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  1. She flubbed what I thought was a completely obvious final puzzle, but to each their own.
  2. They should have. According to my copy of Rubber Soul, it is "Drive My Car". I can't believe they didn't get it.
  3. theatremouse

    MLB Thread

    What the fuck was the point of Roberts on-camera putting on a mask for the trophy, only to first: not put it over his nose at all and then next: 10 seconds later pull it down to speak. It's not necessary to take it off to use a microphone. The guy talking to you is doing it. Hell every tennis player did it during two grand slams. I feel bad for all the local newspeople constantly being told they can't use b roll of maskless people, and yet we have this terrible example of baseball people constantly pulling their masks down to talk - reinforcing the idea that that's a thing, rather than the fact that it's massively defeating the purpose.
  4. But the point is they're home bakers, who do not normally have those. It's intentional they're not provided with special freezers that would help. They're supposed to have similar equipment to what home bakers have.
  5. I am getting the feeling this season is going to be more contestants I've never heard of than not.
  6. I was irked that Alex mispronounced Madeline. "In an old house in Paris covered in vines lived 12 little girls in two straight lines." etc "The smallest one was Madeline". Doesn't work if you pronounce the last syllable "lynn".
  7. Different manufacturers' tests require different methods of sample collection.
  8. I'm pretty sure she had a line at the beginning of that bit that was something like "to the people of Pennsylvania", and then went into the Philly accent. It made sense to me in the moment.
  9. theatremouse

    Tennis Thread

    I don't think it's intended as a dig. It's more a plain observation that whenever the crowd isn't specifically backing Novak, he bitches about it and seems to get distracted by it during matches.
  10. That's interesting because I had the opposite experience - with regard to the "figuring it out" bit.
  11. theatremouse

    MLB Thread

    It took less than an inning for someone to pull down their mask to spit in the dugout. I hope MLB fines the fuck out of 'em, but I strongly doubt that'll actually happen.
  12. Besides several of the monologue jokes being jokes I've essentially heard other comics do before, I was annoyed at his jumping off point of "why June?" Why June has an answer: Because that's when the Stonewall riots were. It'd be one thing if it were arbitrarily selected, but it wasn't. So given that part of the premise was "I didn't know about this and now I do"...nope, ya still don't. It ruins the joke when the punchline is dependent on the audience not knowing a thing or thinking a thing is inherently ridiculous but I'm like...uh there's a very real and plain and not absurd answer.
  13. theatremouse

    Tennis Thread

    Has Novak tied any of Roger's active records (the kind that anyone other than the most stats obsessed tennis fan would even be aware of)? Because to me the statement happened because they're now in a tie. If Roger had 21 right now and Rafa won today, I doubt he'd have said much, if anything. So it's especially absurd to compare that Roger never said anything like that about Novak. Well Novak never did what Rafa just did.
  14. That exchange about the blueberries might be my favourite conversation that has ever happened on this show. Watching that was like seeing Who's On First for the first time ever. I didn't think the boot comment was after the elimination? I thought Noel noticed they were both wearing boots during the challenge? My recollection is rainbow bagels showed up in about 2016, were A Thing for about a year, and then nobody ever thought about them ever again.
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