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  1. Veronica mars is written entirely by someone talking about the past as if it is the present, ok don’t believe me . It is a thing. It is tricky and clearly the narrative demands some fudging for clarity. I still think it is her knitting the story together. It is not all her story but she holds the pen. Look Vinny in this story? She got that part of her story talking to vinny. That is why Vinny looks so good. Early n season 4 we are told specifically that if Veronica knew then what she knows now she wouldn’t have taken the case. Later we learn she is telling the story to Jane a year
  2. This points to literature, not genre. Murder aeco dqry to broken relationships and corruption. Not unlike this show.
  3. Not really. Just because it has its own identity doesn’t mean it isn’t urban. I live in the Boston area and I could name you any number of places you could set this story. Drive through, couldn’t tell where one place ended and the next begins, unless you live there. Philadelphia is similar.
  4. It isn’t really a small town. It is part of the metropolitan Philadelphia area and not a part that is right next to the countryside, either.
  5. https://www.wealthsimple.com/en-us/magazine/rembert-browne came across this article and it reminded me of the Jughead storyline. Not actually related to the show.
  6. I don’t know about the car but I have a friend in northwestern rural Pa near a town that has a college and low income housing. Eastown is supposed to be much less rural, like a suburb of PA? Wasn’t Dylan in a truck? A pickup is used for work so likely to be not a clunker and unlike Erin he is a guy. Investment in future?
  7. Apparently the avatars are not very sensitive. I mean no wonder bacon donuts, they could only taste salt and sweet. On the other hand the printed food also limited in taste? Not like real food? Whole population that doesn’t know complexities of taste, smell, not as awful as it would be for us. Touch must be limited too? Is vr sex common? Probably pretty bad, vr sex. You would remember the creepy rubber suit. But Nora and Nathan are getting to know each other, she really isn’t acquainted with Byron. I think Byron thinks they have a relationship because it is the most involved he has e
  8. It is marketing. They don’t do a lot of heroing and as we see aren’t good at it. This helps with the brand and it feels real because it is really them. also huge source of income. Disney would do it if the characters were real supes.
  9. Sounds like the audition tape from season 4 paid off. A lot of that was fairly unnecessary in terms of the plot.
  10. If there is a season 4 she would have had time to regrow her limbs. Just saying.
  11. I don’t know. I thnk they only keep 5 episodes up at a time and retire the earlier ones. There may be special promotions like ‘catch up’ on last season type of thng.
  12. Didn’t think of it but that is pretty likely. Good call I think.
  13. There are going to be enough unexplained issues to muddy the waters of conjecture. All the superpowers we’ve already seen. Also as you me tion superman is pretty mobile and can visit Lois. If it comes up he was helping fix the router as a favor. Didn’t want publicity but did what he could.
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