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  1. voiceover

    Cats (2019)

    Now that I've seen the trailer, I'm pretty sure @Dee was right the first time. This has Tobe Hooper's fingerprints all over it.
  2. Eeep! I was watching the trailer for Crawl (alligators, spiders, hurricane, horror), and there was a few seconds where the town mayor was addressing the press. Ping. "How do I know that guy?" Tonight I settled in to view my holiday fave, Crown for Christmas. Eeep! Chancellor Riggs is the Mayor!!
  3. voiceover


    @Peace 47, you named a number of my favorites as well (and I completely agree with "TOW Everyone Finds Out" being the best episode). Tonight was another favorite moment -- Rachel's Two Birthdays (because Mom & Dad were divorcing), and the ridiculous lengths the Friends went to, just to keep the Greenes from seeing each other -- culminating in Joey grabbing Mrs G for the clinch of a lifetime. Just hilarious. And brilliant quick-thinking by the character usually least capable of it. And a fine example of how those six were all "Ride or Die" for each other. One of my favorite Aniston moments was in the "What if?" ep, after alt-universe Rachel walks in on husband Barry w/the dog-walker. She runs to CP, sees Ross, and explodes: "Do marriage vows mean SQUAT to you people????" Love. It.
  4. voiceover

    Sex And The City

    Wow! Finally someone agrees with me (and Samantha) on this subject. Though I understand the flipside too. I think the fanbase was most united against the whole dropping of any mention, ever, of Carrie repaying the loan! Especially because it could so easily have been a throwaway one-liner ("Here's your check!"); not to mention that her "Advance from France" = logically served up as final payment. I've just started watching Mom and there was a sl for Season 5 in which the main character gambled away a significant sum that had been borrowed with another intent. But the very next ep finds her dealing with angry, resentful fallout (she's a gambling addict) and trying to make amends by **repaying the money she borrowed!!! I was all, Hey! Look at that! It can be done!
  5. Started watching last month (TVLand), and though I was "meh" in the beginning (IIRC, some time in Season 5), I found myself drawn in. The women chatting at the coffee shop, won me over. It's a bit of a welcome callback to Sex and the City. On the subject of that show: a point of real irritation with that series' fanbase was the subplot when Carrie guilted Charlotte into selling her engagement ring and giving Carrie the money to cover the down payment on her apartment. I was on the side of shrugging off what turned out to be Charlotte's generosity and personal growth (not needing to hold onto the symbol of her former life), but we were all pretty much united at our anger over the showrunners' completely dropping the idea that Carrie ever repaid her friend. It could have been a throwaway line when it was mentioned that, for example, the French royalty check had given her enough to close that chapter. But: no mention, not ever. So I was happy to see Christy hand Jill the envelope. Even if that subplot fades away.
  6. voiceover

    Season One Talk

    I'm fairly certain that Matt Berry is narrating the new Serta Mattress commercials (complete w/sheep). Anybody else?
  7. voiceover

    Mulan (2020)

    Thanks for the permission. I knew the story years before the Disney animation (thank you Collier's Children's Encyclopedias). Thus the referring to it as "my" Mulan.
  8. voiceover

    Mulan (2020)

    I'm just here to be a brat. I don't care how many elegant smoky slo-mo sword scenes they throw at me. If MuShu isn't here, it's not "my" Mulan.
  9. voiceover

    Mad Men

    Yikes! Great take.
  10. voiceover

    TCM: The Greatest Movie Channel

    Welllllllll ackshully... Ruth Rose co-wrote the '33 Kong with Jim Creelman. She went on to pen mostly adventure films (including Mighty Joe Young; obviously she had a monkey oeuvre). And though Creelman was a dude, he did crank out -- among other works -- a script for Gloria Swanson. She plays a hot-tempered socialite who turns out to be a game gal in a crisis (takes over stoking the engine when the yacht she commandeers blows off course). This was based on a story by famous feminist Fannie Hurst. Not every 30s female film character was a PhD candidate or Brie Larson's Captain Marvel*. But Ellen Ripley ran back to look for a ***fucking cat*** in 1979's Alien. At least Fay Wray did exactly what I would do in her sitch: scream my head off & pass out. Beware the Broad Brush. It doesn't apply to every broad. *thank the Lord Yes!!! And it was to carry over to his detective work. He loved to solve the crime; he couldn't bear to think of the guilty party being put to death after. This was most agonizing to read in Busman's Honeymoon. In the last chapter, Harriet comforts her new husband as he dissolves into a weeping wreck at the hour of a (particularly nasty & unrepentant) murderer's execution.
  11. voiceover

    TCM: The Greatest Movie Channel

    I swear we share a brain...of course, *mine is the half that immediately thought of John Belushi as de Laurentiis (on SNL talking to Dan Ackroyd's Tom Snyder): "Okay.. I want to tell you something.. when the Jaws die, nobody cry.. when my Kong die, everybody cry." Wow. Couldn't disagree more. Kay Francis as Mary Stevens, M.D.? Zita Johann, standing alone against Boris Karloff's reincarnated mummy, bravely summoning the goddess Isis to her side? Garbo's Mata Hari & Queen Christina? All the women of Stage Door? The early films of Barbara Stanwyck & Bette Davis? Vivien Leigh's Scarlett? [pauses for breath] Yes: Wray was a bimbo in this particular film, but she was Beauty who brought down the Beast. None of the men could manage that for her.
  12. voiceover

    MLB Thread

    Late to post this but I join many Royals fans in wishing the best for Big Papi. He was in DR for Yordana Ventura's funeral -- greeting visitors outside the family home, and keeping a close watch on Ace's mother. For this alone, he'll always have a special place in our hearts. Get well soon!
  13. voiceover

    TCM: The Greatest Movie Channel

    Liked the book. The movie sucked. I try and forget Goldman ever had anything to do with it.
  14. voiceover

    TCM: The Greatest Movie Channel

    Ahhhh...Butch&Sundance! I loved it from the first; especially loved Newman&Redford together (even more so a few years later when they reteamed with George Roy Hill for The Sting...I remember bursting into tears five moments before the end of that film, thinking "Oh no!!! Not again!"). Its appeal has dimmed over the years -- partly because other films (especially Westerns) rose up to replace it, partly because it's just one of those things that's ...owwwwwwch...not as good as I remembered. There are moments that haven't dimmed. All of them feature the two men revisiting the same argument. And, of course, that Cliff-Jumping Scene. "Iconic" is a word that has been squeezed of impact, but I'd still drag it out to describe that few seconds of film ("...the **fall'll probably kill ya!") I bought the screenplay when it came out (if memory serves, from Scholastic Books!). William Goldman wrote the preface to his own script. I remember a part of it (I don't have the copy anymore because of course I don't): when he admitted that the Cliff-Jumping Scene was & forever would be what he'd be known for ("When I die, my New York Times obituary will read: 'Goldman, Dead at [insert age here]; Wrote Cliff-Jumping Scene in Butch Cassidy' "). And that ending! I love it; I hate it; I dread it. It's one for the ages. *sigh* I'm a sucker for a rogue.
  15. voiceover

    Season One Talk

    Watched the werewolf ep last night ("Downton Abbey bitch!" -- I am so using that). The rubber bone throw was genius, but it pinged something in my head & I didn't know why. I just remembered: That scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark where the crowd clears and Indy sees the big man with the bigger scimitar -- he panics for a second, then pulls out his gun and shoots the guy through the heart. Yes? eta: okayyyy, maybe that was a stretch. But there was the giant werewolf "champion", towering over the group, and a rattled Nandor, rifling through his weapons kit, until he grabbed the squeak toy bone and tossed it off the roof.