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  1. Yes! Not as pretty as his dad was when he was young, but has the same energy.
  2. I have memories of the slow, inexorable way a tube tope rolls down, exposing your breasts. When you can do nothing about it, of course.
  3. In the book she was Ruminating over what might have been. Trying on different options. Yes she could have a relationship with Leo and yes she could be a cop. But that wasn’t her decision and she shut it down. In season 4 i think her dream self was telling her she wanted something she wasn’t getting from Logan. And she chooses not to listen to her inner voice. It didn’t have to be Leo.
  4. I think he was angry and dissatisfied and deliberately fighting to suppress it. This made him emotionally unavailable and was one of the things that made Veronica goad him. Yah but really he should have found a new person instead of Leo. I think reusing actors and plots is a thing RT should mitigate. Veronica being so pathetically grateful to have fun with a guy she Runs into at work Underlines how lonely she actually is. Her attraction to Leo can be taken differently.
  5. In the voyager episode where the Doctor writes a holonovel you see the other holograms like him, the garbage cleaners ( i forget exactly what they were doing). They were reading the original holonovel and seemed pretty self aware. And like they had down time after work.
  6. Bridge officer, I think. One of the group of interchangeable people who mans the banks of blinking lights.
  7. You are right. They are doung a good job with the Romulans. in our current climate I can’t help but think of the deep state, conspiracy theories surrounding the virus, the many paranoid humans....
  8. Tuvok was almost 300 years old, so he must be pretty experienced at the whole thing, gone through it a bunch of times. He meditated and took medications as well. So the aspect of focusing on his wife while he essentially masturbated might have just been enough to get him over the hormonal rush.
  9. Late to this message but I am just rewatching the first season of TNG. Two mentions, different episodes, where the Klingons say "just an empty shell, do whatever you want with the bodies", or words to that effect. So eating them to imbibe the strength of your ancestors is at odds with that. Then again, if there were periods of famine (and constant fighting would tend to lead to that) eating the empty shells for nutrition wouldn't be irrational. dumping them into the replicator compost bin (whatever it is called) would also make a certain amount of sense.
  10. so I was agreeing with you. Most people wouldn't have brought that stuff with them, or just one or two pieces of it. Maybe the pictures were used to reinforce the memories and she got close to them?
  11. Perhaps at this point I just see all the star trek aliens as human. Q is pretty human for an omnipotent god type and the horta are darn relatable for rocks. Thinking that if you replaced the Romulans with humans you could show the same facets of the race, tell the same stories. Yes, it would be a stretch to get there. Why are these humans developing independent of other humans? Why did Picard have to save them? Making them aliens makes getting them there a lot easier. But they are pretty darn human. How do humans write a nonhuman character as generally alien? It has been done. But Star Trek is usually about morality, even as it has slipped away from the morality plays of TOS. There are some genuine aliens in Star Trek, but the ones I remember are one offs. The pinpoints of light, positronic briney sand alien in the first season of TNG is one, maybe?
  12. I doubt Logan was ever an exciting boyfriend. He always seemed to be their for sex, and to get help (find Mom, why is money leaking out of my trust fund, I'm accused of murder again), otherwise doing any recreational activities with Dick and similar buddies, and presumably later with the Navy guys, too. I doubt he'd spent as much as a year with Veronica since the end of the movie and books. Deployment, training, dropping in unexpectedly. I mean, he probably came back for spring break to see Dick, right, more communication with the bro than Veronica? He didn't share his life with Veronica and was manifestly barely able to stand listening to her tedious and disagreeable complaints about Neptune and cringed whenever she asked anything of him. I mean therapy, realistically, would have only made them aware of how much contempt he had for her at this point and how little hope their relationship had of succeeding. I think she knew it, too, which is why she rejected the idea of therapy. I mean both of them were doing the best they could, and Logan was trying to force the life he had always wanted, but there wasn't any soulmate between them. In canon. Veronica probably would have been happier to have someone who spent time with her and might even help raise the kids. Duncan could have been that, but potentially Piz would have worked. Or someone totally different.
  13. I'm not young, but I don't know much about 1970s YA fiction. Thank you, it is good to know. The story is melodramatic, but I certainly remember judging teachers completely wrong at the time (without actually trying to kidnap or kill them) so this struck a chord of realism. Yah, if they were going to have him do the tape thing, or Reggie's car, we needed to learn why he did them from his point of view, I think. More development?
  14. Also I thought they felt more alien/not human in tos. My understanding is that they were the same genetic stock as Vulcans (I could even be wrong in that, but they were certainly set as a contrast to the Vulcans), but had not decided to suppress what were unusually strong (by human standards) emotional reactions, and that they were in many ways more relatable than the Vulcans. In Picard, some oddly medieval cult groups aside (and that seems to match with the Vulcans, also) they seem to be humans with pointy ears.
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