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  1. “It makes me so pissed when Sonja does this and BRAGS about it.” Can you imagine her reaction if people did that with her clothing?
  2. They probably buy their suitcases from the Mary Poppins Luggage collection.
  3. Nothing beats Margaret’s botched trout mouth.
  4. “The tabloids live for this kind of thing.” True, but that doesn’t me we (the public) need to. Charles posted a nice pic that didn’t include Meghan. Oh well. I didn’t realize all birthday pictures of family members now need to include pictures of that person’s mother as well.
  5. “I wonder if Kameron printing out the tweets isn't because she cares but because she thinks she must bring some reunion drama.” She probably thought it worked for Monique during the RHOP reunion, so why not? Except Monique was spilling some real tea when she did that. Take some notes, Sparkle Barbie, this is how you use receipts to take down someone.
  6. “what the hell was she wearing when he came to pick her up for their "date"??? She looked like a cheap Vegas call girl.” Some jokes are just too easy.
  7. “so making fun of Kam's intelligence is the strong picking on the weak.” Kam may not to be able to do much about her lack of intelligence per se, but she sure as heck can do something about her ignorance. Which if you ask me is the true root of sexism and racism.
  8. Hopefully not too busy getting his ass whupped in wrestling match by Francis I of France...
  9. Interesting article, though I would argue with their statement that Gretchen's introduction was the beginning of the end of the first era of The Real Housewives. I would bestow that "honor" to Tamra.
  10. Rose, semi-shouting after scrunching up her face: It was in The Gulf of Mexico!
  11. If she did, she probably would have had to explain these reasons, and for many non-White people like herself, having to constantly explain things like this to other people can be exhausting after a while. Who knows, it may come up in the future for her to explain. I liked her too, initially. But during her last few seasons, she just stopped making it nice. I will miss her Berkshire home. It usually made for fun, crazy, and entertaining trips. If only she would rent it out to the current cast for the occasional weekend visit.
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