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  1. I don't agree there was torture porn here. There was definitely torture, but it wasn't shown, they cut away from the worst of it. Torture porn is relentless, meticulously graphic in every detail, showing every little bloody bit. This was "scalpel, forceps, tongue, about to cut into it then cut away". I liked it more than I thought I would. It was shot really gauzy, with a lot of dense colors. They made ATX look pretty seedy... but it suited. I liked the UnSub's story, and I liked that there was WAYYYY more Reid than in the original script. Did NOT like that Matt took the kill shot.
  2. Transcribing (new interview up tomorrow), researching, writing, resizing, compiling, publishing, watching, and reading. Everything but cleaning. THIS is my Saturday, and I'm blissed-OUT! I love weekends.
  3. Reidfan said: "JJ touches his arm and asks 'you okay?' (knowing what they'd gone through) and he could nod and say 'I am now. Just. That cell.' She squeezes his arm and says 'It rattled me a bit too. But we're good, you did good.' He looks out over the reunited sisters 'Yeah, it's all good now" This is really good! Sorry didn't use the quote feature, it's wonky on my phone.
  4. There's not time, really. I'd love it if they could focus on every subtlety of Reid's recovery, capture his every expression, track his every movement. No seriously, I would. Come on guys. There isn't time. It's not bad writing and it's not that he's 'brushing it off'. How can you say that six episodes into the season? There are SEVEN other fully fleshed characters they need to make time for, as well as the Unsubs and their victims. Sorry to say but Reid isn't going to get the lion's share of time for nuance and recovery grace notes. He WILL probably get an episode or two as Erica
  5. I don't need to see him have a panic attack or anything overly demonstrative. The look on his face was incredible, and more than enough for me to see his wheels turning, his gut clenching (though I do wish it was a longer scene, to have had more of him and JJ trapped together). My fear is that if they keep showing him glitching out, that he'll appear weak, and like he isn't healing. Unless he's been severely mentally damaged (to the point of incapacity) by the experience, there's been enough time for healing to begin. I find their timeline to be so far pretty appropriate. Now if they
  6. I think they've done a good job of showing Reid's twitchy-ness and his attempt to ease back into it. Remember, the entire team took substantial time off, weeks, to recover after Scratch, and Reid's still receiving counseling. I'm not sure seeing him be trigger-boy and flinch at everything around him would further his story much, or inspire any confidence from his fellow agents. No doubt they'll have him be more reflective on his experience, if and when it's addressed. I personally think that would be more Reid-like. Him trying to sort out his own experience, in his own time.
  7. Also, Daryl Hammond sucked. I did not buy him as the UnSub. @ReidFan, I totally see why Reid should've gotten that code. This needed to be a two-parter.
  8. It's my favorite Twilight Zone. That one and Talking Tina. And the one with Veronica Cartwright where she's invaded by aliens. And the one with the sweaty painting. Oh also the one with Shatner. And the one with the pig faces, and oh! The one with the tiny people in the big container! Maybe I don't have a favorite after all.
  9. @Annber03 There's also the lovely Amazon Video, where you can buy it the next day in glorious HD with no commercials for 2.99. If it's a fave episode, it's worth it. If you buy several eps you get like half price on the full season. :)
  10. She's warm, open and friendly with everyone BUT Holden (Patrick, Bill and his wife). The one time she tries to be all seductive, he says "That's not you." I know the shoes turned him off, but his choice of words is telling. He likes her aloofness.
  11. Fashionista, I read that in her voice. And yes, precisely, that is what they are going to do. And they will still do nothing about it. What we are seeing now amounts to taxation without representation, because even the gun enthusiasts want stricter rules imposed like bump stock bans and full background checks. The only ones that don't are the gun lobby and the NRA, who stuff huge $$ into the pockets of our congressmen and women. Do your research and you'll find that the top 20 beneficiaries of huge donations from the gun lobby and NRA are all republicans, with Paul Ryan getting the large
  12. Yet another shooting at a California Mall, today. >:( How bout we just take away all the fucking guns. Enough of this shit.
  13. I watched Newness. It was kind of lovely, actually. Lots of emotions that got played out in real time, pretty much. The leads were attractive and likeable, and Sean Stiegemeyer who was the DP on The Beauty Inside photographed Matthew just as tenderly beautiful here as he did there. As far as I was concerned, this was ALL Doremus. I didn't see a single bit of Ridley Scott, which, I mean, considering he wasn't the director makes sense. But when you've got someone of that skill and magnitude on board, you use him. I think he could've helped tighten things up when the movie started to amble,
  14. Morgan would've been good. And Austen. Sammy's aunt. Owen's gf Jordan... even Owen, maybe? He seemed to appreciate Reid's method (when the inevitable became clear). Lila Archer.
  15. I think it'll be worth it just to see him push that stroller! ;) The lead guy I've only seen in one other thing called Warm Bodies. It was a super-sweet zombie romance and he was really good in it. Matthew looks really beautiful in those caps. If you post the rest elsewhere, let me know!
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