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  1. I too found myself wondering why they are trying so hard to be Julien's publicists rather than being the mega influencer themselves. Maybe they want the perks without having to completely give up their personal lives? Also, what is up with this "Prince of New York" stuff? I get that Obie's family is wealthier than everyone else's which could elevate his status. But why are people practically worshipping him? Are they trying to go for some sort of Joshua Kushner type figure? I guess I find it confusing why Julien would lose followers after their break up.
  2. Well that was an emotionally manipulative final episode. Congrats to Suni and Mykayla. I felt really sad for Morgan. She did peak at the correct time but unfortunately Covid had other plans. Out of all of the gymnasts featured, she really seemed to be the one that missed out on this once in a lifetime opportunity for the Olympics. (While it sucks that Laurie's injury halted her comeback, she is an Olympian with 2 medals. And Konnor is still on the 2024 path.) I hope Morgan is able to find fulfillment in her advocacy work or anything else she decides to pursue.
  3. Just watched the first episode and I don't know... I feel like Naomi's story is so compelling but I'm not sure if this is adequately capturing that. There were so many shots where it was hard to hear Naomi over the background noise (including "quiet" shots, not just the tennis matches). But maybe that was intentional? To emphasize how lonely her world can be? That being said, I think I'll still watch the next two episodes.
  4. To be fair, after the group hang they did have that kiss in the park and had at least a week of holding hands (and kissing?) in school. While that's not necessarily exclusive, that definitely implies a romantic relationship. Also, Paxton is clearly used to girls falling all over him and probably hasn't had to do much to impress them before. It wouldn't surprise me if Devi is the first one to challenge his dating methods and reject him.
  5. I hate to say it but I think Chrissy Teigen would have done a better job narrating this episode. But maybe that's because the voiceover script was clearly written with her in mind. I'm guessing that they had already recorded her part before Chrissy got canceled and the only lines they were able to redo were the ones specifically referencing Gigi (her intro and I think Andy mentioned her by name).
  6. Make that a table for 2. It was pretty funny how Julien outsmarted the 4 or 5 adults running the GG account in like two minutes. While the teachers didn't grow up with technology the same way as Julien's generation, influencer culture was essentially created by millennials. It shouldn't be that hard to figure out. But in all seriousness, I remember one of my high school teachers saying that teachers know way more of the gossip than students realized. So in that sense, I kinda like how GG is hiding in plain sight.
  7. I didn't look that closely at the decoy picture Julien posted but I feel like it wouldn't be that hard to disprove her. Is she wearing the same jewelry? Was a similar photo previously posted? Someone like Julien would probably have a sizeable amount of haters that would love to be internet sleuths. It sucks that Zoya has become the punching bag for both GG and Julien. Guessing her secret will come back in a big way later in the season
  8. Yeah, I found that confusing as well. They really beat around the bush on what exactly happened. It seemed like some combination of her coach's lack of experience with elite gymnasts and her coach's husband probably being outwardly racist (and her coach not doing anything about it). I didn't mind the segment. The overarching theme to the episode was the sacrifices/choices made by the families of the elite gymnasts. I thought it was a nice reminder that the coaches have families themselves who may have to make their own sacrifices (albeit not quite at the same level as the
  9. Very interesting. I initially thought that maybe the nerves were because she's been on an accelerated path since the Olympics were pushed back and perhaps she wasn't quite ready yet for the pressure of an Olympic cycle. But this makes a lot of sense. Also, didn't that coach say that Konnor was her first athlete to make it to that level? I'm guessing that added to the pressure. I started listening to the podcast whose main host is interviewed on the show (Gymcastic) and they are not Tom fans at all. Methinks he may have been exaggerating a bit.
  10. I think they were paying the editors overtime for this episode. They were clearly going for the mid-season "will they make it?" moment. I wouldn't be surprised if they use they next two episodes to build from there and end on a happy/inspirational note (just in time for the actual Olympics). But I guess for me it's kinda hard to buy their narrative arc when we already know who makes the Olympic team. Also, I get that a bunch of girls fell during the meet but the doom and gloom felt a bit exaggerated - especially when they showed Simone Biles land that super difficult vault in the same
  11. Well, that's a wrap. I'm now convinced that the writers have been reading this forum and decided to troll us... We got a nice little Easter egg to the moment in the very first episode when the girls screamed at the subway in their beautiful gowns... except instead we got the low rent version with them screaming at a bus in the daytime in their regular clothes. But I guess that is fitting given the narrative arc of this show. We finally (finally!) get an acknowledgement that Jane has no business in management and really any semi-decent business ideas came from Kat... only to make K
  12. Yeah, her explanation for why she re-tweeted the photo with her picture cropped over Gabby's was... very dicey. As for the schedule, I think they are trying to set it up so that this series ends when the Olympics begin (in late July). Now why they choose to release 3 episodes on a Sunday and then start the weekly releases 10 days later? I have no idea. Maybe someone forgot to flip a switch?
  13. House of Balmain was featured in Iggy Azelea's latest music video:
  14. Ok, it's official. I hate this final season. I know this season wasn't "planned" per say and the writers only had 6 episodes to wrap everything up but I still find it frustrating. Sutton's storyline deserves way more nuance than what it's getting. I almost wish she didn't have the miscarriage and had the baby because a) miscarriages are horrible gut-wretching experiences and b) watching Sutton navigate baby/Richard/career/friends would be an interesting and I think feasible story arc for 6 episodes. I hope the show addresses this in the final episode. At any sort of average co
  15. Well, to be fair, if Yara had won the lip sync then Trinity would have been eliminated (pending whatever redemption plans they have). Plus, it is never fun being the first person out. It's a good thing Coco was lip syncing and the other girls had Trinity's back. Unfortunately for Serena, the odds were not in her favor.
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