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  1. I saw this and thought, "Wait, when did they become pals? Nina has not been that great a stepparent to Charlotte."
  2. She really can. I hate Carly a lot of the time, but LW knows the character inside and out. And she delivers every day, unlike SBu and MB. Ditto. Even though it feels as if Carly is in every story, she doesn't have much to do. Vocal fry also ends in kind of a growl. It's highly annoying, IMO. Everyone advocating for Willow to revoke the adoption seems to forget that Lucas will lose Wiley, too. It won't just be Brad. Jason, the only reason Sonny has been able to put his anger at Mike aside is because Mike is sick. Were Mike not sick, the anger, resentment, and terrible treatment would still be there. And really, none of that has completely gone away.
  3. It might not have been a sexual relationship, but it was certainly an emotional one. See above. I think it's splitting hairs somewhat to say there was no physical relationship until the marriage broke down when the emotional one had been going on since before Charles and Diana married. In some ways, the emotional affair might have been more damaging, as Charles was likely confiding things to Camilla that by rights should have been to Diana. Charles and Diana were disastrously mismatched as a couple. I think trying to determine who was "worse" is pointless. Neither behaved well, but at least by the time Diana died they were able to be cordial if not warm toward each other, and they were good co-parents.
  4. The eyebrows are still magnificent beasts!
  5. I started watching the Jack Taylor movies (they're on Netflix), and I'm liking them. They're just dark enough without the lead having some dumb tragic backstory. Just a normal Irish childhood, heh. The Galway location adds a lot.
  6. GURL. Get it in writing! I don't know how enforceable it would be, but at least you have proof of the agreement. Sigh. Stop whining about Valentin messing with Charlotte's custody when that's what you're doing, you hypocrite.
  7. That might be how he knew her back in the day. I think it's also a dig that he knows who she is, not who she's trying to be. People go back and forth with Elizabeth/Liz. She doesn't seem to care. ETA: The 3 o'clock airing was preempted by the impeachment hearings. Will the show be streamed on the app after 8, or will they preempt until the hearings are done?
  8. I can't wait to read this, because she spills the tea on how great/horrible things at Condé Nast were. I'm all for as much dirt as she wants to dish.
  9. I know. WTF did he expect? He pretended to be dead for three years! To believe everyone wouldn’t be angry for at least a little while is delusional, to say the least. And his excuse is basically, “I did it for the money,” which isn’t that flattering. What an entitled jackass.
  10. He gets that from Camilla, too. One thing those horrible leaked conversations showed is how much bolstering she has to do. I’d find that exhausting, but she’s clearly fine with that. I doubt Diana was able to do that, given her own emotional neediness, which had to contribute to the failure of their marriage.
  11. Oh, right. I've forgotten everything about him except his stupendous "You're adults! Supposedly!" to Morgan and Lauren.
  12. Nina's line should have been, "I don't know if my baby is alive," which is so much clearer and more accurate. Did we ever know who the father was? If Nina was in the coma when she got pregnant, that means she was raped, ew and ugh. And if she fell into the coma before knowing she was pregnant, you'd think the pregnancy would have become known and the father might make himself known.
  13. I'd love it if Gladys were behind the new "threat" to Sonny, but there's no way anyone can beat him, let alone a woman, let alone a woman of Gladys's age. More's the pity.
  14. "I knew he would forgive you." A hug isn't forgiveness, Ava. Spencer can be glad his father is alive and also be furious. And stop forcing him to feel the way you want him to feel. UGH. "I'm never going to find out if I really had a baby." Can't a doctor tell? By an examination and/or a blood test? Have we heard if Nina has had any of these? Way to be professional, Sasha, by bringing a friend with you to a business meeting. Ugh, Michael and Chase trying to get Wiley away from Nelle really grossed me out. Neither of them has any legal standing to that. It was sheer entitlement. Too bad Nelle can't drop the paternity bomb and waltz out.
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