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  1. I don't think he really does. He probably literally has it but can't really spare it. Jonah didn't expect it to go that far. He originally wanted to give him something more like $100 but then once he choose to go the gambling route, he went overboard. That's why Garret kept saying "ok this seems like a good place to stop" and then Jonah kept pushing past that. And why Jonah said not to tell Amy.
  2. theatremouse

    MLB Thread

    To the surprise of absolutely no one.
  3. theatremouse

    MLB Thread

    At least it feels like a game now. I mean, I get it if it's your team that first inning was probably fun. But gajillion run first inning games are usually super boring to me.
  4. theatremouse


    I do not know if this is why they called it that but the only connection my brain made to "squidly" and those socks is that when you pull on the baby sock and it doesn't come off...the shape and the movement remind me of a blooper, which is quite squid-like.
  5. I think the "don't confer" is really about not helping each other in interpreting the instructions since they're intentionally brief. I'm a little torn on the Sandi helping there because I do think there have been plenty of times on the show when a contestant will have one of the comedians hold something (not just objects but like hold this end of my dough while I do whatever to it kind of thing) or help them maneuver something into position or whatnot. And that's well established as OK. So that fits very much in the "needing a third hand" vein? Which is what went down with Sandi. And yet I find myself feeling like it'd have been less questionable if she were holding the dough while he cranked the machine, rather than the other way round as it was. It's something about her being the one to run the device that makes it feel like she did the "doing" part, not just the "hold this for me" type part. And yet when I think about the specific difficulty he was having, I wonder if having her crank meant she was doing the part that didn't require or reflect skill. If he was guiding it, then he was maybe doing the active part that was causing it to go wrong earlier. So maybe in this case he was doing the "doing". I'm just not sure.
  6. I didn't think the board was about the participants making progress. I thought it was about team cockroach deciding they knew what their strategy would be to get each participant on the path that would lead to them making progress. It's a "we think we've figured out the trick to so-and-so" board not a "so-and-so is improving" board.
  7. So the "bug" thing...I don't know if this is maybe regional, or maybe just coincidence but in my extended family plenty of parents call their children "bug" sporadically. It's not a nickname, not in the sense that usually a nickname is something multiple people call one person. It's more a term of endearment, equivalent to "hun" or "sweetie". (See also: "doodlebug", "cuddlebug", "lovebug") I guess I thought it was more common than it must be. But I never interpreted it as any sort of specific comment on Kate or anything really particular to Kate, not any moreso than if Rebecca called her "pumpkin".
  8. I don't think she meant it as an insult but she did mean it as a criticism. "Homemade" in contrast to "something you'd see in a shop window", which they said to someone else, although I forget who. They're home bakers but the show is asking for "shop window" quality not "homemade" quality.
  9. I got the impression Dina thought both she and Colleen were being fake nice at each other, that the dislike is mutual and that's their thing.
  10. theatremouse

    MLB Thread

    @kariyaki every time they show someone in the stands taking their seats wearing variations of the sunrise print on what look like custom clothes, I think of you.
  11. It's her own studio that she started in Philly. The flyer was for the opening. I was bothered by the scene with Kevin and the boy in the waiting room because he had a Switch with two joy-con...but they chose to play "together" in a way that required them to hand it off to each other.
  12. I'm pretty sure the audio was all Bernadette, just prerecorded for the bits when the double is onstage. I read that somewhere...
  13. theatremouse


    Tofu and tempeh are soy. Seitan is wheat gluten. Most of the better mock-chicken I've eaten has been wheat-meat, so I wasn't surprised they said theirs was wheat-based.
  14. That was a limited time offer for tweeting photos of any pizza.
  15. theatremouse


    I've been a vegetarian for 25 years and I want their product if it tastes as good as the Sharks made it seem. It's not healthy and I don't want it to be healthy. But I don't want to eat actual chicken,and I do remember what fried chicken tastes like and it is GOOD. And sometimes I just WANT it. But not enough to eat the real thing, by a longshot. I've been to vegetarian and vegan restaurants that claim to have vegan fried chicken that's just as good, and it's never good. The breading doesn't look or taste right. It's always like Morningstar Chickn patties. I don't want that. This looks like they've really cracked the code. So I'd totally eat that. However, the brand sounds like a drag name. And the founders don't seem to understand math.
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