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  1. I answered this already, so I dont know why it was removed: Yes; having a white person live out a white conqueror scenario is racist. If I didnt make it absolutely clear before, I am making it so , now. The problems with race didn't start in the finale of the series.
  2. They certainly can feel the process of some human logic. Dogs, anyway. Eg, They can feel jealousy. If you spend all your time on your cell and ignoring your dog while your dog makes sad eyes at you or puts it's paw over the phone to stop you from typing, and your dog steals your phone from you or hides it, it just used human logic to keep you away from the thing that is occupying your time and making it jealous.
  3. To be fair, he looked like he could be anyone wearing a rubber white mask.
  4. Jaime pretending to not know Dickon's name is the reason I loved Jaime.
  5. Dany coming on to Jon again was the only thing that indicated she was crazy.
  6. I paid so little attention to the whole Max Von Sydow as a tree thing, that Im not sure if this really happened, or I just filled int the blanks of my mind, but I thought Max the tree said to Bran that he is dying out and now Bran will be the tree, and that he or maybe Meera said, 'I dont want (you) to be a tree.' That whole thing was confusing and a bummer.
  7. He is not "special needs." He's a damn tree.
  8. As a high ranking leader in her army, they went into a city and committed genocide. It doesn't matter what he wanted or what he thought, he backed the wrong person and gave er a platform to commit genocide. He is complicit. When you wantonly slaughter that many innocent civilians, your head will roll. Lucky for him, the people left in power after that wholesale slaughter are his family members. Yes; the brown people weren't happy hanging around racist Westros, because it was written to be racist. In the end, these people that we are supposed to be sympathetic to over everyone else, like the Starks, turn out to be lording over a racist population, are zenophobes and think it's their right to subjugate the "smallfolk." In a word, they were shown to be real assholes, in season 8. They were "put on ship, etc" by the people that wrote this to be their fate. Just the fact that the Dothraki fate was never mentioned, at all, says how important the "brown" people were in this epic. There's just no getting over the fact that GOT is problematic wrt women and non-white perople. It doesn't make it all garbage. I love a lot about GOT, and the characters, etc. But GOT has it's serious problems. Dany was sold into the Dorthraki tribe, turned out to be able to walk through fire and hatch dragons, and she just happened to gain followers in that part of the GOT world that was relegated to the "brown" people. Had this taken place in Westros, she'd have done the same with all the white people. Why does eveyone keep glossing over te fact that Day was a magical being? Not even Jesus Christ was immune to fire and hatched dragons. Of course she was going to have followers and worshipers! Only recently, did the aspect of a gleamingly white Dany leading an army of "brown" people become a thing to sneer at because she was deemed a "white conqeuror." That needs to be taken up with GRRM , who wrote this character, years ago. He could have made the Targs "brown," but he didn't. But again, Dany, seems to be more than just white, and more than just 'human', or whatever they call themselvesin that universe. She is extra. She is magical. Words and dialogue are not said in a contextless way. They creators of the show had Sansa raped. And they created the definitive act of having a woman character raped, to further character development. And then they came under a lot of valid criticism for it, because it is lazy, and employed for titilation, and it is wholly misogynist. THEN they had the nerve to have the character say outright that, if it weren't for her rapist raping her, she would have never grown (from being a "little bird"). That's the context. It could only be more blatant and clear if Benioff or Weiss had put on Sansa's wig and dress and played the scene opposite the Hound, themselves, as a fuck -you to anyone who found their schtick to be misogynist crap. I don't knwo what the OG poster was talking about, when they said that they got angry when people rightly criticisze these things. People have a damn right to criticize, and especially women have every right to do so.
  9. I don't know if this was mentioned before, but in the New Yorker article interview with Emilia, she said she was told to study Peter O'Toole from the scene in Lawrence of Arabia,where his blood lust took over, for the one shot where she's deciding if she should hold back or unleash hell on KL. You can literally see her impersonating Peter O'Toole performance, from that moment in the film. I believe I read GRRM mention LoA with regards to Dany, years ago. However, in LoA, Lawrence comes upon a deserting Turkish army that has slaughtered a small village, on their way. It is him seeing the carnage of that village that angers him to spur his men on to kill the Turks, and spare no prisoners. Lawrence doesnt go insane. His blood lust is sated, aand he eventually goes back to being the meek man that he was before his adventures, when the war is over. Dany's story does not play out the same way, so I dont know why they are justifying their ends for her with Lawrence's (film) story.
  10. The people of Westros just watched their own Westrosi NORTHERN ARMY go on a killing/rape spree. Jon didn't pull a "brown" person off a woman who was about to be murdered/raped. He pulled one of his OWN men off. Jon was directly responsible for all the murder and mayhem, because he enthusiastically backed and enabled Dany. In any other world, he'd be hanged for a war criminal. As I said, when the outcome of your story is to write that 'all the "brown" people get on a boat and fuck off to an island,' then your story is racist.
  11. They literally wrote dialogue to come from the mouths of characters to absolve them of the horrible things they had done through this series, and had never apologized for, or even given an audience to the complaints. SEE, for e.g.: Sansa excusing being raped by Ramsay, amongst too many other things to name. I will NEVER support anyone or anything connected to these two losers again.
  12. My comment, that all the brown people were put on a ship and sailed off to an island, was not a comment on the competency of the Unsullied or Grey Worm. It was a comment on how hamfisted, stupid, tone-deaf, and ultimately racist, the story was written to be by Benioff, Weiss, and possibly GRRM.
  13. The Nazi imagery was way over the top, and just struck the wrong note, completely. I wonder if this is in the encyclopedia of tropes, just dropping in Hitler/Nazi imagery to depict tyranny? And patch up a shitty plot? Like they also did in the Star Wars comeback, a few years ago. Benioff and Weiss should be cut from earning any more money in entertainment, for the lazy, horrible way they handled this series. For the in-your-face misogyny that they rode right up to the ending of GOT, alone. If anyone else but two rich white boys had done this, this would have ruined the career of anyone, except for these assholes, who are going to fail upwards all their lives.
  14. Bran is the King of TMI when it comes to who's f*cking who.
  15. Maybe Ghengis Khan believed that, too. Either way, he did change Europe, if like they say, 1:10 people an trace back to him. History doesnt hold quite as judgmental an attitude as tv audiences do for conquerors.
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