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  1. Good to know. Yes, both Greg Wise and Carla Gugino are both beautiful in the Buccaneers and their love is heartbreaking. Based on the Edith Wharton unfinished novel. Highly recommend. On another topic, the idea that Simon and Daphne entered marriage without her knowing that he didn't want to have children is totally on him, being the most experienced and the person with the issue that's central to this discussion. She, understandably, thought he couldn't have them. I'm not shocked she felt blindsided when she found out.
  2. Any child born in a marriage is considered legally legitimate. Now, whether the child looks like the father -- whether suspected by the father or by anyone else is another issue. But, it's not a legal one.
  3. Marina and George ruined Marina's life. Marina was just spreading the ruin when she arrived in London and proceeded to agree to run away with Colin without telling him she was pregnant.
  4. Regarding the all white Bridgertons and Featheringtons, I am guessing they are trying to keep within the bounds of making the families believable in terms of genetics/biology -- for instance, consider the all black Bassett family -- but that doesn't mean there aren't mixed race members, like Marina and, if Daphne should get pregnant, Daphne and Simon's children. At least, that's what I'm thinking. Regarding Simon hanging around to see if Daphne is pregnant, he wouldn't want to abandon her if she indeed were pregnant. He doesn't want to be a father -- allegedly -- but he doesn't want to leave her and his child without his support and protection if she were. Otherwise, he proposes that they part so that it doesn't happen again.
  5. A younger Polly Walker was in the movie Enchanted April which was wonderfully romantic and magical and almost fairytale-ish. Love that movie and bought it on DVD when it came out. If you have a chance, see it. And here she is on the promotional trailer.
  6. Hopefully, how Penelope ended up doing all of this will be explored in a future episode, with flashbacks. In fact, I would bet on it unless the writers are incompetent.
  7. I love The Buccaneers. Own a DVD of the series.... Just needed to say that.
  8. Maybe it's the Hallmark effect, but cable/broadcast television has tended to only adapt the most sugary, small town, goody-two shoes romances that are mostly very unexciting and perpetuate a lot of prejudices against the genre. And, frequently, they will cast older actors who are too old for the parts. It's refreshing to see them adapt a spicier romance with actors who are age appropriate. I haven't watched much of it but I think the Virgin River series has also been doing a good job. That book series, even though set in a small town, does not pull its punches.
  9. Here's an interesting article that was just posted. It's an interview with Nicola Coughlan who plays Penelope and sheds some light on how she sees Penelope, her role as Lady Whistledown, and how it effects the other characters. https://ew.com/tv/bridgerton-nicola-coughlan-penelope-interview/
  10. Romance is a pretty big genre and pours into almost every other genre. This would be like saying, I wish Netflix wouldn't do anymore mysteries.
  11. It isn't wrong to not tell a man who says he loves you and wants to marry you that you're pregnant with another man's child? In fact, you are going to try and trick him into thinking the child is his?... This is someone you allegedly like, by the way.
  12. I don't recall how old everyone is initially. The Duke and I is the first book in the series and Eloise is younger than Daphne, so she's probably 16 or 17. There are three other books before we eventually get to Eloise's story. In the fourth book, Eloise is indeed a "spinster of 27 or 28".
  13. I'll have to go back and rewatch the explanation as to why Marina was sent to the Featheringtons and whether there was an insinuation that Mr. Featherington (and therefore Marina's father) knew of Marina's situation. If Marina's parents had any kind of money, I'm wondering why they just didn't send her to the continent with a chaperone and let her have the baby there, give it up for adoption, and return as if she was just abroad traveling or attending school.
  14. Well, Eloise is definitely younger than Daphne and saying anything more would be a spoiler.
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