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  1. Valentin has expressed regrets for that decades-ago action.
  2. I can see Valentin threatening BLQ that he'd spill the beans, but he wouldn't put a child in danger that way, especially since he knows the damage Peter can do. Valentin is as anxious as anyone for Peter to be dead. He's not going to give him even more impetus to find Louise.
  3. As long as I'm not dragged into it (whether it's my family drama or not), I sit back and enjoy the show. It can tell you a lot.
  4. Ugh, the only reason Olivia is on board with Ned taking ELQ action is because it has to do with Valentin. Anything else and she'd be railing about how he puts business ahead of family. Shut up, Olivia. Sonny treating Spin like a human being is proof he's not the old Sonny.
  5. KeMo looked like she could barely stay awake during that love scene. Having her close her eyes is dangerous. LOL that Sonny is shocked—shocked!—that Cyrus got a cell phone in prison. Sonny is the worst mobster ever. Hey, Brook Lynn! You can solve a bunch of your problems if you tell Valentin the truth.
  6. The younger kid actors usually don't get any big moments like this unless they're driving the story (like Jake being programmed by Helena years ago). I don't care about any of them anyway, so offscreen is just fine with me.
  7. LOL that there's a news blackout on Jason's death. That was pretty funny. And he hung up on Sonny! My hero.
  8. To be fair, how many scenes of Monica and Jason could there be?
  9. It's being written all wrong. If Marshall really wants to make amends, he needs to start doing that instead of waffling around everyone with his reason for returning. Start talking directly about things. And this faux humility crap has got to go. Poor Robert Gossett. He deserves so much better than this.
  10. Yep. It won’t be immediately, but he’ll return. He always does.
  11. PieCaken is dangerously close to being a hate crime against food. Sorry, that's no excuse. Saying stuff like that does him no favors, and makes BLQ sympathetic, which is definitely not what he wants right now. Hit her and the Qs properly: ELQ and their bank accounts.
  12. Yeah, that was a super cheap shot, and OOC for Valentin, frankly. The whole week is Thanksgiving, according to my cable guide.
  13. dubbel zout


    Sean's mom was hooked on opioids, IIRC.
  14. I don't need to hear everyone singing "We Gather Together" off-key, either. It's a nice thing to do, but I don't need to see it every. single. year. Though it's probably so Wally Kurth can sing on camera, heh. As for the running joke, I'm okay with it when they don't beat it to death. Some years it's much worse than others. This year was pretty okay, as long as today is the last we hear of it. Props to Valentin for getting his turkey dinner! That's probably a bigger insult than him reneging (entirely understandable) on his deal with BLW.,
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