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  1. Hiyo


    From what I understand, Jennifer Annisto wasn't supposed to drop the pillow, but just kept going and didn't stop or break character.
  2. Hiyo


    Interesting, as there are some shows that are off air that seem to get less traffic but still have subforums (like One Life to Live), or shows that are still on but also get less traffic but also have subforums (like The Real World). Oh well... Topic? That pizza line was a great delivery but there was also another one from the same episode that also had a great delivery: Phoebe: There he is! There he is! Monica: Where? Phoebe: Right where we've been looking all night...
  3. Hiyo


    Is there a way for us to start sub topics on here?
  4. Wasn't this year of the show season 11?
  5. Alexi Laiho, frontman of metal band Children of Bodom, dies aged 41. Guitarist and singer had ‘suffered from long-term health issues during his last years’, according to press statement.
  6. Geoff Stephens, chart-topping pop songwriter, dies aged 86. In a message confirming the news to Variety, his family wrote: “Dad survived Covid-19 in the spring but passed away with my Mum, his wife of 63 years, by his bedside, following a bout of pneumonia.”
  7. Hiyo


    Yeah, overall, I would say Phoebe was there for her friends when it mattered.
  8. Especially as Linda had written that episode due to comments her mother, who did have AIDS, had received in real life (especially the "killing all the right people" comment).
  9. I wish this show was still on.
  10. I never saw Cleo as a plant. She was just a selfish jerk, and Beth is someone who just makes bad decisions. I
  11. Hiyo


    I liked Phoebe and still do. Despite her quirks, she was always there for her friends in the end when it mattered, and I never thought she was that bad overall, though I do think she was a bit more annoying in later seasons (but then, as with many TV shows, most characters do become exaggerated versions of themselves as the show goes on).
  12. Is it really a reboot? It seems more like a sequel...then again, everything is called a reboot even when it isn't. There is a lot of merit to that.
  13. I had no problem with them being Italian and not Jewish.
  14. Hiyo


    Lauren was a horrible misfire. One of many that season that just dragged the show down. Season 3 is by far my least favorite season of all 5.
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