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  1. Earth to Charlie! This is not a good time for a philosophical discussion! A couple of friends need help here.
  2. Our rugged rabbi has a secret? Is this his version of the barn?
  3. Because that would make sense. We can't have that. 🤣
  4. A building that large doesn't have a back door?
  5. I know my mind wanders during this show, but why exactly does Alicia have a problem with killing walkers now? Anyone know?
  6. Why didn't they shut the gates when they rolled up to that place? I don't think bike guy was ever with the Logan group. They didn't seem to know him when they shot up his bike, did they?
  7. I guess I'm one of few, but this is my favorite season ever. I can't stand watching people squish mice and eat them, eat slugs; let alone watching stupid footage about skinning mice, and whether or not you have to boil some disgusting thing before eating it. I've enjoyed watching the contestants this year catch/shoot/trap actual food, in the arctic no less. While the skinning and disemboweling may be uncomfortable for me to watch, (even in real life the gutting bothered me, but I wouldn't let on ) that's the way it is. All of our ancestors had to be proficient in these skills, or we wouldn't be here. We are omnivores after all. The filming looks like almost everyone harvested berries. Both Jordan and Woniya are wonderful and talented folks afaic, and Nathan is still a (?) to me. At least I don't actively dislike any of them going into the finale. That's a first. 🤣 I'd like to think that I won't read your posts about the final episode, because I can't watch till later (yeah.......football), but I know I will. So three cheers to whoever wins!!
  8. ......and a wolverine! Haven't been able to watch yet because... football. I did catch the last 20 minutes though, and I'd be cool with either Jordan or Woniya. I could care less about Woniya being a woman. They have both been absolutely fantastic. Happy that she got 3 squirrels and Jordan caught a fish. I'm glad Barry is gone for selfish reasons. Didn't like him from the word go. Nathan is just a (?) to me. The whole 'no ferro rod' seemed arrogant from the first episode? But yet here he is in the final three. I'll watch later today. Thanks to everyone who has posted because I know what's going on. Sort of.
  9. I don't think so. I think she was one of those 'well, I've done everything I wanted to so now I quit' people. I should really look it up. 😁
  10. I think it was Callie(?) on season 3. It was sort of a sweat lodge/sauna thing. Didn't she get bit by a spider? I think someone did.
  11. Here's Woniya talking about Jordan's moose kill. He comments below the video. (you can subscribe to her channel)
  12. There was something about a guy who helped them with the runways lights or something, and he said they had to help get gas (or go to the oil fields?) in return. Then the scene at the beginning of this episode where they took the fuel from the bad guy?, and referenced the 'oil fields'. All very confusing. lol
  13. So they've already been to the oil fields? How long has gone by?
  14. I haven't been able to watch yet because of our football board, but.........Nikki got pulled? YAY! So much better than watching her kill herself. Hopefully she didn't trip and break her leg on the way to the boat. 🤣
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