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  1. Seems an odd idea to air this season opposite another, much buzzier, Shaun Evans show, Vigil. I completely forgot about the first episode last week as I was watching Vigil.
  2. Mashing up Midsomer Murders and Midsommar could also be its own sketch. The Story of Menstruation is a real Disney animated short:
  3. I love that Jackson's cubicle has a picture of him and Cleveland. I'm happy Robert Wuhl is just a supporting character on the show now.
  4. Was Rob's Flamin' Hot Cheetos/Toilet Paper joke the first acknowledgement of the pandemic?
  5. When you're uploading a video, there's a box for "Publish to subscriptions feed and notify subscribers." It's checked by default, but I assume someone at NBC has, either by design or accident, had them uncheck that box on most of the videos they upload.
  6. Have the show's Youtube videos stopped showing up in the Subscriptions page for anyone else? For the last few days, only one video ('Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard Reveal Why Family Game Fight! Is the "Meanest Show"') has shown up in my Subscriptions feed, despite them uploading them all the time as usual. I'm wondering if someone involved unticked the "Publish to Subscriptions feed and notify subscribers" box for some reason. EDIT: Just checked, and Fallon is the same. Are they trying to drive down views so people watch on Peacock or something? That's dumb, especially as I don't have
  7. The new season will air four episodes a week for three weeks, starting September 6th:
  8. I've been watching the show on Disney+ (outside the US, obv), and annoyingly, for the last few seasons, Toshi's English translations don't show up unless you turn subtitles on. It completely takes away from the jokes to have to rewind and turn subtitles on when he has a line, and then turn it off after.
  9. Stephen Colbert is Coming Home to Comedy Central: Anyone know what this is about?
  10. Airing June 20, 2021. https://www.paramountplus.com/shows/evil/video/xcElJ2opxxnYZLyPqqpxO4vnO8zvXIYj/evil-n-is-for-night-terrors/
  11. I think it's the stuff that usually comes at the end of the episodes, once the MOTW is wrapped up, pushing the season-long story forward.
  12. I'm assuming the big open air stadium with everyone spaced out was a pandemic decision; It worked well enough, but I wonder what the original plan for the episode was. I'm glad we're getting another season, and possibly one without the procedural aspect of the show? If so, I hope they still find a way to keep Ella around.
  13. The last few minutes of this episode reminded me a lot of a bunch of Futurama episodes.
  14. Stan's funny voice being a Peter Griffin impression cracked me up.
  15. Now streaming free on Tubi! https://tubitv.com/series/3322/the-chair
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