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  1. It's amazing the marriage lasted as long as it did, given the complete mismatch of Charles and Diana.
  2. The third-graders who helped her bust open the cafeteria scandal aren't going to be good sources for a drug lord.
  3. LOL at the smiley faces Nelle drew on the envelope to Ryan. I don't care how Leisl got to call the shots here. I just want her to crush Peter and get rid of him once and for all. Bonus points that Lulu gets shown up, too.
  4. "You know, I'm getting tired of this police harassment. You're going to hear from my lawyer." "Not everything is about you." And Chase breezes past Cyrus. Hee.
  5. Ugh, Ned, shut up and go home. Stop infantilizing Alexis. She can hang out with whomever she chooses. I had to LOL at Olivia wearing that dress for so long. She looks great in it, but did she not have a suitcase with clothes she could change into? I wish Jax would throw Sonny out of his (Jax's) house when Sonny acts like a jackass. The constant digs are tiresome, juvenile, and dumb. Which I know describes Sonny, but it doesn't make it any better to watch.
  6. "You really broke that story wide open!" Hee. And sigh. I think being properly cast is also a huge part of being a good actor. Look what happened with Jacob Young. He was terrible as Shouty McYellerson, yet once he joined AMC, he flourished. (I know it's all subjective; I'm speaking generally.)
  7. Same. Oh, he lost the love of his life in a tragic accident that he feels responsible for and will never get over. Zzzz. They could have at least shaken up the formula a bit and made it his husband instead of his wife. And Piet is still an asshole toward Job. It's really none of Piet's business what Job's private life is about. Piet is a giant hypocrite for being so judgmental when he never shares (except sometimes with Lucienne, and even then she usually is smart enough to figure things out on her own). It was driving me crazy how family the actor playing Dani was, and once I looked him up, I realized he played Sam, one of Demelza's dunderhead brothers, on Poldark. This was another case that got a bit too complicated for its own good, but that amazing restaurant location was spectacular.
  8. Demi Moore was 19, I think, when she got the role, which is too young for what the character was supposed to be, but that's Hollywood. Is she going to be the hotshot Pacific coast reporter Lulu got permission to talk to to dig up dirt about Cyrus? (Why, why, why did Girl Reporter ask permission to talk to another reporter? That's supposed to be something reporters do on their own initiative?) She asked Peter if it was okay that another reporter worked on/wrote the story, and I think asking permission there was okay. Here's hoping Jackie completely takes over the story and Lulu is left in the dust.
  9. LOL! It didn't even occur to me the daughter's name was wrong. It's been a while since I watched the show, heh.
  10. I don't have a problem with Alexis's sobriety being shaky right now (though osteoporosis is not usually a death sentence, Show), but I absolutely HATE that she's going to relapse. Wimmins be weak, as usual. It's insulting. Dev is mostly just there to give me a rage blackout. Heh.
  11. Oh, I really like that KD is going to be Jackie Templeton! That's a genuinely excellent use of GH history, for a change.
  12. Seriously. You're literally taking your life into your hands when you date Michael. CD is such a non-chemistry magnet that it kind of cracks me up the show continues to sell Michael as some fantastic catch. He has inappropriate boundaries with his mother, his adoptive father is a mobster, and on the other side, his bio dad's family is a nest of vipers. Yes, that's definitely someone to get involved with. These are not mutually exclusive. Especially because it wasn't malicious, and it's not as if Sasha and Chase are together now. It's all so deeply dumb. Also in the deeply dumb category: This part of the Cyrus/GH story. He's decreased hours for most of the nursing staff yet we've heard nothing about anyone taking their place. (Right?) Someone should make a snide comment about how the new staff doesn't know how GH works.
  13. Probably so the PCPD doesn't have to do anything, though that contradicts why Nelle's body is supposedly in the GH morgue. In other words, plot point so when Nelle returns, it will be Pennsylvania's fault.
  14. Her involvement didn't change anything, though. Both Robert and Ethan said it didn't make any difference. I'm really tired of the reflexive reaction being for women to get blamed or blame themselves.
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