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  1. Knowing this show, Jax will bear the brunt of Nina's wrath. He deserves a lot of it, but Carly is just as culpable. Me likey. I'm always up for a good revenge story.
  2. I think she was. Why bring up Morgan at all? Ava was there about Avery. She was decent enough to tell Joss that Joss could have all the access to Avery she wants. Ava asks about that stupid necklace and Joss gets all snippy that she's giving it Ava for Avery's sake. How noble of Joss. FYI, princess, that's why Ava was there, for Avery's sake. I have no problem with Joss blaming Ava for Morgan's death. Ava switching his meds was unforgivable. I do have a problem with Joss using that as some all-purpose cudgel she pulls out whenever she sees Ava. I'm no Ava fan, but I'm so tired of seeing anyone named Jerome get constantly shat upon for their crimes when everyone else isn't exactly innocent as a lamb.
  3. Maybe? They seem to be headed in that direction.
  4. The core reason those people died is because Sonny is a mob boss. Otherwise no one would give a rat's ass about any of them.
  5. Ugh, Jimmy Fallon. His Prince story was cool, but Fallon is such a punk-ass bitch. Mel Giedroyc was very funny ("I was working as a waitress—not in a cocktail bar" hee), and I loved how Olly Alexander was so thrilled about his encounter with Rhiannon. I had no idea Anya Taylor-Joy was Argentine. LOL that she thought not learning English would persuade her parents to move back to Argentina. It was kind of a whiplash moment when Regina King said the US had a ways to go with race relations and Graham segued her out. It's too bad that couldn't have been more graceful.
  6. Sonny in a plaid flannel shirt and blue jeans was the UCG I needed today. I hope when his family sees him someone says something.
  7. That music sting when Michael mentioned Willow and Chase kissing was hilariously melodramatic. You know, if the show leaned into that sort of thing, I could overlook the idiocies a bit. Recently separated. Thanks, GHSR. Back off the matchmaking, Liv. Gross that Ned is adopting Leo so soon after Julian's death. It's about erasing Julian completely, which sucks. I don't know why Ava thinks she has to do anything about Carly getting custody of Avery. I know it's Port Charles and the Corinthii get everything they want, but there's no way a judge would put a child with a stepparent when there's a bio parent around. that was the impression I got. I don't think "oops I'm a doctor who can't count" is going to mean anything to Chase or Gregory. So you think he knows Chase is his son? I'm still unsure about that, given that he hasn't confronted Jackie about it. (Not that she's been around for him to do that.) Finn is pretty passive, though, so I guess I won't be surprised at whatever happens.
  8. Are Jackie and Gregory Harrison divorced or just separated? If just separated, maybe slow your roll on wanting Robert to ask her out, Olivia. "So many people are gone from my life." Maybe think about the common thread for most of those losses, huh, Joss? Sonny showed more energy there than he has in ages.
  9. YES. And let everyone be not-so-secretly relieved.
  10. It could (and should) be, but GH goes to the same well too many times for it to work anymore, IMO. They don't even change the circumstances—Finn once again apparently doesn't know he's a father. At least mix things up a bit—he knew Chase was his but didn't want it to mess up his father's marriage, or he wasn't ready to be a father and knew Gregory Harrison would do a better job, or...something other than "surprise! You have a kid!" And as others have pointed out, we don't really have much emotional investment in this family. Gregory Harrison and Chase are new, Finn hasn't been that well established despite being engaged to Anna, and Jackie is so on-and-off at the moment she might as well just be a name. Why should I care if the show barely does? It's so frustrating.
  11. Same, but why does it have to be a stupid WTD story? Have him go after Cyrus or be the person who discovers Nelle is alive (even though he was the one who ID'd her body). Something professional, though GH hates writing that.
  12. Same. He's not exactly enigmatic. I don't mean that as a slam; just that I think we get what we need to know from Fitzgerald. Right now I'm reading Red, White, Blue by Lea Carpenter. It's about a woman who finds out her dad was CIA-adjacent (whether he was an actual employee is a bit unclear) and was involved in shenanigans. The story is told with alternating chapters of her story and how she finds out about her father. It's an interesting way to tell a story. I'm nearly done and don't know where it's going, which is good.
  13. I understood it as each floor basically works on a different product? Though I'm not sure how departments like marketing fit in, given that Zoey was lording it over Simon that she was his boss because he's on her floor. Unless each product has its own marketing department, which seems inefficient. But, TV.
  14. I honestly don't see there being all that much. There will be hurt feelings and all of that, but no one is going to scream "betraaaaaayaaaal" the way Sonny does. The drama was years ago; I feel like bringing it up now is pointless. Everyone is an adult. One of the stupidest things about it is that it could give Finn another surprise kid. Been there, badly done that. It's absurd the show decides to do a repeat when it wasn't much of a story the first time around. I'll never understand the recycling of a story for the same character. Ugh, this show is so creatively bankrupt.
  15. Prequels are tough to write successfully. Wide Sargasso Sea, by Jean Rhys, is one of the few that works, IMO.
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