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  1. If getting checked for a STD is so important to some then why can't they agree to get it done before they meet. That way they could make a decision about meeting in person before they spend hoards of money and traveling.
  2. Zach appeared to be auditioning for a soap opera during his sit down with Mindy.
  3. Clint's mother has been looking haggard. I think the stress is getting to her and it's aging her.
  4. Boo hoo for Olivia. She is now getting treated the same way she treated Kim.
  5. Olivia loves to show how worldly she has become. She wanted to get far away from her childhood upbringing yet went right back and married a current fundie. I just don't get it.
  6. "Exclusive" seems like a word a high school couple would claim.
  7. I didn't recognize Lucas until I heard his voice.
  8. That was the nicest episode yet for me. It was nice seeing Randy and his family. Didn't see his mother in any footage of the wedding but she sure is beautiful at 96. It did bother me the angle they edited with the black dress bride and I didn't really like the white dress but that tiara really made the difference. I don't think I've ever seen one that high in any episode and she really did look lovely.
  9. Terra being in charge of the whole trip should have stepped in and stopped Cole from bullying and making a scene. He is going after the weakest links in the group by targeting Christy and Autumn. All others are on top of things and secure in their relationships. I found myself forwarding though any scenes with him. Guess he doesn't have anything valuable on his own to be filmed for so his bullying gets him the attention to be on camera.
  10. Maybe there was something in that moon juice that set Jamie off..
  11. I thought Jay looked very tired. Why don't the judges cover the golden buzzer when Ben comes off the stage- unless it's scripted...
  12. Guess there wasn't enough drama so they had to bring on Cole.
  13. I thought Brad was so dull. He seemed so lethargic sitting there. Even the judges didn't seem to be their chipper selves being around his lack of enthusiasm.
  14. As soon as the dancer came down off the platform I had a feeling he was going for the golden buzzer. That's twice this season even though the other time it didn't work. It felt scripted because no one jumped up to get him away from the buzzer.
  15. I was surprised they did release the dog on the child abuse guy. He appeared stunned by the taser while on his knees trying to comprehend what was going on and not resisting. Seems the officers could have easily cuffed him at that time. Plus no one stopped the dog from biting once he was detained. I heard the officer say he has a history of violent behavior so they did what they did. I'm not sticking up for the guy but the whole thing seemed off to me.
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