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  1. Ross' wig looked a bit better this episode, but I suspect Caroline's actress also cut her hair short and they're trying to unconvincingly hide it with a hair piece. I can't stand Ned and wish his storyline (except the abolitionist stuff, which is good) and the ridiculous spy stuff was over. I still think it was a mistake for Geoffrey Charles to leave school when he can't even fund his alternative career. Are we actually going to see him officially take over Trenwith by the end of this season? Cecily feels like a generic version of a character we've seen many times on the show already; so does Tess for that matter. Drake and Morwenna and Demelza's safety are the only storylines I really care about at this point. Overall this season feels thinner then all the fake hair.
  2. Yvie's final look was breath-taking with those reflective surfaces around her face, and a perfect look to be crowned in. I wasn't terribly impressed with either of Brooklyn's lipsyncs, they were just ok, same with her looks tonight. Meh. Congrats to Yvie and Nina, but this was a bad season, which saw RPDR drowning in its own memes and dragging dead queens long past their due date. Drag Race Thailand is the only really exciting thing happening right now, and episode 3 of DRT's season 2 was better then season 11 and AS4 combined. I somehow doubt that UK RPDR is going to be anywhere near as good when Ru and WOW are still in charge.
  3. I was waiting for a final shot of Bran's vision depicting Drogon with baby dragons next to Dany's grave in the ruins of Valyria. Because Bran isn't 'useless' as some have claim, he can warg into animals and humans, see the past and sometimes the future; a very wise king who can't be fooled and plotted against or controlled by the lords of the land. I do wish his character had been written better the past two seasons--depicting him glaring at people and speaking in monotone was a poor choice when he has such amazing powers. Otherwise…I guess Dany did break the wheel after all? If she hadn't come, who would have toppled Cersei? It's quite odd though seeing Kings Landing populated by Dothraki and the Unsullied, since she murdered all the common folk who used to live there, and had no subjects, no 'people of kings landing' to address, just her armies. And hey, no one offered Jon the goo-throne either, he was sent back beyond the wall, I guess the Lord of Light still has stuff for him to do, unlike Mel and Beric? It was sweet seeing him finally pet Ghost, and Sansa is queen of the north, but the family will never be together again. It's too bad Dany or someone else didn't kill Bronn though, I can't stand him and the oversized role he was given on the show. He didn't deserve more lines then the shocking all grown up Robin of the Vale was given in this episode. I also would rather have some word that Edmure is happy with his wife and child, moreso then just him being used as comic relief. I wanted more Yara this season, seeing her mourning her brother and taking leadership of the Iron Islands would have been nice. I'd also like to have seen some shot of Meera Reed, hopefully finding happiness; I still mourn Jojen. And with all the shots of Sam, where was Gilly and their son? The book 'A Song Of Ice and Fire' showing up felt like a tired cliché, whereas it had more meaning in LOTR. This was a terrible final season, but it's over.
  4. Seriously, people paid to see that?? It's beyond pathetic, and then her fans are still responding with "but she does turn it out sometimes!!!!!" As if, even if that were true, it's somehow an excuse.
  5. Yvie's final look was gorgeous and surreal, her rap was great and the dancing was on top as well, I'm glad she was the first one in. I thought Vanjie's green gown was nice, but pretty basic for 'best drag.' Akeira's gown was beautiful, but pretty pageant for my tastes. Brooklyn's look was gorgeous, and she really turned out the lipsync, even if she started out on pointe. I guess I'm leaning more towards Yvie for the win now, with Scarlet Envy as miss congeniality. But perhaps the producers would prefer a Brooklyn win with Vanjie as Miss Congeniality to play up the relationship. Ross is so full of shit insisting on seeing Silty's sloppy finale performance; when they were reading Brooklyn undeservedly for a decent performance but praising her, I knew the fix was in. Silty flubbed her take, falling on her ass, knocking into the backup dancers, giving a terrible performance and missing the words almost as much as Vanjie. She is going to fail hard in the lipsync finale, and I'm gonna fast forward through all of her segments.
  6. D&D certainly violated the 'show don't tell' route here; if no one had talked about Dany going mad but we the audience saw in private moments that she secretly was, if it was actually developed rather then openly speculated about, then maybe this would have made sense. Or if Dany had delivered a monologue about losing her dragons, Missandei, etc. I also would have preferred if Drogon showed up in newly-built impenetrable armor such that the ballista's just ricocheted off him, as opposed to forcing us to believe that Dany just luckily dodged every single one of them…and really there were no hidden backup scorpions? Not even ones to aim from the red keep? Why is the writing so stupid? I don't really buy that Dany would decide to destroy civilian houses and her own future castle for no reason. Maybe if we could have seen through her eyes, like she was having visions of Ceirsei or ice dragons atop every building? Ceirsie atop zombie Rheagal? Something? And Grey Worm's forces just start slaughtering women out of nowhere, without even receiving orders from Dany (she could have shouted 'kill them all' as she flew by or something.) So I guess it's a toss up whether Arya is riding out of the city or plans on killing Dany herself; maybe she will actually use her face-swapping ability again before the end of the show? By the way, did Gendry travel to Kings Landing? This is the second episode this season that we've followed a) Arya running around and b) endless cgi dragon spectacle, and it's not good.
  7. There's no way Silky didn't lose that lipsync, her dance moves were limp, slow-mo and lazy. 'Meh' is correct, but send them both home if that's how you feel. Nina was less-worse. She did deserve to be in the bottom two though, because her outfit was cheap, ill fitting, and not enough. Ross's comment about how Silky has what it takes to make it to the finish is delusional--especially since the competition ends with a lipsync contest!! I don't agree that Yvie deserved to go home, her denim hedgehog looks were at least cohesive. I'm glad the elegant Brooklyn finally got another win and not Vanji, who just did her standard look twice over. So I guess next week is just a question of who they send home to keep Silky/Vanji around.
  8. I was thinking last week--don't leave Winterfell without designing some armor for the dragons! With all those fallen soldiers, there had to be enough spare armour not to mention pieces of dragonglass, etc. to construct something, since they all knew Cersei was developing those weapons. Granted this was an unexpected act of brutality at Dragonstone, but… it's horrifying that such beautiful creatures could go extinct again because of this stupid war. Either leave Drogon at home or build them impenetrable armor! I need a happy ending for the dragons...new hatchlings, even if all the human characters are dead. And Ghost…Jon or someone could at least have pet him. I'd love it if Sansa or Bran adopted him instead, he's been with Jon for so much longer then Nymeria was with Arya, it's wrong. Was he so ripped up because Bran had warged into him? I guess we'll never know now, there's no more backstory on the Night King either. Sigh… It was so heartbreaking seeing Jamie leave Brienne, who deserves so much better, and he's choosing death and his abusive family over her. I really believed for a moment that Cersie would rain arrows down on Tyrion, who of course was wrong, she didn't really love her children, she drove Tommen to suicide and murdered countless innocents with her petty war against the Tyrells, she not going to stop now. Missandei's death was also swift and horrifying. Is Yara herself going to show up at the battle next week? I missed her (and for a breif second thought she had been captured again and that was going to be her up on the castle wall.) I was so happy for Gendry when Dany was so generous. But I hope that Arya survives the completion of her hitlist, even though it won't be with him. Bronn was really cruel and obnoxious and now I'm rooting his swift death being played off as comic relief.
  9. I really can't get over Marni and actually focus on any of the "fashion" this week...she just rolled out of the tanning bed that is destroying her skin, tied up her dried out hair that she last bleached three months ago in the laziest topknot imaginable, and then made sure to wash herself out in a horrible, gold 80's prom/circus top, and she apparently could stand next to Karlie looking like that without dying of shame?? Was she Alyssa's stylist on PR All-Stars too? She should have been out tonight. And Hester's bathing suit was horrible too.
  10. Nina looked fucking amazing on the runway and she nailed the challenge too, I'm so glad she finally got her win. Akeiria definitely didn't wear a caftan. I disliked all 3 of Shuga's "caftan" looks (but I'm surprised she didn't do the reveals during her lipsync), which got progressively worse, and she was the worst of her team, but I'd definitely rather Silky went home. Brooklyn looked great, but damn from her magic act I hate to think of how much dirtier bm's original jokes were. I was so sick of hearing about that fucking BBQ from the black magic group, make the joke once and then maybe reference…you know, black magick somewhere?? It was really bad, and Vanjie's act was the worst not only because of her lack of character differentiation, but because she was clearly clutching the condiment bottles with her hand when she flipped over the bag. I really thought she was going home, I think her story is over. I was afraid for Yvie (since doing a 'shocking elimination' of a talented and popular queen is part of the brand now), but I'm glad she was safe.
  11. I loved that effect at the beginning when Mellisandre lit the Dothraki's weapons on fire and turned them into glowing dots in the distance. Otherwise, there was a lot of helms deep here. I felt frustrated that John and Dany never exchanged any words when they were up in the air fighting the ice dragon, not even 'what the fuck?' Did they already know the dead dragon had revived? Those scenes could have been shortened. Why were those zombies so interested in the library with Arya? Can they read? I'm not sure a lot of the quiet scenes really worked here, not sure if it was totally cohesive in the end. I'm really sad about poor Theon, but I was moved by Bran's final words to him, and I suppose it's for the best he couldn't rise as a white walker. Last episode made me fantasize about him marrying Sansa and being happy, though. I love Theon so much, Rip my brother! I'm thrilled that Arya killed the Night King, who was too afraid to fight John. I was really worried for Bran. It is very LOTR, though, when Eowyn killed the Witch King. I'll be pissed off now if Arya/Gendry don't inherit the throne. And it leaves me feeling confused, wondering if it's really over. Certainly we'll get some more lore from Bran next week. Mellisandre's death felt anti-climactic, couldn't she have sacrificed herself to save Theon or Jorah? I call dibs on her necklace if Davos isn't going to pick it up (in which case I guess we'd get on-screen text next episode: "The role of Davos Seaworth will now be played by Henry Cavill"). A sad night for the Mormounts, are there any left? I felt more genuine fear for the animals. Are both of the dragons still alive? And what the fuck happened to Ghost? It pissed me off to see him charging into battle at the beginning of the episode without John, and not even wearing any special armor, dragonglass crown to head-butt zombies with, etc. He should have been down in the crypts, after Summer we know the direwolves can't really beat white walkers. Nymeria didn't show up with her pride either…especailly if Ghost is dead she better show up later.
  12. Vanjie should have tried to do something else with her voice for this challenge, she sounded more like a barking dog incoherently shouting over her scene partner then a cat, their scene was a trainwreck. And then Plastique came out with her standard pretty/shiny! look rather then following the challenge, and Vanjie's was pretty basic too, even if not a leotard. Was really strange seeing the queens watch the completed skits from the work-room, as opposed to the judges viewing it on the runway as usual. Brooklyn nailed the runway, and Shuga looked good as well, though in terms of silhouettes I think this was the same as her purple gown last week. I liked Nina's, but there was too much plain white space in her outfit for it to be really good, and I didn't care for Akeira's. Silky's was so basic and busted, and it looked like there was a rip at the top back of her skirt, I'm glad she was read for not being a team player and not wearing makeup, but I was hoping she'd be in the bottom finally.
  13. Latrice would have rage-quit within seconds when Silky opened snatch game with her typical hyperactive intrusiveness, which the guest judges thought funny because they haven't seen her do it every single episode. I'm sure no ones going to call Silky 'baby Latrice' again after seeing her on the show, she's baby Mystique. I think Nina should have won this, she was so much better, but just isn't getting much screen time despite her talent. I badly need Silky to GTFO, she becomes more repellent to me every episode, and no she won't appreciate her win (she's too petty, class-less and immature) since she was clearly upstaged by the supposed bottom two. Brooklyn and Yvie killed the lipsync, and there is no way either could be sent home after that, they clearly belong in the top 3, and unlike some queens aren't just being kept around for drama. Shuga's dress was amazing, though I can't say I've noticed her very much otherwise. As usual, snatch game was mostly bad, and the first third of the episode was tainted by way too many ad/product placements. I don't approve of cramming past RPDR queens into every bit of dead space per episode and I love Jinx, but doesn't Bendelacreme hold the world record for snatch game? I'm glad the runway and lipsync proved to be so legendary.
  14. I can't believe we've come this far without snatch game--and even next week is another sewing challenge As for the episode, my reaction to the rehearsal/performance segments was 'good, it's over!' only to then realize the other team still had to go. When Drag Race is so over-saturated, the productions decision to lazily make every challenge a rehash of old RPDR memes and bits of Ru's music that have already been used to death is tiresome. Can't they hire someone to come up with fresh challenge ideas? I'm sad to see Scarlet go (she was gorgeous on the runway), the first eliminated queen that I'll actually remember, and I'm sick of Ra'jah so I wish it was her who left. I was also surprised that Yvie and Brooklyn were passed over for the win, especially after Yvie's story, it would have been powerful. I can't believe Vanjie heard the criticism and still came out with that incredibly mediocre, cheap leotarded look. I hesitated to appreciate Plastique's runway since we saw so many wings last week and I'm afraid she may have already done wings herself this season.
  15. I absolutely believe this and hope the OG tweets were deleted because a criminal investigation is happening. Silky has presented her lack of respect for other's boundaries/impulse control when it comes to grabbing them, so I'm not surprised that it would go much further.
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