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  1. She was genuinely concerned about the baby—Brando pointedly said that the baby and Sasha were fine at the moment. I hate how Brando is allowing Gladys so much access to his life. So what if she's his mother? She's toxic to his relationship with Sasha. He needs to give her an ultimatum and follow through if necessary. This isn't entertaining to me. LOL, it sure has. I wonder if he regrets coming back. I'm also loving Phyllis having no time for Nina's nonsense. I don't mind Joss's dress, especially grading on the curve of some of the others.
  2. Ugh, Pachebel's Canon in D, AGAIN? It's only been used for every wedding ever. Also, Jason standing at the altar all teary-eyed is too much, Show. And big mistake not to show at least someone looking skeptical/dyspeptic. I have no sympathy whatsoever here for Nina. Willow and Michael, stop eye-banging during the ceremony. I guess I should be grateful they didn't have a quickie in the narthex.
  3. The teal was perfection, and I thought the style was really good. It was appropriate without being dowdy mother-of-the-groom. Bobbie, on the other hand, didn't look that great. Her dress was too close to Maxie's disaster for me to like it. At first I read this as Willow was suddenly feeling sleepy, and I had a pregnancy horror thought. Heh. And please, no, but I'm never that lucky. It also cracked me up when Austin asked Maxie how she knew Olivia stayed out of ELQ business, and Maxie replied, "Because she usually says, 'ELQ, none of my business.'" The CGI smoke outside th
  4. I thought that was ridiculous, too, but the costuming for the Liza character was dead on, and I enjoyed that enormously. Speaking of costuming, Liza's dress at the anniversary party was absolutely gorgeous. And I also loved the wackiness of Lauren's Muppet coat. It had a very Carol Channing vibe that was great. There were a lot of WTFs in this ending that everyone else has covered, but one thing I appreciated was that both Liza and Charles knew their relationship wasn't going to make it. Add me to the long list of people completely bummed out that we had not even a Skype appeara
  5. Great point. Mike clearly doesn't care that he has a past (though I also think that because it's coming from Jax, he's especially truculent; somewhere deep down he knows he dislikes Jasper; heh), but he should care that someone he purports to love has been lying to him since the day they met. It doesn't say much for whoever Leo's regular pediatrician is that s/he didn't recognize any spectrum behavior. That's what should really anger Olivia.
  6. Constance Towers wore her own clothes as Helena; I believe she said it was easier because she knew exactly how Helena would dress. She wasn't wrong—Helena always looked great. The only thing I didn't like was the highlighter in the corner of her eyes. I found that very distracting.
  7. It was. Everyone knew it but pretended it was a legit reason for Elizabeth, Terry, and Britt to spend time together.
  8. D'oh! I forgot all about that. It's possible a wig wouldn't be comfortable for her, but I can't believe what they're doing is the best they can do. The stunt doubles are excellent physical casting. I don't think they realize this, heh.
  9. They made a big deal out of him not having his phone. Probably for this reason. LOL. It's not as if it ever had customers. And with no Tan-O, there's no reason for anyone to stay in Nixon Falls. If, as we suspect, Mike gets his Sonny memories back, this gives him a fairly graceful way to return to Port Charles without leaving Phyllis in the lurch. She'll no doubt tag along because now there's nothing left for her in NF. Not to mention: Austin made it perfectly clear that Chase could do whatever he wanted with the knowledge that Michael and Willow were a couple. He tol
  10. LOL at Nina half-consciously telling Mike she loves him with a piece of duct tape hanging from the corner of her mouth. Oh, Show. Shut up, Olivia. Ugh, I hate her when she's in this unbearably self-righteous mode. Word to whoever pointed out that Mike could have avoided being conked by the beam had he just stepped out of the way. And what a stupid cliffhanger. As if Sonny, even as Mike, will be in any trouble. We know he lives. Alas. I'm positive they did this because they thought it would make Teri's introduction as trans smoother. I'm fine with them having been childhood fr
  11. Aussie guard is pretty cute, even if he's mean to Drew. And where exactly is Drew? I thought he was on a freighter in the middle of the ocean somewhere. But Chloe could steal a car and drive away? I have clearly FFed too much and missed some vital information. The heavy-handedness with this makes me wonder if Sonny and Carly will get back together. Maybe Mike will remember who he is but decide Nina is a better partner (IMO, the jury is out there; Nina is just a different sort of crazy), so they're shoving Jason and Carly down our throats as one twu wuv now to soften the blow, as it wer
  12. Olivia's dress didn't fit quite right, but the color was great on her. Does Mike know how to dial 911? We know Sonny had to stop and think about it. Jason, Michael was the only child you were able to raise as an infant because you are a MOB HIT MAN and your bio kids paid that price more than he did.
  13. I don't think there's a budget reason. I think the writers believe shoving all of this into one day builds suspense, but as you wrote, all of this could have easily taken place over several days. The standard timeline on the show is often wonky the way it is. How many times have we wondered exactly where in the day it is, given the previous scene showed people at breakfast and suddenly it's after-work drinks at the MetroCourt?
  14. She is handling the snark, IMO. Harmony always admits what she did was wrong, makes no excuses for it, went to jail, and she's now trying to make up for the past. It's getting a bit old to hear Alexis, of all people, tell Harmony she has bad taste in men. How about focusing on the fact that Harmony helped Shiloh target vulnerable women? That's a much stronger point. This would be the soapiest result, so of course the show won't go there. Sort of; Phyllis knows that Nina has always known Mike's true identity. I'm not sure the name Sonny Corinthos means anything to her other
  15. This isn't the first time she's snarked at Harmony about this. Saying you're a hypocrite doesn't make it acceptable.
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