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  1. The capture of Richard Ramirez is my favorite true crime story ever. Kind of neat to see it play out in live action, and with Jingles being the person who showed the ladies Ramirez's photo in the paper. I just wished they'd shown the part where the cops showed up and Richie basically begged them to save him. As far as AHS goes, this season is one of the list cohesive (Asylum is still my fave), although it's not scary and actually kind of boring. I liked the slasher movie stuff but it went on too long. I agree that Emma Roberts is much better this season and Billie Lourd still isn't a great actress.
  2. He was saying that her dressing in the lingerie and shoes wasn't how she normally looked, hence the "That's the point." She was trying to spice things up and thought he was into the heels when in fact he'd bought them for Broudos. Holden saying "It's just not you" was probably an attempt at an excuse for why her sexy look wasn't turning him on, when in reality he was creeped out by seeing the same kind of heels that Broudos had JO'd with.
  3. I don't think getting their own cookbook is a prize anymore, is it? I'm fine with Subha going but it sucks that Shari, who is a legit good home cook (the point of this show), gets kicked off on a restaurant challenge (not the point of this show). That restaurant looked incredibly dated. I was really surprised by that.
  4. I thought Treasure Island too. He mentioned a character named "Silver" so it makes sense.
  5. The weird editing of scene is very jarring. There will be a relatively serious scene of important exposition, followed by a 30-second shot of someone having sex to a jaunty soundtrack, and then suddenly we're back at the main plotline. It does get confusing.
  6. The shot at the end, with the handmaids carrying a bloody June in her cape, was very reminiscent of "Descent From the Cross" paintings. With June playing the role of Jesus, of course. 🙄
  7. I think with Subha being all "I'm meant to be here!" last week, he'll be eliminated this week.
  8. This is true for the individual challenges but not the "restaurant takeover" challenges, which I think are absolutely useless. They're not trying to be a head chef or run their own restaurant, so why are you making them cook on a line and screaming if they aren't the world's best team leaders?
  9. If there is (or was) seemingly serious discussion about returning Nichole/Holly to her "rightful" parents the Waterfords, how would these 52 children being taken into Canada be any different? If their commander parents made tearful pleas on TV for the return of "their" children as Fred and Serena did, wouldn't Canada consider doing so? As others have said, I'm not arguing that the kids will be "better off" staying in Gilead, but it just seems like there are so many variables in this plan that could go horribly wrong at any moment. But we all know there will be a tiny bit of tension that will end with June looking tearfully and triumphantly up at the plane flying away as she's hauled off once again, having been captured.
  10. Maybe I missed something, but why aren't the authorities coming to bring Kate and Lydia back to Bedlam...?
  11. I thought she just sort of didn't do anything...?
  12. I'm pretty sure I did hear Noah pronounce "macaron" as "Macron."
  13. I enjoyed Moira's verbal takedown of Serena, but what I don't get is why the hell Luke and Moira would even show up with Holly to let her not-mother/rapist's accomplice visit with her? What the fuck? I want to like the journalist dude but his flirtiness with Serena is NOT CUTE. Serena might be an interesting character but I still DO NOT feel sorry for her and I never will. It's so frustrating that the refugees in Canada aren't doing shit to expose Gilead for what it is!!!! The closeup of the eyes at the end made me LOL.
  14. Re: the children of color, I figured they were children taken from women who were then made to be handmaid's, like Hannah going to the McKenzie's. I'm not sure how we were supposed to infer that he'd killed other commanders for them...
  15. I enjoyed Cherry teaching Kate profanity. Also, maybe an unpopular opinion here, but while I don't mind the character of Harriet, the actress that plays her isn't very good. She always comes across so flat and monotone.
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