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  1. Eh. I can handwave that because it's one of my favorite scenes of the two of them together. I always thought part of his attraction to her was their shared sense of humor. And it was obvious here.
  2. Sometimes when Life is pelting you with lemons, TCM is there to hand you a Paradise Cocktail. One Way Passage was on this morning!! The apricot brandy is gone & my Orry-Kelly dressing gown, at the cleaners, so I made do with a bottle of Guinness and my pink plastic bunny ring. Favorite movies have a way of papering over your woes.
  3. Came here after I saw a retweet of Travis Tritt breaking the news about Joe. I hadn't even known he was ill! but last week, in the middle of the night, for absolutely no reason, I suddenly remembered "Prop Me Up...", and wandered over to YT where I found the video & replayed it a good ten times. Hadn't even thought about that song in years. *chills* Like an angel tapping on my shoulder: "Hey, isn't this guy great?!?" Grateful to have found him again before he left us. RIP, Joe. And my heart goes out to his family and friends.
  4. There are three types of real barbecue: Texas. North Carolina. Kansas City. No problem.
  5. Who the fuck does research for this show?? Hey TiU writers! Obviously there was no one in the room from the Midwest. So please keep this in mind for next season: There is no such thing as "St Louis Barbecue". No. Such. Thing. You're welcome.
  6. voiceover

    MLB Thread

    MLB Network screening the Pine Tar Game...and oh, I am sighing over those uniforms..those moustaches.. This is Kansas City lore. I don't think I've ever heard the story told by a local, doesn't add a few multi-letter adjectives before "Billy" and before & after "Martin"🤣
  7. Starting this up again with loud praise for the Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask. I'm currently using Apple/Lime, which was instantly a favorite. It's on my nightstand, so I swipe some on when I get into bed, and it's proven to be just the right amount. I'm a liplicker (terrible habit), so my lips would always dry out and I'd never found anything that was consistently successful. Also: this is a great gift. My current lip crayon is from Bite. I'd used Nars for a few years but found it to be drying. The Bite crayons go on like lipstick & last longer.
  8. Putting this here since it's added to my general excitement about the series' return (plus there's no thread for it): Just saw the last less-than-an-hour or so of the original film. I'd've watched it all but didn't realize it was on! (FXM). Tuned in at the scene where Petyr dies. Now I've got to buy it. Or at least rent it. So much fun!! and I loved all the characters. Recognized Rhys Darby (head werewolf) by his voice -- he was Fergus, the talk show host that Cam & Mitchell reunite with in the "Australia" ep of Modern Family.
  9. What drew me into this series was /is the ShahParents. Since I grew up around my dad, I could never hear the accent people -- even years later -- claimed to detect. But his brother and sisters: hoo boy. So those accents make me...well, homesick I guess; or maybe nostalgic? There's a Portuguese word, too: saudades. Anyway. Tonight when I heard Vada croon the nonsense baby-Farsi to her grandson, I just melted. It was my dad again, to my brother when he was a baby; to my nephew when *he was a baby. Adorable. And I guess I'm at a table for one with the Nema-love. He's the only one I find attractive! I secretly 'ship him w/Destiney.
  10. Rewatching "A Tale of Two Cities", and remembering what I like best about it: the scene with Stan, Ginsberg, and Bob -- Stan's called Bob in to talk down a panicked Ginsberg. I wonder if those three made it through without cracking up at least once! They're so perfect together. In the initial viewing, it was the first & only time I ever liked Bob.
  11. I love me some Chris Noth, and have for years, but when I read the news about his new baby (Noth is 62), I immediately flashed back to a scene from When Harry Met Sally.... Sally's weeping about her ex getting married, and about how she's running out of time to follow the marriage/baby path: "...And it's not the same for men!" she tells Harry. "Charlie Chaplin had babies when he was 72!" "Yeah, but he was too old to pick 'em up," Harry replies.
  12. I remember the first non-textbook I read about the American Revolution: the (fictional) tale of a young boy who undertakes a mission for General Washington during the winter at Valley Forge. I was hooked! So this miniseries holds a special fascination. Still absorbing it all, but had to start this thread to say, **Loving Nick Rowe as Washington. One of the early reviews criticized him for "not looking the part". This made me go all gif-of-Rocket Raccoon yelling, "Shut up!!!" He's got the height and the nose and plain-but-handsome face, plus that upright carriage that makes him seem taller and more imposing than everyone else. Soooooo...works for me.
  13. Three episodes: Sunday, February 16th ("Loyal Subject") Monday, February 17th ("Rebel Commander") Tuesday, February 18 ("Father of His Country")
  14. voiceover

    NFL Thread

    In honor of NFL Network's upcoming "Mahomes Monday" -- and due to popular demand --
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