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  1. I kind of hope she’s not kidding. I wonder what that type of strip mall would be like... stores with nothing but 4” translucent heels, Pasties ‘R’ Us, etc.
  2. YES! Brilliant casting to have “The Bad Seed” play the court-ordered psychiatrist.
  3. Does anyone think that VK looks like the little sis of Alyssa Edwards, last week’s lip sync assassin on RuPaul’s Drag Race? Or am I watching waaaaay too much TV lately?
  4. Yeah, I missed the last three seasons during the original run, so I’ve been catching up via PopTV. Today pretty much wrecked me.
  5. ::::::wincing a little as I type this:::::: Malena?
  6. Ok, I’ll play... what about Geena from Washington? We’ve seen her dance before on previous seasons. WOC, powerful dancer, great hair, great smile. Has she been on an NFL cheer team?
  7. She was a guest on his podcast in April. I think they have a nice chemistry. Good for them.
  8. I just watched the podcast. I really like the program they’re using for judging. Beats the heck out of all that paper and all those folders. It should be a good squad, considering the larger pool. And I can’t imagine narrowing down to 69 from 1500.
  9. Niko’s part cockroach, isn’t he?
  10. I’m in that weird limbo area between scratching my head and getting stabby. The commercial? Trolli gummy worms crawling on a discount version of Groot. Why, just why? It’s not whimsical; it’s creepy.
  11. Darn shame the show’s been cancelled, but that was a tidy and satisfying wrap-up.
  12. My cats thought I was nuts for waving my cell phone around during “5000 Candles in the Wind.”
  13. I love this idea. I’ve taken it a little further by also binging all the makeover episodes of America’s Next Top Model (you can actually see Tyra spiral into insanity) and the unconventional materials challenges on Project Runway.
  14. Thanks for saving me a lot of blather about Big Brother. I did enjoy hearing her talking about the pay structure of the Dallas sports team dancers.
  15. Anybody follow Reality Steve? His podcast guest this week is Kathryn Dunn. I haven’t listened yet, so I don’t know if she talks about her time as a TCC, but she does talk about being a Mavs dancer.
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