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  1. ApathyMonger

    Big Little Lies in the Media

    https://www.indiewire.com/2019/07/big-little-lies-season-2-andrea-arnold-lost-creative-control-jean-marc-vallee-1202156884/ What a mess.
  2. ApathyMonger

    American Dad

    I had to rewind the episode to get the "In Steve We Thrust" joke. A+
  3. ApathyMonger

    S03.E08: Chapter Eight: The Battle of Starcourt

    Netflix's spoiler podcast talking about the season as a whole, from Bobby Finger, Esther Zuckerman, and Primetimer's Joe Reid: https://www.listennotes.com/podcasts/im-obsessed-with/stranger-things-3-7jv4h_GlswD/ It also spoils Nutcracker and the Four Realms, if that's something that matters to you.
  4. ApathyMonger

    Spider-Man: Far From Home (2019)

  5. I hope someone picks it up outside the US. Maybe Netflix?
  6. ApathyMonger

    American Dad

  7. ApathyMonger

    Too Old To Die Young

    For those wondering about the lack of reviews for a show launching in several hours, they only gave screeners of two episodes from the middle of the season: https://tv.avclub.com/how-the-hell-do-you-review-a-tv-show-youve-only-seen-th-1835416393 I've seen no promotion of the show, and it sure seems like Amazon are dumping it. I'll still try it, but my expectations are lowered.
  8. ApathyMonger

    Tales Of The City

    IMDb is terrible for TV credits until a while after airing, especially for shows where all the episodes are dropped at once. Usually people see that someone is in a show, and credit them for every episode. Page, Linney, etc are all still credited on IMDb for the flashback episode they're not in or credited for.
  9. ApathyMonger

    S04E12 Extreme Sandbox

    That ending definitely seems to be setting up a final season, getting back to the Chuck v Axe dynamic? I love the show, but I wouldn't be disappointed if they announce it's ending next year. It's still Showtime though, so who knows.
  10. ApathyMonger

    Tales Of The City

    Anna and Edgar are mentioned in the second episode as not talking to DeDe at the moment. The twins are mostly just comic relief.
  11. ApathyMonger

    Tales Of The City

    It depends how young you think they were in the original, which I don't think is ever specifically stated. Paul Gross is 60, and Laura Linney is 55, so them playing mid-60s here isn't unreasonable. On the other hand, Murray Bartlett (Mouse III) is 48, which doesn't really work at all, age-wise. Edit: They specifically say Mouse is 54, meaning he was 12 years old in the original miniseries.
  12. ApathyMonger

    Tales Of The City

    I didn't realise that the new season was going to be set in the present day, meaning about 35 years have passed since the last series, and that the remaining original actors are now playing much older than they are (except Dukakis, who was always playing younger).
  13. ApathyMonger

    X-Men: Dark Phoenix (2019)

    She's an alien, one of the Broccoli people who get genocided in the comic. Their planet was destroyed by the Phoenix so they want the Phoenix to destroy all the humans so that they can take over our planet. It's a bad plan that doesn't make sense at all, and they're only there to be the bad guys.
  14. ApathyMonger

    Tales Of The City

    Yeah, I assume this is true of Paul Gross, who's coming back for the new series after being recast for the other sequels.