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  1. Tech company buys retail store is very analogous to Amazon buys Whole Foods. The new fictional tech company may not have been one having store fronts in the show universe, but it just bought a whole bunch of them. This episode didn't suggest the point was buying them all to shut them all - not saying that never happens but to me nothing in the phone call from Maya suggested that's where this is going.
  2. I think that was basically the point: they were negotiating in bad faith the whole time. They set the meeting so soon, probably knowing that they might not need to keep whatever agreement they might verbally come to. The corporate folks didn't necessarily expect the sale to go through literally during the meeting, but if they were expecting it within a few days - the whole "legal will send the paperwork in the next few days" thing was probably always the buffer they needed anyway. They would get to say Cloud 9 were the good guys, but oops, buyout and your agreement isn't finalized yet and would have needed to be finalized with them not us, sorry we actually have no authority now k bye.
  3. The whole "weatherman finds the snow" thing seemed oddly like it was written for people who do not live in southern California and think of it as universally warm. This is extra weird because the writers almost certainly all live in LA. There are a bunch of places within a couple hours driving from LA where it regularly snows in winter. Even if it weren't snowing that day, they could probably find somewhere with some on the ground already. He didn't need to pick somewhere expecting a big storm - and if he thought his forecast were accurate why would he want to drive into it? I was sitting there thinking "don't drive towards a storm!" It's also not unusual for Lake Arrowhead to be in the 50s during the day but 20s overnight this time of year. He'd know that. If he expected the precipitation at night, he'd know it'd be much colder by then. So was he expecting to be freezing during the day too and was just wrong on that front? They played the "its too warm" scenes as though it were in the high 70s. It could've been that hot but it'd be very weird for Will to be 40 degrees off when he seemed to be predicting it a couple days out. It's not entirely out of the realm of possibility for the temp to fluctuate that much one day to the next - but we'd see that in the 10 day forecast, not be surprised by it day of. Again, if he's targeting the location, why would he pick somewhere that was going to potentially have a random really hot day right adjacent to a snowstorm when he's trying to guarantee snow? It would've landed better if the warmth when they arrived didn't deter Will and he kept insisting on random measures and namedropping facts that the rest wouldn't understand to explain why he wasn't wrong to predict snow, instead of arriving, finding it warm and just sort shrugging.
  4. I thought what happened was she made praline whipped cream, then it didn't work, so she made regular whipped cream as a redo because she had no more praline to put in the second batch.
  5. Vanna, the word you're looking for is buzzer. Why did they not redo the take of her doing that intro?
  6. theatremouse

    Tennis Thread

    I sort of expect her to switch to doubles-only after the next Olympics, if her health holds up.
  7. Basically all the "tell us something about yourself" clues this episode were "I worked with one of the judges in some way shape or form" from every single contestant. So someone should know who the hell he is, but possibly not in a really guessable way.
  8. theatremouse

    MLB Thread

    Bad. It's gonna look real bad. To me it almost already does? He's not as elite as he was advertised to be from the start. He's Very Good, certainly, but not the most amazing amazingness. I mean, who knows, maybe salaries will bloat and in five years the annual numbers won't seem so huge. But probably, this is going to look idiotic - possibly as soon as two years from now.
  9. I was (until now) under the impression they'd essentially replaced Parker with Abigail - and I was enjoying it, at least enjoying it more than I did him - but now they've just done waaaaaaaay too many bait and switches with her. I mean with the whole "no one is trustyworthy/can we trust this person" thing if every single effing time it's "actually that was a lie/part of the super-sneaky plan", I'm bored now. I'm also slightly embarassed I laughed at the belabored lazy Susan joke, but I did.
  10. If you've ever had french toast...it's basically the same premise: pour custard over bread and cook it. Just bread pudding is baked, and french toast is cooked in a pan. The former is usually also richer and more likely to have interesting sauces in it, but the bare bones basic concept of the two is the same.
  11. I think Dwight's vanilla was likely strategic, thinking whatever the twist was would go with it. Janet, on the other hand, I suspect genuinely thought the whole "sour cream" thing made it different enough as to not be completely boring. She's wrong, and got dinged for boring choices before, but I think she just kinda missed the boat a bit.
  12. Yes, that's the one I enjoyed, but I think what P&T meant was that when he started the trick they didn't expect him to do any of the "explaining" bit, not implying they were necessarily "fooled" had it been a normal episode.
  13. I really enjoyed the guy with the table. I found the others underwhelming.
  14. Jesse is the host. Janet and Melissa are contestants in the current season, S6. Joshua, Pablo and Jennifer appeared on S4, which may be reairing periodically?
  15. Cheese and fruit in general is an extremely common thing.
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