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  1. I liked this one but as others have stated it was way too short. It barely got going before it all came to an end. Also what exactly does a black market jeweler do? Does he sell stolen Jewelry or is it somehow just sold outside of regulation? Does something like that exist for jewelry? What about ebay etc? Isn't that the same thing? I am a little confused but I am starting to worry a bit with the amount of characters that they are introducing who are not even in the building. I fear it may lead to too many red herrings and we end up with a situation where a whole bunch of loose ends
  2. "Brazzos was one of 3 DVD sets in the prison library. " "God! Prison sounds like hell. Lol. I love the soundtrack coming in at the end. I am 70% sure there was a bassoon in there somewhere.
  3. Lol. Just seeing Martin Short and Steve Martin pictured there makes me chuckle. I wonder if they are in front of or behind white hoodie guy?
  4. Of all the salutations he could have picked. Aloha was not one I would have guessed. Lol
  5. grandmabegum, I can't recall ever seeing Rod Stewart's "Do Ya Think I'm Sexy" sheet music specifically for bassoon. I used to play oboe and would have snapped it up right away! Lol.
  6. I have to admit that I am really enjoying the show so far thru the first 3 episodes. I haven't read any spoilers as I don't think they have given us enough information yet for me to determine. I didn't realize that Tina Fey was in this. I am warming up to Martin Short's character as well. Watching him sitting at his piano with all of that Gut Milk (don't get high on your own stash?) was great. Also I am loving Nathan Lane and I really liked how Martin Short played the part with himself crawling back to Nathan Lane with the Podcast idea - and getting funding. He really delivered. I will h
  7. That scene with Martin Short on the stairs after he got the text was one of my favorite from this episode.
  8. sjankis630

    S01.E02: Episode 2

    So they are a "Quantum company" and maybe somehow by using quantum computing - which in real life is largely theoretical - they have harnessed enough power to see back into the past. I have no idea but we will see where it goes.
  9. sjankis630

    S01.E02: Episode 2

    Devs – S01E02 The episodes opens with Barbeque Sergei still without covering and there is not one group of employees standing around looking/crying or anywhere near the level of police there would be even in a fairly gruesome suicide. Forest sits and tries to console Lily. He is a little more believable than last time but since we saw him order Sergei killed and watched it happen it is all lies. He tells her about losing his daughter Amaya (now a 50 foot Paul Bunyan statue) and how deeply it affected him. He understood her – Amaya's - loss but on the other hand he had no
  10. sjankis630

    S01.E01: Episode 1

    Devs S01E01 Nick Offerman looking like Grizzley Adams stares off into the darkness while a lot of mentally unstable people go thru their morning ablutions. Then suddenly …. Light! Was something realized or just discovered? Cut to a female figure coming into focus in a nice apartment the same morning. We are in San Francisco and someone is wearing out their oboe samples on the midi keyboard for this opening music soundtrack. We start with Lily and Sergei two young lovers - engineer lovers - they don’t stop until they have done it the right way! They wake up and have a nerd a
  11. I agree. That is why I couldn't bring myself to recap it. I can't sit through an episode anymore. The whole e-gaming part screams of a "Dad trying to hang with the kids in the basement" vibe. Did HBO think they had to attract a younger audience?
  12. Luckyroll3, I believe we are to believe that this is months later and the guys haven't been hanging out together. Maybe they are assuming that the lawsuit has run its course?
  13. Ballers S05 E01 – Protocol is for Losers We Byke! Rock/Spence is chilling on the beach watching the waves go by. His girlfriend who is dressed like a model who has had a surfing magazine throw up on her comes by to ask him to go surfing with her. (She has a board and everything). Umm who is this again? Wasn’t Spence trying to holler at sistah girl from last year (mother of Spence’s illegal recruit)? Spence says no because he is too busy reading his real life fan – Elizabeth Warren’s book …on the beach. I am pretty sure Warren’s book has not been read within 10 miles of anywhere
  14. I may try and recap this if I can stay awake Sunday nights. Someone please tell me that Russell Brand is not anywhere near this upcoming season.....
  15. sjankis630


    I saw part of the first episode and although it looks kind of slick, i was not that impressed with it. I have to watch it in its entirety and maybe watch the second episode before I decide. It doesn't look like there is any interest on this forum at the moment.
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