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  1. Actually, Jason is the center of Cyrus's universe, as Jason is the one who blew up the warehouse. Heh.
  2. She's always been especially pathetic when it comes to Jason. When she was with Larry, Patrick, and Drew, she had more independence. It's gross. I'm sure we're supposed to go all gooey because Sam and Jason are each other's lobsters, but I find it disgusting. And this is standard procedure for parolees! Yet we're supposed to be outraged that this two nimrods can't be together. I forgot to mention earlier that I was really annoyed that Mo was angry and exasperated when Sonny was telling Carly that Renault was going to be let out of Pentonville and what steps he was taking. It was completely unnecessary. She's been here before. She doesn't need to be condescended to. I really wish someone would call Mo on that tone. He uses it way too often, and mostly when it's inappropriate.
  3. The forum has been discussing it, but Zoey and Max sure haven't. Zoey's main objection to dating Max is that if things go south, they'll no longer be friends.
  4. Wow, is Sam dumb. I can't believe the show wants me to root for this Dummkopf to get back with Jason when she refuses to accept reality. And once again, someone—her hit man husband!—has to explain to Sam that there are children involved, and she needs to put them first. And all Sam can do is whine that she and Jason can't be apart. And I'm pretty sure I'm supposed to find this romantic. Nope! Then Sam trashes the safe house. Nice. The Pentonville warden is hot. Thank you for that, Show. LOL at everyone schooling Nik on marriage. Oh, Trina, honey. You can't libel or slander the dead. Though this is Port Charles, so what do I know? Jordan got hit by the stupid stick a thousand times, too. Ugh, this fakakta show.
  5. My favorite part of the show was Ruby tooling around Beth's empty house in her electric wheelchair.
  6. I fell down a Wiki rabbit hole (as one does) recently and discovered that Louis Mountbatten and Princess Alice had a sister, Louise, who was a queen of Sweden. She was remarkable in her own right, though in a quieter way than Alice or Louis.
  7. That and the silent version of "Fight Song" are my top two performances of the season. Really, really striking and moving. Poor Lauren Graham, having a song battle with her in two weeks! She'll get blown out of the water. Hee. Except Zoey isn't pouting and being passive-aggressive every time she sees Simon. Max is acting like a child. I also don't understand what he wanted Zoey to say about the job offer. A true friend wants to see other friends succeed, and that promotion is huge for Max. If he were on the fence about it because he wasn't sure he was ready/qualified, that's one thing, but it seemed like he wanted Zoey to tell him to stay on the fourth floor because of his feelings for her. WTF? Same, and they're also staying in character with it: He learned to sign because there was a hot deaf girl in high school. Heh.
  8. Years ago I watched something that explained this! They don't want to waste time showing people trying to park unless it's some sort of plot point or joke, so that's why there's always a spot in front.
  9. Frank is notorious for holding to the bottom line. He's not going to pay a penny more for anything. It's one reason GH is still on the air, as terrible as it is.
  10. That's called Apollo's belt, aka the Adonis belt/iliac furrow. I don't know if we've been told what Jessica does, but Simon is a marketing exec in tech. He's very well paid, no doubt. Also, this is TV. Everyone lives beyond their means. She is into him, but she's afraid if they get together and then break up she'll lose him as a friend.
  11. Nor should be, but I do think they should be included when appropriate. That doesn't happen often enough, because Sonny/Carly/Jason/Sam have to be shoved into every story.
  12. I was wondering this too. But I think Mike started shouting “you’re dead!” before Brando was introduced, so if the intent was to have Mike reveal a deception, it made no sense. Originally Gladys told everyone Brando was dead, so Mike being confused wasn't odd, especially with his (Mike's) diagnosis. I don't remember if that's the first time Mike saw Brando, but he doesn't recognize Sonny every day. They're trying to show Mike's growing decline, but using Brando for that is dumb.
  13. LW's hair in the intro looked great—I wish they'd let it be wavy like that for Carly, but it's also kind of distracting because she has so. much. hair. I'm jealous. I have like a tenth of that! I really liked the Monica/Lucy, Maxie/Mac, and Elizabeth/Bobbie conversations. Nice little nods to history. Of course Laura and others had to slobber praise on Sonny, ugh.
  14. Jason kind of made that point yesterday, which Sam completely ignored, of course. She's such an idiot.
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