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  1. Right, but what I'm saying is: the audience is correct. The press releases after Carly Hughes announced her departure literally said they were replacing the Angela character with a new one played by Holly Robinson Pete. Maybe I was reading and responding to subtext that wasn't intended but if the criticism is "how dare they do this and think we won't notice how obvious it is", the answer to that is they didn't expect anyone to not notice or not find it obvious. People may not like how obvious it is, but it's not like when they switched Taylors between episodes 1 and 2. It's much more similar to replacing Coach on New Girl with Winston, except with a lot more off-camera animosity.
  2. I thought Denali's hair in the first runway looked like she had Dole Whip on her head. I'm off Kahmora. So unprofessional. You need to be on time. Plus have you ever watched this show? You know everything is time-limited. Not cool.
  3. The announcement of her casting was pretty explicit about that. I know not every viewer necessarily reads those things, but the show is in no way trying to pull a fast one.
  4. Originally when the tiers were announced here it was four tiers labeled 1, 2, 3, 4. At some point, this got revised, and was 1a, 1b, 2, 3. I looked again yesterday and now it's 1a, 1b, 1c and 2. Seriously. Exactly who is in which has moved around ever so slightly, but it's still 4 damn tiers. What is the purpose of 1 (and all its subsets) and then 2? To arbitrarily make the people in the last group feel like they got moved up? I don't get it. And it makes it confusing because it means anyone talking about what tier they're in, depending on when they last read about it, might be totally wrong by now. And this is stuff that's only a month old. Watch next week it'll be different again.
  5. I can't remember the wording of the clue, but there was a before and after with Peter, Paul and Mary - and the contestant said "Tyler Moore", but in the moment it sounded to me like they were looking for the character's name, not the actress or the name of the show. So it should've been Peter, Paul and Mary Richards, no?
  6. Absolutely not. Even pre-pandemic the major factor in all of my clothing choices is "am I comfortable". Second, I care what it looks like.
  7. My married friends who got it are out of ICU, so yay? I guess. One is still in the hospital, just not in ICU anymore. The other got to go home.
  8. Chenowith is off-topic here until/unless she appears on Kids Baking Championship.
  9. My spouse said the same thing. There were bits we couldn't figure out, but the bit Penn specified as reason for fooling was not it.
  10. My listings called yesterday's S7 E15, so I guess they're finishing the pandemic shortened season, regardless of when they air it.
  11. Herman Miller Aeron is pretty much the gold standard office chair, and the All33 chair's price was in line with that. So I've got no issue with the chair's price. I also thought it was weird they were dismissive of him about the 5% thing because he said he's the CEO. It's not odd to me that the CEO would be in charge of the pitch. I have no idea if it actually works or is a good product but those two beefs struck me as a bit odd. The aphrodisiac couple embarrassed themselves from beginning to end. Their performance was like a bad high-school group project sketch. Then once they spoke they kept making it worse.
  12. I know I'm being shallow, but Gottmik's out of drag hair bugs me; the dye is so bad. Likewise, Tina Burner's out of drag hair is SO BAD. The dye looks like kool-aid, the cut was clearly self-done during shelter-in-place, but I mean, I cut my own hair with clippers are it's nowhere near as uneven and clunky as that. Also for reasons I can't pinpoint, Tina Burner gives me Sherry Pie vibes. Not accusing of anything (I would have no way of knowing) but performancewise, something reminds me of SP, which is bad because that's a terrible association. So for irrational reasons I don't like TB. Elliott's snort laugh bugs me but otherwise I feel like I don't have an opinion yet.
  13. theatremouse

    MLB Thread

    A lot of the time, being released like that is so you can die peacefully at home, not because you're better (don't ask me how I learned that after the fact).
  14. theatremouse

    MLB Thread

    I do not recall that detail from the announcement I'd read, but that would make it make sense.
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