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  1. dustoffmom

    Survivor In The Media

    And how and where are you watching? Please tell!
  2. dustoffmom

    S05.E02 The Haunting

    Wasn't that Barrr-ba-raaa that we heard so very much about? But Mike? I thought that was Mitch who pined the whole time for his queen Barbra! :)
  3. dustoffmom

    S05.E02 The Haunting

    So, frowned upon or verboten?
  4. dustoffmom

    S05.E00 Making the Cut

    Has anyone come across a list of the provisions they are given? Not what they choose but what everyone is supplied with at the start? I haven't seen that anywhere.
  5. dustoffmom

    S36.E10: It's Like the Perfect Crime

    Yup it was Debbie and I remember it as well. Wasn't it something about balance or obstacle course sort of thing and she claimed she had been a noted gymnast?
  6. dustoffmom

    S02.E05: Marionettes

    "sui generis" Bravo! Your post sent me immediately to ascertain the meaning of this term. One I admit I was completely unfamiliar with. Great turn of phrase and double points for excellent usage dubbel zout!
  7. dustoffmom

    S02.E07: Matrimonium

    Passions! I relished it! So full of itself, so ridiculous, so utterly campy! Every plot twist ever imagined crammed into 30 minutes. I wonder, are any of them still working these days?
  8. dustoffmom

    S02.E10: Mystery Man

    As do I, and like you, it was my first encounter with the word. And yes, I looked it up after my initial viewing.
  9. dustoffmom

    S02.E02: A Company of Men

    Fat double! How delightfully snarky! :)
  10. dustoffmom

    S03.E13: Eye of the Storm

    You beat me to it Clawdette! I was going to say that if Savannah is no longer on the coast, just where is it located these days? :)
  11. dustoffmom

    S35.E06: This is Why You Play Survivor

    Did not believe when it happened, and still don't, that he "fainted" at all. Just a ploy for attention.
  12. dustoffmom

    S03.E06: A. Malcolm

    Speaking for myself, this reigns as one of my top two or three favorite scenes in all the books thus far. As such, I have/had very strong opinions as to how it ran it's course and should be portrayed. And, it wasn't. That is the sum total of it for me. I had such a powerful image in my head and what I saw on the screen came nowhere near matching the movie running in my head. Right or wrong, that's why I detested that effort.
  13. dustoffmom

    S03.E06: A. Malcolm

    I've watched twice this morning and my opinion did not change on the second viewing. I disliked it. Like most, I've been filled with such anticipation waiting for this episode and felt terribly let down. Nearly all that led me to that feeling has already been discussed previously in this thread, but let me add that more even than the reunion the scene I have been so anxious for is the photo scene. Since season one episode one, that's the one I most wanted to watch. And.....they gave it an obligatory couple of minutes and then moved right on! No wonder, no delight, no breathless tears, just a quick glance at them and now to confess Willie. Not a single question about her, where is she, what is she doing, how is her life, nothing. Boo Hiss!! Book adult Fergus was described as yes, a hook, but more than that a simply gorgeous man. Dark curling hair, snappy eyes, a rakish charm for days and whoever he was had none of those. That is NOT Fergus in my head or on the page, the first major cast failure for me. God only knows who they get for Marsali! And that blond hair kid is surely not young Ian!! He has a huge part later in the story and sorry, no way can I envision that boy fulfilling that role. Again, I know I am in the minority but also I am not alone in feeling this way. I feel cheated and so let down. :(
  14. dustoffmom

    Outlander In The Media

    midnight ET
  15. I've always liked Voyager the least of all of them, from the first time I read it till the last time, which was 8th I believe. I have reread the entire series prior to each new release, but always have to make myself when it comes to Voyager! And I recall the shaved your oxters! scene from Dragonfly. She has spent the day with some of the ladies of Versailles and they all got beautified, so to speak, and that night Jaime was horrified at what she had done. No? Feel free to correct my memory.