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  1. Another great ep -- I missed last week's; fingers crossed it's on the PBS app -- and Hayley continues to shine as Margaret. Just **loved what she had to say to Helen about her idea of marriage to Henry: that she didn't intend to reform him; that she had private places that he'd never know, and vice versa. WOW. I'll have to double check how much of that came from the book, but it sounds like Forster's Meg. And the sweet, anxious, longing glances between the two! And that first kiss!!(es) Put me in mind of Cher's "Wait a minute! wait a minute!" before she grabbed Nic Cage & laid one on him in Mooonstruck. Afterwards, Matthew had an astonishing moment as Henry. He's dazed (and aroused) by Margaret. Out of habit, he bends to retrieve his pre-kiss- abandoned cigar stub -- then leaves it lay. You know he's thinking he'd rather have the taste of Margaret on his lips, than tobacco.
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    NFL Thread

    Preseason. August 2017, against the Titans, all day after a scramble, pass to DeMarcus. We didn't even know a KC QB could throw that far. I believe I have kept my promise to the boards. But I have a beanie, a headband, 4 stickers, and a refrigerator magnet, cannot say the same.
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    NFL Thread

    Thrilled to see that NFL Network is screening the 1994 Chiefs-49ers game tomorrow (Also known as "Joe v. Steve: Vengeance Bowl"). Somewhere in my box of Important Stuff is the front page of that day's SF Chronicle sports section. I kept it because I loved the headline: "Niners-Chiefs: Shut Up and Deal". And deal they did. Derrick Thomas sacked Steve Young a jillion times, and afterwards Joe Montana had twice as many hamburgers brought to the lockerroom. True story. I have no doubt I'll burst into tears when 58 runs onto the field.
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    NFL Thread

    It breaks my heart to tell you that the Baby Mahomes hair was...photoshopped. Look closely at his baby headband. There's a Chiefs logo on it 🤣
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    NFL Thread

    Must dispute the comment about KC fans "not caring" about Papa Mahomes. Puhleeze! The parents of the BoyKing are revered here. Pictures like this are on many Chiefs fans Twitter feed:
  6. My new fave is the Pedialyte-for-adults one. Dad is sick & dehydrated. He gets an idea -- next shot, he's on the floor next to the fridge, swigging from a bottle of Pedialyte. His daughter sees him & whines, "That's mine!" He gives her a look & takes another swig. "I'll buy you a pony."
  7. Holy crap! I love this version!! I haven't seen the '92 film in ages (though I own a vhs copy); hoping that TCM picks it up eventually, bc it's mystifying (Emma Thompson won the Oscar, ffs) that it's disappeared from American TV. Because of that, I can't really compare them, except for a few things I remember. Loving the casting of the leads: Hayley and Julia in particular right now. I felt real affection & warmth between the two: the recognition that they are kindred, scatterbrained soulmates. And instead of handwaving the legacy Mrs Wilcox granted Margaret as "Eh, the whim of a dying woman who's lost it", in this version with these two actresses, it seems as the only right & natural thing to do. Forster sure had a way of writing charmingly eccentric women! The only couple of negatives: Leonard is a cypher. And the costumes suck. They were one of the best things about the '92 film! Esp how Thompson and Bonham-Carter were dressed -- always with some gorgeously patterned silk shawl thrown over their shoulders.
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    NFL Thread

    I get it!!!! Because all people in Indianapolis live on a farm. I don't understand why Flyover Country would ever avoid this thread.
  9. Looks like this version* fixed what was broken. Ha! I'll have to watch it to the end now. *I cannot say the same for the 2018 BBC attempt.
  10. Past my bedtime, but here I am, rewatching All for Love for the I-don't-know-you-guys-well-enough-to-admit-that, time. Sara Rue is just one of those actresses I'd watch in anything. For one thing, she's got a Real Woman's Physique! And a sweet comic vulnerability to go with it. And she's so well-paired with Steve Bacic here. I love the photo session -- where she's in control -- followed by the swimming lesson. Where he is. And I'm not embarrassed to admit that shirtless & wet Steve makes me pound the bar table and whistle, like the Tex Avery wolf I've suddenly become. Would adore to see these two re-teamed in a remake of Romancing the Stone -- with its story of a hopelessly romantic romance writer falling for the man's man who's inspired her latest book. 🤔
  11. I loved the book of Woman in White -- one of the first (iirc, could be *the first) Gothic horror/romance novels. It's a long & winding story but after a certain point I just kept reading through the night. That is, until a pivotal moment, when Marian is in mortal danger, that I slammed the book shut & leapt under the covers, too terrified to read further. The only problem (but it's a big one) is that the author refused to let the **obvious romance play out. The hero falls for the drippy girl and lets his soulmate go off without him. Still bitter about that one. Would've fared far better as a silent film with John Gilbert torn between Janet Gaynor and Vilma Banky! And Lon Chaney as the Fat Man w/the mice. A girl can dream...
  12. Fiddling about with entertainment themed lists (eh, it's a thing), and I came up with my favorite line for each character: 1. Monica [to Chandler in TOW The Girl Who Hits Joey]: "Two divorces and Joey?" 2. Rachel [to Ross in TOT Could Have Been]: "Do marriage vows mean squat to you people?" 3. Phoebe: [to Ross in The 100th Episode] "I don't see three kids coming out of *your vagina!" 4. Ross: [to himself as the kitchen timer dings, in TOW Ross is Fine] "I don't even know what that's for!" 5. Joey: [to Chandler in TOW The Late Thanksgiving] "That's some gentle comedy, dude." 6. Chandler: [to Joey in TOW The Videotape] "Get there faster!!!"
  13. Buck Henry died. Just re-posting what I wrote before, because, reasons: Darling Buck!!! Just for writing the single greatest expository speech in cinema history, you deserve heaven: Ryan O'Neal as Howard Bannister spoke it during the courtroom sequence of What's Up, Doc?: Howard (Ryan O'Neal) "...the one who's not my fiancée is also the one who's not my wife...is that clear?" Judge Maxwell (Liam Dunn): "No, but it's consistent!" Thanks for all the times you made me laugh so hard that I didn't even make a sound.
  14. Less than a week, and two of my favorite writers are gone. Darling Buck!!! Just for writing the single greatest expository speech in cinema history, you deserve heaven: Ryan O'Neal as Howard Bannister spoke it during the courtroom sequence of What's Up Doc?. "...the one who's not my fiancée is also the one who's not my wife...is that clear?" "No, but it's consistent!" Thanks for all the times you made me laugh so hard that I didn't even make a sound.
  15. I was just coming in to mourn Elizabeth Wurtzel. I read the headline a couple of hours ago, but I'm still walking around like someone's knocking me upside the head. I'm in a public place, around colleagues, so I'm trying not to weep as I write this. I actually read her most famous work *last. But ages ago, while in film school, I found a copy of Bitch, and was drawn in immediately. Years later I read More Now Again -- her story of post-Prozac Nation fame, overlaid with what she was doing while writing Bitch. The style of that rambling repetitive messy tome suddenly made sense!! ("So **this is your writing on Ritalin!") I loved her, nonetheless. We disagreed on many things, but she was my Hunter Thompson-sized inspiration. Thanks Lizzie. For all of it. May you find the peace in heaven that you denied yourself on Earth.
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