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  1. Just watched the first two episodes, and really liked it. Dunst is great.
  2. Very happy this show is back.
  3. Is there any update on this issue? Manually typing "?do=getNewComment" onto each thread URL works, but it's annoying. Thanks.
  4. Owen is responsible for Gisele's death, even if he didn't do it directly.
  5. I think it's clear they have no idea who it is yet and will just make it whichever relatively big actor they can get. Maybe someone from the F&F series, maybe not. I think making Idris a glorified henchman undermined him as a villain. I assume the ending with Command betraying him was there to allow him to come back as a good guy in the next movie.
  6. I thought it was okay, but disappointing. The action is good, as are the three leads, but the plot is bad, even by F&F standards. The worst part, by far, are the Leitch-enforced comedy cameos: Rob Delaney is fine, and Kevin Hart is tolerable, but Ryan Reynolds is an abomination. He's basically just playing Deadpool, and doesn't fit the tone of the film at all. It dragged the movie down an entire letter grade for me. It's truly the worst performance of the year for me. Just as annoying is that his character is completely unnecessary. He's there to set Hobbs on the case, but Hobbs is already investigating it at the start of the movie! Similarly, there's no need for the Rob Delaney character, as Shaw's already involved because of his sister! Also, this movie posits that Jason Staham (52) was a kid the same time as his sister Vanessa Kirby (31?). Oh, and I guess they imply that Staham was secretly playing Deckard Shaw in the F. Gary Gray *Italian Job*? Does that mean that Charlize's Cipher is also *her* character from that movie?
  7. Ava DuVernay's doing New Gods for DC. There's Julius Onah, who did that awful Cloverfield Paradox.
  8. That was happening at TNT, which went under some major restructuring since the AT&T takeover. It's been two years, so who knows.
  9. It's also possible it's not a superhero character, and just a supporting part, which would fit with most of the times they announce these main casts.
  10. I guess the rumours about Richard Madden's character in Eternals being gay were untrue though.
  11. https://www.indiewire.com/2019/07/big-little-lies-season-2-andrea-arnold-lost-creative-control-jean-marc-vallee-1202156884/ What a mess.
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