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  1. I’d rather they kept Kelly and Emily and dump Tamra, Gina, and Vicki.
  2. Nah, Kyle can make coherent sentences, I mean it's like she is Sheree...and Kyle isn't greener than any other HW. As for gargoyle...ouch, I know her taste is fashion is very horrible, but she isn't that horrible to look at.
  3. Baby Yoda is cute and adorable, so I guess that applies to Kyle as well.
  4. She took him back after he admitted he her told son-in-law it was ok to hit Brianna. Like, how addicted to Brooks' dick was Vicki?
  5. He was obviously referring to Madame Palm and her 5 daughters.
  6. I never said it was a well thought out plan, as we saw how it blew up in their faces. If nothing else, this would be a good way to cancel out any negative views about him being a deadbeat dad.
  7. Almost like they felt they needed a gay character and saw Kerry as the easiest option for that. Or maybe they just picked her name out of a hat, who knows.
  8. Almost as glorious as when Lizzie offered her assessment of Malucci...
  9. Vicki is such a repulsive person. When people call her a pig, it has nothing to do with her looks.
  10. I can’t say it’s “official”, but I can say Leanne didn’t invent it.
  11. It might just be that Kary sees that as her strategy for staying on the show. It's worked for people like Kenya before...
  12. Also it was mentioned as a way for Brooks to get out of paying child support...
  13. Her first year, the last one with Jackie, was meh. The second year, with Margaret and Danielle back, was actually ok. Personally, I'm going to wait for something a bit more concrete before I convict Dolores of Antisemitism. I mean, granted, I enjoy the show but still think most of these women are assholes, so it isn't like they need much of a reason to dislike each other.
  14. Yeah I'm still waiting for Emily to get one of the other HWs sloppy drunk then siccing a family member on them to sex them up just to prove to the world that the sloppy drunk HW is a also a gold-digging adulterer. Good for her. Now if she could only also dump that excess weight called Shane as well...
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