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  1. Nidratime

    Outlander In The Media

    FYI for fans you know who don't have STARZ. https://www.nerdsandbeyond.com/2019/04/22/outlander-seasons-one-and-two-to-arrive-on-netflix-may-27/
  2. Nidratime

    Small Talk: Chewing The Haggis

    I'm so jealous. My cousin and I have discussed doing something similar. May I ask if you're taking a special tour with a particular company? There are a number of them and I've wondered which one fans gravitate to.
  3. Nidratime

    Morning Joe: All Episodes Talk

    If the Congress lets Trump "get away" with this, then we're done because the Russians will be back attacking our voting system -- since Trump won't protect it -- and whose to say they won't be even more successful than 2016? Whose to say they won't be able to change votes in close battleground states, awarding the presidency to Trump again? I really worry about that.
  4. Nidratime

    S17.E06: Power Play

    I hated Hester's look and thought it was pure costume. No way was that transitioning to fashion. I was kind of rooting for Tessa's. I could definitely see people wearing that and I thought the message was unique and inspiring. But, instead, the judges went with the kitsch, which is exactly what they said they didn't want, and I can understand Tessa's frustration.
  5. Nidratime

    Morning Joe: All Episodes Talk

    This was unbelievable. He practically sneered when it said it. Yeah, Hillary's not a man who screwed around on his wife -- she was just the victim -- and she's definitely not a white man, so of course Donnie wouldn't find her -- as the first woman to ever win a major party's nomination -- a hero. But, I'm guessing a few women and young girls felt a lot of pride in that milestone. Donnie needs to be off our TV screens yesterday.
  6. Nidratime

    S17.E05: High Fashion to High Street

    I suddenly feel very old and very not street -- although I was raised in the inner city, in the projects -- but many years ago. I had no idea who Dapper Dan was, nor what exactly street wear is supposed to be. I felt sorry for the foreign designers. They had no clue what American street wear was. I understand that a designer should learn about all kinds of fashion. But I kind of felt sorry for them. Anyway, I just didn't really care about this challenge.
  7. Nidratime


    And note that the Hidden Figures story could've been told at that time. The facts were there. Women were making major contributions in science, law, politics, culture, but no films were made until now.
  8. Nidratime


  9. Nidratime


    There were not a lot of female centric films that was critically acclaimed in the 70s. I lived it. I hated it.
  10. Nidratime


    I agree. But there were also a lot of male buddy films in the 70's like The Sting. Women's roles were either sidekicks to men or hookers. I remember Jane Fonda getting the Academy Award playing a hooker and Louise Fletcher getting the same for a role that was barely on the screen. Not a good time for women in film.
  11. Nidratime

    Morning Joe: All Episodes Talk

    How can Walter Isaacson be so intentionally naive as to believe that Bill Barr is sincere? "Can't we just wait and see what he releases?! Maybe he's sincere!" Come on! This has got to be intentional because this viewpoint is definitely not based on facts. Makes me wonder about his books, now.
  12. Nidratime

    Morning Joe: All Episodes Talk

    Why do they have a conservative, Brett Stephens, handicapping the Democratic race? And talk about inside the beltway politics, the immediate discussion afterwards is, how is Biden going to stop Bernie Sanders, dismissing everyone else?! Gah! God, these non-Democrats, leading the most ridiculous discussion about the Democratic primaries and what Democrats want is exasperating.
  13. Nidratime

    James Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser

    Exciting for Sam:
  14. Nidratime

    S17.E03: All the Rage

    Well, it didn't help that Nadine (out of the judges' hearing) called them bitches. I'm sure they found out about that. Plus, blaming the model's size sucks to high heaven since 1) it's part of this seasons' challenges, and 2) she wasn't the only one with a full figure model. And, yes, Hester's look gave me a picnic or diner vibe. I thought that the moment she picked up that crap at Mood.
  15. Nidratime

    Small Talk: Cup O' Joe

    Did she disclose that?