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  1. Meh. The 'killer santa' coming only in the last ten minutes made it really shallow, and that exposition dump via wikipedia was also eye-rolling. The killer santa was literally a tales from the crypt episode expect that managed to be creepy/scary because the episode wasn't 95% unrelated stuff...like seriously, I thought the santa was going to be the guy who's suicide they filmed come back to life? Waste of time.
  2. The skit had some good parts but did go on far too long, the 'show me your powers' segment was horrible, meanwhile they passed up on having a Misty-Day inspired character. Coven is my favorite season of AHS and this could have been better. I do agree with Kylie with being the winner, she nailed Fiona and absolutely killed that lipsync, which was a wonder to see. I thought Eureka should have been in the bottom this week, though I don't think it would have changed who went home. I hated Rajah's runway look--it was too plain/boring, the nude illusion top and generic pants were not very goth a
  3. I thought this was pretty terrible; a 40 minute version of a stereotypical, retro schlocky horror film, the kind I have no interest in watching.
  4. Pandora and Sonique did share the least, which seems like better judging criteria then accusing someone of basically being fake or cringey based on what they did share, but the nature of the challenge was in poor taste. It is strange that they wouldn't choose a winner from the winning team. I really felt for Jan when she was breaking down in the confessional. Ginger definitely won the lipsync. The way she introduced the lip-stick I thought for a second that she was pulling a Bendela Christ and had written her own name on it, but no. I don't think Scarlet deserved to go home, but I guess s
  5. I would have put Yara in the top; it seems she was taken out more by some pre-determined plan then any rational critique of her solid performance. At this point it's clear that no matter how well an early season queen does on the show, the producers are not going to let them (i.e. Tattiana, Shangela, Manilla, Juju, Alexis, Yara...) win. Meanwhile Ginger's half-time was simply terrible, and think some of the safe girls badly needed critiques. I'm glad Jessica Wild got an appearance; if the lip sync assassins are popular queens who never made it onto all-stars then that is something. But it's
  6. Yes, Nathan did physically threaten him there, and not for the first time, he did it while they were room-mates, pre-Irene as well. Macho straight white guys who are really vocal about never hitting women and being against domestic violence but are very enthusiastic about beating up gay black men who they live with as if that isn't also domestic violence.
  7. Oh okay, either way though Nathan threatening to assault Stephen for saying something that annoyed him is still shit.
  8. Reading this just reminds me of how much I disliked this season/everyone on it. The way David still frames the slap without any mention of what it meant for a gay black man to be outed on national television and how inappropriate it would be for a straight white man to go beat him up for the way he responded to it just reminds me that when they all sat down to watch the tape of Irene's departure in order to decide to kick Stephen out or not, David laughed when he Irene said 'you're a homosexual Stephen.' I'm sure it was really hard for Stephen rooming with these aggressive hyper-macho milita
  9. Trinity was so full of shit about why she chose Yara's lipstick, it was hilarious, so was that little look between Scarlet and Sonique when silky was campaigning but trying to claim she wasn't. Eureka's do-over outfit was not different enough for me, and Pandora's was just sad; she should have chosen something iconic from S2 (like the infamous 'coke-whore' look) but instead she chose the 'it takes two' look (even though Mimi wasn't there) and the update was so mind-numbingly boring and unspecial. I agreed with the decisions on where the teams were ranked, and though I didn't think Trinity w
  10. Entrances: As we saw in Pose, Jiggly has gotten a glow-up, and good for her. I want those lavender overalls Jan is wearing in her confessional clips! She also looks great in her entrance look, but honestly I don’t recognize most of the recent-season not-too-memorable queens until the name comes up on the screen. Ginger wore a cheap, ugly knockoff of the dated club kid look that got Vivacious sent home many seasons ago, and I still don’t get why she was the AS2 queen chosen to come back. I gasped when Yara came out in her golden anubis mask, and then squealed when she took o
  11. I just started watching recently, and this is a sweet, wholesome show. I'm sorry that Simon stopped shaving; it makes me glad that he won't be advising Victor anymore though. Benji and Rahim do both have clear flaws, but I feel like exploring things with Rahim would be more interesting and possibly bring about more growth then getting back with Benji so that's what I'm hoping for. I also really hope Felix's mom doesn't relapse; it seems inevitable that she will, but at least he has a support system now and hopefully won't feel compelled to keep it a secret if things get bad again.
  12. Well, I realized today that there was actually a part 2 to the finale that I missed while streaming. Unfortunately, it wasn’t that much better. This season spent so much time laboriously telling us that Pray was going to die and what the exact circumstances of his will were going to be that it just felt overdone when we had to later on watch every detail of it happen on-screen. It would have been better if we had just learned about the Ash-lockets when Blanca pulled them out. I also find it mildly infuriating that no, his wishes weren’t even carried out to the T; like I was afraid of happeni
  13. ....Thats it? Covid killed Pray Tell, not AIDS. Some really powerful material--if we were actually allowed to follow Act UP! over the years, see Blanca navigate nursing school as a transwoman of color who was HIV positive, that would have been amazing. I love Blanca so much, I wish we got to see so much more of her this season. Pray Tell's story was incredibly predictable--I knew he would give his meds to Ricky, and the second he left the ball alone it was obvious he was about to die (thankfully he wasn't murdered in the street which was my initial fear.) His initial complete recovery (ev
  14. No Nicholas, you do need to work on yourself and how you treat people you're in a relationship with. Seeing Josh/Nicholas take such an immature, avoidant copout was really pathetic. Alex of course should find someone else who will actually own their stuff. I guess this marriage means Juliard is definitely never happening? I guess the pandemic would have got in the way regardless, but if Matilda's just moving into a new place with her wife, it's unclear what else she'll be doing.
  15. This was a beautiful ensemble episode; I’m so glad they pulled away from the OTT Elektra/mob stuff in favor of re-centering the narrative around the chosen family. I so loved that we returned to Pray Tell as fashion designer ala the pilot episode, and bringing in the aids quilt was gold. Blanca is so gorgeous, and so was that dress he made for her. Papi’s kindness and earnestness are so endearing, and it looks like he’ll be a great father. I’m glad that Angel meeting with her’s was not some unrealistic forgiveness-fest, and showed Angel she was never going to get love looking back there.
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