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  1. Affogato

    S08.E01: Winterfell

    i’m thinking she plans on going off alone and killing the night king by stabbing him with valerian steel and leaving dragonglass in the wound, poisoning him. Or vice versa. I need another look at the blueprints. She isn’t a soldier. She is an assassin.
  2. Affogato

    S08.E01: Winterfell

    The small doomed boy sits with 22 unmounted farmers at his back and has a voice in the council. the north is a low gradient society. Jon was elected, not anointed, and they are justified in expecting some involvement in major decisions. Westeros is a big place. The north, the kingsmoot, kings landing (etc) have different expectations of government. Sansa is right about feeding the dragons. 80 sheep and Dany is worried they have eaten so few — and they can’t forage themselves very well. she should bring it up often.
  3. I was especially delighted with Harvey’s Pickman’s Model story but I liked all of them. I enjoy the references, the easter eggs so many Theo’s was moving but I wasn’t sure what the moral was.
  4. Lilith is a Jewish mythological figure as are all the demons, etc, from which christanity builds its supernatural world (with the odd sprinkling of babylonian/apinch of greek/etc). It makes sense and would indicate that, perhaps like christianity, both parallel churches are a corruption of the truth that derives from similar roots. I had a flash of Denisof looking like James Comey which was oddly disturbing, but his face was in shadow.
  5. I watched the season with n a couple od gulps and may watch it again. I am beginning to really love the dramatic thoughtful visuals that behoove a story with strong visual orgins. I did not find it disjointed and if it is not renewed it stands a a complete and satisfying story. If it continues I’m much more interested in what the new order brings than I would be in more entrenched patriarchy. The duplicity of both Zelda and Dorian is interesting. The steadfastness of Hilda was inspiring. Theo certainly has more story to come. Sabrina would be a Nephilim, now, and they would have magical powers as did Lucy. lilith herself was probably not fully human, depending on definition, and that may be where the witch magic comes from originally. Lilith may be nephilim and so the mother of witches.
  6. Affogato

    S02.E11: Lasting Impressions

    It is like fanfiction. People do become obsessed with some character in a story/tv show. They write stories to insert themselves, fix the character, change the story into one they like better and the result very often isnt the character they liked in the first place . Gordon realized it, a lot of people don’t. There are dating services that set people up with digital dates.
  7. Affogato

    S02.E10: Blood of Patriots

    I liked the bit where they say something to Delenn and she cracks up. It is explained that minbari humour is based on (personal enlightenment?) , different than human humor. I liked the episode. I think the writer described it as looking like the three stooges— you either think it is hilarious or wtf. Something foreign to you should be puzzling and fall flat. People have to work a bit to understand old fashioned humor.
  8. Affogato

    S02.E10: Blood of Patriots

    I dont think they said how new the Union is — and what would that mean? They are in an active recruitment stage. Is this some terran bonnet bee they are trying to make work? I dont aee mercer talking to any yaphitian admirals.
  9. Affogato

    S02.E10: Blood of Patriots

    I thought he was given the run partially so he could be followed by sispicious security butthat not everyone got the message. That would work, anyway.
  10. Affogato

    S02.E10: Blood of Patriots

    Do they not make movies? holovids? Or do they just watch planet of the apes? Because the explosive blood alien is made for horror movies. It wasnt a new discovery so why wasnt it generally known? Clare realize zed it right away. again it is surprising they spend so much tome with their heads in the past. But that is their thing. I thought there was some good general tension there at the end.
  11. Affogato

    S02.E09: Identity, Part II

    I assume the shuttles have something like RV chemical toilets under a seat or something. The shuttles can be away for long periods. If possible any spaceship design/systems would be protected from that sort of sabotage because it is such a simple way to kill a ship and crew. So insulation against the pulses.
  12. Affogato

    Babylon 5

    Remember the Vorlon set themselves up as religious figures to help/i doctrinate the races in order and light. I’m sure the rangers were established in this model to be the rescuers and defenders—you see this in the medieval segment, that is how they are remembered. Kosh has a part in setting them up along with valen and Vorlon i fluenced Minbari. Makes sense. I’ve met technomages. You know, sort of. The impulse is there. Science masquerading as magic also makes sense when some races will be less advanced than others and the Vorlon are in front of everyone, presenting as magical beings. Anyway, I wasn’t bothered by their inclusion.
  13. Affogato

    Book 2: Mr. Kiss and Tell

    I think the books are a way to tie off the loose ends in veronica's story and set her up for the revival (or the rest of her life?). TDTL answers the question 'did Veronica want to see her mother again? Does she miss the mothering she didn't get? " and the answer is 'no'. Then, because Veronica wants to know her half brother, Veronica is stuck with having to develop a relationship with her mother. So there are potential storylines there. Veronica and Keith are working together as separate but equal partners and don't know much about each other's business. So Keith has let go of micromanaging her. Still he doesn't want her to know the things he is doing and there is a huge storyline there, where she stumbles into his work by accident and the two of them work together. I wonder if this doesn't happen in the revival? I don't think Logan really gets an arc, though. I think he got a paragraph of backstory, written before the movie, which allows his many many fans to think he has won at life and yet leaves him with no continuing storylines of his own. All of his loose ends tied off, off stage. He isn't completely a cardboard standee. We do see his hesitancy with Veronica, his nervousness about commitment. He has also clearly learned to stop before he says something he may regret. In season 3 he breaks up with 'veronica because she doesn't pick up a phone call, in MKAT he runs to deployment because she doesn't come to the funeral on the first day. He runs, both times but handles the situation differently, so he still has things to fix about himself and things to learn about relationships. He is not perfect but we see how he is going to handle things. No tension, not a lot of storyline. When he suggests to 'veronica that they get a puppy I thought more of the alcoholic's anonymous thing where you get a pet to see if you can handle a relationship with a human. Or people in general getting a pet to see if they can handle kids. I also thought that Veronica needs someone to drag her out of her work into her real life, so this is a big step for him, paying enough attention to her (and not to her reactions to him) to do something like this. His discomfort with the puppy show me he hasn't been around children or puppies much, which actually tells me he hasn't been around his co workers at the Navy much, since they seem to be family people. Hmmm. More ways he isn't perfect. But not just, or even mostly, the fear of being like his dad. In short, they won't kill him because it will cost them viewers, since he is the main draw for a lot of people, but they have gone to some effort to make sure he remains in the background in a fairly limited role (Veronica's love interest).If they killing him would mean the revival would be about him. You'd have to see Veronica's reactions, there would be a funeral--way too much. I suspect he will show up in the first two episodes, spend a lot of time naked, he'll have a friendly relationship with Keith or/and Wallace, maybe he'll have a birthday or a promotion. Maybe even the possibility of a job that will allow him to stay with Veronica, but that will be a real change of career paths. Then he'll go on a training mission and come back at the end of the show for a couple of episodes. If I had to bet they will be married. Mac may have joined the fbi, since she won't be in the show. Veronica will be thinking about joining her there, since she is closing in on the cut off age for special agents. Keith will be thinking about retiring. One or the other may be positioned to run for Mayor. So I suspect the angst will be from the Mars position.
  14. Affogato

    S02.E08: Identity, Part I

    There must be some possible storylines that haven’t been done to death. So the biological Kaylons weren’t killed by the AIs. They became the AIs to become immortal! So long ago they forgot! were brainwashed by the real cybermen they continued to enslave! Are bodiless inside the great computer. maybe the biological entities were wiped out by a plague and the AIs developed real intelligence after the event. Isaac may have been ignorant of the goals of his fellows. Created as an export model without the bad thoughts of conquest. In case someone found out the Kaylon plans. If there had been a lot of living creatures they might never have found Ty. I’m not a fan of surveillance but why wouldnt everyone have some sort of tracer on them? Also lock the doors!
  15. Affogato

    Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. in the Media

    I always thought there might be a loophole. If you die ar the same time as the snap and it is teversed perhaps you come back to life along with them. But skrull makes sense.