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  1. Hiyo

    The Royals

    And she is giving an awkward smile of "This isn't exactly what I asked for, but I'm going to be polite about it and act like it's all fine"...
  2. Remember back in the day when Victor and Jill were doing The Sex together? While it didn't make me go 'Eileen who?', it was definitely one of the better recasts on a soap.
  3. I'd say more like the child of a Dementor and Nazgul...
  4. Chloe was probably one of the worst family members we got in the show's run. Definitely in the top 3, at least.
  5. I mean, given the gorgeous stud she is married to, I guess she is competent enough to judge other people on looks?
  6. Which was happening long before Sept 11...
  7. Hiyo

    The Royals

    Yeah but Phil's combination of dick swinging manliness energy and charity services countered any racist comments he may have made, remember?
  8. Hiyo

    The Royals

    The prince, his valet and a Saudi billionaire: meritocracy in action. Poor HRH. Why must misfortune dog him, when his only crime is a passion for lovely things paid for by other people?
  9. I actually liked Ryan and Gillian together. It was the only pairing of his that really worked for me.
  10. We see it before, actually, in the episode where Carrie browbeats Charlotte into getting the money for the apartment down payment. Carrie being bored and lonely in France was just beyond stupid. I realize this was before social media, but didn't she make any friends in her French classes? And if not, all she had to was contact the embassy and/or consulate and ask about any social groups or clubs for American citizens living in Paris, or ask about any events that she could have attended. She could have easily made a friend or two, but this being Carrie, she probably was waiting for them to
  11. Yeah but it was a while between the BeLief slap and the pregnant with Hope slap... I think Taylor came from a similar background as Brooke. Taylor and Storm Logan graduated from the same high school and were classmates. She was just from a smaller family. I always felt like the Spectras were the best foil for the Forresters. They weren't from the upper class but were still in the fashion industry. Which is why for me they worked much better than the Logans, Marones, and Spencers (though it was nice having people from those families orbiting the Forresters and Spectras). An
  12. And one of the few times Brooke was allowed to slap Stephanie back. Apparently, SF put the kibosh on Stephanie being slapped by Brooke after that scene...
  13. I would say they were interesting and entertaining to watch.
  14. Hiyo


    Sad indeed. May he Rest in Peace. Yeah, Dex was great. In terms of chemistry, he and Alexis were one of the hotter couples on this show.
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