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  1. If Sam is so worried about Jason's lifestyle, WTF is she doing getting involved in trying to find him? It's not as if the kids will miss him. They don't even know who he is! They do if Chase thinks he and Willow are getting back together. It's gross they keep giving him hope that way. Everything she said about cops—taking orders, being part of a bigger thing that hurt innocent people—completely applies to the mob. Shut the fuck up, Sam. She's unbearable, and I hate saying that because I love LiLoC. I really don't want Olivia and Robert to be a couple. And blaming Dante
  2. Ah, I thought Britt removed the bullet in Jason. Thanks for clearing that up for me, @Chanandler. So now we'll have some dumb mystery about who really shot Jason? Maybe it was Shawn, out on furlough and missing the target—somewhere fatal on Jason—again. Hee. Same. That's fairly in-character for Jason, too. When he likes someone, he doesn't let other people badmouth them.
  3. That's exactly what I meant when I originally wrote: I never suggested Perry should work out his issues while he's still with Mo. That's unfair to both of them, especially Mo. But that doesn't mean they can't ever get back together.
  4. The only security the Van Gogh had was basically a sneeze guard!
  5. Of course Jane will become the next editor of Scarlet. She's the greatest magazine writer of her generation. I'd love it if Jane were made editor and she either crashes and burns because she has no managerial experience or she decides the business side of it isn't for her and she wants to go back to writing. But the show will likely end on the high note of each of them getting what they want, to one degree or another. It's always been something of a fantasy anyway.
  6. How would she know without the bullet? Or can you tell just from the shell casing? My ballistics knowledge is extremely basic.
  7. Maybe. At least Perry knows what his issues are and wants to work on them.
  8. LOL. I was surprised at how vehemently Sam yelled at Spinelli to tell her where Jason was. KeMo hasn't shown that much emotion in ages. Did they shoot this right after she had a couple of espresso shots? It was the only way for him to find out that Jason didn't shoot Franco, of course.
  9. Same. Jason knew Spin would inevitably spill the location to someone. For someone who claims to dislike the police, he's awfully chatty when he's in an interrogation room.
  10. She sure does. And then she sees her mom trying to flirt with Curtis. Eesh.
  11. That was to ensure that Spinelli picked up right away. I thought that was a pretty smart move. It has to have been the minion Jason ultimately shot dead, unless someone random showed up. I don't the the show wants to muck up the story with that, though. The point is Jason was shot and needs Britt's help.
  12. I thought about that, too, @rur, but I'd have thought Durand would have said something. I guess since Durand deals in stolen art, it doesn't really matter where it comes from. I just wish the painting hadn't been in the same city he was.
  13. So Cam didn't fire the gun. I thought he had pulled the trigger. I'm very relieved he won't have to add shooting Jason to the apology list. It's bad enough he'll have to grovel about thinking Jason shot Franco. Scott's cool-cat glasses crack me up. I bet they're KS's RL pair. Wow, Joss telling Jax that anything he says to Carly he can say in front of her was so far out of line that the line is in another time zone. LOL that the jail in PCPD holds "the worst of the worst." Oh, Dante. What was the point of Carly saying Joss was old enough to know that Jason would take out Cyr
  14. Mike has already shown us he has no trouble being violent, and he likely won't be able to resist interfering in the bidness. He's nosy that way. Plus, you know Carly will harangue him back to being Sonny, heh. What would be interesting is to have cured!Sonny come back and Carly being unwilling to give up her newfound power. ETA: Semi-jinx with @statsgirl!
  15. I think the relationship ended because neither of them wanted Perry's issues to overwhelm them. Mo didn't want to have to go through all that stuff again while Perry works it out (or not). It didn't seem to me that Mo was forever closing the door on them getting back together, so who knows? They may reunite.
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