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  1. And two thumbs way down to the Washington Post's Twitter, who chose to have a five-year-old write the headline for his obit.
  2. Seventh Voyage of Sinbad is on, and now I'm back in my 7th grade Unified Studies class, when Todd Pinney always led the boys in the film countdown til the technicolor model appeared -- wild cheering -- then the dashing, romantic Bernard Herrmann theme blasted the room apart, and I was always lost. I've done plenty of sighing in these pages over Kerwin Mathews (my favorite fantasy leading man), so let this entry be in honor of of Kathryn Grant. Pretty yet approachable, and unafraid of adventure. She winds up being even more game than half of Sinbad's crew -- determined to push the bolt back on their cage, despite her first failed attempt; and it was *her idea to slide down the lamp's spout to talk to the genie. Her gentle nature convinced the boy to give her the incantation, and afterwards, against his better judgment, Sinbad agreed to let her toss the lamp into the lava, so that All this she managed with a twinkle in her eye, and very little screaming (hell, that sailors screamed more!). And she did all that she, as a miniature of herself, was physically capable of doing. She didn't throw the wizard down and stomp him to death. Thank heavens.
  3. My dear! It is a Ronald Colman picture; there's at least seven days a year in homage to my boy, and after his silents, they sneak in his do-gooder roles before they get to the sexy leading man stuff. Plus, this one has Myrna Loy, with a very singular (and sexy) intro. Just her lovely arm, waiting for an injection.
  4. Now after my fifth viewing, closing thoughts. Goddamnit. Nandor & the opening sequence was so touching and bittersweet. Something of what Kayvan gave us in last year's finale with his "Is this 'grief'?...I don't much care for it." He's really a softy. Colin & his "I'm doing this to show how dumb you all are." He is no longer the group punching bag. I think my favorite character bit that Natasia does as Nadja are all those snarky grins to the camera. She's so adorable.
  5. Well, to echo something Nadja might say: I am in a shit mood right now. Last episode??? Did love the Nadja/Nandor quarrel over the candles & the water on the wall. Sounds like Topic A for the next house meeting. And they tied for LotN*: Nadja: "When I dance, the ocean parts!" Nandor: "That's your hot take? the choreography???" *Line of the Night Nandor the Relentless is also Nandor the Teddy Bear: trying not to mourn his familiar; trying to bluster through the Council to protect him. Sort of. Though I applaud Guillermo Buillermo's Van Helsing explosion, I was let down by the coda (I have to wait another year, and that's all they have to say?) I admit it improved on second viewing. Jemaine was Master of Ceremonies!! Coolness. Haven't checked IMDb yet but he looked like he was playing his character from the film? Sigh. All good things, etc. But I am sad. Hope FX grows a brain cell and repeats the season -- I'd take the day off if they binged it. My preliminary end-of-Season 2 Awards: Best Ep: The Colin Robinson promotion. Probably their best ep ever, right behind Vampire Orgy. Line of the Year: Lots of great ones but no one topped Nadja calling Nandor "Persian Frank Zappa". Best character development: Tie between Guillermo and Colin. Those two really came into their own this year. Best disguise: Jackie Daytona's toothpick. Best Guest Star: Nick Kroll ("New York Citaaaaaaahhhh!") Best Prop: Snarky Nadja doll. Vampire I'd hit first: Nandor.
  6. Ehhhh... I'm distracted by the apparent harm done to NadjaDoll. Hope she posts to her Instagram so I know all is well. Fucking goat!
  7. Yet more brilliance. I love this show so much, that when I talk about it to other people, I sound like its mother. Nandor was his usual dry snarky oblivious self: "O-AK"... G[correcting him]: "A-OK" ...N[tries to get it right]: "O-KA!" And I loved the visual of the record album: "Nadja and Laszlo Sing Songs of Love&Terror". A twist I didn't see coming: the vampire's still a familiar! A twist I always knew was coming: the adorable make-up/negotiation bit between Nandor and Guillermo. Got me right in the feels. (ps: @LittleIggy! It's not the Nadja puppet, but I **did get a Nadja tote bag last week!!)
  8. Nadja's back!! "That is [gestures to the sewer bat]...so pathetic, and truly lovely." Colin Robinson, trolled by a troll whilst trolling. I'm kicking myself for not seeing that subplot coming. Perfection. Carol looked like a dumped-out over-full vacuum bag. Sweet that Nandor went right to "making a girlfriend"...but then it got tense. So this is twice I've seen snow covering a front yard (tonight when Laszlo & Nadja returned from the movies; a few weeks ago as Guillermo escaped from the 70s house) in one scene, only to disappear in the next. Continuity ish or Easter egg?
  9. Rewatching one of my faves, "TOW Rachel is Late". Jennifer & David were so good together in this! Loved Ross's snarky wondering if the OB could deliver a baby that was "half-human, half pure evil!" And after her Dr suggests sex as a way to hasten delivery, the *look Rachel gives him..."Whaddaya think?" always cracks me up. One of Jen's strongest performances. I liked it even better than the delivery eps.
  10. Me too! She'd make a great companion piece to my Baby Yoda.
  11. So instead of Chekhov's Gun, we got a Chekhov's Mirror! I'll show myself out
  12. Well, they can't all be yuk-fests. But this was a *sweet ep, very much reflecting Laszlo's character. He's the Romantic vamp; the good-natured vamp. He befriended their next door neighbor (and stopped Nandor from killing him); he quietly pursued Jessk through history, in order to save his marriage (lol); tonight he adopted a small town. But a shout out to the lightsaber/pool cue battle w/Mark, and of course, Colin hitting on the puppet. Because of course he would. Intriguing that sexual rejection is an energy drain. I guess so.
  13. I believe it was the breast stroke🤣
  14. I have no problem declaring this, the ColinCentric ep, my favorite of the series thus far. I'm pretty sure I laughed all the way through -- thank heaven for the three-peat so I could catch what I giggled through the first time: In a squeaker, it was Nadja again with Line of the Night: "[points to Nandor's image in the painting] Then what the fuck is Persian Frank Zappa doing on that horse?" A thoroughly drained Nandor is second with: "Come here and put your neck in my mouth..." HMs: Nadja (to Nandor)"My childhood tears watered the garden of your legend!!" (Gah! That line fell out of a Russian novel!!) And The Man himself, Colin Robinson, was brilliant! by turns vulnerable, hilarious, and...mean. Plus: "By the way: I can fly now." As Nadja would say: Bloody genius.
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