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  1. From @EricaShadows: “I like the "showing video" portion, but have Judy explain it because Kelli is not good at telling girls what the issue is and how to fix it.” ...i.e., Kelsey Lowrance described as “greasy bacon.”
  2. $299 for a Kelli Cameo?! Sheesh — Former San Antonio Spur Bruce Bowen charges only $20 and he has a couple championship rings.
  3. I guffawed when Max said, “C’mon, Max, you TRAINED for this!”
  4. I don’t understand why the Pork Chop girls didn’t “circle vote” — get in a circle; vote for the girl on your right — so it’s a 6-way tie and a way to protest this f*ckwittery.
  5. I was picturing her strapped on like a deer carcass.
  6. I was out, until I saw that it’s based on “Miranda” and Miranda Hart is a producer. I’ll give it one more chance.
  7. A little bit of weirdness for your day... this week’s Bizarre Albums podcast features “Dallas Cowboys Christmas 1985/1986.” Yes, the Cheerleaders even make an appearance, singing “Silent Night.”
  8. It’s possible; I once had an all orange female kitty. (Food named, too! She and her brother were Hollandaise and Demiglace) Considering that Gwyneth Paltrow named her daughter Apple, I agree — it’s weird.
  9. I guess I should be relieved that I have AT&T U-verse, and they’re in a fight with the owner of the local CBS affiliate. So I missed this one. I still can’t stand James; but congrats to Will — I guess this makes up for coming in 2nd on that season of America’s Next Top Model.
  10. And the gaslighting re: Hannah has begun. Ugh. Show of hands... How many of us are just hate-watching now?
  11. I burst out laughing when Shannon said her main plan for 2020 was to dance on a cruise ship. Oh, honey, no. In Kelli’s eyes, DCC is the dream. You’ll be lucky if you get into training camp.
  12. Super-creepy holiday commercial (no, not the Folgers one): The Col. Sanders as melting snowman. Does the melted version remind anyone of the monster in “Basket Case”?
  13. Damn! Geena auditioned again and didn’t get in? I’m afraid she’s going to be like Kelli Q., terrific, but noticed several years after she should’ve been. LOVE that they included Phil. It wouldn’t have been the same without him. Is Cassie the one who looks like a blonde Kristen? (Sorry, vanillagum, I just saw your comment. No, you’re not the only one.) I hate to admit it, but Marissa is growing on me. Yes, she looks like a parrot, but she’s got something. (Of course, I’m judging as I slump on my couch, wearing old pjs, polishing off a pitcher of frozen mudslides.)
  14. Nice to know I’m probably not the only one yelling, “GET THERAPY!” at Kem.
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