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  1. Don't forget we would get to see his (alien) foot fetish... The men also, usually.
  2. Technically, she's an AAP...Assyrian American Princess.
  3. That was the point I was referring to, regarding Danielle's accountability.
  4. Yeah, regardless of whether or not Tre told her to drag Marge by her hair...Danielle still did it. I mean, what if next time someone suggests Danielle should slap the taste of out someone's mouth, she will go ahead and do that as well because someone egged her on?
  5. Cool you can start with this brief clip, featuring both Zoe and Audra together 🙂
  6. Well, I do hope you might be inspired to seek out her performances that are on tape where you can and when you can. Being called the most brilliant actress by someone of Audra McDonald's caliber is high praise indeed.
  7. Well, I guess that could be said by quite a few on here about quite a few people posted about here, but I do agree it is sad. Most people would probably know of her work (outside the theater) as the Grand Councilwoman throughout the Lili & Stitch franchise. Here is Audra McDonald's tribute to her on Twitter:
  8. Wonder if he was trying to drum up interest in a house-flipping spin-off?
  9. Broadway actress Zoe Caldwell, who won four Tony Awards over the course of her decades-long career, died Feb. 16 from complications due to Parkinson’s disease. She was 86. https://ew.com/theater/2020/02/18/zoe-caldwell-dead-four-time-tony-award-winner-dies-86/
  10. Hiyo


    Yeah, since one can only wonder how much NBC would make a from reunion... I do believe they're all still making a couple million dollars of the show annually, right?
  11. Like in a movie where these ninjas all pop out of nowhere and surround you...
  12. They...weren't making everything a competition between her and her SIL?? At least not in this article. The point of the article was that with Meghan laying low, Kate could possibly bear the brunt of the media's scrutiny now, which, good luck to her. There really was no mention of pitting Kate vs Meghan in the article, nor was the article itself even commenting about that. That comment and the article as whole was rather tongue in cheek...I guess I'm more familiar with that author's writing style...
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