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  1. William Ginsburg absolutely spoke for us, and it was wonderful. I only wish some of it had gone directly to Bennet. This whole episode was horrifying, but I'm very glad Monica was able to stall long enough to think things through and get enough support to free herself from this extra-legal B.S. Oh yeah Linda, Reagan wore a three-piece suit every day while deliberately allowing 89,343 Americans to die of HIV/AIDS because he hated gay people. How classy...
  2. I assume Billy is lying in his account of the murder, and that it wasn't Isaac who did it.
  3. I liked the last episode; I was waiting all season for Chris to come back and for them to get closure, so that was rewarding, and it's great that Abby finally got a new therapist and Julia renounced Pat for good. Overall, I strongly preferred the first season, and really disliked these last few episodes that focused on Abby's father/her family.
  4. Glade


    This was an amazing series, and brought up so much for me. I agree the pacing was slow the first few episodes, but it was so rewarding watching her come full circle and seeing just how she got sucked back in again but finally got away. It's always valuable to be reminded that people, i.e. abusive family members don't just spontaneously 'change' without years and years of therapy, no matter how much you wish they would, and certainly not without ever acknowledging and apologizing for the things they've done.
  5. I thought Salvor's parents were literally supposed to be the (poorly cast) older versions of Gall and Raych for the entire episode untill Salvor's mother talked about Gall in the third person... Aside from that confusion, this was interesting, albeit slow. I also thought the vault was where they put the foundation, not some random thing that was already on the planet when they arrived. I hate Hugo so much; what a walking cliche copy/pasted from a thousand equally uninspired prices of fiction.
  6. According to Amaya, S3 was nearly locked in place for the Hawaii cast but then several people backed out at the last minute a few weeks ago and thus it's up in the air which season will be revisited. I want to see SF: but it would be difficult to get them all in the house together (even leaving Puck out.)
  7. I couldn't stop rolling my eyes at the cliche buffet in the first half; they even had to include amelia earhart, who was abducted by aliens in star trek voyager thirty years ago too. The second half feels like it was a rejected script for an episode of the spinoff american horror stories, and filled with the one dimensional caricatures murphy loves to writer over and over again. I guess they're not worried about the tent and other gear they abandoned in the desert?
  8. Hearing that Monica was already groomed and assaulted by a camp counselor when she was 14 makes a lot of sense; when you're very young and obviously haven't healed or gotten a chance to process such an experience, you will be vulnerable to others who want to abuse their power and take advantage of you. I was expecting a scene where Lucianne would tell Linda she didn't need to keep the tapes of every random chat she has with Monica if they didn't mention bill or anything related, but it doesn't look like she ever became more selective. This has become really compelling, I can't wait for
  9. During this pandemic, seeing someone on-screen intentionally wasting the time/resources of a hospital in such an obnoxious manner is revolting (and I'd have preferred to see someone dressing her down while she's led out by security after she made that hospital bed confession.) That she's not suffering from dementia or a serious mental illness but is in fact someone who should know better, who could be the directly responsible owner of a hospital just makes it that much worse.
  10. Ugh, no. If he won't call an ambulance for himself, just call one for him; do not let the narcissist manipulate you out of bed with a fake health emergency Josh! This episode never should have happened, so I stopped watching once they reached the hospital.
  11. I'm very worried about Issac, the small-town homophobia and dire poverty he's lived with have clearly made him so depressed he's self-destructing, he's had no one looking out for him for a long time, and it's really very convenient that Billy decided he was the one who should leave town a guilty wreck and steal from his sister (since after all that would bring her back to town for Billy so they can sleep together; he never gave a damn about her or Isaac) even though I'm sure Billy played the more active role in killing that loser cop.
  12. So they have this advanced technology, but can't automate the laundry system? Or maybe they could have before they killed off all their robots, and now they just maintain a permanent lower working class instead because they don't care. This show is enough to keep my interest so far. though I can't say it's as good as 'Raised By Wolves.' Lee Pace is amazing.
  13. That was a terrible episode; at first I was sad about how short the episode was, but since we're focusing on these delusional, miserable fuckwads 'winning,' I guess I didn't need more of it. Having Lily Rabe appear (hopefully to kill Ursula) would have helped, and yeah, the police investigator from the opening scene could have gotten some follow-through. I'm glad Alma was told that actually, people with real talent will often times prevail over pre-teen drug addicts, and no matter how many people she kills, that fact isn't going anywhere. This episode was really just profoundly lazy writing
  14. I fast-forwarded/skipped through the last few episodes and rolled my eyes at the ridiculous ending. I wish I hadn't clicked, this manipulative trash reads like it should have been a dailymail article.
  15. Josh's early pandemic neurosis was so hilarious! I loved it.
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