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  1. rxpert14

    S04.E11: If Not For Hope

    Regarding this point, we most definitely agree!
  2. rxpert14

    S04.E11: If Not For Hope

    Curious why Jamie couldn't come to Claire first? "Sassenach, can we talk?" Doesn't sound that hard to me. She didn't just shut out Jamie, but Ian too. If others had been traveling with them, she'd have given them the cold shoulder as well. Jamie and Ian were the only ones around her, and she enclosed herself in her grief and worry for Bree and Roger. If Jamie is this emotionally intelligent progressive man, he could have approached her just like Ian did. Does it ring true for Jamie to shut out Claire? She was in obvious pain too, and assumes he's angry with her over her secret-keeping. I'll never understand why Jamie's given a pass in not going to Claire, but Claire is criticised for actually going to Jamie. In my realization of both scenarios...... Claire goes to Jamie to resolve the issue first: she didn't go soon enough, she's criticized. Claire lets Jamie make the first move: Claire is criticized for not making the 1st move. In this fandom, Claire couldn't win regardless of who makes the 1st move. I think we'll just have to disagree on this topic. It's all good.
  3. rxpert14

    S04.E11: If Not For Hope

    I'm most definitely in the minority, but I'm #TEAMCLAIRE. Why does the burden of clearing the air fall on Claire (or all the women on this show)? Jamie had the same opportunities as Claire to approach her and discuss the situation. She did ask him if his hand was okay, and he had a curt response back to her. In the end, she made the first move to resolve #manpainlander. As a mom and wife, I would react as Claire did. While they were traveling, she would not suddenly stop grieving what's happened to her daughter (while rehashing her own role in Roger now being so far away). Being angry at the world and turning inward is peak Claire coping mechanism.
  4. rxpert14

    S04.E10: The Deep Heart's Core

    My assumption is that Claire told Bree the entire story in ep 213 once Bree figured out Frank could not be her bio-father. At that time, Claire assumed Jamie was dead and Bree would never meet him. So why not tell Bree of Jamie's heroic sacrifice to save her mother? I personally had no issue with Claire telling Bree.
  5. rxpert14

    S04.E10: The Deep Heart's Core

    I had no issues with Claire not outright defending Jamie to Bree, but she really didn't verbally defend Bree either. She just quietly made sure Bree knew her mom was there to help her get through this. Otherwise, Bree would have felt her parents were basically "ganging up" on her. Claire probably feels some guilt along with being angry at Jamie and I feel her anger is justified. As a mom to a daughter myself, I would probably react just like Claire.
  6. rxpert14

    S04.E10: The Deep Heart's Core

    My feelings of 410 pretty much mirror yours. This episode, however, is a prime example of plot driving chracter, even though the show seems to thrive when it's the reverse. For example, Jamie tells Bree in the opening scene that he learned that revenge-killing BJR was not the path to his healing after Wentworth. This convo is just a day or 2 after Jamie exacted revenge on Bree's [falsely-identified] rapist without her knowledge. Then all hell breaks loose and Jamie is drowning in guilt over beating Roger and keeping it from Bree and Claire. So what does he do? He asks Murtagh to go get Bonnet so he can exact revenge again, and keeps it from Bree and Claire. I'm getting whiplash from this.
  7. rxpert14

    S04.E08: Wilmington

    I do. I root for Claire 100%. And at the risk of being quite unpopular, she's the #1 reason why I became hooked on the show and the sole reason I read the entire book series. For me, she's the hero.
  8. rxpert14

    S04.E06: Blood of My Blood

    Tryon Palace is still standing in New Bern, NC, having recently survived Hurricane Florence. While not what we think of today as a "palace", it is quite the tourist attraction and the interior is quite lavish. Many school-age kids in NC are unable to escape a field trip there at some point in their life, including myself.
  9. rxpert14

    S04.E04: Common Ground

    Quite mild in the eastern part (where I am) but the western NC mountains, where Jamie and Claire are building, get quite cold in wintertime.
  10. rxpert14

    S04.E03: The False Bride

    This is a complete guess on my part. Back in episode 209 when Claire was having flashbacks of her days on the front lines of WWII, there's a scene of her speaking with the soldiers where she tells them not to sleep in wet boots. I guess they're just shooting for character continuity and assuring Claire practices what she preaches. She took them off for a completely different reason in the book (to cross the stream I think?).
  11. rxpert14

    S04.E03: The False Bride

    It seems I'm in the minority (as usual) in that I really liked Claire letting Jocasta know that she knew very little about Claire (or Jamie for that matter) based on spending about 2 days with them. I'm glad Claire defended herself and defended the decision she and Jamie made together to leave RR. Trying to guilt Claire into being the reason Jamie declined Jocasta's offer is a total Mackenzie move. I'm with Claire on this one. I do wish Claire and Jocasta's relationship was less strained. While there were opposing opinions in the book, there was still an affection between them.
  12. rxpert14

    S03.E08: First Wife

    In my mind, when Claire states she wasn't prepared for it being so difficult, she was referring to her relationship with Jamie, and not the external conflicts (the fire, assault, etc). In her previous time in the past, the one thing that was easy was loving and trusting Jamie. I don't think that part was ever difficult for her, nor him for her. But while she loves him still, the trust has been broken, and rebuilding trust is quite difficult (just ask Jenny). I don't think she ever dreamed there would be a time when she would lose her trust in Jamie. I might have second thoughts at this point as well. But that's just me.
  13. rxpert14

    S03.E07: Crème De Menthe

    I see lots of posters describing Claire as reckless, but I guess I'm not seeing where Claire was reckless in this episode. Barton would have broken into the room whether she was there or not. Percuval (sp?) would have searched the warehouse and the printshop would have burned had Claire never stepped foot in Edinburgh. I didn't see that any of her doctoring impacted Jamie's business dealings. Other than insisting on going for supplies without Fergus as an escort, which resulted in no shenanigans, then I thought she acted very reasonable. Maybe I missed something?