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  1. <runs into thread, shrieking my brains out> "Holy crap!!! Ramon Novarro is featured on Summer Under the Stars!!!" <faints dead away>
  2. Getting a bit of nostalgic action via TCM Underground tonight. When a Stranger Calls was screened on campus my freshman year. When the climactic line* of Act 1 was uttered, I shrieked louder than I ever had and jumped right into my date's lap. The rest of the movie didn't stay with me long, but decades later I can still recall the absolute, visceral terror of that moment. One of the biggest scares of my moviegoing experience -- second only to something wet, cold, and hard hitting the back of my bare leg as I drove home from the first Alien film (turned out to be, not the Alien hiding
  3. First time I'd seen Body Heat in years, and I only caught the last 30 minutes. But it was enough to ping much of what is best about the film: -- That overhead tracking shot in the prison... when Ned's eyes suddenly pop open wide, Certainly one of the best, and most representative, lines in all of neo-noir. -- Mickey Rourke was singled out by many 80s reviewers for his performance as a small-time hood. Yeah yeah, he was great; but I had totally forgotten about what he looked like *before his life happened. I did my standard Tex Avery-wolf-pounding-on-the-table through his
  4. Oh if only I could sneak this under the nose of my beloved NephewdeVoiceover! We were so very, very close until October, where apropos of nothing, he ghosted me. I've heard they grow out of it... Meanwhile I'm 100% Helen's side 不
  5. Half the stuff I never miss on this channel, I already own.
  6. I've had to stop watching this year. My cheery little comedy is gone. And freaking Nickelodeon has moved all their repeat eps to the middle of the night!
  7. voiceover


    So finally Chad does the right thing, and embraces the one person who loves him whole-heartedly & unashamedly. I *do love me some Uncle Hamid; even more now that I know he has a posse! Tho it was Chad with the line of the night: "Before we all Persian out..." 不不不不不不 Soso accurate as to the vibe. I'm stealing it.
  8. "Old man, you give those dogs anymore of my food, I'm gonna kick ya 'til you're dead!"
  9. One of the most deserved Oscars (Best Supporting Actress, 1987, Moonstruck), ever: "Cosmo, I just wantcha t'know: you're gonna die, just like everyone else." That pinch she gave Loretta when Ronny showed up? Watch Cher's face! It was an improv, and it looked like it hurt 不 Farewell and Rest In Peace. You were memorable -- and quietly hilarious -- in every role you played.
  10. Ahhhh...Sam the Lion. Ben Johnson's performance in The Last Picture Show has become dearer to me as I've aged (no surprise there I suppose). I was thinking tonight, watching him tell the story of a 20-years' past affair...How it makes me feel like I've plucked a wellworn, well-loved book from my library shelves, and it's fallen open to one passage on a dog-eared page, and that I'm listening to Ben say those words. It was the summary of a career of supporting roles in Westerns, but that Oscar wasn't just a Lifetime Achievement Award. I imagine Larry McMurty had Ben in mind years later,
  11. Eh. If you've ever been to an HOA or city planning commission meeting, they're chockablock with stuff like this. It's minutiae & pettiness on parade! At least they had a short agenda.
  12. Eeeee!!! Just finished watching As Luck Would Have It, and it's shot right up to my Top 3 (Crown for Christmas & all Tyler Hynes movies are 1 and 2). Finally: a release for early season Downton Abbey viewers who waited months, impatient for his Tom the chauffeur to kiss Sybil the Earl's daughter (to be rewarded by a tracking long shot when their lips *just met before the camera moved). I thought Allen was tremendous -- would love to see him in more of these; get that boy a contract! Gorgeous location shooting in Ireland; a decent (read: slightly unpredictable) script; strong su
  13. voiceover


    I was put off initially by the promos until I found out Nasim was playing Chad ("Oooohhh... that's why he looks...shot through a filter!"). I love all the Persian* jokes. And Uncle Hamid is adorable ("You are da light in my life!"). I'm willing to watch the rest of the series. *bc I am one. Well, half.
  14. Damnit to hell. Beverly AND Larry? I remember Ralph's ride through the night, in the tiny ambulance, to bring his friend an aspirin. And Ramona! in her shiny new boots that got stuck in the mud, forcing a disgruntled Henry to yank her from them & carry her to safety (even as a 6-year-old, I recognized that as Great Romance: The Beginning); telling her mother about the lamp they sang about in school ("It's a 'dawnzer'...it gives off a 'Lee light'!"); adding whiskers to the Q in Quimby so it was recognizable as a cat. And McMurtry's Aurora, and Cadillac Jack! and Woodrow &am
  15. No one involved is anything remotely like what the article called them. Consider the source and do your own research before you condemn. eta: I am linking a friend's response to this. I encourage people to watch what he has to say -- you won't get cooties!不
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