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  1. cailinoBAC

    Derry Girls

  2. cailinoBAC

    Derry Girls

    Ummm I genuinely didn't know until I watched this episode that this was just an Irish thing. I got married 7 years ago and my fb profile picture has myself and my husband on the floor at the front of one of the lines. My brother got married last October and we did it at that too.
  3. cailinoBAC


    Ha, the buggy thing really annoyed me too! All the time I was like, 'where's Muireann? '
  4. cailinoBAC

    S04.E14: I'm Finding My Bliss

    Or, well, I do love the music from Carousel and so much about it, but... 'He can hit you and it feels like a kiss' or something along those lines...
  5. cailinoBAC

    S04.E02: I Am Ashamed

    Earlier today I gave three quarters of my breastmilk stash to a stranger I got in contact with on Facebook. And then I watched this episode... So I kind of found that plot line hilarious!
  6. cailinoBAC

    S03.E13: Nathaniel is Irrelevant!

    Oh God I don't know, I'm 6 months pregnant with my first and it terrified me!
  7. cailinoBAC

    The Royals and Company: The Cast Thread

    Daniel Ings may play a hateful character in the Crown but that shouldn't stop you from watching Lovesick...
  8. cailinoBAC

    Crazy Ex-Roles: Cast in Other Roles

    Vella Lovell has a small role in The Big Sick. I didn't recognise her for a while because of the accent!
  9. cailinoBAC

    S03.E10: Return of the Dead Guy

    Did anybody else think we might see Lowell too? Only me?
  10. cailinoBAC


    They've all been 6 episodes. It's the standard length of a sitcom season in the UK.
  11. cailinoBAC


    I know, I know!
  12. cailinoBAC


    I cried at the end of last night's episode.
  13. cailinoBAC

    S02.E12: Is Josh Free in Two Weeks?

    That annoyed me too! I don't know why, stupid wedding ceremony details always annoy me, like when Lorelai and Chris got married in a church in France (don't get me started!). I just don't get why they didn't just plan a civil wedding where I assume you'd have a lot less hassle. I don't know, in Ireland you have to give 3 month's notice of a wedding no matter what type it is, so 2 weeks would be out anyway. I know not everywhere is like Vegas, but I assume a civil wedding in the States would have fewer strings attached than a Catholic wedding. I mean, I don't see Father Brah having issues with Rebecca not being Catholic, but we needed the certificate of completion of pre-marriage course in Spain, friends needed it in Poland, everybody I know who got married in a Catholic church needed it. I'm sure plenty of weddings take place without it, but no matter how easygoing Father Brah is, I think he would use it as an excuse to get them to talk about their issues. And yeah, that seems too sensible for this show, so why not leave it out?
  14. I watch this on Irish Netflix. The 1st season was added in the summer. Now each episode is added the day after it's shown in the US. I don't know anybody else who watches it but I've noticed a steady increase in the mentions on Twitter, I mean from Irish people who have a lot of followers. The more popular US series will probably be picked up by networks over here and make them more difficult to watch if you don't want to follow a schedule. (Sky online is so cumbersome). If they are added to Netflix it might be over a year later. I'd say for Netflix it's handy to pick up low rated but high quality shows it can offer as next day viewing internationally.
  15. cailinoBAC

    Sweet Lady Jane Spoilers and Speculation

    I mean if it is the case that the writers had to make do with the actor's departure, I suppose I don't really want to speculate (I haven't read anything, just what's in this thread) as to why or whether he could have been persuaded to stay longer. And it's not really easy to write their way out of it. If they hadn't got married it would be easier to write him off(on another show it might not matter so much), but since they did, I guess I should be glad that there was a short period of happily married life and he wasn't just killed off then so Jane could keep her virgin status for Rafael. But I remember reading at the end of season 2 that they had planned the ending from the beginning and I can only assume in that case that this would involve Rafael. When I started watching I assumed Michael was a character who would be written off fairly quickly. Obviously the writers knew better than that but I do think that they were probably not expecting him to be as popular as he was and I wonder was the wedding/virginity with Michael the plan to appease fans of that camp. I've also read recently that this was planned from the beginning, but I'm not so sure. Also, with the time jump, I really hope they have at least a few episodes in the immediate aftermath, mourning etc. I think if they have to have a time jump it should really be after a summer hiatus so at least there is some break for viewers, but since this is happening so soon I guess it's unlikely. I know it's unlikely but I think I'd rather someone new came on the scene rather than Rafael. I know the writers are good and can come up with unexpected ways of treating the usual scenarios, but it just seems like there'll have to be some version of the cliche of feeling guilty for betraying Michael followed by the realisation of 'Michael would want me to be happy' and ' I felt this for Michael but now I feel THIS for Rafael'. Maybe people will say this is mean of the character but I kind of feel like Michael would want Jane to be happy with anybody except Rafael! Anyway for me, I'll probably catch up on the show later. Netflix here only has season 1 and it's not shown on any network so I might just read about how it plays out. It's not a show that I liked anything as much as Jane but I stopped watching The Mindy Project when they began the character assassination of Danny and nothing I've read had persuaded me back. Maybe it is better in the long run just to actually kill the character, I guess we'll see!