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  1. Yeah, that line felt like something that they came up with on set, as it would have been topical at the time they were filming.
  2. This was much better than I expected, given everything. Not great, but not close to being in the bottom five X-movies. That probably says more about the franchise though. I’m glad it was at least trying something different, and it was far better than Apocalypse or Dark Phoenix. And only 90 minutes! Anya Taylor-Joy is a delight, and should get the chance to play more superheroes and supervillains. The Lockheed thing didn’t really work for me, but it was mostly worth the payoff. The accents in this movie are a lot. Charlie Heaton as Sam is especially rough. Was this originally supposed to be set in the early ’00s? There are a lot of indicators (the fashion, Buffy S4 DVDs on a CRT TV, Roberto seemed to have an old digital camera, the line about Dani being called Pocahontas a lot in fifth grade), but then near the end, Reyes just has an iPad. Yet another almost reveal of
  3. I read the new David Mitchell, Utopia Avenue, about an up-and-coming band in the late 1960s. It's mostly a much more traditional novel than his last few, with the exception of one segment which goes fully into The Bone Clocks territory while also being a direct follow-up to The Thousand Autumns of Jacob de Zoet. That whole bit feel like it would be impenetrable to anyone who hasn't read The Bone Clocks. Outside of that, the book has a bit too much of the thing that happens in novels like this where the characters keep interacting with real-world musicians of the time. It mostly makes sense in context, but it feels a bit self-indulgent to have real musicians keep talking about how much they like and admire these fake musicians. It just happens too often, and it starts to lose its impact fairly quickly. Being a David Mitchell book, there's also a lot of interactions and appearances by characters from his other books. Some of these are obvious, like Like the real world celebrity stuff, it sometimes gets a bit too self-indulgent and unnecessary, where it occasionally feels like a character shows up just to say their name for recognition's sake without impacting the story at all, but it mostly worked for me. It's not my favourite of his books, but I was extremely happy to have another David Mitchell novel to read, and look forward to re-reading it already.
  4. https://youtu.be/C9H_7O0pGho
  5. A livestream of just the interstitials:
  6. Onward is fun, if not top-tier Pixar. It starts out slow, and most of the beats are very predictable. It gets much better as it goes though, and the emotional stuff worked for me more than I expected. Chris Pratt is the best he’s been in years, and reminded me why I liked him in the first place. Octavia Spencer is great too. There’s lots of easter eggs for people who are into D&D, etc, many of which went over my head. I was slightly distracted in some scenes looking at all the background jokes. The Simpsons short before it is cute too. It’s only a few minutes, and there’s no dialogue so you won’t be distracted by how old the actors sound these days.
  7. Season 2 starts April 3! https://decider.com/2020/02/21/harley-quinn-season-2-premiere-date-season-1-binge/
  8. ApathyMonger

    Emma (2020)

    I watched the new Emma., starring Anya Taylor-Joy and Johnny Flynn. Much more focused on the comedy elements than the other adaptations I’ve seen, and it mostly works. Bill Nighy is hilarious. It gets a bit too cartoony at points, especially the music, and the second half of the movie drags a bit. Still a lot of fun though, and the cast is excellent. Nice to see some of the Sex Education kids start to pop up in supporting roles. I was also surprised that it was written by Eleanor Catton, novelist of The Rehearsal and The Luminaries. I like her books, but they’re very different to this. I also watched the two 1996 versions before this. The Gwyneth Paltrow one is okay: A decent cast of then up-and-comers including Toni Collette, Ewan McGregor, and Alan Cumming, but it feels a bit flat. I liked the Kate Beckinsale TV movie more. It’s obviously a much cheaper production, but Beckinsale, Samantha Morton, and Mark Strong are great in the lead roles.
  9. Well, that’s not what I expected. Very odd episode, in a mostly good way. Looking forward to the rest of the season more after that.
  10. Patrick Stewart: good actor! I'm definitely on board. Very interested in where they are going.
  11. The movie is making a lot of money, so the fourth one's definitely going to happen. The directors are moving on to Beverly Hills Cop 4 though, so they might not be back.
  12. Not even cut sketches, there's a lot that has just never been on online versions. Looking at the episode lengths on Amazon, almost every episode from the 80s and 90s is cut down to 25-40 minutes. https://www.amazon.com/gp/video/detail/B01EN8D8BC
  13. Will it be the full episodes, or the cutdown ~35-minute versions for some seasons that have been around for a while? I assume there are issues with music rights for earlier seasons, but I hope we get some of those missing sketches that have never been online.
  14. I didn’t like the first two Bad Boys movies at all, but Bad Boys For Life is a lot of fun. Not great, but very enjoyable. It feels like the movie that Hobbs and Shaw should have been, including an airplane scene as funny as the one in Hobbs and Shaw is terrible. The twist genuinely surprised me too!
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