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  1. Amanda's no longer the "freckle motherfucker" (Camila) of her rookie years. I always thought Amanda was a very pretty young woman but she was so damn belligerent in the past. Now that she seems to have made peace with the world, I find myself sort of missing the hellion. There were so many low-key, sentimental segments in this episode that I started to get bored. Most of the people who made this show great aren't here anymore and their absence is sorely felt. Plus this season is noticeably over-produced, to the show's detriment. However I was terribly impressed by Amanda's servic
  2. In a funny coincidence, just before watching this episode with its dubious medivac-by-bats I saw a report on the BBC news about a lung transplant considered historic because the organs were delivered by drone. The footage of the drone taking off with the lungs wasn't that different from the bats airlifting Dick. When Highlander The TV Series was a thing, we had a joke in the forums about "Quicken Clean," an imaginary service that showed up after an immortal had a Quickening and took away the decapitated bodies, swept up the shattered glass, etc. Maybe the Titans have a similar servic
  3. In my native New England, this would be pronounced "Conna and Donna." I had the same Man-Bat apprehension (Skree!) but then he went poof and turned into a bat like a bad prop from Love At First Bite or some other vampire comedy movie. Where do his clothes go, by the way?
  4. I don't like Tim Drake already. Is there some unwritten rule that replacement Robins have to be whiny and needy and desperate to prove themselves? His Robin entitlement is very off-putting. Just because you're a Survivor superfan doesn't mean you're gonna win. Blackfire and Connor running hot and cold doesn't make a lot of sense. Oh no, Dick blew some Kryptonite dust on me and knocked me out, I must kill him now. Sure. Donna Troy seems peeved that she's on this show. Her lipstick is killing it though. I don't want redemption for Jason Todd. I'm weary of bad people
  5. The lore of the Lazarus Pit is that every time you go in, you come out a little more insane. Back in the days when only Ra's Al Ghul had a Lazarus Pit, he would need to be restrained upon emerging because he would be like a mad man for a day or two before regaining control of his faculties. In an interesting reversal the showrunners have fixed it so that now every time a character rises from the Lazarus Pit, it's the viewers who start feeling crazy.
  6. I thought he was trying to be William Dozier.
  7. I actually said aloud last night, "Did this man bring his whole skincare regimen as his comfort item?"
  8. Or the show is canceled. I often wonder how many screenwriters actually breathe a sigh of relief when their show gets the axe because they haven't a clue how to tie up all the loose ends and are spared the humiliation of the terrible finale.
  9. I suspect it's because relatively few of them actually make it to maturity. They get picked off by birds before they reach the water, then eaten by other predators once they're in the water, or they get trapped in the surf and die, etc. Having so many young ensures that some offspring -- usually the fastest, strongest, healthiest -- will survive. Natural selection. Same with frogs. Polliwogs are easy pickins for fish, crawfish, water spiders and other insects that rely on them as a food source.
  10. The entire show is ridiculous. Nothing makes sense. Story lines are left hanging when they apparently become too difficult to pursue, meanwhile preposterous new ones are introduced. Kristen gets away with murder because the cops happened to be in a forgiving mood that night. Her mother for no apparent reason starts warming up to satanic worship, blood baths and cannibalism. David chucks his vows within hours of taking them. Her lying daughter grows a CGI tail that's a thing in one episode but not in subsequent ones. Leland, the putative Big Bad, is little more than the show jester.
  11. I've had my fill of the defilement of Wayne Manor and the Batcave. There is a German word meaning "a face that is begging to be punched." Jason Todd's picture appears next to that entry in the German dictionary.
  12. I expect J.D. will be back in future seasons, perhaps several times. The show loves superfans who embrace Survivor as their raison d'etre and tends to keep bringing them back until they make it to the finals. "Redemption" or whatever they have called it in the past. I always saw it as rewarding people for being lousy players. I kind of feel bad for J.D. that this is how his lifelong dream ended, but it seems a bit unfair to give losers another bite at the apple at the expense of other people who share the same dream but don't get their shot because previous players keep getting invited bac
  13. Was that a butterfly that flew into J.D.'s confessional or one of his dead relatives stopping by to say hello?
  14. That stupid tuneless ditty! I moaned "Not again!" when she launched into an encore only minutes after numbing everyone's auditory nerve the first time. The show apparently thinks it's a thing we're all enjoying. No, show. No. Somebody upthread suggested Sydney's high opinion of herself was a put-on. I don't think so. I was happy they didn't eat the turtle hatchlings. I'm guessing they were strictly prohibited from getting close.
  15. When we were children, one of my cousins, a boy, became fascinated by the character of Mrs. Stevens. He would imitate her. It seems so bizarre now. He would totter about and then suddenly stop and say, "Frank, I'm having one of my sick headaches." He is a criminal defense attorney now. (you can't make this stuff up)
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