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  1. That is ringing a vague bell, @Paloma; thanks for the clarification.
  2. Alicia pretty much came out and said she was disappointed Alex didn't do anything when she admitted she was surprised she felt that way. Theory vs. reality. But I'm also glad Alex didn't get physical with the guy. In some ways, it made it all the better that it was Andrew in drag who jumped in—it shows anyone can stick up for anyone. That's a much better message than Alex feeling inadequate, I think. I thought they were getting away more toward the end of the day—like 4ish—but your point remains. Jacqueline's job is pretty all-consuming. I bet part of the timing was so she would turn off her phone and focus on Ian, something she fails to do on a regular basis. And see my earlier comments on the inappropriateness of Richard talking to her about Sutton, her employee.
  3. I thought Murphy lost her eyesight in a car accident. Or was that Chloe? Or am I thinking of something completely different? (Heh; that's entirely likely.)
  4. I loved Leonard's "Yikes!" face, and Geordie's more resigned "Well, he's trying to work it out" face. And the congregation was all "WTF?" I'm sorry Vic turned out to be a molester. I liked the boxing gym as another location for the show to use. And yes, poor Will. His father hit him, and now his substitute father is a monster.
  5. According to this article, Season 4 is in the can. There doesn't seem to be a release date yet, but speculation (in other articles, not this one) is November of this year.
  6. Murphy can't take care of herself, either. She's a disaster. If they make her pregnant, I am OUT.
  7. I don't see the point of starting to film again if there's a real possibility of having to shut down soon after. I'm sort of proud of GH for not immediately jumping back into it. I'm sure ABC's epic cheapness is a big part of the reason, but that doesn't negate wanting to see how things go with other soaps and the pandemic trends in the area.
  8. I'm pretty sure Jason knows that Sonny killed AJ, but since AJ was fat, Jason doesn't care.
  9. Sam and Jason aren't even raising their kids offscreen. I'd at least like lip service that they have game nights or something where the family is together.
  10. Jason has no awareness of his children, period. I don't think a change of lifestyle would change that. He and Sam would still dump them off at Monica's so they could go riding on his bike or something equally dumb. They're action people! Kids just slow you down!
  11. Maybe Rich Sommer did not think continuing with this show was his best career move? https://www.primetimer.com/features/rich-sommer-on-how-run-completes-his-bad-tv-husband-trifecta Ha! (They misidentified Perry Mattfeld in her picture with Sommers.) Bad guys are often more interesting than good guys, though his particular brand of bad guy overlaps a lot with douche, and I totally get why he might want to get out of that pigeonhole. And he doesn't seem to ever play the fun douche, which I guess is more of a comic character, and he hasn't done much comedy lately. Dramatically I think one of the major characters probably had to go, and in that context, it makes sense it was Dean. I suppose he could have weaseled his way back onto the CPD, but his boss seemed done with him, unless Dean could blackmail him or something. But that's getting a bit in the weeds for Dean. Genius.
  12. I wonder what the difference is among the soaps (except DOOL, which has the luxury of not having to show reruns until October [!]) that some have restarted filming and some haven't. Presumably the safety/health requirements are the same. Is it just logistics? Is Maurice Benard enjoying the break so much he doesn't want to return?
  13. Same. I also thought the lieutenant would do something to hurt Gene. That could still happen, I guess, but it seems like the lieutenant doesn't want to get any more involved in things than he already is. If Gene can clear the case without him having to do anything, that's what he wants. This sort of thing is why I'm a bit torn on having Chloe return. You know Murphy won't think twice about asking Chloe to do something else like this. Maybe it won't be so urgent, but it will likely be equally reckless.
  14. And of course Sonny yells at Kristina, making it all about him, instead of being horrified that one of his kids is terrified of him.
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