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  1. “Did you see Penelope’s face when North was “performing”? I have a feeling they may not be such good friends when they grow up, that was major jealousy.” So, like their mothers.
  2. “Just read that all the other HWs will be returning.” Good enough to get me to watch next year.
  3. Yeah, if she was like that with Kyle, fists might start flying with LVP.
  4. People keep saying that HWs need to be changed...personally I’d rather they change the producers/showrunners instead.
  5. There is an OG called Vyle? Wow. I’ll need to look out for her when watching...
  6. If thats how you see it, great. I see it differently 🙂
  7. Who is Vyle? I don’t remember seeing a HW called Vyle in the opening credits of this show...
  8. “I have always thought that LVP left because she couldn’t fight the Coven” I thought it was because she couldn’t deal with the others calling her out on her BS. She tried to control the narrative and it didn’t work for her that season.
  9. I’m not sure if Garcelle would put up with LVP’s brand of BS.
  10. “Lisa Vanderpump Slams Teddi Mellencamp After ‘RHOBH’” I didn’t know sour grapes were still in season.
  11. “I think Heather Dubrow also made a decision to quit because she didn't need it and it was potentially threatening her image, life and marriage.” Heather D left because she and Bravo couldn’t come to terms over $$$ and/or Bravo was thinking of demoting her to being a “Friend of”. As for Teddi, while she wasn’t a favorite of mine, she was ok overall. With that said, I do think she, like Sutton, might work better as a “Friend of” instead of a full time HW.
  12. “I don’t buy that they are all jealous either of four million dollars (pretax) over four years either.” I don’t buy it either. Who is this Richards person Denise is constantly fucking? Do Aaron and Brandi know about them? All in all, an ok season. Not the best we’ve had but still watchable. Will definitely be tuning in next season.
  13. I was merely commenting when you replied to @DangerousMinds’s comment (see above). You seemed to imply Kim was being slut shamed for being called out for making a porn video or trying to look hot. Thats all.
  14. “But you justified people singling her out for "trying to look hot" and posting bikini pics by saying it was "because no one else has done porn".“ None of which has anything to do with the being a slut.
  15. You can hate these women without being a misogynist.
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