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  1. All the panelists who didn't Final Guess Tyrese were either not actually trying or told not to all be correct. They didn't even pick people who could plausibly be in an amusement park ride! Unless they assumed they should disregard that because of the Costa Rica thing.
  2. Today I got my first and only text from the vaccine waitlist I signed up for...in February. Nevermind I'm nearly a month past my second shot, my area has had walk-ins available at all county vaccination sites for two weeks. I hope people are still getting in off that waitlist since it'll reduce waste, but at this point, anyone who doesn't have an appointment can just show up at about a dozen sites, and there have been same-day appointments available most days in the past week. Of course, I signed up for said waitlist in a fit of panic when the tiers had been rejiggered and I thought I wouldn't
  3. See this one bugged me because me first thought was "there's only two of you; how the hell do you have enough dirty dishes to need to run that thing every night? You're wasting water, even if it's a water-efficient model."
  4. theatremouse

    MLB Thread

    A-Rod thinks Lindor's slumping is messing with his swing, and (I infer) thinks he's "going for too many" HRs, also messing with said swing. So A-Rod mentioned this cockamamey theory to not reward Lindor for HRs because it means his swing is still not what it was before. Or something. The article doesn't actually say that. Basically it says "A-Rod said this thing and it's nonsense because Lindor's always been a HR guy, and nobody likes A-Rod anyway, but maybe ESPN is keeping him on because he's a trainwreck and people like watching those."
  5. theatremouse

    MLB Thread

    The 'roids messed with his brain.
  6. It would've been hilarious is Chris Sacca had been a guest shark. Not that I especially enjoy him at all on this show, but if she did that pitch to an investor in Veggie Grill it probably would've been cringe-funny watching her squirm. If she genuinely believed they're first, she'd look incredibly out of touch with her own industry and if she knew she wasn't at all first (or only) she had no pitch left.
  7. I think in the episode when they flashed back to young Tammy and young Bonnie it was implied (if not outright stated) they're supposed to be 1-2 years apart.
  8. I think a bunch of the h2h were "both are bad but someone's gotta win" - and probably just Avishar's h2h was "both were good". So I didn't find it overly harsh. Clearly none of the chefs watch Bob's Burgers because if they did, they could've taken this challenge, thought of a dish they could kick ass with, that's easy to eat in a car, then come up with a pun-tastic name for it that fits whatever genre they're assigned, and call it a day. No convoluted stories necessary.
  9. Any chance these were insulation contractors? This happened to me literally every time I tried to book someone to reinsulate my attic. Haven't had issues with other contractors though.
  10. There was some new content, but not competition. There were some montages of already-eliminated contestants singing unmasked (basically in the costume without the head). Not very much, not very interesting, but it wasn't 100% clip show.
  11. You're not wrong that this practice does not breed goodwill, but it's so common as to be unavoidable. A dedicated "this is where crap goes" email doesn't require maintenance. I never check mine unless I need to go in to activate some new thing I signed up for. Otherwise it can just sit there because I know that nothing that goes in there is something I actually need to see. It's just a mechanism to get into sites that won't let me look at them otherwise.
  12. theatremouse

    MLB Thread

    I mean, arguably Tatis is the most interesting legacy player right now. I was watching a game on ESPN the other night and they showed a montage asking players who is the most exciting player right now and then went to clips of like 45 big name players all saying Tatis.
  13. theatremouse

    MLB Thread

    And of course, Tatis Jr.
  14. Yeah but they don't seem to understand how business works in general. So who knows what they're factoring where and why.
  15. There's Diet and then there's Zero Sugar, of pretty much every major soft drink now. They're different. Diet is like "light", as in it intentionally tastes different from "regular". The Zero Sugar stuff supposedly tastes the same as the regular sugar-containing stuff. Before Zero Sugar was a thing, brands used to pretend Diet tasted the same, but everyone knew that was a lie. I have no idea if it's closer to true with Zero Sugar, and they seem to both have the same artificial sweeteners, although perhaps in different proportions? Anyway, in theory that's why both exist: diet is for people who
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