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  1. Okay so does anyone have any rule of thumb strategies for making the most of the 3 minutes? I’d head to the sink, the trash, and search for anything with writing - the stencils, the H at 14 inches on the tape measure, the potluck sheet... Patterns are also key (like the cannoli). Meanwhile partner looks in fridge, counters. The writing clues have been key.
  2. I will say that you (I) just have to administer the shots at the same time. So one could do 10pm when you’re at home. So yeah, I don’t know why she was doing them at work. Lol
  3. Yeah it really was. Especially when she did all that work for it not to work the first time. The IVF subplot was probably my favorite thing of the season.
  4. Yeah I’ve watched Drag Race since Season 1, Canada, and both seasons of U.K. and that was the *worst* snatch game that ever snatched. I mean it was really, really bad.
  5. Oh gosh yes. The one with the mustache was so hot. I had my eyes trained on him the entire time. Having hot shirtless professional dancers seems behind you seems like a risky move - hard to stand out. Yeah that answer just cemented her chances (slim as they were) shut. For being so smart, that was a dumb answer Rosé! Yes- the Kamala and not-Denali answers were so good! All of her answers were flawless and she hit all the marks. Our professional Rosé!
  6. This was the most perfect description of that song. Thank you very much. I think the songs I found the most catch were Sissy That Walk and Bring Back My Girls (was that even one of them? Haha) Totally agree. It’s a shame because I love Rose and not just for the hotness factor (which is considerable). Drag Race likes to pluck some little queen out of obscurity and say, see what we found and did! Haha I have two of these for my 19 month old - one for outside and one for inside and I immediately thought of those when I saw Kandy’s outfit.
  7. The crazy thing is that Nat’s curls look pretty good in the talking heads... the whole unfortunate brushing episode must have been a direct result of her distress at marrying Mike. Like she wanted to make her curls hurt as bad as her self-respect and soul.
  8. Dying at how all of the curly haired people clocked this. I used it as a teachable moment with my husband who has straight hair about our toddler daughter who has curly hair - “See? That’s why you never brush her hair.”
  9. My theory is that they had IVF so they could get make embryos to freeze and genetically test to ensure that they were pregnant with a boy. On option of doing IVF is to get embryos tested to see if they were chromosomally normal, and as part of that process, they also tell you the sex of the embryos. It's not by accident that the two embryos left in the deep freezer were girls, considering how much of an importance Christine said her in-laws place on male heirs continuing the line. I also think that she has no interest in having a girl because she wants to be the queen bee in the family.
  10. Just after the first two bars I was all in for the LaLa experience. She did that.
  11. Oh man. How annoying. I don’t even know how that happened! I kept thinking it was an extended flashback scene. Stupid Spectrum! Thanks for confirming... now I’ve got an extra 5 hours and 45 minutes of my life back. 🙄 Yay?
  12. I have a strange problem. My husband and I started watching this show on On Demand... episode 1. A couple of minutes goes by Hugh Grant is having sex with this short haired woman, takes his curly haired son on a high speed police chase, and Nicole Kidman yells at him on a bridge...he kills the short haired woman. super intense. Through it all, I’m like - is this the first episode? This feels like we were dropped in the middle of something - are you sure it’s the first episode. He shows me that it’s indeed the first episode according to On Demand. About 15 min in, it fades to black and the cre
  13. It was totally CGI. I hate hunting as well but it looked so obviously fake I wasn’t that bothered.
  14. Kameron is a beautiful man. I would totally be his boyfriend if I were a boy. I don’t know if it’s a showmance, but I think him and Vanji would make a good couple - he likes people who make him laugh and they both like romantic stuff. I agree with many of you about Naomi and Derrick. And Kameron imo had the line of the episode... paraphrasing Kameron: You brought it up in front of all the queens and the dancers! Derrick: It had to come out... where would you suggest? Kameron: How about the hallway?! 🤣🤣🤣 Guuuuuuurrrrrrl 🤣🤣🤣
  15. Loving all the comments in here and agreeing with all of them! Looking forward to discussing future episodes... my husband is not a fan of things Ru (eyeroll) so you can imagine my delight when I told him that after season 12 was over it was a season of all stars and after all stars there’s now Drag review and after that I will restart my drag race Canada viewing. Basically there will be year round Ru on my tv and I am hear for it!! Lol
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