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  1. I think it's more the producers thinking they need some type of season long "----gate" storyline. And this type of thinking is also infecting some of the other shows as well, like RHOA. Granted, you can have season long storylines carry throughout the season, and it can still be entertaining, but trying to base your season around some type of hashtag style catchphrase probably isn't the best way to go about doing it.
  2. My main issue was, the business wasn't around long enough to make her a billionaire. If you told me in another 5 or 10 years time, sure, I might have believed it. But this was a bit too quick.
  3. Maybe she just prefers them cold? Yeah, that sums up my view of Dorinda as well.
  4. A mixture of both? To a lot of people, I'm guessing.
  5. Kris...er, I mean, the "source" really spelt it out well lol Sometimes you just need to recognize when to throw in the towel when it comes to certain relationships...well, for normal people, anyway, not for those on contrived reality TV shows whose livelihood's depend on it.
  6. Yeah, Carole certainly dealt with the death of her spouse a heck of a lot better. I wonder if also because Carole still has some contacts and is still friends with some of the people from when her husband was still alive?
  7. All the more reason for Dorit to suck up to both Kyle and Teddi then, no? This show has always had drama mixed in with the aspirational porn. It's isn't anything new, though the drama does feel a bit more forced now. True, but in the end, it wouldn't be Eilieen's decision to make, since Eileen doesn't produce Y&R. I feel that is what frustrated Kyle when she was going after Dorit for being late to Teddi's event. Like, she wanted to come out and say more, but she couldn't. They are getting paid to visit great cities and locations and staying in nice accommodations? It seems to vary from HW show to HW show. On RHONY, Sonja has been on for nearly 10 years, but we haven't seen her daughter once. Sounds like NYC too. Maybe she was trying to troll Dorit, who knows.
  8. The Atlanta reunion format seemed to work more or less, so I wouldn't be surprised if Andy and Bravo used that format for this show's reunion (and NYC's as well).
  9. Angry isn't exactly the word I would use.
  10. The theme in the article says it is “Classic Clashes.” So we're getting Stephanie vs Sally, Stephanie vs Brooke, and Sheila vs everybody.
  11. Were they friends or "friends"? At this point, I think they only thing the 2 of them ever really shared was Patrick Muldoon's dick.
  12. Granted, Garcelle seems to know what type of show she is on, Kim just had that perpetual deer in the headlights look during her season...
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