’s become Samson without his hair.
  10. Save Yourself

    Spoilers and Speculation

    ffs, that was dreadful
  11. Save Yourself

    Max: The Gray-Haired One

    I heart Max so hard ???, why does he want to wreck my life? ?. As a bonus it does release me from watching this crap as I checked out of the stories long ago, I just liked looking at his hotness and being blunt with people, also enjoyed watching he and Nev mucking about together.
  12. Save Yourself

    Season Four All Episodes Discussion

    That was terrific, as poster above said, best season since the first one, if only it had been this quality for the seasons in between. Great final episode and kept me on my toes right to the end, I hardly saw any of those twists. Loved Rachel’s butterfly turning into a caterpillar - using her hair to indicate how she was rotting away with each despicable act was clever and who would have ever thought that Quinn would become the moral compass!
  13. Save Yourself

    S02.E12: Postpartum

    I think exactly that - the writers wanted to show that June is a warrior mother and if I was described like that I’d be pretty happy! I’d hope that’s what every parent wants to do, protect their children as much as they possibly can and in these circumstances June did what she could and I think the way June handled Hannah was true to what we have been shown of them as a family unit. Absolutely children are traumatised all the time, I’m by no means a young adult (44! ?) but I experienced a significant amount of trauma as a child that has reverberated for decades through my life and I’m in no way a minority, lots of crappy things can happen in life. I’m just not sure of the intent of your comment? That June shouldn’t have seen her child? Or were you simply stating that these things happen in real life?
  14. Save Yourself

    S02.E12: Postpartum

    Yes I’d crawl over broken glass. And although it was traumatic for Hannah to have this very short reunion the positive outweighs the negative, she will no longer have the torment of thinking that her parents abandoned her, she knows that they still love her and miss her. As she grows up she would be gutted if she discovered her mother could have seen her but chose not to, she can now hold onto this memory of her mother to help soothe her sorrow. If that is the last time she ever sees June again she can hold onto the fact that her mother did not let her leave in distress, ignoring her cries, but comforted her with love and well wishes for a new life with her new ‘parents’. This was done at great cost to June but her love for her child overrode her pain and she did the best possible thing under devastating circumstances, she tried to give her child the tools to protect herself and to have a happy life. I thought June was an absolute rock star how she dealt with such an unimaginable situation.
  15. Save Yourself

    S02.E12: Postpartum

    No one is saying that what Serena is doing is like a legal adoption, obviously she’s kidnaped the baby but it is exactly like adoption in the sense that someone other than the biological mother will be raising this baby and that a non-biological parent can do an excellent job of raising a child. With regards to your assertion about adoptive mothers not dry feeding their infants, some do as a way of bonding and comforting the baby and some even lactate - this is possible with a lot of preparation beforehand with medication, pumping and breast manipulation. I know someone who had a child recently via surrogacy and she is breastfeeding her baby.