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  1. No need to apologize for the lengthy posts! I for one am very interested to read other people's perspective, particularly on Laura Moon's trajectory. It's one of the most enjoyable elements of the series for me. If it weren't for that and every single second Bilquist is on screen, I don't think I'd still be watching. I've wondered, did Laura love Sweeney? I don't necessarily think if Laura Moon were to see him alive when she was blasted back to earth and found herself in the tomb... she'd hug him the way she hugged Shadow. I don't think if she saw Sweeney it would have deterred her for more than a few moments from going after Wednesday who she perceives as having ruined her relationship with Shadow. She'd just be making sure he could bring the sword from his hoard. On the other hand we were shown at least one scene where they'd been alive and in each other's orbit before. I'm remembering the jail scene where they were talking to each other through the bars. Stopped right here to rewatch the episode s1 e7, A Prayer For Mad Sweeney. Basically in the telling of Essie McGowan's story (as written by Ibis) it is she who brings a certain Leprechaun and former King to the new world. Essie McGowan believed in all kinds of magical creatures, especially Leprechauns. She kept belief in them alive through her storytelling over her lifetime and though she hadn't ever seen one, she never stopped leaving them offerings of cream and bread and at one point a gold coin she'd been given by a lover. Days before her death sitting on the porch of the farm she'd inherited from her husband, Mad Sweeney walked up and said it was she who brought him here. She and a few others like her. He's doing tricks with his gold coin and lamenting this land has no time for magic; no place for faeries and such folk. That's a short version, but they acknowledge the good they'd done for one another. She'd been an indentured servant and from England to the new world and back and forth again and in trouble for thieving (at one point almost executed) and had to survive doing sexual favors before marrying and ultimately becoming the proprietor of the farm. Getting back to this juncture: When Ibis and Salim talked about Sweeney's love for her ultimately facilitating her journey back to life by completing Baron Samedi's potion, IDK if it was romantic love she was feeling like she feels for Shadow? Maybe more gratitude and regret that the opportunity to express it was gone forever? Maybe not even that. I keep remembering Sweeney calling her the c-word over and over and IIRC it was he who caused the car accident (and possibly Shadow being caught executing Laura's perfect plan to grift the casino and being put in jail), all on Wednesday's orders. She's still driven by the rage she feels for Wednesday having had her killed and ruining her marriage, so IDK if she feels that much forgiveness for Sweeney just because he was fulfilling a debt he owed Wednesday when he acted. I forget which episode it was, possibly also in season one where Laura Moon expressed her disillusionment with life when one gets past their formative years and learns there is no Santa Claws, no Easter Bunny and no farm where old dogs go? She may not be able to slay Wednesday in the literal sense as a regular girl back among the living, but isn't it legions of non-beleivers like her that threaten The Old Gods right out of existence?
  2. Reading your post and remarks about Laura and Shadow made me think, I guess Laura Moon's super strength went with her back from the dead (but not really alive) status? So how is this hundred pound girl planning on killing Wednesday? The only one she has on her teem is another mere mortal, Salim. An aside: Most exciting scene to date for me was in S2 when Bilquist said to Laura Moon about her bloodlust for Wednesday, you better bring power when you go against that one. Laura said you seem pretty powerful, do you want to help me [kill him]? Bilquist said Thank you for the offer, it is a very tempting one. It ended with Bilquist saying I know how to find you. Most interested I've been in the whole series. Second thought whirling around in my head... how does she just let that gold coin that used to be inside her keeping her here "alive" back on earth connected to Shadow (she could always see his light), just sit in a cardboard box? A Leprechaun who used to be a king's coin? I'd keep it on my person. I think Laura was only too happy to take any opportunity to see and talk to Shadow, he being the only one she could ask about his whereabouts... definetely not a fuck you, IMO. Once again, I hated the way Shadow threw her off when Marguerite was coming through the door. Their embrace seemed so sweet before that. After she asked Ibis, IDK who that leaves that might know where Wednesday is? Bilquist knows how to reach Laura Moon but I doubt that it works both ways.
  3. It looked to me like after agreeing to leave the retreat with Wednesday Demeter said her goodbyes to her friends then went outside and changed form while he watched from inside. IDK of course, but I doubt she's dead and can't reform and come back if she wants to. Even though I reacted to Tennisgurl's spoiler above, I haven't read the book so I'm guessing. IDK what the different gods' (and godesses) capabilities are.
  4. Re: Demeter Then I was pondering the child Demeter said they lost. I heard somewhere that Odin had two sons... one being Thor. This story line can't be about Shadow being the child Demeter mourns because she certainly would know as well or better than the father if her own child was still alive, no? ;
  5. On first watch I thought this episode was just kind of dull and wasted valuable time, the season being a mere ten episodes and all. Watching it again, I found it rather annoying. When Shadow tells Laura Wednesday is his father she said what she said about not much surprising her but that certainly did... wouldn't she have had a whole ton of questions for Shadow about whether HE himself is a god or possesses supernatural abilities? I'll bet it would have been good for hours of conversation, as Laura Moon has seen as much and quite possibly more of Wednesday's capabilities than Shadow has. When the war between the old and new gods finally happens what are the chances Demeter's scattered lights recombine and we see her in her old form when she swoops in to assist Odin? If that's not where the writers are taking it, showing us weeks of her indifference and avoidance only to to "surprise" us with the turnabout... then it was a complete waste of time (IMHO). Maybe it's just me.
  6. I know... I know... lol ... and believe me I have held grudges and moved people to persona non grata status in my mind for MUCH less but saving a guy from being tortured in some sort of hi-tech contraption on a moving train should hold some sway. Especially while dear old dad just went on about his business.
  7. Bilquis is one of if not my favorite character, but I must confess I wasn't worried for her in the least! (and it's not just because of all the previews of her in upcoming scenes either!) I was glad to see Shadow and Laura Moon together again. It seems it has taken eons for this to happen. I hope he gives a damn this time. They've actually been in each other's presence quite a few times since the motel room and Easter's house. They were traveling somewhere in the backseat of Betty with Wednesday driving and wasn't it Mad Sweeney in the passenger seat? Then there was a gathering of the gods at a restaurant or something where Laura and Sweeney were kind of off to the side and Shadow was getting roped into Wednesday's BS. Sweeney said to Laura he's Wednesday's man now. It hurts to lose something you love, doesn't it? (may have been where they were traveling to in the car) Laura saved Shadow with Sweeney's help when he was being tortured by Mr. Town. They've been at the mortuary in Cairo... seems like more than once. What was that place where Sweeney went at Wednesday with the sword and Shadow got in the middle? The place where Wednesday's plant was growing into a tree... that wasn't the mortuary, was it? The next morning Shadow and Laura were outside and he was telling her that Sweeney had died the night before. He always seemed completely unmoved by seeing her, or her having made her way back from the dead to protect him and warn him about Wednesday. Will this time be any different? Why is springing Demeter for a date so impossible when you travel in a vehicle that morphs into totally different ones and you can insert new I.D. in your son's pocket from a distance when his face and old name are plastered all over the media as being some sort of wanted criminal... not to mention set him up with a job and apartment in Lakeside in that new name... and you get news bulletins from birds all the time? Wednesday took Laura to some sort of other dimension where the media gods hang out... and where exactly did he take Shadow to see Whiskey Jack? Really? He can't phony up some discharge papers or glamour the dude who runs the retreat? All that nit-picking aside, I did enjoy the episode as it seemed to fly by.
  8. Has anyone noticed that after s3 ep4 aired Sunday night and would usually repeat until the next new episode airs, s3 ep3 has been airing? Just s3 ep3, not followed buy s3 ep4. Odd.
  9. On the topic about AG in the media or the topic about the cast there's news they'll edit out his part because of allegations of abuse by Evan Rachael Wood (and others).
  10. Over the show's hiatus we learned Iwan Rheon would be joining the cast as Liam Doyle (a Leprechaun) along with Marilyn Manson and Blythe Danner. The press didn't see fit to give Graham Green a mention! IMDB Lists Pablo Shreiver appearing as Mad Sweeney in episodes from 2017-2019. So it looks like it's really RIP Sweeney!
  11. Marilyn Manson to be edited out of American Gods following abuse allegations by Evan Racheal Wood. His record label dropped him and a Ca. State Senator has called for him to be investigated. Info on the front page of this site! (link wouldn't imbed)
  12. I've been having trouble understanding him this season because of the way his diction has suffered. I haven't wanted to appear rude or insensitive but with his gaunt appearance on top of that, I've been wondering if he may be having difficulty eating as well. I've seen a few stars and even older friends of the family go through issues with ill-fitting dental appliances and it's horrendous. You'd think A-list actors would have access to the best dentists in the world, but even still possibly he was having issues getting them perfected when production had to commence.
  13. So by Googling I found a recap of the ep that stated the AV man in purgatory said Laura's earworm was Schweiger's Requiem of Baldr. It also stated in Norse mythology Baldr is one of Odin's sons. The song seemed to be playing in ep 3 when tiny Laura was listening outside the woman's room her dad was cavorting with. She said strange choice of music, or something like that. So why can't I find any versions of the song to listen to?
  14. I did! I imagined the opening in Anansi's voice From the time Baron Samedi gave Laura Moon her back to life potion it seemed we were being lead in the direction that the 2 drops of blood from someone who loves her needed to complete it would come from Mad Sweeney. I just couldn't see how it would happen once he died and she avoided the pool of his blood on the floor in that place where Shadow skewered Sweeney with Grimnor's spear. I couldn't conceive of the blood remaining red, wet and viable long after his death. I guess that's where the explaination by The Lord of the Dead's fuck buddy spousal equivalent that those with "God energy" die differently comes in. If we had to get to this point with Laura Moon having turned to dust in that tomb, then I guess this being the way she comes back to life is pretty satisfying. I didn't really enjoy the purgatory stuff for many reasons, one being I much prefer Anubis being her guide in the afterlife.
  15. Oh yes, that rings a bell now. After reading your post I put Shadow and Tech Boy in a You Tube search but didn't turn up what I was looking for, only the 1st and last episodes.
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