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  1. I found it more touching when she cast aside all of Jazmyne's ultimatums and flew off to see Scott anyway. Wish we could have heard Jazmyne's thoughts after driving four hours to see her mother only to be served some cruddy prison cheetos concoction.
  2. So Tracy and her best friend the Comforter Set went out to a bar, she orders a tequila, then comes home at midnight and says she *almost* relapsed? Are we supposed to believe her love for Clint overpowered her addiction? That she just sat all night staring at the tequila? I call producer shenanigans. Can this show be any more boring? Lamar shocks the family by wanting to go out for soul food! Brittany and Marcelino visit a lawyer who says, yeah, Marcelino is right about your friends! Sarah yells unintelligibly (yet still in a blaccent) into her phone! Michael strings more than
  3. There is also thought to be a connection between ALS and Botox. Perhaps not coincidentally the woman I knew had received Botox injections a few years before the onset of ALS. Who can say if one caused the other, but I would never risk it now.
  4. It has been many years since I worked for anyone but myself, so I hadn't considered that. But for the sake of argument, if you were dissatisfied with the healthcare plan you receive from your employer, you have the freedom to seek out another employer who offers better/different insurance. I think the idea of having options is important to Americans, even if they have no need to exercise them.
  5. Everyone I know on Medicare complains about doctors (usually in smaller practices) who refuse to take Medicare because they can't make enough money off Medicare patients. The doctors who do accept Medicare probably do so because their pool of private insurance patients keeps them profitable enough to be able to accept Medicare too. But what happens when private insurance is eliminated? When all patients coming through the door are paying at Medicare rates and doctors and hospitals can no longer make the kind of money they're accustomed to? Substandard care? Practices closing?
  6. Ahh, that explains why he wears those bulky sweaters.
  7. It's important that people feel they have a choice, even if the options are limited. I have AFA healthcare managed by my state. I'm satisfied with it. I have three carriers to choose from. It isn't much but I do like having a choice. I would NOT like being told "this is your plan, get used to it because there's no alternative" which would be the case with Medicare for All.
  8. I'll take your word for it, as nothing could induce me to go back to the episode and waste one more moment of my life on Leo and Jamal.
  9. I think Christie's just beautiful. The Detroit cabbie might disagree with me. Afghanimals choked like they did the first time around, when they just couldn't see what they were doing wrong in building that robot-like figure. Maybe this time they used up too many brain cells constantly hyping their own awesomeness. I hoped they would catch a penalty in England for grabbing a cab rather than booking it like everybody else was required to do I don't like the White Stripes, or that song, but it seemed perfect for that challenge. As the tension amped up, so did the music. It was
  10. She saw "Menendez" on the teleprompter and thought Pass!
  11. Yes. He has lost much of his credibility since abandoning the James Brown hair. Hot tub!
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