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  1. That isn’t a thyroid condition. it’s a maine coon.
  2. After reflection I think I would Have been happy if they had wrapped up the jack/chuck arc and had the remaining episodes inthe Mrs Butters bunker. They would use the m ster hunter and kill monsters, return to the bunker and have a hot meal. Dean would find a girl, Sam would continue to date Eileen. Eventually they would find out they were in Heaven and use the telescope to see and contact Bobby and others and find out what was happening on earth. At the end they would learn how to go back to earth to help with some crisis. End show. Jack really is wearing on me.
  3. Swears less. Eats healthier food. Less pushy. The usual. Sam is a ‘good boy’.
  4. The interdimensional geoscope does seem like a Chekhov’s gun. I was surprised they didn’t ask her about it. Not good? You may be right.
  5. I think Veronica’s codependence keeps her in most situations too long. She wants to fix him. His separation anxiety means he can’t let her go. He can’t lose her. Even when they break up they still go through it. Dysfunctional.
  6. I doubt starships have janitors or housekeepers. I’m guessing cleaning your area is part if the job (with magical roomba to help). That said a really nasty bridge would fall to the ensigns to clean up. a yeoman is a naval petty officer who does clerical duties. yes, I googled it. Noncommissioned officer. But O’Brien was highly educated for all he wasn’t commissioned. When off the bridge Rand could have Had three doctorates and a research project deeply important to the future of the Federation. i think star trek had a lot of people without commissions. Scientists.
  7. Drne is Nick Fury in a different timeline. I loved that “yes”.
  8. Yes! Not as pretty as his dad was when he was young, but has the same energy.
  9. I have memories of the slow, inexorable way a tube tope rolls down, exposing your breasts. When you can do nothing about it, of course.
  10. In the book she was Ruminating over what might have been. Trying on different options. Yes she could have a relationship with Leo and yes she could be a cop. But that wasn’t her decision and she shut it down. In season 4 i think her dream self was telling her she wanted something she wasn’t getting from Logan. And she chooses not to listen to her inner voice. It didn’t have to be Leo.
  11. I think he was angry and dissatisfied and deliberately fighting to suppress it. This made him emotionally unavailable and was one of the things that made Veronica goad him. Yah but really he should have found a new person instead of Leo. I think reusing actors and plots is a thing RT should mitigate. Veronica being so pathetically grateful to have fun with a guy she Runs into at work Underlines how lonely she actually is. Her attraction to Leo can be taken differently.
  12. In the voyager episode where the Doctor writes a holonovel you see the other holograms like him, the garbage cleaners ( i forget exactly what they were doing). They were reading the original holonovel and seemed pretty self aware. And like they had down time after work.
  13. Bridge officer, I think. One of the group of interchangeable people who mans the banks of blinking lights.
  14. You are right. They are doung a good job with the Romulans. in our current climate I can’t help but think of the deep state, conspiracy theories surrounding the virus, the many paranoid humans....
  15. Tuvok was almost 300 years old, so he must be pretty experienced at the whole thing, gone through it a bunch of times. He meditated and took medications as well. So the aspect of focusing on his wife while he essentially masturbated might have just been enough to get him over the hormonal rush.
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