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  1. Right maybe a lot of them don’t want their bosses following them on social media
  2. That is true but you would only see that if you watched the show on actually cmt as it airs bc if you buy it say on iTunes that part is cut out of there
  3. Not that we know of it’s been silent on here for cuts
  4. Wonder why since they haven’t actually made the team
  5. No news on pyramid or point !! All vets on show group last year made it back on showgroup this year except jayln !! Group leaders first and seconds have been choose as well as who is in who’s group !!
  6. Yeah they only let you get the small cup for the free day I went and got one yesterday
  7. She was cut from the team and she was mad abt it and criticized the organization on ig
  8. I wish they would call the squad early but they probably won’t