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  1. She’s on my list who I want to make it
  2. Daphne’s kicks are low for sure for a vet
  3. Yes it was she could injured Miranda
  4. During training camp they always put the rookies up front !! Vets in the back
  5. How abt show group auditions towmrow who do y’all think will make sg this year
  6. Holly85

    Past Seasons

    She seems to really like her job
  7. Holly85

    Past Seasons

    Did she not make it back to training camp they seem to be extremely hush hush
  8. Gina is at the salon this morning getting her hair done !!:) you can see the camera crew in the background
  9. Yes they are everyone works extremely hard
  10. Yes for sure I think if any of the second leaders do come back we are looking at next years 1st gls
  11. Honestly if They wanted to they could have the team set before leaving for Oxnard !! Give the rookies more time to get settled into being on the team
  12. Her wedding looked like so much fun and former dcc jasmine did say on her story they did thunderstruck !!
  13. There are some we don’t know !! And I think they were doing it with some having two was bc there are More vets then rookies
  14. Starting to think they don’t know who was cut or was told they were told not to tell