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  1. I have never and will never use Facebook messenger, not just because of this ad. Nonetheless, their current ad with "All Together Now" irritates me to no end. They crop the song - which I know is common in commercials for time - but they cut parts out in the middle. So the lyrics skip around. I love that song. I know that song. And every time I try to sing along it gets fucked up because of how they edited it.
  2. This doesn't surprise me. Everything I've read indicates any benefit of social distancing is moot if you're in an enclosed space with the person for more than 30 minutes continuously. It's a mitigation strategy for brief encounters.
  3. I mean, having nothing to do with this episode, the show ALWAYS has questions that are husbands about wives or wives about husbands or men about women or women about men. If when they took the survey they knew it was for this episode, they could've made a point of not only asking wives about husbands but finding some husbands who have husbands too. But if they just do the surveys and assign them to episodes later....if it's true they only asked wives about husbands, I don't think it necessarily helps the situation for them to reword it to obfuscate the show's existing heteronormative practices.
  4. It also kinda exacerbated the heteronormative survey questions. "We asked 100 women about their husbands". Made me internally cringe a little. And I mean, I know that besides instead asking "100 people about their husbands" or "100 men about their husbands" part of the point may really have been what women say vs just what anyone with a husband says, but in the context of this episode it hit even harder than usual.
  5. Has anyone been to a Trader Joe's in the past week? I haven't been since two days before shelter-in-place but am thinking the next grocery run will be there to stock up on the usuals (in the Before Times it was my primary grocery source but have been avoiding since they don't do delivery or curbside). I'm mainly wondering if things have settled down in terms of giant (distanced) lines around the block and in terms of shelves being stocked. I know this probably varies a bit by region, but just hoping to get any sense of it. I've been hearing from other folks that regular grocery stores, in particular this week, seem much more back to normal in terms of stocking and not having so many people trying to go in that they hit capacity limits. So wondering if it's drastically different at TJ's.
  6. Obviously, those in the medical community are not in universal agreement, but my doctor recently told me the available antibody tests are about 50% accurate (as far as we know so far) and they've only been through emergency FDA approval rather than full approval. So they (meaning the large network my doc belongs to) are not doing any antibody testing at this time because they consider it not useful data given the tests available currently. I know there are plenty of studies going on now involving antibody testing, and I think the state testing sites are using both the antibody tests and tests for people with possible current infections, but basically after speaking with my doctor I take the antibody test results with a truckful of salt EXCEPT in the context where someone was known-infected previously, now tests negative, has recovered and the point of the test is to try to see if they might have any immunity.
  7. I don't disagree about being able to do one's own makeup, but the finale was almost certainly completely filmed well before the reunion aired. So it's not as though Ru knew how poorly the first mask was received and could change it for the finale. If the people involved didn't stop it the first time, it wasn't going to get changed for the second.
  8. I was just thinking about my own dentist appointment, which isn't for a month but I don't know if they'll cancel or if I'll need to cancel. I plan to call a week before. Even if they're doing non-emergency appointments in a month, I have very little faith that things will have decreased enough around here for that to be a good idea.
  9. @Yeah No, carwise, the market is almost certainly about to be flooded with 2 year old rental cars for sale, likely for fairly cheap since the rental car companies are going under. That may be worth looking into while you're deciding what to do.
  10. They're allowed to shop whenever, but if there's a limit on the number of customers inside at one time, whether it's senior hour or not, a senior may potentially need to wait outside until someone says they can go in. (That said my impression is that at least around here, stores have not been reaching capacity during senior hour) Some stores have internal policies that if it's not senior hour but the store is at capacity and a senior is in line, they can jump the line, but if it's a one-in one-out situation, all that'd do is make the senior closest to the front of the line go before the first not-senior in line. There is still the potential for a need to wait in line.
  11. Officially at the moment the US is at 97,669 COVID-19 deaths.
  12. There is such a thing as antimicrobial copper. I have no idea if that product were actually tested and vetted and proven to be such, but it is a real thing as far as I know.
  13. My understanding is there are several mounted cameras in fixed positions in the kitchen, and one camera being remotely controlled by a production person working from elsewhere, and one handheld camera which is sometimes operated by Shumer, sometimes by her husband, and sometimes (mostly) by their nanny when the baby is sleeping.
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