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  1. I mean before Jax found out, when he first decided to help Dev stay in the country. That certainly would have taken less effort than bribing his cousin or whatever. Ah, gotcha. When has Sonny ever taken the logical, easier route?
  2. Does Amanda Setton sing? Because if she doesn't, this is a decent way to put the music business behind her, or at least the singing part. I'd like to see her fight Michael for control of ELQ. It's about time a woman took the helm there. It's not as if Brook Lynn is any less qualified than Michael.
  3. Jax has to know people, so he could tell someone about Dev and that person would start digging, presumably. I laugh at this threat because of course if Jax squeals on Dev he's evil incarnate, but if Sonny gets Jax deported again, it's in service to keeping his family safe. So noble, that Sonny Corinthos. But I think Sonny wouldn't try to get Jax deported again because he'd never hear the end of it from Carly, and that's not a threat to take lightly. The harping! Oof. Nicolas Bechtel looks younger, but tweak his styling a bit and they can fix that somewhat.
  4. Same. I'm also tired of his dumb "I don't like it...I love it" fake out. And the handshake. I guess I'm tired of Paul in general, heh.
  5. I thought she was either brilliantly manipulative or realized that she was never going to be able to parent Avery without Sonny around so she was trying to make the relationship as cordial as possible. But most likely it's to emphasize the (totally artificial) wedge between Carly and Sonny at the moment because MB and LW have huge minimums and the writers can't figure out anything else to do with them. This is my guess, too. Lulu didn't need Carly to come up with hare-brained schemes. She did just fine on her own. LOL. They live in the same town, so it's not as if Lulu made some giant sacrifice. (And the Q house is big enough that Monica could have invited Kevin and Laura without any problem.) TBH, I can't see Lulu ever cutting Olivia out of Rocco's life—unless the baked ziti trays stop.
  6. Sonny is one to talk about trust. He keeps stuff from Carly all the time, giving her the same reasons she gave him. Yet of course when it's Sonny on the wrong end of the secret, it's all "J'accuse!" and "Betrayal!" UGH. He's such an infant. I'm betting on a Franco/Drew hybrid. He'll be Franco but the Drew memories will still be there. This is my guess, too. They need to resolve the Peter side of the story, and if Franco doesn't have any Drew memories, what will Jason do? So many actors on the show is so orange. Is it because of HDTV? Or just terrible lighting?
  7. It can be chilly in summer in England. No one's faking it with a puffer coat (yet). and the producers clearly thought it was necessary to SHOW us every single one of his crossings. I mean, the friar's robe isn't enough to remind us he's a "man of God"? I hope they dial back on all of this from now on. I also think Brother Andrew is leaning into it. We get it. Sheesh. One thing I'm really liking is how the bakers are so wildly inconsistent from bake to bake. It makes it very difficult to predict who will win or go home.
  8. LOL. Sonny has such a lack of imagination. And of course, Carly has to be doing something against him, since it's always about Sonny.
  9. If I were baking for just me, I'd fish out the bandage and some batter. But for others? The baker did the right thing by starting over. She seems to have time-management issues in general, so I don't think she'll be around too much longer.
  10. For Mike, yes. For Sonny? We haven't yet felt the full effect of his pain. /s
  11. Hey, now, watching a kid sleep is really tough. I like that just about everyone is against Sonny taking Mike to Sweden, because they know it's for Sonny's benefit more than Mike's. If the trial were in New York, that would be one thing. But a seven-hour flight to a country neither one is familiar with? Way to confuse a confused man even more, Sonny. I had to turn on the CC during the Alexis-Sam conversation because they were both whispering. I forget, does Willow know that Wiley is Michael's?
  12. LOL. Plot-pointy as ever, Show! The anvils might be setting up Nelle swooping in.
  13. Found an advance copy of Amaryllis Fox's memoir working for the CIA, Living Undercover, and it's quite good so far.
  14. Sonny is doing everything he can to save his father to make himself feel better for being such a complete and total asshole to Mike for most of his adult life. That's my problem with this. And even now, they still write Sonny as exasperated with Mike and yelling at him. Why not have him start to yell, realize what he's doing, and stop? That's what I mean by giving Sonny a tiny bit of grace.
  15. What time is it that Chase and Willow are in their pjs but Olivia can run errands? I change into jams as soon as I get home from work, but that's after 6 or 8 p.m. Of course Sonny wants early admission for Mike in the drug trial. Never mind that the trial won't be set up until March. Sonny gets what Sonny wants. UGH. For once, when someone on a soap says, "It's all my fault," it's actually the truth. Lulu, if you don't want to see Brook Lynn, stay away from places she might be. How did Chase get to Pentonville from GH? And how did he know to be there and at the exact spot he was needed? (Plot point, of course.)
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