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  1. I've tried watching a whole Agnes Varda film. It's not like I hate all French New Wave (I actually like Eric Rohmer's movies). I just can't last longer than about twenty minutes into those overlapping face shots before I start rolling my eyes to the ceiling and yelling, "This is why people hate foreign films!!" and "I've already seen Meshes of the Afternoon!" <clears throat> Just had to get that off my chest.
  2. Musing over tonight's Sunrise, and thinking -- not for the first time -- how leading man George O'Brien was so very, **very handsome. And not in the typical silent-star, powdered-perfection way. Especially in the first half, before The Shave: he's a modern-day bad boy heartthrob. Certainly he's deserving of more woman than that drippy Janet Gaynor. Would adore to have seen him swapped out with Lars Hansen (in The Wind and The Scarlet Letter) to give Lillian Gish someone who could match her steely femininity with his rugged grace. Maybe even replace John Gilbert's Rodolfo in La Boheme (even though I like Gilbert in the role). George & Lil might've generated some powerful, smoke-if-you-got-'em, sexual heat. And what else is the point of pre-code silents, but the genius cinematography, and the profound desire to watch the two leads get it on? At least for me.
  3. Infintely prefer the 1927 The Lodger. For one thing, the director's better. And before "subverting expectations" was even in the dictionary, Hitchcock managed it here (though I reallyreallyreally thought the would turn out to be the killer; I believe if Hitch had helmed the remake, it might've been so). And Ivor Novello's title character is beautiful, haunting, & tragically believable. Weirdly, all the classic silents I've viewed on the big screen (w/live music) have been of the horror oeuvre. Nosferatu remains my fave because of it. Once you've seen a larger-than-life Max Shreck do that " rise and walk" thing while shipboard, you're up all night for a week.
  4. Here's a little burp of trivia that occurred to me while watching "TOW the Birth Mother" tonight: The first Big News/Big Surprise of the Chandler/Monica relationship was Monica proposing to Chandler. After that, it was always Chandler: breaking the bad news about the fertility tests, announcing that he'd talked Erica into changing her mind, telling Monica that their offer on the house had been accepted. I'm sure I'm not the first one to make this connection, since I feel dumb that it took me all these years. I suppose they've stuck in my mind like this (not coming together) because the first three are three of my favorite moments. The last I include here because the pattern stuck.
  5. I know this is a typo but I think it would make for an intriguing Hamilton sequel.
  6. I know you meant "crockpot" but I actually think this works better.
  7. With time & TCM, One Way Passage has worked its way into my All-Time Top 20. Even at a tidy 69 minutes (one of the things I love about it), I always find something new to marvel over, or appreciate further. Today it was Kay Francis's wardrobe. Adore every single dress, gown, and hat. Then there's that goodbye to William Powell at the gangplank. She looks so effortlessly cheery, so radiant; it hurts my heart to know it's all a lie. Finally, a toast to Frank McHugh in the movie's closing scene. He's dropped his comic Irish lush cartoon, and let us see his pain as he broods over a drink he's barely touched. Unexpected and a bit of a gut-punch.
  8. Eeeeeuuuueeeewwwww!!!! I flipped over to Silent Sunday Nights about halfway through tonight's screening (I've already seen this Cleopatra several times), and suddenly my *ears, of all things, were assaulted by some kind of bizarro Enya/CW channel-vocal playing over the scene. I've heard some terrific new orchestrations laid down as soundtracks for silent films I love, but this stuff is just...no. It's the silent cinema form of colorizing. It's crap and I hate it!!! I'm veryvery upset right now. So I'm going to soothe my scalded heart with the first hour of Student Prince and the last twenty minutes of Son of the Sheik. <sniffles off in search of a tissue>
  9. The song is "One More 'Last Chance' " ("Well, she might've took my car keys/But she forgot about my old John Deere"). The coda to the vid features George and Vince waving as they pass each other on their respective tractors, calling out their respective nicknames ("Hey, Fox!"). "Don't get above your raisin's" -- the dried grape in question stems from (sorry!) "raised": how you were raised, or brought up. As in: don't let success & the Big City make you forget the family and the small town you left behind, and the values you were taught as a child. (I chuckled over this title -- it was a twist on something that a family friend would tease me with every time I left home for school/work/other: "Act like you got some raisin's!"). Yay for George's "Amarillo by Morning"; it's been a favorite since the first time I heard it. And delighted Nanci Griffith was included! "Late Night Grande Hotel" is one of the most perfect albums ever. Most egregious oversight? My favorite country song: "You Never Even Called Me By My Name". It was the most-played song on the jukebox in the dive bar of the small college town where I did my undergrad. We'd shout the lines of the 3rd verse, right along with David Allan Coe, as he sang the 'perfect country song' ("Well I was drunk the day my mom got out of prison/And I went to pick her up in the raaaaaain...") <sighs with fond nostalgia>
  10. Well!!! Tonight's episode was mighty...testosterone-y. I *do love me some raw-edged masculinity, and so enjoyed splashing in the shallow end this evening. So very many attractive men on view, but I was keeping it together until Waylon grew the beard. <clears throat> Marty Stuart had that great line about "like walking into the Vatican with the Pope" & how performing at the Ryman w/Lester [for him] was like the moment in Wizard of Oz when the black&white turns to color. (Now, as someone who grew up there, I usually roll my eyes to the sky when someone hits me with that fucking "not in Kansas anymore!" line. But I did love that he used that analogy. That's what meeting your idol can be like. I remember, years ago, pushing to the front of the line to introduce myself to one of my favorite writers. When he took my hand & spoke to me, the world *did change color.) And that concert poster, when Lester & co. were third billing below the Eagles, pinged my favorite Eagles' track, and their truest country song: "Seven Bridges Road", whose title* is the name of one of the roads leading to the cemetery where Hank Williams is buried. *depends on who you ask
  11. voiceover

    NFL Thread

    Speaking on behalf of my hometown, where we have spent decades hearing "Yankees this" and "Giants/Jets that", and blahblahblahhh, "Big Market Teams": We're absolutely thrilled to see that other shoe on a New York fan's foot. 😬
  12. I laughed out loud a few times tonight, mostly at Mel Tillis' recollection of his joshing friendship with Roger Miller (I'm pretty sure "King of the Road" was the first country song I liked), and Faron Young's reax to Willie Nelson's thank-you kiss. Here's some cocktail party trivia: Charles Schulz featured a cat -- very briefly! -- in Peanuts (IIRC, it belonged to either Violet or *Frieda). He named it "Faron", after Young, who was one of his favorite singers.
  13. I've always thought Marty Stuart was...damn! And loved his duet with Travis Tritt ("The Whiskey Ain't Workin'"). I'd read somewhere that he was something of a country music historian. But I'd never heard him *talk about it. Color me fascinated. Not just the stories he tells, but how he tells them. I'm adding him to my list of dream dinner guests. And -- Christ!! the last ten minutes of tonight's show, I couldn't look away. And even though I knew it was coming: the sight of the funeral, & Hank plaintively wailing "Your Cheatin' Heart" over those photos, made me weep.
  14. Where's the thread for the Burns doc? It hasn't been anywhere I've looked. eta: found it! "Talk shows", really? <shrugs>
  15. Lazenby's is tonight, and Dalton's run back-to-back Thursday the 26th. How can anyone who's a fan of Jungle Girl movies, not get behind sledding on a cello? Wasn't something like that featured in Jungle Girl Goes to Anchorage?
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