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  1. I absolutely love first 4 seasons. Season 4 and 1 are my most favourite seasons.
  2. Also found out that Matthew will be appearing in a film titled "Zoe", due to be released in 2018. The premise looks really interesting!! "Two colleagues at a revolutionary research lab design technology to improve and perfect romantic relationships. As their work progresses, their discoveries become more profound." Courtesy IMDB - Zoe Looking forward to it :-)
  3. Based on the above opinions, I think I have to forget watching 68 Kill as I am more of a REID fan. But looks like I will be watching "The Beauty Inside". Thank you for all your opinions :-)
  4. How was it senin? I am still debating whether to watch it or not?
  5. Absolutely loved it!!! Especially the last part :)
  6. Agree with this post completely!!! Also with the idea that this episode could have been more interesting if Reid and JJ were trapped in the bunker for longer period and trying to get everyone out. Seriously Reid could not figure out the door code?? SERIOUSLY? Also no signs of PTSD even after being locked in that confined space? Not even a little reaction? I think it is completely cured now.
  7. No, not a missing scene but I think Morgan tells Reid that he should talk to someone and Morgan is not the right person to talk to. But then Reid says that what if they think he is not fit for the job, so he clearly displays no desire to talk to either Hotch and Gideon. I think thats why Morgan goes behind his back and tells Hotch and Gideon. Ohh yes Reid used to notice so many things in earlier seasons. Later he was shown just as a fact spouting genius who was oblivious to everything else around him. Also in earlier seasons he used to laugh with the team, but in later seasons the team u
  8. Reid used to reply with snarky comments which in later seasons disappeared altogether. Yup I love that scene where Elle gives a helping hand to Reid when JJ just walks ahead. Elle and Reid had such an amazing friendship. I think Morgan tried to convince Reid about talking to Gideon or Hotch but clearly Reid was not ready to do that. I think that is the reason Morgan goes and talks to Hotch and Gideon so they can help him. He has always been protective of Reid so I think that was his way to make sure Reid gets the help he needs. I always used to like Reid and Morgan as partners.
  9. I agree with all your observations. Yes its absolutely ok to revive old threads!! Looking forward to more of your comments. I personally have lost interest in the current (13th) season.
  10. Hope he recovers fully!!! Take care HG.
  11. I agree this episode would have worked better as 2 parter but to focus more on the case rather than Garcia. I dont think I would be able to watch one whole episode focussing on Garcia’s demons.
  12. Yup, I love rewatching though most the episodes I rewatch are from first 4 seasons. I absolutely love LDSK, so many Hotch and Reid moments and the final takedown, whats not to like :)
  13. Agree that the characters can not stay the same over 10 long years but as JenJen pointed out now they are interchangable. I also do like Luke and agree that they should stay well clear of Garvez.
  14. Welcome to the CM forum JenJen.. Very good observations!!! I aboslutely love Elle and I also like Gideon more than Rossi. Gideon was a very complex character and it added a certain kind of an intensity to the show. In earlier seasons all the characters were well defined, everyone had their strength and weaknesses. Now all of them are almost similar and too perfect.
  15. Exactly what I think, though you write it way better than me :) The episode itself was good execpt the Morgan Garcia reunion scene which I felt very unnatural. I dont know why she can not talk to Reid, JJ or Prentiss who have also known her long enough. I used to like Morgan when he was part of the regular cast. Now he does not even act like Morgan any more. I also enjoy Reid and Luke working together. Way way too many team members, but we all have complained about it enough times already.
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