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  1. This has just gone from interminably slow to just sad and dreadful. We're literally lead to be full of dread over what's about to happen to Billy. Why is it exactly that Billy Poe who got a football scholarship that he didn't make use of and has a mother and father and Lee and Isaac and probably plenty of others who care about him won't aid in his own defense? The kids at the school where he coached football seemed to like him. It wouldn't mean he had to say "Isaac did it" (if that's the case). I don't get it.
  2. Which look was the clown costume? Was it by any chance Kristina's sea glass blue garment with ruffles that tied at the wrists and neck? That one was my fav of the cool team's. lol
  3. I don't even get what the title means? You must be talking about Isaacc... honestly I missed the comment about his SAT's. I think I doze off at times watching this borefest. What IS taking him all this time to get across the country? From the $4k he had then put back (that Lee had been sending for the Dad's care?) he couldn't have taken out enough for a bus ticket? For our hour spent this week did anything actually happen to move the story along except for Dell getting one baby step closer to finding the drug dealer / anonymous phone informant: Bobby Jesus? oh... and I gues
  4. Love that the show is back, but honestly... I miss Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn. Tim especially. It's taking me a long time to warm to Christian. A couple of people stated that the plus size look that walked just prior to the losing one (Casey's?) was worse, and I could not agree more. It's getting more interesting now that dressing plus size models comes up often in the competition, not just in the challenges where the designers dress their visiting family + friends with real people's bodies. They should bring the person in who dressed Uzo Aduba as Dr. Brook Taylor for the
  5. This show is certainly dragging out this murder mystery that most of us don't seem to care much about. Billy is sleeping out for the first night in this ep... so why does his hair always look like it's so badly in need of a wash? ew
  6. IDK? they've shown us : Billy saying I want to talk to him (Novik) Sheriff Dell removing the jacket that bore Billy's football number, 51 from the crime scene Sheriff Dell telling Billy to replace the size / brand of athletic shoe he wears and ditch the old ones Billy saying to Isaac "what story? we were never there" and the anonymous phone witness providing his(Billy's) full name name ...but if things are as they seem, it's not going to be much of a series. I feel ep 3 didn't move the story along at all. Except Isaac and Lee's father might finally g
  7. You may be right. 🤔They sure are showing us Sheriff Dell in the act of grinding, weighing and consuming his meds a lot!
  8. Thank you! I guess I missed it as I was online while I watched.
  9. So in the previous ep it looked like someone was trying to frame Billy by leaving the the jacket that bore the # 51, but in this ep we see Billy and Isaac discussing their story. Billy said something like there is no story, we were never there and encourages Isaac to just leave town. Head west with his Dad's money. That suggests they were involved with the killing at the mill. That and the Sheriff's actions... telling Billy to buy a different size and brand of sneakers that he wears. In this ep in the very beginning we see a flash of the fired officer Pete Novick and then a one of Bi
  10. Thanks. That's what came to my mind too... but I thought it must be a wrong interpretation because a love interest probably wouldn't ask why are you still my friend?
  11. I got that he wiped the residue left in the vessel on his gums, so as to get every bit of his lessened dose of the "PTS cocktail". ...but I could be wrong. When Billy and Isaac were talking (prior to Isaac going out onto the ice), at one point Isaac moved towards Billy and Billy said "Isaac don't". It was after Billy answered Isaac's question about why he's still his friend by saying because you're the only one left in this town that makes me feel like I'm worth anything (paraphrasing). What was Billy trying to stop Isaac doing? Re: the significance of the jacket that bore
  12. 🤔I see what you're saying, and I'm sure that's why Trey did nice things like tell everyone Charlotte was a wonderful wife and that's also why he showed up to the photo shoot with a smile on his face and made her dream of looking like the ideal beautiful young couple in House and Garden magazine happen. However even if he and his family are really wealthy, I still can't see a man giving a gift worth several million to someone he's known what, under a year? He did joke about having to eat Ramen noodles if they went with Charlotte's first choice of china pattern... which I'm sure was jus
  13. IDK, I have to take a bit of an opposing view on this. I too heard Trey say to Charlotte, It's standard, everyone in the family has one. (paraphrasing). However I can't see Trey not concerning himself at all with the wording of the prenup and then taking such a stand with Bunny(and the attorney representing him) that he intervenes in the settlement proceedings with a last minute telegram from overseas. I'm betting if Trey and Charlotte discussed china patterns, they discussed having children. A couple of things: accomplished men like doctors are rarely also tall, athletic, and good
  14. SO TRUE. Can you imagine having signed on to do the 2nd SATC movie with people you trusted (the writers and producers), and then having to act that drivel? The woman deserves a medal! ... and damages.
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