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  1. Hiyo


    Well, by that point, Rachel should have been more secure in her life given that her career was on a good track by then. I'm not sure how much living with Joey was the catalyst for that versus how much better Rachel's life was and she just happened to be living with Joey at the time.
  2. I think it's more of a degree of living at a certain level of luxury while also maintaining a certain level of privacy. Truthfully, I'm surprised he didn't pick somewhere that doesn't have an extradition treaty with Spain...then again, who knows, it still isn't confirmed that he has settled in Abu Dhabi.
  3. Were they together that long? It felt so much shorter in hindsight, like it was only for a few months. Still, it was a nice pairing, however long it lasted.
  4. Hiyo


    If anything, things pick up at that point and the rest of season 4 is actually pretty damn good. Season 5 is a bit problematic, but it has its good moments. The second half of season 5 is pretty enjoyable too but does falter within the last few episodes, but thats mainly due to ABC giving them less episodes than they initially promised, so the last couple of episodes are very rushed. Granted, for me, season 3 is the low point of the show, so anything after that was an improvement for me.
  5. They did tease a Tea/RJ hookup for like 5 mins in the early 2000s, right before the actress left the show.
  6. I always thought the show was ok. I think if they had done what B&B did - have the AMC characters crossover earlier in the shows run, and have the characters crossover back and forth - it might have given it more of a ratings bump. But, if nothing else, this will always be the show that gave us a character who faced the rough and terrible addiction to cough syrup.
  7. Former WWE wrestler James 'Kamala' Harris dies at 70: https://edition.cnn.com/2020/08/10/us/wwe-kamala-james-harris-death/index.html
  8. At first it was Portugal, then the Dominican Republic, but now Abu Dhabi is firming as the most likely place of residence for Spain’s scandal-hit former king Juan Carlos. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/aug/09/juan-carlos-spain-king-abu-dhabi-reports
  9. But by that logic, Alisa and 24 should have only hired actors who had previous experience working as spies, counter-terrorist agents, and actual terrorists, Prison Break and Orange is the New Black should have only hired actors who had served actual time in Prison, and Mad Men should have only hired actors who had worked for advertising agencies in New York during the 1960s. Some actors do research and invest themselves in their roles and we do see the results pay off (see the many actors who play alcoholics and drug addicts). In the Meryl Streep example listed above, it sucks that she had to do all of that work when there should have been more people behind the camera helping her out and supporting her, and also taking a more balanced look at the issue. Not saying she should have had to do it all herself, it definitely should have been more of a collaborative effort from all involved. The same for Eddie Redmayne in The Danish Girl; him learning about what it is to be a transgendered woman is just one other acting hurdle, and it isn't like that is the only acting hurdle to deal with. If there is enough support from the writers, directors, producers, etc - if they have done the correct research as well - then there shouldn't be any problems with the nuance of their performance. Which for me, goes back to the issue of non-American non-white actors playing roles of the same ethnicity but as Americans (or the other way around). If they and the people behind the camera put in the right amount of effort into researching the role and what is required for the role, then I'm ok with it.
  10. Well, beyond just 1992...Angie Hubbard was also a regular character on the last few years of Loving, and survived the move to The City, as did her son Frankie. Jeremy Hunter was also a transplant from AMC as well in the 90s, but unlike Angie, he didn't make it onto The City...and was even the final victim during the "Loving Murders"! So if you're going to discuss this particular storyline or era of Loving, the AMC thread is probably the place for it 😉
  11. I can see her running through a raging bonfire covered in gasoline soaked flannel pajamas before she entertains the notion of getting a divorce. Who knows, maybe racist elitist snobs are what gets her going.
  12. Me too. I definitely preferred here with Luka over Carter.
  13. Lindsay and RJ had so much unexplored potential.
  14. That was actually a pretty good storyline, regardless of why they did it and what it led to.
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