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  1. I'm doing my rewatch, it is pretty difficult because I should be taking notes and I keep on confusing episodes. It isn't an episodic half season. Veronica never got to be a kid. she took care of Lianne, then Keith and Logan. She needs to loosen up, for sure. She needs a friend who treats her like she is okay and she probably needs a few drinks. I also think she needs to learn new methods of operating. The confrontation with Weevil points this out. She is frequently manipulating and threatening people and she needs to find another way, going forward. It is no longer cute. if she coul
  2. I don't think it was. Season 3, at Hearst, Keith was following Veronica around and taking jobs at the college and he went behind her back with Stanford and the admissions, deferment. He questioned Logan and her other friends and tried to keep tabs on what she was doing. He wasn't showing a lot of trust. For Veronica's part I think she became a licensed PI and stayed at Hearst in part to prove to Keith that she could be trusted and was a responsible adult, which lead to her failures that lead to her leaving and eventually pursuing a job that would make Keith happier than it would make her.
  3. Logan has a diagnosis, for sure, and getting to where he is now is absolutely amazing. Many women would want to be with him, not just for his physical attributes (although it would be tedious being with someone who only ate chicken breasts dipped in egg white and protein shakes) but for the obstacles he has faced and overcome, etc, etc. And clearly he wants someone who will set a real home for him and raise his children. He is ready to commit, and if he can only commit a small amount of time, he has an excuse in his job. Sadly Veronica by definition values authenticity and if Logan is
  4. I watched this, very fast, when it came out. Haven't watched it since then. Now may drop Hulu, so watching it again. I'm liking it so far and maybe finding it more rewatchable than any other Veronica Mars shows. Go figure. This time around I liked the song and the credits around it. I wasn't thinking about the original when it came on. Now will watch the credits for the rest of the episodes. I probably just let go of preconceived expectations. It seems less nostalgic than the original, but more fatalistic. In the credits Keith is partway between drowning and deified (halo) and Logan is sh
  5. Why is Dick walking around? I am listening to an audio book about Batman and Psychology and there is a paragraph that potentially someone with great physical gifts and intelligence, money and free time could become Batman (martial arts training, toys, etc) but would likely not sustain it for long, due to injury. (it goes on to say that it is unlikely we can suspend belief long term, but it works as long as we can suspend belief for each individual story). It was even implied that he was unconscious overnight and didn't know Barbara was there. Huge concussion and I doubt he'd be moving well. th
  6. Affogato

    S03.E07: 51%

    What hasn't been mentioned is the overall conceit for the episode. Everyone who makes decisions makes close decisions that seem slightly better than the alternative at the time for one reason or another, sometimes purely emotional. I'm guessing that most of those 51% decisions will go wrong somehow, if they didn't already. -Dick wanting to use Oracle -Barbara 'killing' Oracle -Jason leaking the drug onto the streets -I'm guessing Scarecrow underestimating Jason and the gangsters -Kory getting the son involved -Mom killing her son immediately and showily, pissing o
  7. I wonder if he knows Molly.
  8. Affogato

    S03.E07: 51%

    I’m horrified, frankly, by both Valensha and Kory’s actions. Barbara should arrest Kory.
  9. Affogato

    S03.E07: 51%

    It is almost certainly a corrupted Wayne Industries/Batman AI, as the conversation with Dick shows. Scarecrow was operating out of the Mr Freeze compound, using Mr Freeze computers and this is a Wild Mass Guess, but I suspect that Oracle may have had something to do with Barbara's father's death, which explains why she had such an immediate emotional reaction and 'killed it' when she realized she had put Dick in danger. In any case Barbara is probably smarter than Dick and better versed in computers. she knows the damage Oracle and Scarecrow/Oracle could do with that kind of access t
  10. Affogato

    S03.E07: 51%

    Maybe she’s not Oracle *yet*.
  11. Considering how good looking we know he can be this is a surprisingly derpy picture :-) (it has come to my attention that derp is an ableist term and I apologise to anyone I’ve offended. )
  12. I also liked the 'night gallery' conceit. i am, however, extremely tired of Cheryl, which offsets any positive responses. I allow that she is pretty, charismatic and has good enunciation, but somehow she is not doing anything for me. Everyone is very self centered in Riverdale, but people were looking for Jughead. I can't imagine he is currently attending AA in Riverdale, telling the story of the ratking, living somewhere, and somehow no one knows he is around. I vote flashback or he has just arrived back from the second trip to ratlair and stumbled immediately into the church basement me
  13. I think it is the palladium thing, the need to get the American dream metal for his own family. Everyone has given up on her and her survival seems unlikely, so of course Polly will be alive, living in the mines, and probably convinced she is the Rat Queen, or Mothgirl. Also she will be a cannibal and have a baby that glows in the dark.
  14. Back when I read the Titans a long time ago i still found the batfamily parts more interesting so my reaction to the show is it seems like the Titans to me. Maybe old old Titans, to be fair. sure the Joker used drugs but other than that I don’t see much Joker in this scarecrow. He really is a lot calmer and more thoughtful, for one thing. Not the face of his operation either. Yes the storyline tracks but the timing is odd. What makes sense? Okay, what I'm intuitively assuming is that Dick and Barbara are mid thirties, making Bruce pushing 70, which makes the choice of
  15. I wonder if we are going to find out Barbara had something to do with her father’s death and it has made her more rigid. honestly I don’t find blackfire particularly alien. She sure is unpleasant, though.
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