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  1. A friend mind who just finished the book was equally uncomfortable with that part, @PRgal. She thought I haven't read the book, mostly because I think Sittenfeld is overrated. I really disliked Prep.
  2. Max is always going to be in danger of being killed, whether he has drugs or not.
  3. It's amusing that TR thinks GH cares what the viewers want. That said, a time jump wouldn't be a bad idea, though we all know Michael would have Wiley, Sam would be freed from parole and she and Jason would be together, Sonny will have vanquished Cyrus, Olivia would still be terrible Lulu for having the nerve to move on after her divorce, etc. In other words, the outcomes for all the current stories would be the inevitable. New stories wouldn't be any different if they're not going to make fundamental changes, i.e., Sonny/Carly/Jason don't win every. single. time.
  4. Sloan was always very aggressive toward Anna, which I hated. He always had a towel on when she dropped by his hotel room (which, call first!) and would leer and be generally gross. It didn't help that, as someone pointed out, Grayson McCouch had a tendency to shout his lines. I never liked Sloan, no matter who played him.
  5. I know. Everything keeps going against him, and it's not as if he's asking all that much.
  6. It wasn't Ava getting her face fixed per se that angered Spencer, it was the agreement not to testify against Valentin in Nik's murder trial in exchange for Valentin getting her into the clinic.
  7. I'd love it if the cops brought Murphy in and then were like, "Oh, right..."
  8. Shut up, Nik. If you're so concerned about Elizabeth keeping the Jake secret, tell it yourself. Oh, wait, that would implicate you. UGH. Anyway, it's not as if Jake would care. He rolls with whatever identity someone gives him. Oh, look how disfigured Spencer is. More ugh. He's such a little turd. Probably so they could end the week on "You're Not Alone." It's effective, I'll give them that.
  9. Can you really not bring service dogs into a prison? That really does seem like a violation of the ADA, as Murphy said to the guard. I kind of like that she stuck Pretzel with the guard, believable or not. Heh. Even though we know what happens to Ben (though not the why yet), he alternately deeply annoys me and cracks me up. I don't think Felix was wrong to ask him if he stole the drugs, but there was a more tactful way to do it: "Some drugs are missing; have you seen anyone in the room who shouldn't have been?" or something like that. And Felix also could have said he was asking everyone and Ben was first, but Felix has never been all that quick on his feet. I'm liking how the IRS guy's story is developing. It's too much to ask that he and Murphy won't sleep together, isn't it? Sigh. There will be a season 3, BTW. Color me surprised, but I guess it's easier to go with what you have.
  10. The amazing, and criminally underused, Niecy Nash.
  11. I wish there was some sort of intro to the NB episodes given we're seeing various years with no context. All I need to know is that Levi has wormed his way into Maxie's life, Spencer is recovering from his burns, etc. Tomorrow finishes what we saw today, according to my cable preview. Which means Spencer gets a visit from SWSNBN.
  12. It cracks me up that everyone just sits there. If they really wanted to end things, they could cut her sound. But I suspect the NB guests are relieved to hear someone who can actually sing without being Autotuned to death.
  13. Ugh, Spencer drama-queening it up as the Phantom of the Opera isn't anymore tolerable now than it was when it first aired.
  14. She was a successful real estate agent, her mother-in-law made the down payment, and her husband probably kicked in some bucks before he was killed. Jen has said throughout the show that she's now having trouble paying the mortgage and other bills. (I know they used Judy's ill-gotten gains to repay the m-i-l, but I don't quite get if that affects the mortgage or just that down payment.)
  15. I'm really bored with this show, though the setting is absolutely gorgeous, so that helps. I don't like Zoe much, either, and she's not doing herself any favors with her idiotic behavior.
  16. It isn't the Nurses Ball per se, it's that all the money spent on staging it could have been given to AIDS research directly. Levi apparently doesn't understand you have to spend money to make money. He really was one of the worst characters, and villains, the show has had. He's garbage on so many levels. I kind of felt sorry for the actor. Whatever. He gets his in the end. Oh, sorry, should I have spoiled that?
  17. Spencer called Lesley to arrange for Player to be at the Nurses Ball, so Lesley essentially helped one grandson screw over another (Cam). Nice.
  18. FOR WHICH HE STILL HASN'T BEEN CAUGHT OR PUNISHED. I will never let this go.
  19. Brad is singing a highly Autotuned song right now, but we got Britt cheering him on. @TeeVee329, it's the origin of one of your favorite gifs! Pip wanting Milo to be starkers was gross. UGH.
  20. I don't think wondering about whether Philip had Nazi tendencies was misguided given who his sisters married. How do you know it's not a family philosophy? Snide comments are a cheap way to go, but it's a fact of life that people are judged on who their family is. Especially if you're marrying the heir to the throne. And while Philip may not have Nazi sympathies, he hasn't exactly been the flag-waver for cultural sensitivity.
  21. I'd argue that being married to a Nazi merits snide remarks. At the very least.
  22. I like the idea of it—it's always fun when most of the cast is in the same place—but once the budget started getting slashed, it became such a weak event. To be sure, I had secondhand embarrassment even during the glory years, such as they were, but back then it looked like the actors were truly enjoying their acts, and hadn't been threatened at gunpoint to participate.
  23. I sort of enjoyed the campiness of that, and had to laugh at the total obliviousness of everyone in the room to it. Oh, soaps. Same, though I think it's the mostly actors who aren't singers/dancers who hate it. If you're forced to do something you don't enjoy, it's never fun. It's kind of telling who's never participated: MB, LW, SBu (at least, not for years), DZ, etc. RH finally put her foot down, and good for her. She's definitely paid her dues with the NB. I detested the Two Todds story. But this was an excellent use of lampshading in a story that desperately needed some.
  24. Hee. The NYT recently had a short article on how McEnroe became the narrator. (It's nothing new from what's been written elsewhere.) He still can't quite believe he's the inner voice for a teenage girl. ETA: @shapeshifter posted a link in the Media thread.
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